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Pure Glow Cleansing Brush provides a dual action of gentle cleansing and exfoliation to get rid of any skin impurities by reaching the deepest parts of the pores, increasing skin elasticity, and toning any problem areas by promoting blood flow in the skin.

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Pure Glow Cleansing Brush provides a dual action of gentle cleansing and exfoliation to get rid of any skin impurities by reaching the deepest parts of the pores, increasing skin elasticity, and toning any problem areas by promoting blood flow in the skin.


  • Can be used with any type of cleanser and/or gentle scrub.
  • Soft Bristle Brush Head cleanses and exfoliates.
  • Silicone Brush Head provides extra gentle cleansing while providing a massage to wind down after a long day.
  • Our cleansing brush is cordless and compact, perfect for use at home or while traveling.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Pure Glow Cleansing Brush
  • 1 Supporting Base
  • 1 Silicone Brush
  • 1 PBT Brush



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1032 reviews for Pure Glow

  1. Kira Partridge

    I had never tried a Facial Brush before. The Clarisonic is too expensive. When I saw the Visagi True Sonic Facial Brush I thought I would give it a try. The price was reasonable, so I ordered one. It is easy to use and holds a charge for a long time. I absolutely love it! My face looks and feels so much cleaner. I highly recommend it.

  2. Khadijah Hutto

    has this product available and the cleansing brush itself for less than half of what I would have paid at a local department store. The sonic style brushes all vibrate. They do not scrub by rotating the brush head. I ran my own consumer testing on the following brands: the Visagi brush, the Erisonic, the Sirius Sonic, the Mia2 and the Olay rotating brush and the Briteleaf rotating brush. The rotating brushes obviously do not work in the same way as the vibrating ones do. That said, they may be better than nothing if that’s what you already own. Otherwise, based on comparison pricing, I would spend the $20-$50 on one of the vibrating brushes. The reason for the wide price variation is because I am a savy internet shopper, and if you have more time than money, you can get a high quality cleansing brush for $23-$30 on or possibly Ebay. The Visagi brush has a timer that beeps every 10 seconds so you don’t spend too much time on any one area of your face. I used this brush for at least 3 weeks before the initial battery charge wore down. It really helped the texture of my 57 year old skin; most of my pores no longer need their own zip code. The next brush I tried was the Erisonic. It seems to have way more bells and whistles in terms of speeds and vibrating modes. They list the retail price as $299, but I doubt anyone’s ever really paid that much for it on Ebay. I have used the higher speed(about 3 out of 5), but I haven’t really gotten around to using any of the other vibrating modes during the month I’ve been using it. I will have to remind myself to try them, but I kind of think they are non-essential. So far all I’ve really used the brushes for are washing my face, my neck and the “chicken skin” area of my decollette (upper chest/lower neck.) I believe all the brushes do some dermabrasion, and the vibrating ones seem to be improving the texture,pore size and “brightness” of my complexion. I believe the vibrating improves blood flow to the skin, hence the brighter, more youthful glow. I am very sensitive to what chemicals/soaps I use; I’m using Aveeno face cleansers, and a variety of moisturizers including L’Oreal BB cream ,Olay, Timewise and Aveeno. But I’ve had no irritation caused by the brushes, and I’m a firm believer in the benefits of a vibrating face brush. If you want quality for a reasonable price, the Visagi will get the job done.

  3. Kennedi Sexton

    love it, works great on my facial skin.

  4. Margaret Inman

    works great. fast shipping

  5. Aliah Dye

    Needed a replacement and this was delivered right on time. Brush is gentle on the face while exfoliating.

  6. Alexcia Cowart

    It fit perfectly.

  7. Colette Burke

    I use my Visagi Visagi Sonic Brush sonic facial brush faithfully every morning while in the shower. Visagi suggests replacing the brush head every 3 months, I replace mine about every 5 months. Letting the brush head & the sonic system do all work , not pressing to firmly against your skin, and cleaning the brush head after each use, the brush head can and will last you longer then you think. The bristles on this head won’t fan or feather out .The bristles stay nice and neatly tight together. I haven’t had any trouble with bristles falling out either. The replacement heads come with a clear cover with a few holes in it for ventilation. This cover keeps the bristles from loosing their shape. The cover slips on & off very easily. The brush head simply pops right off the brush handle The head doesn’t rotate or move , so it’s crazy easy to clean. I take a tooth brush to the handle under running water, where the brush head pops on , i take my nails and gently run them in different directions through the brush head with warm water and anything you normally would use for cleaning your makeup brushes, I use a very small dot of baby shampoo. Afterwards, I dry the brush head with a papertowel , or clean cloth. These little extra steps I feel this helps pro-longs the life of these brush heads, I know they don’t cost much , but these days every penny counts. I don’t throw away the old heads either, I use them for removing stains on clothes , use a stain remover and use this brush head in a circular motion . If it’s gentle enough for your face , it should be on your clothing as well. I also use them for when I’m polishing , or waxing certain items around my home, removing the dust on my wood picture frames that may detailed or carved, or even on my figurines. The uses really would be endless. I apologize for my rambling , these brushes really do last quite a long time. THANKS AGAIN FOR READING , BYE,😄

  8. Krysten Mullin

    I love this product! Does a great job cleansing my face even after wiping off my makeup. My skin has most definitely improved (acne prone). Only complaint I have is when I ordered replacement brush heads and attached them onto the wand the little nut behind the brush that holds it in place spins. So my brushes aren’t getting the normal vibration that they did before. Still happy with it, however!

  9. Infant Saucedo

    Happy to find these brushes

  10. Tyla Persaud

    Product just as advertised

  11. Roxanne Connors

    I love my Visagi brush, but finding the replacement heads can be difficult. Thank goodness for . And a great brice.

  12. Emily Slagle

    This brush works great the bristle are soft, not harsh on your skin. My skin looks very healthy when i use the sonic brush and its such a great deal compared to others.

  13. Helen Hoover

    I’ve had three so far – the first two were excellent but the third one seems too soft. However, it does seem to get all the makeup & grime out of my face.

  14. Marianna McKinnon

    Great to find replacement brush for Visagi, a lot cheaper than the $200 ones in stores.

  15. Tristan Land

    Let me start by saying, “what took me so long” to trust and believe in these replacement brushes. I was impressed when I received them. I feel these are far better quality then what came with my machine. The brush feels nice on my skin and the plastic cover is sturdy compared to the flimsy plastic one received with product. I did get a few extra months in with the original brush however, because provides great pricing on this product, I can replace every three months as recommended. I do use my machine twice a day, my face feels clean and my pores have reduced in size. Lastly, the fitting of the brush is great and very easy to install. I’ll be back for more.

  16. Lilianna Aleman

    Love love love. I use these daily! They are great quality. They are soft, yet get the job done. They always leave my face feeling super clean. I love that they work up a really good lather too. They are durable, I change mine out about every month, although I could probably go longer than that since they hold up so well. I had ordered a cheaper version of the brush and replacement heads in the past and returned them. This one is worth the little bit extra you pay.

  17. Rita Sommers

    Like it lots,

  18. Corina Hill

    Love them

  19. Ileana Angel

    Arrived on time, fits my Sonic Facial Brush. Will buy again.

  20. Candace Dube

    Replacement brush head for original. Uhh not much I can say about it! Works well. Cannot find in store(s) anymore!

  21. Livia Fajardo

    Loved it

  22. Jakayla Burnside

    works great

  23. Tiffani Adamson

    Very good quality, 100% as described and a competitive price. – Review from girl friend.

  24. Nathaly Bacon


  25. Kassie Babcock

    Love it. Wish they were a bit less expensive though.

  26. Lora Li

    This brush is an exact replacement for the brush that came with the device.

  27. Madison Gregg


  28. Coral Ross

    Love the Visagi Sonic Brush Sonic!

  29. Marlena Acosta

    Fits Visagi Visagi Sonic Brush, very soft and clean.

  30. Essence Giles

    Love this product, cleans my face very clean and leaves my face smooth and exfoliated. Minimized my pores within the first use. I bought the face brush last year and order these replacement heads every 6months and they work like a charm and are MUCH cheaper than clarisonic or whatever that fancy brush is!

  31. Alivia Forte

    Came as described, I’m happy with my purchase

  32. Maiya Janssen

    These little facial brushes work wonders. Makes my skin glow and I swear it helps me to age gracefully. ; ) Love this product!

  33. Shelly Ransom

    I have used this product for over a year. It does the trick.

  34. Billie Crain

    It gives me the same results as the more expensive brand (I’ve tried both). Would recommend.

  35. Kiarra Brant

    Very good

  36. Lilianna Leslie

    Live this skin care system for face and feet! Honestly I use the face tool regularly and the foot one not as much. Bummer have to replace the face brush every three months. Works so well I replace the face brush pad as directed. Makes great gift for someone seeking a tool to accomplish what this one does.

  37. Saira Barrios

    Perfect size, works great to keep my complexion clear.

  38. Julian Mai

    Thank you for the rrwfill brush love it

  39. Anisa Alcantar

    Quick delivery. Just what I needed. Thank you

  40. Zara Danielson

    Have you used this to massage your…… toes?

  41. Audrey Mullen

    I have been looking to replace my older brushes…these fit perfect on my Visagi Face Brush!

  42. Catherine Mena

    This brush is gentle and gets the job done. As nice as any Clarisonic brush I have used.

  43. Aryanna Carson

    These are great. Best thing you can do for the cleanliness of your face. Skin feels smoother and younger.

  44. Franchesca Ridley

    These are hard to find.
    Glad I got 2.

  45. Lydia Turner

    For anyone wondering which Visagi brush it pairs with! It’s the Visagi Visagi Sonic Brush face brush

  46. Courtney Cardona

    Quick delivery and works well.

  47. Lexi Wilkins

    Work great and as designed

  48. Kelis Morrison

    Great replacement brush

  49. Kayle Simpkins

    Replacement head fits perfectly!

  50. Ivy Talbot

    Fits my Visagi Facial brush perfectly, I have continued to buy these multiple times and have always been satisfied.

  51. Daijah Stephens

    It was an exact replacement from the originals. Works perfectly

  52. Tanner Cohn

    Excelente artículo, tal como se ofrece en la descripción, el artículo llegó aún antes de la fecha indicada, todo en perfectas condiciones

  53. Breana Skelton

    Just as promised.

  54. Dorothy Clausen

    Product is as described. Perfect replacement for my favorite face tool. Definitely replace these as they get icky! I was overusing mine and it wasn’t helping.

  55. Lacy Kraus

    This is a great product. I will be adding this to my shopping list because it works.

  56. Aracely Hurt

    Perfect fit

  57. Abril Strain

    Just what I expected for a very good price!

  58. Amaya Potter

    Tenía miedo por la reseñas que no le fuera quedar a mi limpiadora porque no hay mucha información sobre el tipo de repuesto, sí es el reemplazo adecuado para la Visagi Sonic Brush, adjunto fotos de referencia para que se ayuden. El reemplazo en sí es muy suave y de buena calidad.

  59. Eryn Steele

    Unfortunately for me this product was slightly too abrasive for my skin and there’s not something that I can use on a daily basis but for the price it will definitely work if your skin is not as sensitive as mine.

  60. Winter Long


  61. Drew Christy


  62. Mia Talbot

    This works as advertised.

  63. Joselyn Amaral

    Excellent replacement head.

  64. Carlie Nichols

    I recently tried this for the first time. I used the lower setting and followed the instructions. My face felt great- but, the best part was that a GUY told me that my face was glowing later that day! He had no idea I used it or even what it was. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  65. Shanice Alcala

    Very hard product to find in store or even on the own manufacturer’s website. Definitely not the cheapest I’ve seen the brush go for, but considering its rarity and its comparative price to clarisonic refills <i'm happy to pay the price. It fit the device perfectly. My only advice to buyers searching the product check and double check that this is the right brush head for your device as Visagi made more than one face brush with very similar sounding names.

  66. Daja Donaldson

    A couple years ago I got my wife a Clairsonic facial brush and she really liked it; for about 6 months. Then the battery stopped to hold a charge and there was no way to replace/repair the unit and it was no longer under warranty. A quick search on the interweb disclosed that this is a major complaint from Clairsonic users. Which is terrible considering how much it cost to buy.

