Visagi Light Therapy Massager

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Meet the Visagi Light Therapy Facial Massager, the only device you will ever need that provides the facial therapies you love.

Meet the Visagi Light Therapy Facial Massager, the only device you will ever need that provides the facial therapies you love. This is the ultimate device packed with LED light therapy advanced technology for facial health which will help you achieve a
healthier, more radiant natural glow by releasing any tension and relaxing the face muscles.


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Brightening and lifting of the skin
  • Removes any visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps relieve any tension and aches around the face and jaw

What’s in the Box:

  • Visagi Light Therapy Facial Massager
  • base
  • USB charging cord
  • User Manual

White, Pink, Purple

253 reviews for Visagi Light Therapy Massager

  1. Rena Stokes

    I bought this facial massager because the Lamer moisturizer cream needs palm temperature to emulsify before use. This facial massager has a warming which is great to use with my face cream. The massager also has functions such as vibration introduction. I like it very much

  2. Edna Davidson

    It absolutely worth it! It helps a lot for facial cleaning and very easy to use.
    It’s not heavy so you can use it easily without getting your hand tired.

  3. Andie Olsen

    It really cleans out my pores

  4. Shyann Harman

    Love this!!

  5. Jillian Menard


  6. Jacey Shen

    I buy this product to take care of my face and it has work wounderfully. I have seen a difference in my face after 1 week I start using it. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

  7. Lucero Jeffrey

    I like how it looks and is light weight. It is built for multiple practical use cases. I bought it sometime back and have used once. May update review upon further usage.

  8. Lizbeth Helm

    I bought this product to try after a red light therapy at the beauty spa. I wanted something easy to hold in one hand, not too heavy and with the option of warm surface for better absorbance of the cram and with vibration. I found this one that acceded all my expectations. I’m so happy I ordered another one to give as a gift for my adult daughter for her birthday. Love the angled handle, so easy to use!

  9. Ireland Gardner

    Awesome!! I’m so glad I decided to go with this facial massager! I have been sharing my thoughts and opinions with everyone!!

  10. Billie Clemens

    I like the product. I works if you use it consistently as described.

  11. Karah Healy

    In love with this Facial Massager, I’ve been using this 7 in 1 skin care tool more than weeks and I feel my skin so soft. I really recommend this Facial Massager.

  12. Ansley Friedman

    I purchased this product mainly for nourishing my face with red light and for the affordable price. The product I received was new and was well packaged. It was a little bit noisy. I like it when it stops automatically after 3 minutes(?). It tells me when to switch to the other side from one side. It’s so handy so I don’t get lazy to use it every day. Oh, don’t forget to put the gel or cream on your face before using it. Otherwise, it does not glide on your face nicely.

  13. Asia Griggs

    I’ve been using this product since March 2, 2022, and I’m very pleased to report that it works just like described. The crows feet around my eyes are barely visible and the deep wrinkles on my forehead are so much more shallow. The key is to use as instructed (I use for about 5-10 minutes before bedtime) and, most importantly, be patient. You didn’t get those wrinkles in a week and you won’t see them disappear in a week either! I use a hyaluronic serum with the red uv light setting, almost every night. I’m thrilled with the results!

  14. Natalie Casey

    Es fácil de utilizar, liviano y cómodo. Las instrucciones están claras. El tamaño es perfecto para pasarlo cómodamente por la cara. Excelente inversión.

  15. Trista Monahan

    Pros: I can take care of my skin from deep cleansing to moisturizing with one machine. It helps the facial cream to be absorbed into my skin. When I don’t use the machine because of my laziness, I can tell right away the difference of the absorbency.

    Cons: It was a little bit confusing to use the machine even though they included a instruction manual.

  16. Elle Grigsby

    Better than expected. I like to use the red light with heating function. You hold the on button a few seconds the device went on, then a quick press again to turn on red light, another quick press to change to blue light. The device is small but easy to use on face and neck. It is a good buy.

  17. Viviana Sowers

    I really like it. I don’t think the light is strong enough to hurt the eye. Also great massage for the face.

  18. Makiya Valencia

    I use this after I apply my nightly retinol cream and night mask. I really feel like it helps get it deep into my skin this is a great device at a wonderful price

  19. Amira Dykes

    Really recommend this product!
    I’ve been using this facial massager for a week , i feel my skin so smooth and soft. Little bit loud, but thats okay!

  20. Robin Talbert

    I am mark schulz gonzalez. My husband bought this product and i have to say it works great. We both work long hours and have bags under the eyes sometimes. After using this product we can say that the bags are gone and we look rejuvenated.

  21. Siobhan Zeller

    Muy buena

  22. Kameron Sams

    This product is very easy to use. Its a good quality product for the money. I love how soft my face feels after I use it .

  23. Suzanne Jordan

    Excelente calidad y buenos resultados

  24. Jensen Espinosa

    I wanted to order for very long time and i confused with the products which one is good and then i found this skin care product and i m so happy i choose this product as added in my skin care routine i m so happy with this new my skin care product

  25. Hayli Head

    I purchased this item with no expectation – to be honest with you, but it has been surprising me. It’s so easy to use and more effective than I thought. I also use it for my neck and jaw to release the tightness. It’s not very powerful but powerful enough considering the skin around face is sensitive and thin. I like it so far.

  26. Cheyanne Legg

    It’s easy to use, value for money.

  27. Abagail William

    Easy to use, great purchase. Very handy! Love it!

  28. Anita Maki

    Liquid gets inside. Not sure it will be stop working later

  29. Hollie Oakes

    This product what life changing it solved the solutions to my skin such as acne and irritation. It was super easy to use and very clean.The warming effect was perfect for when using a moisturizer and this product has become the new go to gift.

  30. Mariam Gill

    I really enjoy using this facial massager. It’s easy to use and has been helping with my dark spots.

  31. Bernadette Steen

    I am very Happy with this Facial Massager.

    Easy to operate. Love the relaxing massage w/ the warm & cool settings,
    So very relaxing as it nourishes my skin.