    Now comes the Visagi version. Exact same performance at 1/4 the price. It is easy to hold, has built in area timers and variable speed settings. The brush is effective, but gentle and it leaves my wife’s skin glowing and vibrant. Also is perfect for removing makeup.

    Overall, she is really happy so far. We just hope that the battery holds up longer. I don’t know why Clairsonic has such poor longevity? My electric toothbrush is still going strong after 10 years and has the same basic construction. If we experience any problems with the Visagi unit, i will definitely update you here.


  67. April Youngblood

    When these machines first appeared on the market, they were generally over $100 I was reluctant to invest in something I wasn’t sure would do anything except irritate my very sensitive skin.

    Well, the price has become reasonable and I have many friends who vouch for it, so I jumped on the opportunity to try it. And, boy, am I glad I did! My pores have diminished in size, the whiteheads I’ve been plagued with my whole life are vanishing, and my skin is starting to feel as soft as a baby’s bottom. I use it with the very gentle Differin Daily Cleanser, also available on , and I simply couldn’t be happier!

    Well done, Visagi! You’re a brand I’ve come to trust over the years and you haven’t disappointed me here. The directions enclosed talk about three different kinds of brushes, but those aren’t part of this kit. I don’t care. Only one is, and it isn’t described, but you get two of them. It’s super-soft and gets the job done without irritating my skin at all. I’m delighted to be able to include this in my skin care regimen.

    Thank you for reading my review. I have done my best to give you a detailed and honest opinion. If you found my review helpful, please click the Helpful button below!

  68. Destany Ellington

    This is the first time I have used anything like this and I’m soooo happy 😄. Normally I rely on facial scrubs and my fingers to do their thing, but when I saw this and by Visagi too, I was thrilled to try it out. Visagi has been a reliable and reputed company for decades; from the very first hair dryer to the one I’m currently using I have always purchased Visagi products. Even my old hair straightner was from Visagi, so this was a surprise addition and I had no hesitation in trying it out. And now I love it!! 💕 I have used it a few times already and can feel how soft my face immediately feels every time I use it. The brush is soft and the bristles are gentle rather than harsh which I prefer. The facial skin is sensitive and I do not want harsh scrubbing. I use an herbal face wash which is a blend of sandalwood, rose and turmeric, which does a great job of foaming my face with the gentle brush motion as I move it around my face, especially the oily T-zone and chin. I feel that it deeply cleans my pores and I leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. 🤩 I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a value for money quality facial brush. 👍👍

  69. Ivanna Parks

    I walked into my office the other day and our receptionist said “You look so fresh…you look like you’ve had something done”. HUH? Well, the only thing I had done was to try out my new Visagi “Visagi Sonic Brush” Sonic facial Brush.

    WOW! Maybe I just had a great nights sleep, and was more rested, but I really did think that this nifty little gem might have helped my skin. I’m 63 and always had softer, oily skin, until menopause dropped in, and decided it was time to give me a rougher complexion. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, just flakiness and unevenness.

    I used the Visagi Sonic Brush with my favorite Almond scented cleanser, and I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin felt. It easily sloughed off excess skin, that exfoliants failed to do, and left my skin feeling and looking smooth and super clean. I had a touch of redness, but it quickly dissipated.

    I’ve had other facial brushes in the past, but they’ve been cumbersome, bulky and usually just ended up under the vanity because they didn’t work that well. This one is different. It’s compact and doesn’t take up too much room, charges quickly, is waterproof, and just makes my skin feel FANTASTIC! It’s a great product and I appreciate the opportunity to receive and review it.

    PS: They also include an extra Brush head.

  70. Mckenzie Chastain

    I’m not a big facial person, so I don’t have an extensive basis for comparison, but I have had a few facials in my day, and I was impressed with how they left my aging skin soft, smooth and a bit tauter.

    This brush, especially on the high setting, seems to do much the same, leaving my skin smooth with minimal effort. It’ easy to use. The only odd thing seems to be that just jostling the base causes it to start charging again, even if thge charge was already full. Go figure.

    Nonetheless, I like the results and will probably be using it a few times a week.

  71. Kaytlin Stubblefield

    I’m pretty devoted to washing my face every night, but this is my first exposure to an electronic facial brush. I didn’t know what to expect. The instructions recommend sixteen hours of charging before the first use, so you will need to be patient before getting started. Once charged, the brush is simple to use. Just wet your face and the brush, apply a gentle cleanser, and select low, medium or high speed. The brush runs for a 60 second cycle, with a beep sounding every ten seconds, so you know when to move among the six different facial zones depicted in the instructions. The device then automatically shuts off, and all that’s left to do is rinse the soap from your face and the brush. The device is supposed to hold its charge for several weeks, so recharging should not be a major inconvenience. I’ve used it on the low and medium settings so far, and it leaves my face feeling especially smooth, and polished. Although my skin looks a little pink immediately afterwards, the next morning I see an improvement in its overall appearance. Used in combination with facial moisturizers and sun screens, I think this type of device can contribute to healthier-looking skin. The product is not yet priced at the time of this review, so I can’t opine on the value for money.

  72. Alize Cave

    The Visagi Sonic Brush by Visagi Sonic Facial Brush is a great alternative to similar systems that are triple the price. I actually prefer this one over another much higher priced one I have.

    I have sensitive, combination and acne prone skin. At the same time I’m 38 and have noticed that my skin isn’t as bright and refreshed looking as it once was.

    After two weeks of using this every other night I have noticed my skin looks more awake. I dampen my skin and the brush, apply a small amount of my cleanser and on the lowest setting I wash my face.

    For me I find that on the lowest setting it’s far more gentle than other brands yet I still get a better clean than if I were to just use my hands or a wash cloth.

    It comes with 2 brush heads which for me will last over 6 months. The battery holds a great charge. In fact I haven’t had to charge it again since it’s original charge 2 weeks ago.

    I highly recommend this! If you have sensitive skin but want a gentle yet amazing clean than this Visagi brush is perfect 🙂

  73. Carli Dwyer

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these so when I got the opportunity to do so, I took it. I can’t believe I ever lived without it. I’ve bought facial scrubs before and this is so much better. I wash my face as I normally would because I prefer to wash my makeup off first and then I use a face cream with this device. It leaves my skin feeling soft and gives it a nice glow. There is no irritation or redness. I use it once, maybe twice a week. It’s got the right amount of power as too much could cause skin issues. The bristles are soft but still do the job. It is easy to hold and beeps when it’s time to go to the next zone. Once done, it shuts off on its own. I’ve used it a few times and haven’t had to charge it again so it seems to hold a charge pretty well. I am very happy with this facial brush and the value seems fair compared to other facial brushes I’ve looked at.

  74. Grace Grover

    I have used a Clarisonic Facial Brush for years, until my most recent one died a few months ago. (I have never had a Clarisonic that lasted longer than 2 years.) This Visagi Sonic Brush cost much less than the Clarisonic. It, however, doesn’t seem to work as well as the Clarisonic (although it’s a close second). It does a really good job for the price. I can’t tell if the difference is in the handle, or in the brush head itself (since I can tell a difference even among the different Clarisonic brushes). I will say that this facial brush cleans way better than just washing by hand. Using a good facial cleanser helps the facial brush work even better. The Visagi Sonic Brush has 3 levels of intensity for the perfect cleaning level. The handle charges quickly as well. Time will tell if this unit lasts beyond 2 years.

  75. Selena Doan

    My fault I need the sensitive one. It’s a great product and every lady should have one.

  76. Bryanna Landry

    It’s hard to find replacement brushes. I was nervous because you can’t see the back where it attaches in the picture. This fit my Visagi brush perfectly. It’s nice and snug and I was pleasantly surprised to see it lasts 3 months.

  77. Lesly Osorio

    Fits perfectly for my Visagi sonic true clean face brush

  78. Tatyanna Hickey

    My brush heads were way overdue for replacement. I read the reviews carefully to make sure I was selecting the proper head for my brush and when they arrived everything was a perfect fit. Will order again.

  79. Lizet Bui

    Ayuda a la limpieza del rostro y cuello, suave y de fácil limpieza

  80. Delilah Rapp

    They don’t make the pink face brush anymore so I was kind of bummed that I couldn’t find the pink brush heads, but these fit.

  81. Mikayla Santillan

    Love these wish they had a package of multiple though

  82. Sienna Durham

    Perfect replacement arrived on time

  83. Brionna Brandenburg

    Soft head, easy to clean, great price.

  84. Deja Donald

    This fits my Visagi sonic perfectly. Its really soft but its kind of expensive for just one replacement head.

  85. Jordin Lundy

    My dermatologist recommended this so I thought I would give it a try. I was pessimistic at first as it didn’t seem like the vibration would do much for my skin…but oh my heck…if I have a breakout and use this it’ll be gone in days which my skin normally takes weeks to heal. I am sold. This stays charged for a very long time and is high quality. Comes with an extra head/brush. I highly recommend for people looking to heal acne fast.

  86. Haylee Castaneda

    Hard to find in stores and is a bit pricey but compatible, works great with my Visagi Sonic! Will buy again.

  87. Kya Irvin

    Make the job

  88. Madisen Vazquez

    Have been using this product for several years. Loved it.

  89. Sana Rinehart

    I’ve been using the Visagi Sonic Brush by Visagi a few weeks now and my skin looks better already. It has a glow, looks fresher and my pores are visibly cleaner. I used Clarisonic for 4 years and got tired of spending over $100 for a product that dies every 2 years. I wasn’t going to spend another $100 for an unreliable product so I decided to try Visagi. The Visagi was cheaper, works better, and worth the money. Hopefully it last longer than Clarisonic.

  90. Arielle Kiefer

    These are a bit pricey but I can’t find them anywhere else so I have no choice but to order them here.

  91. Rosalinda Salinas

    Not too bad, just not soft enough

  92. Belen Piper

    Great product, it sends vibrations to cleanse your face. It is gentle yet effective. Your face feels very clean when used with a facial soap.

  93. Joseline Quiroz

    This has been very helpful in getting my face cleaned when i can’t get a facial. It feels really nice and cleans it really well. It has been successful at cleaning out all the make up on my face as well as other dirt that may be on there. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cleaning their face and cares about their skin!

  94. Anastacia Wilkins

    I had an older version of this for six years, used it daily and it finally just died. I’ve traveled all over the world with the old one so I was sad when it wouldn’t hold a charge anymore. this one seems to hold a charge longer, the old heads I had bought fit on it too. I am incredibly excited to see how long it lasts!

  95. Mahogany Fletcher

    I love using this. Fits great on my Visagi face brush. There is only one head in the box. I misread the description and thought it came with 3 heads. No biggie though. I love how my face feels when I am done.

  96. Kiara Shuler

    Love this tool for cleaning my face. It’s gentle enough to use daily. Great buy for the money.

  97. Alexandria Siegel

    Funciona bn identico a la foto, muy buena calidad.

  98. Alexandra Calhoun

    The one I bought a few years ago finally wore out – used it every day. This new version is good but the sonic/brush action is not as intense, even on High. The brushes are almost too soft for me. I chose the Visagi again because my first one was great quality, ease of use, etc. I would buy again.

  99. Phoenix Nguyen

    This actually replaced an identical one that I had for years, until the battery just wouldn’t charge anymore. I love using this facial brush, & my face feels cleaner after use. It can be used in the shower, & since the brush can get under water, it’s very easy to clean.

  100. Silvia Caron

    Not as expensive as the others

  101. Tasha Randolph

    This price is for one brush head

  102. Sana Botello

    Replacement for an older unit that failed. Disappointed that came with only a small brush and not also with a larger brush like the one replaced.

  103. Dominique Roush

    Good product

  104. Aurora Courtney

    This is my to go great with my brush.

  105. Vanesa Funk

    Fits my sonic facial brush perfectly.

  106. Skye Concepcion

    Fue para un regalo y la verdad esta super encantada es justo lo que buscaba, como siempre con eficiencia en el tiempo de entrega

  107. Kristine Greer

    Funciona bien, se carga adecuadamente y es facil de usar.

  108. Tania Monroy

    It was great for the the price needed my replacement it’s working great.