  32. Tayler Chaffin

    Very easy to use and smoothly for face,It’s very convenient to absorb the cream and clean it

  33. Alexandra Olivas

    So far so good. I am still learning how to use it, but I can feel the difference in my skin when I used it.

    Take the chance and spoil yourself 😊

  34. Bridget Pinto

    I love the blue and red light options.

  35. Amaya Bowen

    I like the different feature of the massager and the positive effects it has on the skin. It’s worth it. What I don’t like is that it has to be charge with micro usb cable.

  36. Jenny Timm

    This device is fantastic and lives up to its full description. The red light is my favorite on nourish, the products are delivered deeper into the skin and my skin is hydrated and feels firmer and I am even noticing a lifting in my jowl area. I use this 3 times a week and seeing great improvement.

  37. Stacie Meadows

    I love this product. It is very easy to use and is small, so that it fits I’m my hand easier, and can be used for longer. The instructions are easy to read and understand. I was using it in no time and would buy it again. If you are looking for a tool like this, try this one, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  38. Marie Loya

    Using this facial massager is my favorite part of my morning routine. The buttons are a little difficult to push but overall functionality is fantastic. Based on settings use, I get six uses before recharging.

  39. Cortney Conner

    This is my first facial machine, and my skin never been smoother or brighter. If I had not found this product I wouldn’t be able to try a machine like this now I’m a customer for life. A daily facial at home. I Had some questions on the directions. i posted them, andreceived ny answer within 24 hours. Within 1 month my skin looks and feels ten tomes better!

  40. Chiara Hoover

    Es un producto que nos permite mantenernos jóvenes y de fácil uso

  41. Brook Hamel

    This product is worth the better. I use it on my face as well as my husband’s face and it’s amazing. He loves it as well. I love the fact that it comes with the red and blue lights for different functioning on the skin. It’s worth the buy. I can’t say I have regrets using this product, and on top of that, IT IS EASY TO USE.

  42. Leia Hughes

    Absorbs The serums really good. Since I’ve used the device I been asked did I get Botox or fillers. Very good device!

  43. Roxanna Hatton

    Very easy to use
    I recommend this item !

  44. Margaret Boyd

    Very easy to operate and very effective.

  45. Tatum Freitas

    Love this tool! Helps to clarify skin and helps with discoloration too. Thank you! Great product!

  46. Hana Sam

    This product is the best. I use it all the time i recommend this.

  47. Emery Bull

    Makes my skin glow. this is the second I buy since my daughters took the firs one she has an amazing skin

  48. Kasey Seidel

    I wanted to wait a month before I reviewed this item. It is worth the money and feel my skin soaks in my serum and moisturizers better. I use at night after my skin care routine and in the morning before my makeup. Overall I am happy with product.

  49. Hanna Koehler

    After ONE use I noticed a huge difference in my skin tone. Made my skin very soft. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and defintely see a difference in tightness of my skin. I love the heat application, it really smooths the product in to you skin. Would reccomend for sure!!!

  50. Angeles Alonso

    I’ve felt and seen results with this. I have sun damage on my chest and it seems to be lightening up. I also don’t see the saggy skin around my mouth. Skin is tighter.

  51. Debra Foote

    It took a few minutes to understand the buttons, however once I understood how to use the facial messager,messages, unit worked well.
    It fits great in my hand, and feels great on mybface.

  52. Kathrine Carvalho

    This little devise is fun to use and helps my moisturizer penetrate into my skin deeper. It’s so relaxing to use at night so I just keep it by my bedside. It shuts off after five minutes so it’s easy to keep track of how long I use it on each part of my face. I haven’t used it long-term so I’m hoping to see better skin soon ☺️

  53. Stacy Shuler

    I just love this product, I was looking for something to help me do my facial at home. Its very easy straightforward to use and cleaning is pretty quick too. I love the size of this as I can take it with me if I am travelling and use it on the go.
    I use it with my regular moisturizer and it works great. my skin looks soft n supple.

  54. Joann Hart

    I have been working with skin care half of my like. I like how smooth it glides and the heat option on the unit. Excellent price!

  55. Julianne Russell

    This machine is surprisingly easy to use, produces a significant amount of heat for its size and charge, and is easily portable. Would recommend.

  56. Chantel Clemons

    I like that it’s easy to use and it’s effective..
    Great product for the price

  57. Selina McClintock

    I love this product I use it everyday on my dark spots on my face with a dark spot serum and so far it’s been working it has the blue light and red light all in one and the price is not expensive is so worth it I’m very happy to make the purchase

  58. Dallas Eason

    LOVE this tool for my skin! BEST little investment for my skin routine and I have already noticed some great difference in my skin’s appearance. Will be buying more as gifts for my girlfriends!!

  59. Amy Crowder

    The Facial Massager 7in1 is super easy to use!! I love the fact that it heats up & it massages my skincare oroducts into my face very well. My skin looks plumped, hydrated, & less visible fine lines & wrinkles. I will let y’all in a little secret. I use a derma roller 1st on my face, then apply my skincare product because I punctured my skin. The heat, vibration modes, & red light really really helps penetrates my skin care products into my skin more because of the Facial Massager 7in1. Highly recommend this beauty device!

  60. Kaitlin Carrillo

    I bought this for my niece since she loves to borrow mine when she comes to visit. We love to do facials on girls night and this facial massager is a great touch.

  61. Meagan Clarkson

    Fácil de usar, no pesa, lo he usado poco y hasta ahora todo bien, me gusta usarlo con la luz azul

  62. Kaci Mahon

    1min use my skin feel smooth than ever.

  63. Kaila Ezell

    I bought it with the hope of lightening some brown spots on my face. After a few weeks of daily use, no difference. However, I do like the feel of the warmth setting and vibration on my face. Will be awesome in the winter. That alone is worth the price, which is less than the cost of one facial. I use it with and without moisturizer. Can also be used as a cleansing devise. Easy to use.