  109. Elisha Kumar

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone it’s amazing ! It gives your face a nice massage which is nice

  110. Casey McGee

    Not sure why this product’s headline is about a haircut kit – these are replacement brushes for Visagi face cleaners. I bought a model SFB6CST from Costco (which appears to have been discontinued). Checked with Visagi customer support and they said these would fit and they do.

  111. Karsyn Gallant

    Quick and practical replacement for otc facial scrubs

  112. Kaye Howarth

    After open the package, can not wait to try this facial brush, it is really easy. Simply press power button, then choose certain intensity, you can feel the strong pulsation that can deeply reach into the pores and remove dirt. The sonic facial brush is waterproof, so I can used it in bathtub. I also like the magnet charger, it is really cool.

  113. Natalia Causey

    Love this facial brush. Waterproof, and rechargeable!

  114. Kristina Cline

    I really love this because I have terrible acne and large pores. Using this has helped with exfoliating regularly. I use a tretinoide and my skin sheds a lot. Without this device, I was never able to exfoliate enough and acne was getting worse because I could not remove all the dead skin and my pores continued to clog. After using this soon brush, pores have began to shrink. My face looks brighter and feels cleaner. I’m very pleased with the results I am getting.

  115. Tricia Huston

    The touch-points is much softer than I expected, it works well on my sensitive skin. Here is a tip for you: Do not share this face brush with others for hygienic issues

  116. Aurora Carr

    I ordered this sonic facial brush after seeing a similar but much more expensive product at Sephora. I really liked the concept of using vibrating silicone bristles to clean face. I have been using Clarisonic for years, with the extra sensitive brush head. I was looking to switch because even the sensitive brush head leave my skin a bit sore, so I can’t use it everyday. I’ve used the visagi face cleansing brush now twice a day for 2 weeks straight and it performs better. It is really not abrasive. My face feels super clean and the skin doesn’t feel ‘abused’. The bristles clean really nicely and I don’t have to worry about replacement. The vibrating setting is nice and you can switch to gentle or more aggressive. I can also use this with a massage cream, which I couldn’t with my Clarisonic. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

  117. Margaret Roberts

    That’s amazing! That’s great! I’m so excited! This product is really great!This product has a very good cleaning effect on the face. Its silicone cover can protect the facial skin very well, and it can treat the cuticle of the face more deeply, making the face more white and smooth

  118. Anne Martinez

    I was looking for something to wash my face that was inexpensive! This is a great product for that! My face feels so much better after one use!!

  119. Mary Pacheco

    ” My roommate is an enthusiast of Foreo Luna. She recommended me the sonic face brush for facial care routine. I chose visagi facial brush with the same technology for price issue and it didn’t make me disappointed. visagi facial cleansing brush impressed me very much, in terms of cleaning, my roommate said it was even better than Foreo. The touch-points of visagi face cleansing brush is well design for great reach, it’s rim can clean fossa of face effortless with several thousand pulsations per minutes. I can feel huge difference after using this sonic face brush, the face is brightened from dull, my skin is soothing and breathable.

    Very impressive product, high recommended.”

  120. Isabel Shouse

    wow…its wonderful ,I’m always skeptical about products like this silicon brush, but this has really helped clear out my pores. I usually have visible blackheads around my nose area and after one use I could see a difference. It leaves my skin very smooth and fresh. I am never able to get all of my makeup off in one wash and this did the trick. Definitely recommend!

  121. Dorothy Crawford

    Love this I ordered this as a replacement for my Foreo luna when I lost it, and I have absolutely zero complaints about this product. I have extremely clogged pores around my nose and if I don’t wash with this, you can immediately see a difference with my skin texture and the way my makeup sits on my face. I haven’t noticed a huge difference between this handy face brush and the Foreo, except for the fact that this one doesn’t have a timer. The battery life is also amazing, I bought this at the beginning of January and even though I use it every day, I haven’t had to recharge it a single time. I’m someone that prefers high-end products because I obviously want quality but I can’t recommend this enough!!

  122. Mary Christian

    Works very well. I was surprised how much extra makeup it took off, versus simply washing my face with face soap and warm water by hand. My complexion has improved greatly by adding this into my skincare routine.

  123. Caroline Tatum

    The washing brush is my favorite color, it is convenient to use, small and can be washed very clean, and it is very comfortable after use. The face is really much cleaner with this washing machine. After washing, I will apply a facial mask, which is very watery. It’s very practical.

  124. Jennifer Denton

    What an amazing cleansing brush! The benefit of this one is that it’s soft silicone so it doesn’t damage your skin or irritate your face. I definitely had a noticable difference in my skin after just 1 use! My skin feels so much softer and seems more clear. The brush has alot of different settings to truly personalize your routine also. I like how long it stays charged and when the charge does run out it’s so easy to just leave it on its little stand to charge quickly, doesn’t take long at all. I’m amazed at the quality of this cleaning brush as it has alot of vibration and strength as well as is very durable and well made. I reccomend every woman to have one on hand to soften their skin and really feel like it’s a pampering experience from the comfort of your home.

  125. Mary Manson

    It feels very good. I love this face washing instrument. It’s very clean and the strength is appropriate. It’s much better than hand washing

  126. Ruth Stancil

    What have I been waiting for?!?! I bought this electric cleansing brush after reading the reviews and I was not disappointed! I was a little concerned as to how the silicone fingers would be able to get my skin clean. I’ve always used rough scrubs, towelettes with a rough side to them to exfoliate my skin. I was blown away at how smooth my skin feels after just 1 use! I followed the directions and used my normal organic face wash I use everyday, turned this bad boy on and just gently made circular motions around my face, rinsed and WOW! I’m having a hard time keeping my hand off my face! It sooo smooth. I like that the tip/top of the electric face cleansing brush is angled allowing you to get in the creases of your nose and chin. This sonic face wash brush is totally worth the money! Do it!

  127. Evelyn Porter

    The skin is very comfortable and fresh. The hair is soft and dense. The appearance is simple and atmospheric. The sound of vibration will not be noisy and hair will not fall off. It is used every day

  128. Bonnie Beam

    I wanted to wait until I had the face brush for some time before writing this review. I was recommended one of these by my esthetician. She had one in her spa but it was pricey, around $70. Very similar in design, and function. I’m a bargain shopper so of course I jumped on to see if I could find something similar but less expensive. I opted for this type of facial brush instead of the brush that with spin because my skin is sensitive and my esthetician said that the silicone face scrubber is easier to keep clean and don’t hold bacteria unlike the other brushes. This is a great product, easy to use. Multiple settings to adjust how much of a deep clean you want. I have not broken out, or had any skin irritation from the product, my skin feels much cleaner than using the electric silicone facial brush alone. It comes with a USB cable to charge, so it makes it easy to take on trips. I’ve also used this electronic face brush in the shower several times, and have had no issues. It is waterproof so it can be exposed to water.

  129. Lynn Perez

    This is a facial cleanser with a beautiful appearance. Using this facial cleaner really helps me a lot. It can effectively remove dead skin and horniness from my face. Moreover, its touch is soft and made of silica gel, which will not hurt my face

  130. Lara Diaz

    It was a good product.

  131. Charlotte Henderson

    I like this face exfoliating brush, as it can exfoliate dead skin thoroughly. I also think the sonic face brush can wash more deep. This one good enough to clean face overall everyday. It not all your face need, I use it 80% and use the real brush like Olay proX 20%.

  132. Lynette Atterberry

    I am obsessed with this product. it has become apart of my daily nighttime skincare routine. I use makeup almost everyday and I feel like this sonic brush really gets into my pores and cleans out any remaining dirt and oil from the day. I have noticed a huge difference with this vibrating brush and how soft my skin is after using it, plus it really does help with acne. loved the price point of this product too, why spend so much money on the one from Sephora when this one does just as good of a job if not even better!

  133. Charlene Waller

    I wanted a silicone face brush that isn’t flimsy and goes on my fingers so this one with the handle was the perfect choice for me. The vibration is a nice touch as well. The reason I didn’t give the complete 5 stars is I mainly bought this for my nose area since it has that small part on the side but the bristles aren’t shaped the same and do not work well which was a disappointment.

  134. Florence Leighton

    I am really lucky to buy this facial cleaner. It has helped me a lot and has effectively improved my face cleaning. I really like it.I am very satisfied with the appearance of this product, which is very light and small. Moreover, it can be washed with the whole body, which is especially easy to use. Its touch head is made of silicone, which can protect the skin very well!

  135. Beverly Mackinnon

    I have owned this sonic face brush for about a year and it completely changed my skincare routine. My face is just not as soft or clean without this! I lost the charger and didn’t use it for about 2 months and my face definitely took a hit. Once I got a new charger, within the week, my skin had gone back to normal. I struggle with clogged pores but this always gets in deep and cleans them every time. It has held up remarkably well for me and I can not imagine myself without this face cleansing device. 10/10 recommend.

  136. Opal Antoine

    Cute color, gentle silicone, sleek design. The pulsation is strong, and there are 5 option intensities with heating mode. The massage pattern is a smart plus. Fun to use with great results!

  137. Helen Coley

    I didn’t think I could use one of these facial brushes, as my skin is super sensitive and I have to be extremely careful about exfoliation. But I was always curious, so when this electronic face brush was on sale for Day, I picked one up. I love it! It’s so gentle, and my skin has never felt so clean as when I use this pore cleanser. Now, my skin is still super sensitive, so it is not an everyday use for me. I use it once or twice a week, and that’s enough for me. Love it.

  138. Lydia Pickett

    This product is amazing the brush is very soft and very comfortable and it make my skin very clean. What I love the most is the pink cute colour haha and also the battery last really long. I really recommend it!!

  139. Mamie Hudkins

    This sonic silicon brush is fantastic. It really helps exfoliate my face and get it super clean. My makeup looks a lot better now since it’s sitting on smoother skin. This is supposed to last longer than Foreo, and do not need extra replacement brush heads any more. Plus the shape of this silicone brush is easier for getting in the angles of your face and nose. Highly recommend.

  140. Janice Sears

    I just received this Facial brush, and I’m very pleased with it so far! After two uses my skin has felt so much more smoother. The machine is cute, pink, and small. The vibration of it has amazing power. Easy to use and very gentle yet gets the job done; leaving your face clean.

  141. Madeline Hill

    Very small, very good-looking, the important thing is very easy to use, very comfortable to use, wash is also very clean, the voice is relatively small, I basically used it every other day, use a mask, used for a period of time, the face closed acne is much less, and the skin is white. It’s really worth it. It’s recommended to buy it.

  142. Virginia Goodlett

    The cleansing effect really cleans the face! It feels slippery! The facial lifting effect is also great, and the effect will come out the next day after finishing at night! My friends say that my skin has improved!

  143. Mamie Hudkins

    Beautiful, atmospheric appearance, small and lovely, easy to use, good effect, clean after washing, according to their own skin to determine the frequency of use! love it

  144. Angela Cox

    The workmanship of the product is very poor. It will be broken before it is used. Please don’t be fooled again! I won’t come again

  145. Katherine Boyle

    It’s a very lovely facial cleanser. Silicone is super soft and comfortable. It’s clean and shakes gently. Massage your face. It’s comfortable, convenient and simple. It’s recommended to you. It’s the most suitable product!

  146. Allene Harris

    Perfect device to clean face !! I felt my skin so soft after washing !!! Easy charge and easy use I am in love with this brush !!

  147. Liza Anderson

    I was hesitant on purchasing this product considering the bad reviews I’ve read, but I noticed that there was a lot of good reviews as well so I decided to purchase it just to see how I like it and if it was effective. I’m so glad I purchased this because it really does work, well for me at least, but I’m sure facial cleansing brushes are effective for just about anyone so if you’re not sure if you should buy it, I’m telling you right now, do it.

  148. Dale Rodriguez

    I like this product very much. It is very effective. My blackheads have disappeared. He designed it to touch the human face softly and be comfortable to use. Magnetic charging makes charging more convenient. This sonic facial brush is made of silicone, which is comfortable and easy to clean. Great

  149. Elizabeth Fix

    This is a great tool for cleansing and exfoliating your skin on your face and can also be used on your body. It is very good value for money but i hope they make replacement heads for it so i can keep using it indefinitely.