  64. Rylie Behrens

    After the 1 month using the red and I saw my skin become smoother. I used the blue for cleansing and it seemed ok.. wasn’t sure it was working as effectively because i normally dont have sny breakouts. Overall, its a very good product for the price.👍

  65. Janay Franks

    I really liked that there is a video explaining the functions and how to use it after taking out makeup and cleaning my face I put a cotton pad and started cleaning again and it surpraised me all the dirt that was still on my skin

  66. Yareli Blackwell

    Excellent 7 in 1 Unit ! I’m really happy with the quality of this unit and all the functions it offers. Very easy to use and hold. I was happy to see the specs listed, including the fact that it’s true microcurrent being delivered, and not a cheap knockoff. That sold me to begin with. The red light and blue light are nice and strong, as well as the microcurrent. Love it!

  67. Briza Nagel

    I actually really like this face massager. It seems to be helpings with the wrinkles around my eyes. It is really relaxing at the end of the day to turn on the heat and massage and take a minute to relax and care for your skin.

  68. Margarita Mcnulty

    The product and the user manual was easy to understand and use the device, and it works well. I like the overall style, but it would be great if the handling is easier.

  69. Kami Carlson

    Es de fácil uso, practico y lindo diseño

  70. Macey Singletary

    Love it! Very easy to use and i can see a changes already!

  71. Keila Schrader

    This product really helps with the wrinkles, also keep clean your face.

  72. Princess Barnette

    I’m using it to get rid of my sons acne and it helped with the redness. I am using it for my facials means daily routine and helps distribute product every evenly.

  73. Kierra Coe

    I use this thing while using a disposable face mask. Elevates the experience. Also helps with reducing swelling, redness in pimples, and the vibration soothes facial and neck muscles.

  74. Amiah Strickland

    This led face massager is amazing! I love to use mine in the morning for 5 minutes with the red led combined with a good bakuchiol serum and I can tell a huge difference. My face is plump and so soft. My forehead lines already firmed up after 2 weeks of everyday use. I love that there are 3 features. Cleansing, nourishing, and warm. With the use of microcurrent, warm feature on, and with the red led light, it’s a total SolaWave dupe.

  75. Hayley Otero

    Easy to use.

  76. Meadow Munguia

    I am truly glad I purchased this item. It makes me feel good and I enjoy using it on my face.
    It’s like I can have a sauna experience at my home. Anytime I want. I wasn’t sure qhat to expect but I was pleasantly surprised!!

  77. Cailey Schoen

    I suffer from adult acne. I’ve done enzyme peels, microchanneling, hydra facials and so on. The spa that I go to suggested that I use a medical grade facial massager in between my monthly facials for maintenance. $2000 for the device! No thank you.

    I found this on for $37, sure why not! It’s been a couple weeks and I absolutely love it. I use it to apply the serum and massage the cream for deeper hydration. It has a warming mode which simultaneously heats up the moment you apply to surface. I hope they come up with a cooling function to help de-puff the eyes.

  78. Karsyn Thibodeaux

    Easy to use, relaxing, and my skin feels better after using it.

  79. Janice Covington

    This unit is so easy to use and stays charged. I don’t use the cleaning setting, but love the moisturize and massage settings. I have been using daily for a few weeks and have noticed improvement with some deep facial creases. For me, it was a worthwhile purchase.

  80. Krysta Heinrich

    Muy buen producto, fácil de usar, limpiar y manejar. Notaras el cambio en tu piel. Estoy encantada ❤

  81. Hillary Cortes

    Nunca había usado algo así para mi rostro. Es excelente

  82. Greta Hitchcock

    This product has bothe the red and blue light functions. I have found that the device to be easy to use and provides a great massage. It really works your moisturizer into the skin and has left my face smooth.

  83. Madelynn Lacy

    Love it

  84. Kierra Wiseman

    I originally bought this for fine line/wrinkle reduction (which I don’t think I have used it long enough to see any differences there yet…), but my husband has acne and recently got a bad sunburn, so we tried this out on both of those issues and got some decent results! The red light reduced the sensitivity and redness of his sunburn overnight when we compared treating only one calf and lower back area to the other side. It also reduced the size of his acne lesions (using blue light, then red light and heat). I like how lightweight it is as well as the 3-minute timer feature.

  85. Brieanna Willoughby

    I feel like my skin looks better after a few uses. It definitely feels amazing 🤩

  86. Carolina Carlos

    This tool is amazing.
    With the help of anti aging products of my choice, the blue light, red light massage feature really help activate your facial products to their maximum capacity.
    I would recommend.

  87. Maddison Worrell

    I really like this product. Many reviews mentioned the red light which is why I purchased it. The red light is great but to my surprise I find myself using the blue light more. It really calms my skin and helps with breakouts. My daughter uses it too. It is easy to use and provides a warming feature as well as ultrasound vibrations. The blue and red light is strong but I like that I can avoid my eye with the handheld design.

  88. Cora Eubanks

    Estoy satisfecha con este producto porque es ligero y fácil de usar,llevo poco tiempo usándolo me gusta porque me ayuda a mis productos de la cara se absorban mejor.

  89. Desirae Sharp

    I’ve owned and used several galvanic and ultrasonic devices. This is by far the best. It aids in cleansing, product penetration. Helps improve pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, and texture. I purchased 2, one for each bathroom. Love it. The blue light and red light are perfect too.

  90. Annalise Borders

    I like this (not sure exactly how to use it as there were limited instructions so I just do it)

  91. Rylie Prescott

    I didn’t expect much because the low price of this product. However, it surprised me happily. It’s light, convenient and multifunctional. Functions are similar with those much more expensive. I like to use it with my masks.

  92. Kori Valle

    UPDATE: I figured out how to use it. That was helpful so I changed from 3 stars to 4. It does what it says. Since I haven’t used it for a full week I can’t say how great it is but I will say that combined with Strivectin Neck Tightening cream by neck is definitely tauter.

    I see that the device is well liked but the instructions say under Using Methods, Item #5: “Hands hold the metal induction bar on the two sides (what IS the induction bar, I don’t see it) forming a loop with the human body (?????) and realize real ion introduction and derivation.” I have a strong vocabulary and a great understanding, generally, of what I am reading but this makes absolutely ZERO sense to me. Does anyone know what the heck the induction bar is? Do I have to hold the buttons down while using? It may be a fantastic product so once I figure it out I may change my rating. Stay tuned. Anybody out there know what the induction bar is?

  93. Caitlyn Cannon

    I am in my fifties and have some serious lines on my face…I have been using the massager for a few weeks with an anti aging cream…,what I have noticed is that my face appears softer not so harsh… And I look forward to using the massager in the mornings and before I sleep… I sense my face not feeling so stressed and I am relaxing before bedtime! So definitely a great device to treat yourself to a face massage each day!

  94. Santana Dodson

    Excelente producto e notado muy buenos cambios en una semana solo lo uso un día si un día no de echo le pregunté a una masajista profesional que si que le parecía el producto y me dijo que estaba perfecto

  95. Mallory Stull

    I love this product because it gave me a lot of convenience.

  96. Lacey Gabriel

    This massager turned out very useful for not just facial massaging but it also helpful to promote blood circulation on bruised area which speed up the healing process. The strength of the vibration can be adjust to different levels and powerful enough for people with thicker skin/sensitivity. This gadget was a life-saver when I accidentally hurt myself and got a swollen bruise. I ended up using the warm feature on high and was amazed the pulsing vibration relaxes and help circulating the affected area and saw sooner the bruised area back to normal skin tone color. I have been using this almost daily around my eyelids on gentle cycle and face area and I have to say it makes a difference and creates a very good happy relaxing experience overall. This facial massager works great so far and definately worth the value and money spent for me.

  97. Addison Newby

    I bought this face massager as a gift for my sister since she has recently been struggling with Bell’s Palsy. She really enjoys the device and it’s easy to use. The only downside so far is that it takes awhile to fully charge. Other than that it’s pretty good.

  98. Elsie Griffith

    Mucho es super fácil de usar a diario

  99. Hayley Engle

    Fácil de usar excelente producto

  100. Caitlin Sheridan

    I was very impressed on how easy it was to use this facial massager and my skin was bouncing (firmly) and figuratively in joy after using this product. The price and convenience of this product makes it a 4 out 5 star for me. I highly recommend.

  101. Demi Mares

    I love products that help keep my skin glowing. This was not only a super great value for the money, but it’s also easy to use. My skin feels wonderful!

  102. Harlie Coy

    This product has multiple uses not just for the face. It has very good in depth instructions to use.

  103. Amalia Barker

    Love it. Suprising results. Definitely recommend.

  104. Keyanna Mulligan

    Good product. My wife uses it everyday with an anti wrinkle cream and she really likes it. Time will tell as far as the longevity of this tool but so far so good.

  105. Daniella Fontenot

    I liked how easy this product was to use there wasn’t any confusion very simple. I like how it’s handheld and not bulky!!

  106. Cynthia Halverson

    It gives you such a nice facial while applying serums into your skin! I love using the heated feature at night to really soak them in.

  107. Lissette Moffett

    Very good product. Ive been using it every night since received, my skin feels smooth and rejuvenize.

  108. Ayesha Clevenger

    I am surprised at the quick results I am seeing with this facial massager. I am treating some red areas and old acne scars and they seem to be improving. I am disappointed in the instructions, as I believe they need to be more clear on how to use it. However, there are some good usage tips in other reviews that helped me.

    I recommend giving this a try!

  109. Kelley Cady

    I like the use of either heat or cool therapy, I first was going fast over my face but learned to take it slow as you would when you go to a Spa. Does it work? I don’t know for I have had it for such a short time, I suspect it will take time to take off years of neglect off my face.

  110. Patience Minton

    This little facial massager and skin care tool is an exceptional product. The red and blue light seems to help lift and clean the “dirt” off your face. The microcurrent and the vibration help to provide soothing massage to the skin and shake the “dirt” off . My face looks cleaner, younger with a shine. I love it.

  111. Christen Glaser

    This facial massager is a wonderful product that I use daily. I use the cleaning and nourishing modes most often. I have used this for three weeks now and my skin feels so much softer.

  112. Fallon StClair

    Note desde el r uso como cambio mi piel es increíble el efecto tensor k tiene estoy enamorada de esta máquina.

  113. Malorie Montoya

    It’s handy and easy to use. Helps to perform in house daily cleanup and beauty treatment.

    I love it.

  114. Khadijah Wang

    Work well, charge last long time, very easy to use and works great with lotion or cream. Makes the cream work even better.

  115. Kiarra Neal

    It is very easy to use. It can be used
    with any serum. I used this device a few minutes a day. After using this, I could see that my face was more elastic and my pores were much lessened.

  116. Kathrine Mayberry

    Love this product so far! Easy to use and holds charge for a long time.

  117. Yulisa Hickey

    So far I am enjoying this product. I love the fact that there is red and blue light. I like to use the blue light & cleansing mode when applying serum, and red light & nourishing mode after I apply moisturizer. You need to have moisture on your skin for it to glide with ease. It definitely takes my evening skin care routine up a notch. My skin looks more plump. I am having stubborn pregnancy skin so I’m even more excited to see how this works once my hormones get back to normal. I even want to use the red light on my tummy after I give birth to see if it helps!

  118. Kamryn Johns

    I love this facial gadget. Already see changes in my skin, use it daily!

  119. Hope Seidel

    The price and convenience of this product make it 5 star for me and this face massage is a wonderful product that I use daily.

  120. Trisha Dennis

    I initially bought this facial device for my daughter at the advice of a friend. We both use this tool for different reasons. From what I can tell the light therapy, both red and blue, is very effective and I’ve noticed an improvement. However, I only use it once a week compared to every day since it seemed my skin became more sensitive. My daughter uses the microcurrent mode to help develop a more balanced face. Overall, we are pleased with the results. Even though it’s very easy to use, I wish there were more instructions for each feature. Aside from that, I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

  121. Ashton Bonds

    This is a great spa massager and cleanser! Best I have used and highly recommend. You won’t regret it!