  150. Louise Wilhite

    Good quality electric face brush. Reasonably priced, very easy to use and she loves it! Uses it every night after a shower .

  151. Thuy Ellis

    A great and affordable product and it’s made a difference in my skin.Does the job, great buy.It is a worthy purchase.

  152. Lisa Emerson

    I love this face scrub machine, it’s just as I expected. I love the different vibrating speeds and cleaning is so easy. I use face brush with my cleanser and also to put on my face cream. I love this face cleansing brush that makes my face breathable.

  153. Lenore Livengood

    I get really bad dry skin in winter, and now this completely took care of that, as well as getting rid of the deep, painful, stubborn acne that kept coming up along my jaw and hairline. 100% recommend this to anyone.

  154. Dolores Elliott

    I’ve never used an electric face cleansing brush before, didn’t really see a need for one… But quarantine has got me purchasing all kinds of random stuff!

  155. Denise Conway

    Easy to use; gentle on my skin. I haven’t had any issues with breakouts that other reviewers have had. The heating feature advertised doesn’t seem to work—not sure if I got a defective product or if it’s just not an effective heating mechanism. That’s not a huge issue for me; it works fine and since I’m using it with warm water, it’s not a big deal. But if that heated feature is important to you, try something else. Also, I could’ve sworn I ordered a blue one, but I got pink. That has no bearing on the product.

  156. Megan Maher

    It’s fabulous!

  157. Brandy Mecham

    My face feels fabulous just after 2 days of use!. Skin is so soft and clear! I had little bumps all over my forehead and after just 2 days of use, they are all gone! This brush is easy to hold and easy to use! I will be recomending to friends and family!

  158. Linda Stafford

    I really like this product because you don’t have to replace the brush as I had to do with my Clarisonic. It stimulates the skin and leaves your face feeling smooth and clean. I love it and am recommending it to my friends.

  159. Irene Kim

    Works great. Very good quality.

  160. Kara Woodard

    I love the item I received! It didn’t come with the charger and I let the Seller know and they got back to me fast and ended up sending me a new one at no extra cost which I really did appreciate from the bottom of my heart because it showed gratitude and that they really do listen.

  161. Laura Glover

    Really good quality for the price. Holds charge for several uses.

  162. Suzanne Rooney

    Had a very expensive version and it went kaput so I thought I would give this one a try and I really like it. It is just as good as the one I spent a $120.00 on… win, win.

  163. Jenna Traxler

    Makes my skin so soft and clean when I apply a regular cleaner. Very nice touch that you can change the power. Helps me wake up in the morning by getting all the blood circulating.

  164. Tamara Gilbert

    This face brush is amazing. It cleans deep pores. And it is super soft. I definitely recommend this great gift for teens as well. I’m 29 yrs old and I love it.

  165. Kathy Clouser

    Within a week of using this twice a day I saw a significant change to my skin and the level of oil that used to gather on my face. Definitely recommend this!!

  166. Jennie Booker

    Love this tiny powerhouse brush! Had the Clarisonic Mia for years that finally stopped working. Decided to try the silicone bristle brush and brushing can be with or without heat and either high or low speed. Wish it had a timer to turn off like the MIA but a small drawback. Overall a great buy!

  167. Glenda Berger

    Generally,I don’t leave reviews for products, but this one is absolutely worth it! I’ve only been using it for a week, but since I’ve started, my face feels soft and smooth. My favorite part about this cleaning brush is the massage pattern. I usually use the massage mode to apply my antioxidant serum and it just leaves my face feeling rejuvenated. Happy with this facial cleaning brush.

  168. Eva Sheely

    I use this item daily, and it is by far one of my favorite beauty products. It has just enough bend to it, and it feels SO good on my face, I’m TOTALLY obsessed!!! My boyfriend used it once or twice after seeing me use it, and he LOVES it too. Looks like I’ll be ordering another for the holidays. THANK YOU!!!

  169. Dorothy Crawford

    I love the machine it is such good exfoliating tool. I use on myself and client. I love it. Recommend

  170. Shelia Gordon

    I used this exfoliating brush for about 5 times now and I’m loving it. I really wanted silicone + sonic scrubber, so this sonic silicone brush was perfect! I’ve used this in the bath and so far it’s been waterproof! It’s a little mini brush but it works great, very powerful plus different settings.

  171. Candy Willard

    Very nice pulsating. Cleans well. Beeps to let you know it’s time to switch to next part of face. Comes with extra brush head.

  172. Nancy Kissee

    Getting the charger in the right spot for charging was a little tricky at first, but after that, no problem. I like that this is perfectly seamless — there is no place for icky water to sit, or dirt to hide. This works nicely without irritation. I had a much more expensive facial brush and I think this does as good a job. It is easy to hold and well balanced.

  173. Amanda Overbey

    Nice handle, easy to use, feels good and skin feels softer after using. Have not had to charge it yet hopefully that works just as well.

  174. Megan Wallace

    this is very gentle on the face. and….it really removes face makeup well.

  175. Theresa Kennedy

    I have tried a few facial brushes and this one is great. It is comfortable to hold, I can use it in the shower with all of my cleansers, the silicone brush is the best and I love all of the settings. Super easy to use too and so glad it comes with a charger.

  176. Suzanne Rooney

    Waterproof was important to me.

  177. Joyce Campbell

    I just got this, but so far it is very easy to use. Even with having several settings. Directions for the different settings are easy to read and follow. It feels nice when using it, I like that it has a heat setting. My face feels so amazingly soft after just the first use.

  178. Katherine Walters

    LOVE this!!! I’ve been eyeballing another brand that’s over $100. When you have a toddler and are a stay at home mom, face brushes over $100 aren’t really ideal!! But for less than $30 this is amazing! My skin feels exfoliated after every use. (Not dry, just clean) and I feel like my faves wash goes a lot further.

  179. Julia Kirkpatrick

    It’s perfect! Exactly what I wanted to replace my Mia. I’ll be ordering a second one!

  180. Sonia Steen

    So great

  181. Socorro Andrews

    What I love about this product is that it’s very easy to hold and clean. Lathers my face well. And this brush isn’t TOO hard on my face. It’s the perfect beginner. Also it has different modes you can switch between. It’s rechargeable but since received, I haven’t had to charge it yet. And I think it’s been two months and I use it every other day.

  182. Emily Durham

    Seems to work perfectly!!! Stays charged for a good long time. I hold it under HOT HOT water when I want to get my cleanser deep into trouble spots. I have very sensitive skin so I love that this isn’t scratchy on my already dry skin. Feels like expensive quality!!! Love the price tag & have definitely recommended it to others.

  183. Regina Snider

    It’s smaller than I thought, the heating is barely noticeable but with or without the feature it still does a really good job in washing your face. I do wish they would have an end hole so we could hang it in the shower or somewhere near the sink but the brush is great, would recommend

  184. Mary Flores

    I like this washing machine very much. The brush is soft and the face is clean. I like its water resistance. It’s easy to hold

  185. Tammy Burnette

    excellent product

  186. Vivien Anderson

    Gentle and easy to use

  187. Beatrice Lorentz

    I was going to buy the PMD Clean Pro… but I didn’t want to spend $150 on a face brush so I searched for a dupe all over . Let me tell you, I love this thing so much. It’s affordable and it works. I love how I have so many options for the vibration, because sometimes I want a deep clean vibration and sometimes I want a barely noticeable vibration or anything in between. For the price you can’t beat the quality. I’ve used it twice a day for a month and a half since I bought it and not only are my pores less clogged, my dark spots have lightened significantly. I do have sensitive skin and not once has this bothered me, even during a hormonal break out. 10/10.

    Update: I’ve had the device for two years now and it still works just as well. I convinced my husband to buy one and he loves it too. I keep it in the shower and have had no issues with it breaking.

  188. Donna Brown

    Does what it’s suppose to do. Nothing special. Affordable price. Face is clean. And it’s easier to clean than regular bristle face brushes.

  189. Deborah Murphy

    This facial cleaning brush is so soft, very easy to use. The vibrations massage the face to promote circulation. Feel good afterwards. It cleans well with a little bit of cleanser. For the price, I think it’s a very good product. I would recommend it.

  190. Jacqueline Dupree

    I love this device. My skin has been so clear since I have started using it.

  191. Phyllis Townsend

    Yes Yes Yes I love this brush! I am 33 I use it daily along with my 10 year old daughter! Tip: cleanse with dove white bar & brush as well as cerave foaming cleanser & brush daily and watch how beautiful your skin looks in just a weeks time!

  192. Lola Hess

    I love this so much💕had to order 2 just in case! 💕

  193. Patricia Banks

    Okay you guys! I have been on a mission for a great silicone facial brush. We all know the fancy ones at Sephora and Ulta are hundreds of dollars! I don’t have the money to buy a cleansing brush like that! I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to buy skincare with that money! Anyways, I freaking love this thing! The bristles are super soft! They move so easily and gently on your face it feels amazing! I have had no irritation using it and leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed! The other thing I absolutely love about it is it’s heating feature! I love using the back of the brush on the heated mode to massage in any oil or moisturizer I’m putting on my skin. It brings blood circulation to my skin as well as massaging the product in! As an added bonus there’s a magnetic charger! It is an amazing product at such an awesome price! It’s so amazing that I bought one for my mom as a little gift! I highly recommend!

  194. Logan Patino

    Love this, not quite as good as the Mia 2 but for the price very acceptable. Wish the brushes were marked properly, they are not and it’s not on the insert. Body brush very good, used in the shower.

  195. Rosemarie Riner

    This brush is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! I’m having allergy issues right now just used the heated side on my sinuses! Y’all…GO BUY THIS! Seriously amazing!

  196. Angela Duffin

    I love it’s easy to use and clean

  197. Amanda Poole

    I don’t know how the similar over $100 cleansing brush works but this brush just works excellent. I’ve been using every morning and night and my skin looks clean and less troubles. Buy it!

  198. Jenna Traxler

    Easy to use, works great. Would buy again.

  199. Bessie Pate

    I love how easy to use/ hold there face cleaner is and i love how soft it is on my face. The heating function is a plus

  200. Sally Segura

    I love these head brushes there super soft and easy to clean. Definitely recommend getting these especially since I can’t find them anywhere else.

  201. Simone Derringer

    The absolute best !

  202. Beverly Brown

    Got these as presents for both of my sisters and they love them! Considering they’re waterproof as well.. but they did complain about the brush having a strong gasoline/plastic smell but other than that they are great.

  203. Shawna Lindgren

    I like the soft feel. Large size, easy to hold onto in the shower. Gentle on the skin.

  204. Anita Smith

    Really cleans without being harsh. Fits my small hands perfectly. I love this little brush.

  205. Charlene Waller

    I love this. I wanted a brush that was all one piece so not to get dirty and be difficult to clean. The bristles are soft and after two uses my skin was noticeably softer. It’s a great price too. I cannot recommend this enough!

  206. Janet Booth

    LOVE THIS BRUSH! I work for a dermatologist and we carry the PMD silicone brush…..this brush is even better!!! Most silicone brushes have the hard, short bristles……this brush has the soft, longer bristles. Bye bye $200 Clarisonic!

  207. Jovita Temple

    I love it!

  208. Camille Shipman

    I love this facial cleaner. It works wonders for my skin. Thank you.

  209. Hattie Elmore

    I love this little device! I suffer from adult acne, especially on my chin and I needed something to get in deep into my pores and clean all the dirt and using my hands wasn’t cutting it. I looked at all devices even the expensive ones and this one fit the bill. I’m sure it works just as good as the high end brands.

    I use it in the morning and before bed and the charge holds up very very well. I like how soft it is yet it cleans my fave very well. I noticed my acne has decreased as well!

    I highly recommend this product!

  210. Alicia Mason

    I LOVE this little gem! Super easy to use, holds charge for a long time, easy to keep clean, dries quickly. Makes my skin feel so soft!

  211. Linda Stafford

    Love this little guy! I was going to spend soo much more money on the PMD Clean Pro, which I know is a superb device. It just wasn’t in my budget at the time. I found this tool and I love everything about it, especially the price. It cleanses well and gently, I love the hearing feature! It’s great

  212. Teresa Brown

    This works like magic.