  122. Candice Vogt

    loved item

  123. Salma Paulsen

    I absolutely love the product and wouldn’t change it in anyway! I highly recommend this product!!

  124. Cori Apodaca

    the heat and mild vibration helps my skin feels supple and smooth
    I used it every night after applying moisturizer

  125. Siobhan Whitmore

    Easy and quick to use.

  126. Pauline Hopson

    No words… great product. Really work for me and my wife .. you can see the difference .100 recommended

  127. Riley Sikes

    I received it well packaged. It is super easy to use. It can be heated up and massage the skincare products into my face. After few weeks of use, I noticed my face appears softer. This device is amazing.

  128. Valentina Pierson

    Easy to use. This product gives you everything you need for your face’s skin.
    Everyone should try it.

  129. Destinee Pickard

    My wife loves it. Oddly, it does look like it works. Her face looks more clear and more youthful. She uses it everynight before going to bed. It it not that loud, and very easy to use

  130. Alyssia Dow

    Creo que es una compra excelente!! Es muy simple de utilizar y tiene un tamaño muy práctico, puedes llevarlo a todos lados!! Me encantó!!!

  131. Elaine Raney

    Nice massager, I use it morning and evening on my face and neck.

  132. Precious Cheatham

    Nice device for massage and easy to do it i like it 😍

  133. Sylvia Duncan

    I’m happy with this purchase.
    It’s very easy to use and effective.
    Great Deal too!

  134. Lizette Burkholder

    Works good. Easy to travel with. Use daily on my face to tighten and on my stubborn lower back/side to reduce fat!

  135. Melisa Carbajal

    I like to use the blue light & cleansing mode when applying serum. The heat and mild vibration helps my skin feels supple and smooth. I used it after applying moisturizer. I recommend it.

  136. Danna Barry

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the Facial Massager, 7 in 1 Skin Care tool. I am in love with the different features this device offers. From thoroughly cleaning my face to increasing my collagen levels, this tool did not disappoint. It was very easy to use after reading through the directions. Manuel clearly explains the different modes and colors allowing the customer to fully understand the product. This facial device feels magnificent against my skin and I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

  137. Kallie Moss

    I usually use a sheet mask to moisturize my face, and this massager helps me feel relaxed. The serum on the mask gets absorbed into my skin fast. Like it!

  138. Anissa Samples

    The product is great. I have been using only for a month so it is not enough to claim real results. But it is a good quality product for a fair price. I just wished the instructions were more clear. The wording is not clear so it is hard to understand it: maybe it would be better if you share a video about the programs and how to use it.

  139. Shanna Nagel

    This massager helps me to relax after a work day. No appointment is needed. The spa is right at my home!

  140. Madilynn Goebel

    It’s great and best product and good service, this really works great on my skin and make it glow.

  141. Giana Lancaster

    It is easy to use and it effectively performs its functions.

  142. Shira McCorkle

    Easy to charge with usb. Very lightweight easy to use while multitasking. Very user friendly !

  143. Kalista Bingham

    It’s simple to use and understand. I especially love the warming feature. It’s quite and lightweight too. Most of the time I use it while watching TV.

  144. Stephany Burney

    I have been using the massager for a month now and I can feel it is working, need more time to see more visible results, very light weight and easy to use.

  145. Shauna Dukes

    I bought it because several reasons:

    1. I needed to improve my facial cleansing and the appearance of my skin.
    2. I did some research and the result led me to the fact that facial electro stimulators activate collagen production, reduce fine lines of expression, lift and tone the muscles of the face.
    3. Because this item offers several programs in 1, it is reasonably priced and has good reviews.

    I have been using it for 1 month and I have liked it, I feel that my skin has improved: my pores have closed and my skin looks more hydrated. This facial stimulator takes your facial routine to another level.

    I use it twice a week and with the advice of my dermatologist to know which serum to use based on my needs and skin type.

  146. Jacqueline Askew

    Very easy to use. I can see the difference in my skin after a few weeks. Biggest thing is sticking to it!

  147. Nichole Slaughter

    I keep using it to improve moisturizing my face and I especially like the red light setting! It seems sturdy as well, I have it for a couple of months now and it keeps working well. I would definitely recommend it.

  148. Stella Engle

    Excellent results seen in just a few weeks.

  149. April Foust

    Convenient and easy to use.

  150. Halle Griggs

    My Daughter has been asking for a skin care product that does not use chemicals and this product fits the bill. It is non-invasive and my daughter loves it. Good Value for money.

  151. Madyson Upchurch

    I was skeptical about this, but my esthetician uses one that looks similar and I like the results so I purchased it – very good!

  152. Cherish Bryant

    This is my mini me spa now. I love using it even just to put cream on my face in the morning. A few extra minutes and I feel luxurious and my skin is glowing. The heat is really nice at night too to wash and cream my face.

  153. Felicia Steinberg

    It helps with my redness and absorbing the moisturizer more efficiently. Love it!

  154. Katelyn Kirchner

    I really liked the facial massager, I already see the effect, although I have been using it recently. I recommend using it regularly.

  155. Tiffany Varney

    Bought as a gift for my sister-in-law. She loves it.

  156. Emilia Ruggiero

    I’m really putting myself out here. But out of curiosity & after seeing that it didn’t have thousands of reviews I did my own little experiment.
    Keep in mind I’ve never done anything like this.
    I only used the device on the left side of my face for an entire week… LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE.
    I look insane, but I can honestly say hands down the best machine to help sculpt your face!!!

  157. Tea Lankford

    Wife say it makes her face feels and looks better

  158. Tionne Schindler

    Great product, I use it everyday! Tip: use it with your daily serum.

  159. Giovanna Jernigan

    Item arrived quickly and in good condition

  160. Selene Mott

    It was helpful in giving a gental message although it was not how I pictured it would be to operate it.