  213. Jacqueline Brooks

    Lovely colors, soft silicone, stylish design. The pulsation is very strong, and the heating mode has 5 optional intensities. The massage method is a wise choice. Cool product, highly recommended.

  214. Virginia Goodlett


  215. Marguerite Daniel

    Works great! I’m amazed at how well it cleans off my makeup.

  216. Shirley Patton

    I bought this as a gift but I was very impressed by it. It’s beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing. Good color, nice silicone feel and shape. I have a pmd and the quality of this doesn’t feel cheap but felt as good as my PMD probably out only not as strong and the bristles were softer on this one. Would definitely recommended

  217. Raelynn Lincoln

    Bought this as a replacement for my newly deceased Clarisonic. I was shocked to find out Clarisonic wasn’t made anymore. Then I started shopping to find a replacement and I figured out why, there are several replacements that are a fraction of the price and basically do the same thing. I chose this product because it has great reviews (and I found “beauty” articles on line that like it), it has variable speeds, great price. well respected brand name, can use in the shower…..But still I was skeptical, I loved my Clarisonic…

    Got it and it’s great! Came with a soft and normal brush. I prefer the soft one. My skin feels great and it does it’s job. I’d buy it again. In fact, because the price is so good, I just sent one to my friend.

  218. Ashley Arredondo

    I was looking at sonic facial cleansing brushes and thought many of them were too expensive for what I wanted. This one works really well, my face feels extremely clean, and is helping some of my blackheads! I love this brush. It’s not too harsh on your skin either.

  219. Melanie Rasmussen

    I have never used a sonic brush before; previously only owned the brush variety. I am really glad I took a chance with this brush because it it the best facial cleaning tool I have ever had!
    Use: It is very easy to use!! The handle has a good shape and is easy to hold. The charger has a magnetic piece that attaches easily to the metal portion of the handle on the back and has a usb connector. Luckily I had a plug for the cable to plug into the socket. You press down the middle horizontal raised button to turn it on then you can press it again to change from cold to warm ( you know the temp setting because the small light will either be blue or red).
    No irritation: It has 6 vibration settings; I have sensitive skin, but I use the strongest setting because I have oily to combination skin. I use it once in the morning and once before bed. I have used gentle face wash, acne face wash, and teatree face wash and have not had any irritation at all! Soft and waterproof: The small silicone bristles/ nubs are super soft. I have used it in the shower and have not had any problems.
    Results: I have already noticed a big difference in the texture, feel, and look of my skin and I have only been using it a few days. My pores are noticeably smaller and I no longer have little black dots all over my nose. My skin literally glows after using it. My skin feels soft and smooth now. I no longer have areas of my face that feel oily or dry and flaky; the skin all over my face is even and smooth. This is the best cleansing tool that I have had and the best skin I have had since before puberty!!

  220. Thuy Ellis

    The brushes could be harder. I thought it would be a deeper clensing tool.

  221. Ana Brown

    This brush is amazing. I added this and vitamin C serum to my skin routine and my skin looks amazing. The bristles are soft silicone and gently exfoliates, unlike the harsh plastic bristle face brushes I’ve used prior. The gentle pulsing function is also helpful. I’ve used this everyday for weeks and only charged it once. I highly recommend this product!

  222. Regina Snider

    It seems to work fine so far! I haven’t tried out the heating option but the vibration options are great and my skin feels soft and smooth!

  223. Peggy Waller

    Love this brush. It’s soft and easy to use and does a great job.

  224. Jaelynn Bergstrom

    Update**** I was scrubbing my face too hard. If you wipe your eye makeup off first, then lightly use the lowest setting, it’s actually really nice feeling. I take my score back and give it a 4 of 5. *****

    I guess my skin was too sensitive, even on the lowest setting. My face is burning 🔥 I think I’m going to try another brand of sonic face washer….maybe with softer bristles. Also the ‘beep’ it makes every 10 seconds is annoying. They should have just made it a silent pulse. I try to be quiet while getting ready in the morning…the tone of that dam* beep s just horrible lol

  225. Lynn Perez

    Used this for a week and have noticed a significant change in my skin. Its more cleaner and looks alive. My chin acne has stopped. May order another.
    Great product!

  226. Victoria Norwood

    I didn’t think I would love it this much. It’s easy to use, hold, and super soft. Love it on my face.

  227. Jessica Suggs

    Perfect for face cleansing and also as a discreet vibrator. Must buy

  228. Kathleen Franklin

    Love this! My faces never felt more clean

  229. Valerie Harrison

    Better than the Clarisonic brush.

  230. Treva Hood

    I really like the soft rubbery bristles. I previously owned a Clairisonic & the bristles were just always way too rough on my skin. I have normal to dry skin, and I felt like the rough bristles were doing more harm than good. So I opted for a rubber cleansing brush & this thing feels so much better on my skin!! It also has a heating setting which is nice, but it’s very subtle. You can also change the intensity of the vibrations as well, I tend to use it on the slower setting.
    Overall, great facial cleansing brush! Great price point as well. Very happy with the purchase!

  231. Susan Whyte

    I love it so much. I feel so much cleaner than using my other scrubber that I was using.

  232. Roxanne Hale

    I love it. It massages my face and cleanse it at the same time. Very soft on the skin.

  233. Helen Coley

    Get this!!! My face feels like a babies ass, soooooo smooth. Soo clean! I already have a pretty kick ass skin care routine but this is a game changer!! I leveled up my skin care routine with this! It’s 10 stars!!

  234. Sharon Jefferson

    I like product very much.

  235. Debra Allen

    Works very well especially for the price and has helped a lot with my dry dead skin during these winter months. It’s wide head does make some spaces a little harder to get to in the nose area but over all good product. Reduces appearance of black heads a little but not a magic fix. Wouldn’t expect it to be for the price. Does require charging every other day to work at its full capacity.

  236. Denise Allison

    This brush is great! Been using for a few months now. The bristles are very soft! The charge lasts forever. It helps with deep cleaning and makes suds. It heats up also even though it doesn’t get too hot. I really like this brush

  237. Shirley Patton

    Hard to turn on and off. Works okay..It vibrates more than exfoliates.

  238. Elaine Seelye

    I wanted to avoid touching my face with my hands and the handle on here was ergonomically comfortable. Also, I don’t have to change the bristles. I can just wash and go!

  239. Diana Sims

    I’ve been using this brush for about a week now and I really feel like it’s a game changer. I have suffered from mild acne and noticeable (to me at least) blackheads on and around my nose and chin. This brush makes my skin feel clean and seems to be tightening my pores. I’m hoping with continued usage it can help clear up my skin once and for all.

  240. Amber Ingram

    I purchased this because I’m a beauty industry professional and I love trying new products to recommend to clients. The warming function of of this brush is barely noticeable, so if that feature is important to you look elsewhere. I have to say I was very surprised at how soft my skin felt after the first time I used it. I haven’t been using it long enough to actually see a difference, but it feels great. It’s easy to use and easy to charge, I would recommend it to my customers.

  241. Ashley Helton

    I love this brush. It is so easy to use, charge lasts for days!, and my face has never been more clear! I recommend this to anyone that has large pores and oily skin. I love how good my face feels after using.

  242. Phyllis Olds

    You won’t be disappointed! I LOVE this. I had to find a replacement for my Clarasonic Mia2 and I am happy I found this little gem. My skin is so soft it feels amazing, even after first time using. I have already ordered another one for my best friend. The price is Awesome as well. Very happy!

  243. Danae Whitten

    Feels Amazing! I can’t believe the difference in my skin after using for just a couple days!

  244. Renee Medina

    Es muy fácil de usar esta re~~bueno. Uso todos los dias!!!

  245. Mary Barrera

    Got this for my daughter and she loves it so much.

  246. Krystal Covington

    Best cleansing brush i’ve used so far. #1 for me is this particular brush is easy to clean after use. I just put a little facial wash directly on my face and a little on the brush and it goes a long way. I love the warm/cold vibration options and it programs the intensity level you use often. So every time you turn it on, it stays on the last used settings. I personally prefer the warm setting as it opens facial pores for an even deeper cleanse.

    My face looks good, no blemishes, no more un-welcomed bumps here. Not to mention, it holds a charge for a very long time over a month I would say. I’ve owed an expensive clearsonic facial cleansing brushes and this one is my favorite hands down. Those with longer bristles tend to harbor bacteria because the bristles are longer and the gunk is left to settle at the bottom of the brush head requiring lots of cleaning or breakouts in your face. Kinda counter productive having a facial brush that breaks out your face over time. This one has shorter rubber bristles and therefore easier cleaning. Now I see why I spend over $30 bucks on this. Definitely worth the price!

  247. Margaret Dykes

    I absolutely love this! You don’t have to charge it every day and it feels so good to use this on your face. Even on the highest setting it’s gentle enough.
    It’s easy to clean too. I’m sure there are more advanced ones but this is a great to start. I sometimes use it to apply my moisturizer.

    Also, it comes in my favorite color bubblegum pink!

  248. Diana Sims

    My daughter has sensitive skin. This brush is perfect for her. She said that it feels gentle and performs as expected.
    Long charging life

  249. Keona Somers

    very good fit for my model

  250. Gwendolyn Hamilton

    Very easy to use, soft and gentle on your face, and love the vibration! The heat button doesn’t really get very hot. But I still enjoy it, and it makes my skin feel so soft after using it! I also use it when applying serum and lotion, to get that spa line treatment. Charging is easy and lasts a long time.

  251. Anna Bryant

    I like this product so much, it is easy to use, makes my face clean, softness is great.

  252. Carol Irwin

    Works great!

  253. Sheila Angle

    Works great

  254. Tanisha Huerta

    My sister likes it a lot. We both have had Clarisonic Facial Brushes and loved them. My sisters stopped working and I wanted to replace it for her, I chose the Visagi for her as one of her Christmas gifts.

  255. Jeff Ashley

    Everything about this is perfect. Perfect size, softness, love the face that it’s rechargeable. It feels amazing, like going to the spa every time I use it. My skin feels so soft and a million times better. If I absolutely had to change anything, I’d pick another color. That’s the only thing I could say that isn’t glowing about this product, buy it now, your skin will thank you.

  256. Susan White

    So far I love this thing! Definitely a cheaper option than other items on the market and works just as well! Love that it charges magnetically although I have not needed to charge yet.

  257. Philomena Ramey

    I originally bought a brush that spins but it kept swirling my hair onto my face. I love that this one just vibrates which is perfect! I’ve had it for about a month and have only charged it one time!

  258. Lillian Pryor

    My skin feels so smooth after using this brush. I don’t really notice a temperature change when the “heat” is on but it’s still useful without it. Easy to charge.

  259. Marie Montes

    Is perfect for gift

  260. Frances Anderson

    Brutal recomendada.

  261. Rosemarie Riner

    I LOVE this product!! It was a questionable purchase at first because the price was a little high for me but let me tell you it was really worth it! The size is not too big but just right, the heating function works perfectly and i love how it feels! i also love that i dont have to worry about the charging hole being waterproof or not and trying to not let water in, because of its magnetic charger!! It is very soft, and an extra is the color, i absolutely LOVE the color. I think its overall very cute , practical , useful and perfect! So its worth the price!!

  262. Sandee Spencer

    I bought this, because I couldn’t bring myself to spend $100 or more for its luxury counterpart.
    This thing is wonderful. My skin is so soft. I also love not having to buy replacement heads, and how gentle the silicone is.

  263. Mei Kuiper

    I wish they had one of these for my past… it would wash away all the problems just as clean and clear as it works on my Face! Love this thing!

  264. Geralyn McDaniel

    Such a great product for the money. It’s easy to use and does a nice job of cleaning my face. After a week of use, my skin fells so much smoother.

  265. Susan Parks

    Easy to use and soft and makes you face feel amazing. I’m hopeful it will help my large pores and wrinkles. I had looked at others with a huge price tag but went with this to try. Love it so far!

  266. Cris Shelton

    Where to start? The silicone bristles are soft and do not scratch my skin, like another plastic bristle type cleansing brush I previously used. It is easy to completely clean after each use. The vibration is pretty strong, so the massage feature is very enjoyable. I especially like to massage my jaw and temple area, since I tend to hold tension there. And the battery lasts quite a while. After the initial charge, I used this over 20 times and still havent needed to recharge.

    I plan on gifting this to the other women in my life as their birthdays and other special occasions arrive because I love mine so much!

    Very, very pleased with this purchase.

  267. Sue Yoder

    My face feels so smooth and clean! I’m never going back to washing my face with my hands EVER. Truly magical difference literally after the first use.

  268. Susan Parks

    Love it! It’s small, light, and easy to use. I used a Clarisonic for years, which I loved, but then they went out of business. I think this sonic cleansing brush actually exfoliates my skin better than my old Clarisonic.

  269. Karen Galindo

    Your face feels so clean afterwards! Definitely worth the money bc you can clean it .

  270. Florence Leighton

    Haven’t used the heat feature but my skin felt smooth after first use.

  271. Sharron Butler

    Compact, affordable facial silicone cleanser. I use it on my face and use to clean brushes. You can increase or decrease vibration intensity. Go gentle at first. Easy to clean since it is silicone. Easy to charge with any usb plug. Took an entire dat to charge but I used it for 3 months straight with no recharge.

    Sturdy but lightweight and gets the job done!

  272. Sandra Englert

    My sister bought this product and she absolutely loves it ! It makes her skin soft and cleans the pores in ways regular hand scrubbing can’t. Everything is great but the heating comes and goes from time to time so that is kind of a bummer. Other than that it does work like magic and gives her a confidence boost!

  273. Patricia Grimes

    Excellent product, holds charge up to three months.

  274. Debra King

    I often have adult acne, but after using this it doesn’t happen. Also, I have been using it for more than a month now on a single charge. I recommend this to friends and family.
    However, I thought it would be nice if the colors were varied.

  275. Briley Marks

    A little expensive for just one head replacement but it’s worth it the quality is good !

  276. Crystal Means

    Love this brush. Super soft yet exfoliating and easy to hold and use. I bought this 4 months ago and use it every morning and I’ve only had to charge it twice so far!

  277. Judy Lawrence


  278. Aida Rodriguez


  279. Mary Costello

    Works great. Battery lasts a super long time. Makes me skin feel nice and clean

  280. Johanna Crouch

    I love this product, I got one as a gift last year and needed to replace it. Does a great job. I use it day and night and it really helps with clearing up my breakouts.

  281. Shirley Kerr

    I bought a Clairsonic knockoff from Ulta years ago. I used it once and got friction burns on my face. I pressed too hard on my skin, but I think the overall design is rough as well. This is completely different. I’ve only used it once and I’m sold! I loaded it with a combo of Clinique and Neutrogena cleansers to remove my makeup (a combo recommended by Angie of YT channel Hot & Flashy). I moistened my face and the brush and turned it on. I feel like I gave myself a facial. It was more gentle than wiping with a wash cloth. It dissolved my makeup faster than my fingers. I used it on the highest setting and it felt fantastic. I couldn’t really feel the heat, but I’m still obsessed.

    The unit is fully self contained and allegedly waterproof. This means that when the battery stops taking a charge, you cannot replace it. You’ll have to buy a whole new brush.

  282. Thersa Kramer

    I want to take the time to reassure review readers BUT To tell you I was so impressed with the effectiveness and thorough deep cleaning (blackheads etc ). Never owned one ever, my face is smooth and tighter than ever. Very pleased

  283. Marie Melton

    I really like this product, it is soft but very thorough and does an excellent job of cleaning. I highly recommend this facial brush. I have used it several months now and have only had to charge it once.

  284. Vera Pagano

    I love this product. I use it nightly, and after cleansing, my face feels polished and totally free of any make-up or oils. I follow up with my nightly moisturizer.

  285. Katharine Leahy

    Does exactly what it’s meant to do. Fits the face scrubber and scrubs. Highly recommend!

  286. Candie Boyles

    I love this product! I had been considering buying a PMD cleansing brush but then found this one (and it was wayyy cheaper)! It does have a strong plastic smell at the beginning, but it’s totally gone after a few uses. It also definitely does its job. My skin is left so smooth and my toner picks up nothing after I use it. It’s easy to hold and so cute!

  287. Beverly Mackinnon

    Easy to use , easy to hold, rinses easily and gentle on face.

  288. Angela Simoes

    I use this everyday – and actually
    Look forward to it! The soft massage is so wonderful, and the neck has a flexible bend when going over the jawline. It’s wonderful, highly recommend!

  289. Deborah Scoggins

    Easy to charge up but doesn’t come with wall plug.

    This facial cleanser is helping me exfoliate all the extra dry skin I accumulate from wearing a mask 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. I’ve coupled it with a pink grapefruit sodium bicarbonate mix that I mix up in my hand. Then, I dip the ultrasonic cleansing brush in that and scrub away.

    My skin remains dryer than I’d like but I’m glad I don’t have all the little flakes like I did. I moisturize afterwards and am hoping the frequent use will get me to be flake free.

  290. Mary Towns

    I got this yesterday used it this morning and tonight and I love it makes my face feel amazing💕 it’s heats up quickly I would definitely recommend this product 🤗

  291. Amy Nelson

    Had to replace Mia this was only product Comparable.

  292. Stephanie Culpepper

    Love this brush!! It is very soft. At first I wasnt a fan, I thought it was just vibrating my face and basically pointless. However, my face feels so much better after washing with it as opposed to just face wash and water. Also, makes wrinkles less defined and noticable!!

  293. Caryl Boettcher

    Very easy to use, great charging life. I still have only charged it once since purchasing in Nov 2020, and it’s still going strong! I have not used the heating function yet. But otherwise, it’s gentle, efficient, and effective

  294. Joanne Thomas

    I keep it in the shower and use it with a dab of exfoliant. It’s a small, easy to use,

  295. Lorine Hasson

    Although I have a Clarisonic Plus for daily use, I pack this product for travel because it’s small, light-weight and simple to use. Cleans my face of make-up and the bristles much easier to clean than the Clarisonic. If you travel a lot, get this facial cleaner device!

  296. Carla Gibbs

    Finally a face ‘scrubber’ that isn’t harsh, doesn’t need replacement brushes & no worries about surface bacteria. Made from entirely from silicone. Has a warm mode as well as 2 speeds. Battery still going strong using 2Xs a day for 2 months. It’s a keeper👍

  297. Mary Costello

    I love the waterproof feature the best. Worth it! Has kept my skin looking awesome!

  298. Hattie Swinton

    I love this cute little brush!! It’s very easy to hold! The bristles are extremely flexible and soft. The heated setting is nice (the bristles don’t heat, the back part of the brush does) and the cooling setting is nice! I’ve used it in the shower and have had no problem. It charges perfectly fine after being plugged in all night! I gave it 4 stars because it’d be nice to change the brush head to something more firm and exfoliating. But it’s a nice cleansing brush.

  299. Joyce Levy

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this but I really do like it. I have very sensitive skin and the brush part is so soft I can use it everyday without irritation

  300. Ashley Patrick

    Definitely saw the dirt coming off my face and it was super gentle. Not me scratching the heck out my face.

  301. Kaye Howarth

    Love this cleansing brush! I’ve used 2 times so far and I can see the difference in the complexity of my skin! It looks and feels more bright and vibrant! The heating tool does come and go when it’s on the setting but it’s not a big deal for me as I wanted it more for the cleansing! 🙂

  302. Shannon Conde

    This product is amazing. I like how it’s easy to use. I feel a difference in my skin car routine and how my cleanser is applied. I have already recommended it to my family. It’s a good one time payment I stead of having to replace a brush head.

  303. Eileen Estill

    Works well. As described.

  304. Joni Mercado

    Great scrubber makes face so soft and clean.

    4 stars because the rose gold started coming off a month after using. Doesn’t impact the use at all though. Otherwise fantastic!

  305. Thelma Griffin

    I was surprised how well this product worked. The intensity of the vibration is noticeable. The heating is subtle, but does the job quite nicely. I used a cleansing cream on the device and it washed away without any residue. Charging is little tricky, but once you have a good spot for it, it is all good. The head of the brush is soft and supple. Nothing harsh to scratch the skin. I notice a softness and visible difference in my skin.

  306. Christina Jackson

    Bought a cheaper cleansing brush & immediately returned it & bought this one. So soft, easy to use, easy to charge, stays charged for a long time. The handle is firm so you can grip it well. Highly recommend.

  307. Sarah Maffei

    I love my face washer, the vibration feels good and gets the blood flowing to your face. I actually see a glow after using

  308. Dora Cook

    Excellent product. Very pleased with the quality. Acually my skin felt so soft after using. I’m ordering my Sister one for her birthday gift.

  309. Jennifer Daniels

    I have been using this a few months now every other day and I haven’t had to charge it yet since it’s initial charge. I love how my skin feels I use this for my arms and legs and face. It feels really great but be careful you can overdue it and your skin will definitely feel it. I really do love it I was super skeptical because of a prior burn with a product that advertised as ultrasonic but was actually rotating and felt like sand paper it tore my skin up anyway I digress this has given me amazing results every time I use it get it you will love it.

  310. Patricia Ornelas

    This is my favorite face scrubber. It’s easy to use, leaves your face feeling soft.

  311. Charlotte Henderson

    Great cleansing brush. I work in healthcare and have been wearing masks for 1 year now. This helped to cut down on my maskne. It is gentle yet really helps with cleansing.

  312. Priscilla Christensen

    This facial brush is really easy to use. It has multiple settings of intensity to use, depending on what area of the face you are cleaning. The charge lasted me at least one month, and was easy to charge back up. I have sensitive skin (rosacea) and it has not irritated my skin at all. Highly recommend.

  313. Dawn Smith

    love it so much! My face feels so clean after using it. Holds charge very long too.

  314. Julia Carpenter

    clean easy and no worry of bacteria

  315. Lula Rocha

    Gentle on the skin and does a great job of cleaning. The battery lasts a very long time. Worth every penny!

  316. Kelsi Brito

    Even when you think your face is clean, the Sonic Facial Brush cleans up so much more and it stimulates the blood, so you look rosy. Couldn’t do without it.

  317. Mindy Reddy

    I love how gentle this brush is! It’s effective!!!

  318. Kimberly Sumner

    So I know this works just as well as your fingers but it feels like it gets a deeper clean (or maybe I’m just happy not to have to use my fingers). It’s very soft and easy to hold. One charge lasts a long time (used at least 7 times without charging in between). You do have to make sure the contacts line up properly to get it charged but once I figured that out, it was a breeze.

  319. Carol Fernandez

    Feel very clean after using. Like it more than my old Clarisonic Mia 2. To start and stop hold down the dash symbol for several seconds. The instructions said to tap twice to start. That didn’t work for me. I thought it was broken and was going to send it back until I got it to work by holding down the middle symbol, – .

  320. Brenda Wardlow

    Well made. Totally waterproof. Easy to charge and use. IF it doesn’t work the first time after you charge it, try letting it sit overnight off the charger. Make sure to hold the on button down for at least 5 seconds.

  321. Dolores Elliott

    Easy to use and love it would recommend to my friend

  322. Melva Roberts

    Works great. Love it

  323. Shyla Haynes

    Works and fits perfectly! Very happy with purchase.

  324. Rosetta Nguyen

    I’ve had this for a couple of weeks and I love it! It has held the charge very well and I just leave it in the shower and it’s ready to go. Super easy to keep clean and very easy to hold.

  325. Jennifer Hipple

    Best facial cleanser

  326. Nicole Peterson

    Easy to use.

  327. Rhonda Rios

    Love everything about it works well easy to clean

  328. Kristine Ramos

    I have the Foreo Play and I love it. After a lot of research, and checking reviews I decided to get this item because of the value & quality balance since the Foreo items are overpriced. Love it !!! It is perfect. I have both, can’t tell the difference.

  329. Dorothy Adams

    Works perfect.