  161. Analisa Gray

    My wife is pleased with this little device, I don’t use it since I have a pretty large beard, and it would most likely end bad for me if my beard were to get caught in this.

  162. Paloma Lilly

    Fantastic little massaging unit! After doing a lot of reading & reviews on products like this, this is the one that I chose, and am very satisfied with it!!! I let my daughter and my mother try it and now they both want one! Lol You can buy with confidence, Ive been taking it everywhere with me, even use it while driving because its so warm, and relaxing. I use it to infuse my lotions and serum’s & consider this as my daily face yoga!

  163. Kenia Hanks

    wonderful product.
    light weight, easy to use.
    improved my skin, fine lines used for 2weeks.
    highly recommend

  164. Dana Collins

    Very easy to use. Turns on fast. Heats up I’m seconds. Love the price !

  165. Alyson Shay

  166. Gia Davies

    A good friend recommended a red light device to help tighten up areas of my face. I have just started using this and it seems to be working but it will take time to see the results I am sure

  167. Nia Rudd

    First concern out of the box, seemed lightweight, insubstantial. Needn’t have worried. Sturdy, and the design is compact and easy to use. Have experimented with similar tools, but this is the one I keep coming back to. Good quality for its price point.

  168. Amari Snead

    My first time using one of these devices. Easy to use. Love the nourishing setting with the red & blue light. I’ve already noticed a difference in appearance. Dark spots are starting to fade. I use every other day.

  169. Halie Trout

    This product arrived super quick! I have been so please with my purchase of this product. I have been using for a week now and starting to notice a difference in my skin.

  170. Anna Emerson

    excelente detalle para complacer y hacer feliz a mi esposa … una sonrisa vale oro

  171. Daijah Waite

    I enjoy using this product it feels very relaxing and comfortable

  172. Joselyn Grogan

    I love the heat function. I have only been using for a week so can’t say if I say a big difference but I do know that isi g before bed relaxes my face and jaw muscles and I live the way it helps absorb the serums.

  173. Noor Bauer

    I really love this product it does it’s job I love the warm setting on the massager it warms my face while it massages the serum in. It’s a great product for the money the only thing I would change is make the vibration stronger. That Could be just because it’s not safe for the face I’m not sure. Altogether I definitely have seen a change the side lines on my face are going away I definitely would recommend it.

  174. Catrina Pittman

    My favorite feature of this device is its cleaning function, with cleaning water and cotton pad, I can clean my face very effectively and notice how dirty a face can become after a whole day. The potential problem is its plastic ring that is used to hold the cotton pad in place. It doesn’t feel sturdy and can be broken easily. If that happens, the device would become useless, as I use it mainly for cleaning purpose. Overall it’s a good price with reasonable price.

  175. Colby Sutton

    I like this little machine. It has quite a few options all in one. It is nice to have the red and blue light along with the facial massager. There are 3 modes along with the lights. To change lights you need to press the power button and it will only massage when it is on your skin.

    I am not seeing any major changes in my skin but it feels nice and I enjoy using it.

  176. Mina Vest

    Very easy to use. I used after my skin routine for five to 15 minutes. Now I feel my skin is glowing and healthy. Greatly recommend this product.

  177. Zoey Golden

    Easy to use. Different combination of features. Have noticed the dramatic difference, but the daily routine with this massager makes skin shinier and brighter for sure.

  178. Janell Mabry

    Very easy to use, and works wonder like it’s stated. Works so well, we’re ordering more for our friends as Christmas Presents.

  179. Kaylyn Abney

    Muy bn producto y fácil de manejar

  180. Scarlett Beavers

    Great! Love it

  181. Dylan Lewis

    The massager is definitely made of good quality and works well. However, I haven’t used it long enough to actually see a difference. I’m positive with consistent use it will show results but the vibration is slightly on the lower end for my liking. I would have preferred a more stronger vibration. And I find the lights a bit too bright when around the eyes but I guess you could just close them while using. Overall good quality product. For sensitive skin, it might be just the right amount of vibration. Either way I definitely recommend if you gotta splurge on something.

  182. Xiomara Skipper

    This product is great! Great price and great quality.

  183. Penelope Reece

    Works great so far…no complaints.

  184. Flor Moreau

    Just started using it. It seems like it’s working.

  185. Aubrey Perkins

    My skin feels so soft after I use this and it is the most relaxing feeling. And you can literally do it any time. Watching TV, scrolling Instagram, I even used it while I was on a Zoom call the other day (on mute of course…). It’s awesome!

  186. Adamaris Spencer

    It;s affordable price to take care your face as soon as the age of 20’s . Do not wait until 40’s 🙂 . I enjoy how my face feels afterwards, brighter, absorbed nutrition since the facial massager feed facial deeply feed oils/serums .It worth for a try

  187. Scarlett Hairston

    I like the warming feature which makes my face feel relaxed and massaged.

  188. Keyonna McKnight

    Product is really easy to use and made well. Make sure you read the instructions cause this isn’t waterproof. I just started using it so no major results yet but it didn’t have any adverse effects so that’s a plus. I did use the blue light for acne and it seems to have helped what was trying to emerge to go away. Excited for more results!

  189. Celeste Florence

    Very effective and easy to use . Works great on all skin types

  190. Elana Greco

    I love how easy this is to use in the shower on my face! It glides easily with my face wash and makes my face feel super clean. The blue/red light are very effective in reducing the red tones in my face. So grateful/happy I bought this!

  191. Caitlyn Peebles

    This thing really is a treat after working all day! The head is activated on demand so all you have to do is turn it on and press it to your face. You can select different lights for the head as well as turning the heat on with two heat levels. The massaging strength is also adjustable. The item comes 80% charged out of the box and in the charger is a micro USB port. Very comfortable in the hand and very stylish.

  192. Alissa Dugan

    The product is good, nice pampering. But it’s too much work for me, and takes long time for processing.

  193. Madilynn Tejeda

    Bought this as a gift for my teenage daughter. She is going to love it.

  194. Elsie Comer

    Very easy to use; well designed. Hoping for good results!