  330. Donna Brown

    Very nice everyday face brush

  331. Ora Bedard

    I have never felt compelled to leave a review about anything I’ve ever purchased, and I am constantly shopping nonstop. This is just about the most amazing tool I’ve added to my skincare regimen. After the first use, (the first!), my skin was SUSPICIOUSLY soft. Cue noir detective movie jazzy music. For context, my face is typically dry as hell. I might could damn near use my face as canvas paper🤦🤦 I typically have to use a deep hydrating mask as a daily moisturizer, and even that doesn’t do much if I don’t remember to apply throughout the day. This is my 3rd day using this brush (using clean n clear moisturizing watermelon gel cleanser but switching to purity 3 in 1 soon) and christ on a cracker, my face is soft as hell! Soft , supple, smooth. I am plushy, henny!! My skin actually has brightness and glow to it, like what in the professor Dumbledore is this sorcery??? Get it, quick and fast!! Y’all seriously need this game changer. I went from dried out old christmas ham to soft, glowy and glam! Get you some, treat yo self!

  332. Jennifer Goto

    I love it it works perfectly in my skin it has different level so it can fit different skin needs

  333. Maria Healey

    This product is easy to use, not harsh on my skin. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. My skin is clearing up after just a few uses. I can’t really feel any heat but it is clearly helping my skin whether I can feel the heat or not. It is making my products get a better clean on my skin. I recommend it.

  334. Susan Whyte

    10000% recommend, amazing quality, gets the job done – my skin care routine has improved immensely with this product.

  335. Ann Zambrano

    Awesome and very easy to use! Battery lasts forever 👌🏽

  336. Kristin Borgen

    I’m so happy I got myself this brush! It’s way gentler than a spin brush and feels a lot better too, like a massage for your face. I’ve been using this twice daily for two months and have never charged it yet. I do wish the tip was pointed so that it could get into tight spaces, like the side of the nose near my eye. Otherwise perfect!

  337. Laura Frazee

    I love how this product made my face very soft after only a few days of using it. It’s very hygienic since you don’t have to worry about changing brush heads. I was going to buy a more expensive brush, but I’m so glad i came upon this one. I totally recommend this!

  338. Debbie Callahan

    This is a great facial brush. It’s soft and easy to use.

  339. Debra Dresser

    Great product 👌

  340. Mary Manson

    It’s quite easy to use but I don’t like it scrubs my face. The bristles are way too soft and the brush vibrates much like a tooth brush. I’m not that happy but I’ll continue to use because it better than nothing. It’s cute, easy to hold, but I don’t feel like it cleans very deep.

  341. Stella Peterson

    I’m going to b using it for when I travel. I love how it feels in my hand it’s the perfect size. I only wish that it rotated but it’s ok I like the little magnetic charger it comes with

  342. Terri Butler

    I love this product

  343. Angela Simoes

    Love my new brush! Ive only used spin brushes before but wanted to try something new. This brush is different from what I’m used to but I actually really like using it.

  344. Thersa Kramer

    Easy to hold

  345. Elaine Seelye

    It’s amazing , I love it , I love this product, I have it for two months and use it daily and it still has a full battery, I recommend it 100%

  346. Mary Minard

    Soft and cute! I have researched and found silicone cleaners are more healthy for our skin. I need this especially after wearing a mask all day long. It is easy to hold and soft. I found that you should lather first with your hand then go in with the cleansing brush. I haven’t used the other side for moisturizers. I rather do that by hand.

  347. Myra Saragosa

    Works great!!

  348. Kim Hayes

    For combination skin so far it is very good. Im a nurse and my face has been irritated and acne destroyed. Due to face mask ,face shield etc… I get so tired that I forget to do my PM facial cleansing. But I have done my best to do AM /PM. Well it is working out and the brush is silicone which makes it even better to keep clean and hygiene well done. Battery life great since I got it charged once n still haven’t charge it yet it has been almost a month. Honestly can’t say is the best for everyone. But after spending a lot of money in name brands and not name brands . This is the best so far for me indeed it is. Easy to use n to keep clean n no worries about growing any germs . Of course I read the instructions properly and took my time testing it out with my previous experience with the other facial brush and mittens I have to wash my face. Well done. Im a fan

  349. Tammy Bernal

    If I wash my face first and think it’s clean I’ll test it with my Sonic brush. Wow there’s always brown tinted sunscreen on it! So this brush gets what cleaners alone don’t get

  350. Jessica Cole

    I don’t know how to describe the difference I’M seeing in my face since I started using this 6 months ago: I’d say it’s a great combination of more plump and more firm. I’ve been doing face yoga for years but this little gadget adds a certain je ne sais quoi to my face care routine! I guess eventually I’ll go to an esthetician to find out if my face is in as great condition as it feels, but on my own, I’d say yes 🙂

    I saw a face roller gadget with sonic action elsewhere on AMZ and followed the pattern that gadget advised as I wash my face with my cream cleanser: I stroke outward from the center of my chin and slightly upward towards my ear-line. I do that all the way up to my forehead. Then after stroking both sides, I go in little circles around the corners of my eyes, mouth and across my forehead. This is how I wash my face in the shower and it’s an amazing treatment for the price; I don’t imagine that more expensive sonic roller could do any better, and this feels gentle against my skin and provides a thorough but gentle cleansing.

    I highly recommend this!

  351. Karen Williamson

    I use this to cleanse my face day and night. I love how soft the bristles are & I like the different speeds. I use the smooth side to massage my face as well.

  352. Victoria Norwood

    Total Numi dupe! Charge lasts forever, it’s so soft and works amazingly!

  353. Roseann Hitchens

    Best thing ever I bought, along with face help this 58 year old with wrinkles, especially around the mouth. I wash my face and use this every time. It really helps, start and keep using,

  354. Anna Alvarez

    I absolutely love this brush. I use it everywhere on my face and it works great. It even clears my sinuses. I also have been using it on a stubborn scar and I think it is helping the healing by increasing circulation.

  355. Margret Kim

    This has definitely helped me step up my skincare routine. So easy to use and I love that it has different settings so it’s easy to change it up every day. It’s fully waterproof so I can use it in the shower if I’m short on time. Also holds a charge for a couple weeks even with daily use. Definitely worth it and I’m glad I chose this one over the super expensive fancy ones.

  356. Margit Hickman

    I didn’t want to spend $100+ for pmd facial scrub and already returned one sponsored by Halle Berry so this is a perfect find!
    – affordable
    – flat surface that makes a lot of contact with my face
    – high, vibrating bristles
    – easy to charge

  357. Mary Flores

    Love it but don’t understand the buttons
    Besides to turn it on
    Not sure what the other buttons do

  358. Lynette Atterberry

    I bought this to replace a similar product that only lasted one year. I’m hoping this will last longer.

  359. Danielle Anderson

    Cleans really well.

  360. Socorro Freeman

    I wasn’t looking for anything expensive but still got the job done. The heating portion of this device is honestly nominal to the product. You wouldn’t notice with or without. I’ve used it morning and night since I’ve had it (2 weeks) and I haven’t had to charge it. Along with the change in products I’ve been using, I feel this tool has been beneficial to my routine. Miracle? Nah. But helpful.

  361. Danielle Neese

    Love using this on my face. I call it my magic facial brush. Worth every penny, I spent for it. Absolutely love this facial brush.

  362. Nancy White

    Been using this thing for a few months and love love love it!!! Love how it always makes my face feel so clean and smooth after using in am and pm! Makes me want to wash my face morning and night. And I can go weeks without even charging it! Oh and the heat setting on it is just an added bonus! Seriously love it so much!

  363. Ernestine Bankston

    I’ve had this for a few months now and I really like it!
    The “bristles” are super soft.
    As expected, it vibrates – it does not spin.
    The charge lasts for weeks.
    I wash my face with my hands and then add a drop of soap to the bristles and then wash. If you like your face to be super sudsy, this will do the trick!
    I feel as though it helps to clean and exfoliate better than just washing with my hands.
    The metal magent pieces to charge have developed a bit of a rust look, but that hasn’t affected use and I do leave this on the edge of my shower.
    Nobody gave me something for free in exchange for this review, but uh, I wish they would 😛

  364. Willie Bowman

    I love this, it’s gentle enough to use everyday. I use it in the shower or at the sink and have had no problems. Cleans off easily in hot water.

  365. Dale Rodriguez

    I really like it. Its better than Foreo or any brand, highly recommended!

  366. Anita Coyle

    I love my scrub brush! I’ve had it for months and even with using it almost every day i have only needed to charge it once. Leaves my skin soft and refreshed. Worth every penny.

  367. Rita Isabell

    I like it 😍👍🏼

  368. Natalie Brown

    It’s so good!!! I had another brand in the past that cost a LOT more and I actually think this one is better! Also I love the charger-out of the way and super easy to use!

  369. Kathleen Ross

    Great product – washes my face thoroughly with no abrasive feeling. This is a super buy.

  370. Marjorie Walters

    Love this! Works super well and holds a battery charge for a long time! I’ve had it a couple weeks and have only charged it once.

  371. Matilda Messer

    I absolutely love this product!!! I usually get alot if dry skin Wich results in patches of like dandruff but with this devices I haven’t had that problem anymore

  372. Nathalia Corley

    I love the clean feel of my face after use. Good deal. I am entirely satisfied.

  373. Stephanie Davis

    This little tool replaced my Clarisonic and this is much gentler on my sensitive skin and no replacement heads(!) to buy. Does it clean my skin better? Perhaps. When I use this it takes twice as long to rinse the cleanser off my face, so I think it is cleaning deeper. I also use the opposite side to put on my serum. It’s supposed to get warm. I guess it gets warmer than room temperature, but not really warm enough to make a difference in serum absorption. I’m hoping the vibrations help somehow.

  374. Lisa Burton

    I love it!!!! It comes with so many settings and you can even turn on the heat function. The bristles are soft so they don’t scratch your face. My face feels wonderful after each use and I’m seeing great results!!

  375. Nicole Coe

    I have done a lot of research for skin products and was skeptical about using one of these. I was scared it would just spread the bacteria. It is by far the best part of my skin routine though. I went a few months without using it and my skin suffered. I added it back into my routine and my skin is back to perfectly clear. I do not use exfoliant scrubs , harsh cleansers , or anything like that anymore. I have dry and oily skin. My skin ends up getting dry and flaky and my makeup looks bad during the day because of it and then I get oily to try to make up for the dryness. I literally do not have that problem anymore. Use it with a gentle cleanser. And moisturize after. I love my skin routine now.

  376. America Kennemer

    I love this brush! Cleans my skin well & easy to clean

  377. Roseann Hitchens

    U can use it on your face without worrying about dirt building up on it. Loving it.

  378. Renee Martinez

    I love how it operates and how deeply it cleans my face. I also love the fact that it doesn’t require batteries in order to operate and that it only needs to be charged. I also glad that its waterproof and i dont have to worry about the internal components of it getting wet and becoming damaged. Overall i love using this device very much.

  379. Glenda Berger

    Love it. Has a very long battery life. Being using it over a month and still haven’t charged it since the initial charge when I got it. Easy to use and clean.

  380. Irene Adkins

    I never write reviews, but felt this deserved it. I had a Clarisonic Mia for 10 years that finally bit the dust. I looked at several to replace it and thought I’d take a chance on this because the price was so good. I LOVE it! It cleanse so much better than the Clarisonic, it doesn’t get gross and moldy because it’s all silicone and there is no where water can get into it. My skin is clearer and I feel like it’s just as easy to use. The only con is that I have the habit of pushing the power button quickly instead of holding it down. So I tend to keep changing the cold/warm setting all the time. But it is so worth the money, you won’t regret trying it!

  381. Kimberly Pierson

    At first I thought this didn’t work so I let it sit for almost 2 months. Finally, I gave it another try and it turned on (user error. Nothing wrong with the device). I was amazed by the quality and power. My face and neck were clean in less than a minute. Face soap lathers well with it. I bought this because I’m too cheap to buy a PMD clean brush. It’s worth the money in my opinion. Just takes a little trial and error to get it started.

  382. Carrie Champagne

    Excellent product!!! I

  383. Nina Davis

    If you’re looking for a sign to buy this cleansing brush, this is it! This thing is amazing!! Leaves my face feeling super clean and the silicone bristles are so soft. Another bonus.. I’ve had this brush for a few months and it hasn’t required a charge yet, she’s still going strong! Love it.