  195. Cathryn Moulton

    It is very good and as expectation.

  196. Ciarra Haller

    I have only been using this for about a week. Heats quick. Better quality than I expected. Great price!

  197. Sabrina Thayer

    Mine didn’t come with a charging cord. I had to get on YouTube to figure out how to use it. I’m actually not sure that I’m using it properly.

  198. Raelyn Daigle

    My wife absolutely loves it. It is very easy to use. Makes her face feel younger!

  199. Sheila Sepulveda

    I’ve been using this religiously every night before bed and I swear my pores shrunk! My skin has been brighter and clearer.

  200. Jenifer Ames

    I really love the machine. I am surprised at the quick results. Very happy with the purchase.

  201. Sonya Aaron

    Easy to use. My skin is looking much better since I started using it.!

  202. Yesenia Dominguez

    I was bought this when it’s on sale, perfect price to buy it, and … pleasantly surprise!
    It’s very lightweight, which is great. It is nice to have the red and blue light along with the facial massager. There are 3 modes along with the lights.  My favorite feature of this device is its cleaning function, with cleaning water and cotton pad. I can clean my face very effectively and notice how dirty a face can become after a whole day. It’s easy to use and hold. There are 3 modes along with the lights. The warming mode feels really nice, and after a stressful day, it really does help me relax the tension in my face. Love the red light with the warm setting. I use it to infuse my lotions and serum’s, you don’t have to buy additional creams, use any moisturizer if you like.  My only recommendation to the manufacturers is that the instructions could be clearer. Overall good quality product.

  203. Diana Luke

    Love the ease of using this great little product. Face feels very nice after gently massaging the skin. This will be part of my daily routine. I also really like the different colors that can be used. It’s nice that it’s multifunctional.

  204. Elaina Wharton

    Me agrado mucho porque es fácil de usar manejable y da el efecto deseado

  205. Oriana Hatfield

    Dislikes: You have to hold it precisely to get it to work. Some times when you are using it correctly, it starts and stops randomly. It has a really loud beeping noise when mashing your selections.

    Likes: It really does improve the appearance of your face. It’s really quick and feels good.

  206. Abigayle Jasper

    So easy to use and super excited to see some positive results!

  207. Shira Meehan

    Easy to use. Just wish the instructions were printed with steps to take.

  208. Anna Rhodes

    Easy to hold. It really helps to spread the serum evenly thru out thw face. After use my face feel tightens too

  209. Savanna Bone

    The heat function is very pleasant and the cream you are looking for is absorbed very quickly. Unfortunately, there is no cooling function. The skin feels good after the treatment.

  210. Patience Jerome

    Was pleasantly surprised at how sleek it looked in person. Holds well. Perfect size. Love the versatility of this. Only tried it few times but it appears to be working. Pores appears to be slightly smaller. But the warming function caught me off guard. Was not expecting it to be that hot. But it is tolerable. Perhaps the high heat will generate collagen production? Will update in a few more months

  211. Mara Arreola

    I love this product

  212. Lourdes Dewey

    This product makes my face soft and smooth if your looking for a face tool this is the one to buy

  213. Akira Kimbrough

    I love that it fits so easily in you hand, easy to clean and works great.

  214. Anika Vidal

    I Iike to use the warming function, it feels really nice. I love getting the benefits of led beauty light and the red light therapy. When you set it on your face it starts to vibrate, massaging the face. I use this every night and morning after I wash my face. Knowing what I know now if I could go back in time I would buy this product again. It’s very easy to use.

  215. Tayla Higgins

    I recently went to go get a facial and the aesthetician used a similar device like this on my face. I fell in love with the device just not the price. I then turned to and found a similar product for a fraction of the price.
    I am very pleased about using this device and would definitely reccomend it.

  216. Ryan Ashcraft

    Nice concept, kind of hard to judge how well it works. Only time will tell how long it lasts

  217. Lanie Nagy

    Love this massager. I bought this massager few weeks ago and used it 3 or 4 times in a week. It is easy to use and felt relax after massaging my face 10 minutes. I highly recommended to friends and family.

  218. Kaleigh Leone

    Easy to use. Easy to understand. Works well…the attachment for cotton pads renders the vibration function inoperable. The metal circle has to make contact with the skin for the vibration to work. Haven’t noticed any change to my skin as of yet but I only just started using it. I am excited to see results.

  219. Sierra Metzger

    Overall an amazing product with the best results I’ve seen. Been using for a month now.

  220. Precious Lin

    I’m not sure if I’m using this correctly..but it does feel nice.

  221. Aaliyah Weeks

    Arrived on time and in great condition thank you

  222. Ivonne Batson

    I immediately noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. It was smoother and brighter after one treatment.

  223. Laila Vera

    I’ve bought many types of skin care tools as I am 47 and chasing my youth at this point. This is my favorite one I have bought so far. I absolutely LOVE the different options for usage but my favorite thing is the warming function. After I take off my make up at night, I go through the different serums and lotions I have and spend time using the nourishing function to get it all soaked into my face, then I spend the most time with the warming function. It feels so soothing running across my face and chest. The bonus is the red and blue light functions you can use as well. I feel this thing keeps its charge for a long time so I can just keep it on my night table and pick it up to use while laying in bed watching tv. It’s the little extra things we do for our skin that help to keep it looking healthy and tight. Would highly recommend this tool.

  224. Adeline Winchester

    Great product. easy to use. it feels good.

  225. Caleigh Lay

    It works fine, you just need to hold the start button for longer to turn it on – then select the setting – mode for the session then again press the start button to select the red or the blue light you intend to use.
    I enjoy the “nourishing” and the “warming” mode when I apply my masks and my serums.
    I wish the instructions on the pamphlet included they would be clearer to properly explain how to use the device properly but other than that I think it’s a great buy for the price.

  226. Isabela Nieto

    Really good product for its price value.

  227. Cali Langdon

    I was skeptical about using this product but I’m really thankful that I tried. Very happy with this product. Never thought that I would be writing this review. Totally worth every penny you spent.

  228. Celine Thomason

    Se la regale a mi hermana y la ama , tiene varias velocidades , la utiliza diario y le gusta mucho

  229. Gabrielle Trimble

    Charging was less then 3 hours and seemed to work nice. I do notice the LED lights won’t work but everything else works perfectly! I message seller and nothing yet sadly. I am excited to see the results every single day I use it more ( my first time using it was this morning). The instructions are very strange but most on point which is good. I am a first time user with these LED light therapy devices. Only got it for $129! Thanks to someone who finally answered my question about the LED lights, Mine do work. Now the problem is that it’s too bright for me to use bc my eyes are sensitive.

  230. Greta Douglas

    Product exceeded expectations! I have uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and experience Lupus redness at times. I’ve tried 4 different products, all which did not work or made my Lupus redness worse.
    Used as indicated in directions and with proper skin care products relief of red blotchy patches on cheeks and nose in a week. Over a few months my skin smoothness and wrinkle dramatically improved.
    NOTE; I checked with my Dr before using on redness caused by Lupus. In my case I had a very positive reaction and actually calmed the flare up.
    On the less sensitive parts of my face, results did exceed .my expectations and used less of my serums and wrinkle creams because of products 3 settings .

  231. Cristal Kendrick

    Love this. The vibration and warmth on your face is so relaxing. Waiting to observe other benefits of using this tool. Need more time of using it.

  232. Annalisa Duggan

    I’ve used for a few month and really like the texture of my skin. Sturdy machine and easy to charge.

  233. Louise Luna

    So far I really like this product, but after reading some reviews I realize there is supposed to be a user manual and I didn’t get one. It would probably make more sense if I had it lol. Can someone send me one?

  234. Desire Fine

    Enjoy the device on my face.

  235. Brandy Dang

    I use it at least twice weekly in combination with other products . I’ve noticed much improvement in my skin’s appearance and it also just feels really nice.

  236. Kayli Queen

    I love the 7 in 1 capability!!!!

  237. Aniya Pence

    This is an excellent product! It works magic on our face. I love hearing red light and the massage helped me sleep better. Highly recommend this product.

  238. Francis Shockley

    This massager is easy to use and feels great with the heat on. With an oil or other lubricant it glides along the skin very smoothly and is a very soothing experience.

  239. Jaylynn Robert

    This one is a great finding with the price n quality. It actually works. I have been using it for a month now and can clearly see a difference in my skin. I love the warm setting as it is very relaxing. I use it every night before bedtime. Must have.. ordered few for gifting my friends n family.

  240. Lesly Vazquez

    This product pizza and has a variety of light that you can change to red blue or green. Very easy to use.

  241. Lesli Otero


  242. Gwendolyn Marlow

    My wife says it works great, and she would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  243. Symone Whittaker

    The wife likes it. She feels it helps to reduce fine lines especially around her mouth. It is easy to use. Happy wife thus happier life.

  244. Stevie Dalton

    I really love this little tool. I read some reviews where people had no idea how to use it and weren’t very happy with it, and almost didn’t purchase it. Please watch the 1st tutorial on how to use it. She explains all the features and the proper way to use this device. I charged it overnight and tried it for the first time this morning and I really love it. It takes a bit of time to understand all the features and what it can do, so I will be watching the tutorial again, but so far I used it to wash my face, using a cotton round and CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser and it worked really well to clean my face. Then I tried the nourishing feature with Hemi Squalane oil and it worked into my skin nicely. I also tried the message feature, which was wonderful. I’ll be playing around with all the features trying them out, but so far it’s a great tool and I’m so glad I ended up purchasing it. I would definitely recommend it if you are willing to watch the tutorial on how to use it. The directions can be a bit confusing, so watch the video here in the listing.

  245. Jayla Newcomb

    I love this item. Works great

  246. Hali Covey

    Excellent product

  247. Charlie Harbin

    I was skeptical about the results I would get from this device but wanted to try out the product because massaging the face is not my favorite task and also with my age to be over 50 years old.

    The results are seen the very next day. I noticed that the skin breakout and redness diminish in the morning if used the night before. The skin stays smooth if used in the morning. The lotion is absorbed much faster. I use the warm setting most of the time; I think the blood flow is promoted that way. I used the cool setting after the lotion and cream if I felt like it.

    I cannot tell the visible effect on the tightness of the skin by the way I am using it.

    This is a time saver – no massage cream is needed, which means no mess to clean up. Only a 30 seconds to 1 minute application provides results mentioned above.

    I got one for my nephew who has teenage skin problems because I liked it so much. I recommended to my family and friends to the extent that they thought I was a distributor of the device. I am considering getting this for a Christmas gift this year.

  248. Victoria Toro

    It feels so good when the cream is massaged beyond the top layer of skin on my face. I am almost 70 and use it where wrinkles are showing up. My face is visibly smoother when I use it. Love it.

  249. Jordin Silva

    Works very nice, the battery doesn’t last too long.

  250. Denisse Albrecht

    I think this device works really well. However, about four months in,the vibration feature just stopped working. I just ordered another one. I hope it will last longer since I do like the effect. I would give it a five star for the effect, but lowering to 4 star because it broke. If the next one breaks too, I will give it a two star.

    Update: I charged the unit (despite that it has not yet lost all of its charge) and the vibration feature came back! So I guess it just needs to be fully charged to be able to run all features simultaneously! Changed my review to 5 stars because I do think it’s effective

  251. Laila Ambrose

    it comes in a perfect packing. make sure to check under the massager holder for the USB. I always prefer using USB as it is easy to carry and no hassle to change batteries. it comes with directions. Love the product. keeps your skin soft . strongly recommend !

  252. Raquel Gonzales

    This machine is very good

  253. Destinee Minton

    I wanted a tool to improve my skin. I am in my middle 60’s and want to keep my skin looking good. I love how this tool works. I had a problem with the first one I bought the company was wonderful to work with. If thinking about buying a tool this is a great one.

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