  384. Martha Garcia

    Love my facial brush just wish we could purchase extra charging cables because I’ve only had to charge it twice this past 4 months and now i can’t find it. On the plus’s battery last a long time and I would definitely recommend. If the seller can let us know if we can purchase an extra charger would be a plus.

  385. Bernice Reader

    it worked wonders I always thought that it was my face wash that wasn’t working or the fact that I need to be more patient. This brush has worked wonders cleaning deep into my poor. Deeper than my fingers could ever. within 3 days I saw great results

  386. Amanda Kennedy

    AMAZING!!! Sooo glad I ordered this.

  387. Lise Claude

    LOVE LOVE this little facial cleaner! It’s so soft on your face…..yum. I use it to put on and take off my cleanser Then I put on my face lotions and oils with it also. That’s a little million down find.

  388. Zahra Long

    It was a good replacement for what I needed it for

  389. Linda Rouse

    Great cleanser brush!!

  390. Lisa Velarde

    Haven’t noticed a difference in my skin. Doesn’t exfoliate at all. Feels good, but I’m not really impressed.

  391. Jessica Jones

    I love this product, though it’s over priced you can find a brush similar to this but less expensive.

  392. Rita Isabell

    Love this brush! My face feels great after use! Highly recommend.

  393. Renee McKinnie


  394. Sarah Jacob

    I love this thing! The first one that I got sadly stopped working after two days, but I contacted the company and got a new one sent out, which I recieved very quickly! It’s a great value for the price

  395. Barbara Alvarez

    I love the softness and its easy to hold. The massager is wonderful and my face feels so clean and soft! I would buy this item again for sure!

  396. Denise Allison

    I love this product! So gentle on my face- my face has it felt this clean – ever- gentle enough to use 2x a day

  397. Joyce Campbell

    Great for deep cleaning, very easy to operate.

  398. Lily Flannery

    I have used several different facial brushes and this is by far the best I have found. I love the 3 speeds and how the charge keeps for a long time. I also like having a charger and a normal plug. This is the brush you want to purchase!

  399. Kimberly Marsh

    Deep cleaning..I like to use with Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser. Ergonomically sound. Not at all abrasive. Leaves my skin baby soft. The serum and moisturizer readily absorbs. Better than the Clarisonic, Foreo, and Pop Sonic put together. Device feels comfortable. I highly recommend it.

  400. Kristin Borgen

    Love it and love the magnetic charger. I’ve used it for a month and can tell a big difference in my skin.

  401. Claudia Holmes

    Work great

  402. Allysa Beach

    It gently cleans my face to a smooth glow. Love it!

  403. Nicole Maldonado

    I purchased this brush a couple months ago and I absolutely love it. I use it every night!
    I have gotten many compliments on my complexion since using it!
    Unfortunately my cat chewed thru the charging cord and I cannot find a replacement on .
    If someone could help that’d be great!

  404. Shelby Sosa

    It is perfect

  405. Sue Yoder

    Love this little gadget for those days I have a lot of make up to remove , a little overpriced but works great.

  406. Estefania Andersen

    The facial machine is soft and works well.

  407. Michelle Slaton

    I really like this product. It is very nice to hold while in the shower. It’s not slippery like some so that was good. The only thing I would change on this is I wish it was timed. But it is a great product especially for the price. Works well with numerous types of face wash such as foam, gel, etc. It even has a heated option to help open your pores. It saves your settings so you don’t have to redo them each time. I have been using this for about two months already at least once a day and it is still on the same charge. Excellent product. Would definitely recommend.

  408. Andrea Lamotte

    Love the size, fits really nice in your hand. Love the different phases and the softness. Your face feels really clean and tight when finished. I love that you can use in the shower too. Great purchase.

  409. Katya Baggett

    As efficient as a competitor’s product at alot less money.

  410. Kathy Clouser

    Love this for cleaning my face, feels good and gets a good clean!

  411. Katherine Boyle

    My face has cleared up so much since using this with my face routine.

  412. Heather Keller

    I absolutely love this product. My face has never felt so clean! A single charge lasts forever, probably used it at least 20 times and haven’t had to recharge yet!

  413. Allene Harris

    Love this cleanser brush! Works awesome and is a lot cheaper then PMD

  414. Sarah Maffei

    Worth the purchase! My fave feels very clean after using. I love no longer having to use my hands

  415. Donna Putnam

    Greatest product i have purchased so far. I got it based off of reviews, i can say the reviews were right.

    Skin is left feeling so clean and smooth! Highly recommend to anybody!

  416. Mia Benton

    Battery lasts forever! My skin feels so soft and my pores are smaller and cleaner

  417. Louise Wilhite

    This product is amazing!..i be trying to find something to help with my skin my skin is very sensitive and so hard to find something to help with it and i do have some redness going on and I tried this for the first time today and. Noticed a big difference in just one use!.. my pores are smaller and my skin is glowing!.. and it’s not rough at all on the skin! Amazing i give this more than five stars! So if your looking for something for your face I highly recommend this product! You will not regret it!!!!

  418. Norma Johnson

    I love this face scrubber. I had been using a regular microdermabrasion bristled brush for years and decided that the silicone brushes seemed more sanitary as they are much easier to clean. I did my research and found this brush and I couldn’t be happier.

    I’ve had this brush almost a month and the texture of my skin has completely changed. I feel like my face is much smoother now and my face feels like I exfoliate every time I use it. It is not abrasive at all either! My face is very very sensitive and this does not bother my face at all. I use it 2x a day and it’s amazing.

    It has many levels of vibrate and has a “warm” setting although I think you have to have it on for a while before it actually gets warm so I usually just run it under really hot water and it’s warm for me. I charged it once when I got it and it’s still working a month later so it holds a charge very well!

    Oh, and my husband even made me buy him one because he was jealous haha so if you want your men to start doing some skin care buy this and they’ll get jealous and want one too 😂

    Overall, I highly recommend this brush if your in the market for a new one. I love it!

  419. Jennifer Baca

    Bought this brush to replace my ancient Clarisonic. I had been hesitant about silicone brushes, but I appreciate the soft bristles, heating function and long battery life of this model.

    This brush looks and feels tiny compared to the old Clarisonic (circa 2010ish), but the design is much more sleek and sanitary than that dinosaur.

    The silicone brush head does not irritate skin like nylon bristles. I apply cleanser to the brush and use it to massage vegan squalane and moisturizers into skin.

    This brush is great for the shower, and — unlike the Clarisonic, which I dropped hundreds of times over 10+ years due to its imbalanced weight and huge slippery handle — I have not dropped this one so far in 1.5 months. I have also only had to charge it once since the initial charge.

  420. Bonnie Michalski

    Love this facial scrubber. Battery life is exceptional. The bristles are soft and easy to clean

  421. Cornelia Cartagena

    This really works well. No need to look further. The battery life is extremely long- I only charged it once and have been using it for almost a month now. It’s easy to use. I have sensitive skin, and I am very happy with the soft texture of this product.

  422. Margit Hickman

    this thing bumps dude i love it. i just needed a little more umph in my skincare routine and this surely delivered B-)

  423. Monica Dunlap

    An absolutely amazing product. I feel like my face has a photoshop finish on it by the time I am done and saw the difference in the first use. 100% part of my day/night skincare ritual. Wasn’t charged out of the box, but thats what outlets and the cable it comes with are for. Holds a great charge and the silicone is so soft! I am not sure how I thought my face was clean before this!

    *** And for everyone complaining that the charging ports rusted and didn’t work after sitting in a humid, damp shower for 4+ months, please take better care of your items. After using it several plus times, It is definitely waterproof but use some sense.***

  424. Jennifer Johnson

    For this price have to buy. My face feels so clean after using this. Easy to hold different vibration which I heard helps open the pores on face. Has setting u can heat it up which I don’t really feel difference. Easy to charge. Silicone makes it where bacterial doesn’t live

  425. Destiny Chance

    Muy buen cepillo, de un tamaño adecuado, la batería dura bastante y es muy fácil de recargar, incluso se puede llevar a cuelquier lugar, no ocupa mucho espacio, llego en tiempo y forma, muy recomendable

  426. Debra King

    Perfect to use in the shower, maximum vibration does feel extremely weird on your face, but it does make it very smooth afterwards.

  427. Carol Maple

    Skin overall has improved and now idk how I ever washed my face without it. The charge lasts forever!

  428. Maude Harry

    Love this. I bought a super expensive one from a Facebook ad and this one is so much better for 1/3 of the price.

  429. Edith Farrow

    I deal with acne so this was perfect! It got into my pores and is easy to clean! The battery lasts for a long time. I only have to charge it maybe once a week! It was so nice I purchased another one for travel and one for at home. It’s become part of my daily regime! Highly recommend for a deep, gentle clean!

  430. Mavis Brack

    Imagine brushing your tooth with a tooth brush. That’s how I washing my face with just soap and water. I would say it’s NOT for deep cleaning but for day-to-day very useful. Waterproof and very ergonomic to hold.

  431. Valery Trejo

    This is the second one I’ve purchased. The first one survived almost 4 years of constantly being in the shower. The only reason I had to replace the first one was the rubber on/off button finally just wore off. If I get four years out of a reachable product that spends it’s life in a constantly wet environment, I’m happy.

  432. Kaitlin Lombardi

    It’s silly that the replacements Or half the cost as the whole tool, but the offbrands have so many reviews that they are not compatible. So I spend a ridiculous amount of money on one brush, but hey it works great!

  433. Mary Robinson

    This brush is so effective! I have been using it daily for a couple months now. It cleans the pores SO well and the vibration on your face feels so good you don’t want to put it down. I use it with Aloe Vera after I wash my makeup off. It helps to remove any residue left from my makeup products, cleanses the pores and prepares my face for my vitamin C serum and prebiotic lotion. Leaving my face so smooth and clear. The silicone is easy to clean and perfect for sensitive skin. My only complaint is that it was supposed to have different levels of vibration, but only the lowest level works on mine. I hope this was helpful.

  434. Lynn McWilliams

    I previously had a Claisonic, this works as well, at a much lesser price. Love it.

  435. Rocio Gonzalez

    I like that the brush is silicone, but I am not sure it’s as effective as an older fashioned brush that the head rotated. I kinda expected this to rotate like that, just at a smaller rotation length. My skin does look really clean on days I use this, so I am still giving it 4 stars.

  436. Patrica Harper

    Love it

  437. Laura Khan

    I bought this like 2 months ago and I use it every single day up to 2 times a day and I haven’t charged it yet. The battery is really good.

  438. Susan Keyser

    I love this sonic cleansing brush! I use it daily and helps clean my chin especially with always wearing masks, I began breaking out but this brush has helped tremendously! The battery life lasts very long.

  439. Mary Christian

    I love this product! I see such an improvement in my complexion! I use once per week and follow with a pore extractor and then a moisturizer
    And the compliments follow

  440. Harriet Sleeper

    Works really well.

  441. Margaret Braun

    Great for use in the shower or at the sink! Gentle on my sensitive skin so it doesn’t leave it all red! And I use way less product!

  442. Margie Trevino

    This works great my son loves it

  443. Lea Gandy

    Since the first use, I noticed my skin had a smoother texture and since using daily for a week now, my breakouts I had have gone away and I haven’t gotten any new ones which is unusual for my acne prone skin. My skin also looks glowing and much healthier.

  444. Guadalupe Jackson

    Let’s make this clear: I’m a 27 year-old guy with 120% oily skin. I could wash my face with my fingertips using my body bar, and it’s already oily an hour later.

    This sonic cleansing brush is really effective. I honestly didn’t think silicone bristles would do anything at all, but the fact is that you barely feel them yet they’re doing so much work.

    My face was dotted with little blackheads: on my cheeks, my nose, and my chin was like a oil collection site always breaking out!

    I purchased this brush with some simple starter products: NIVEA men’s face wash and NIVEA men’s oil control Anti-UV face cream.

    On the first day of use, my face was red because it had taken off so much dead skin that I had no idea I even had. Half of my pores were blank. My nose cleared up immediately. My face felt massaged and somehow ‘cooler’. An absolutely astonishing result!

    After a week of use, my face has almost completely cleared up, I am now going to start using this product every other day rather than daily and treat it as a maintenance item. The battery has lasted me the entire week, and the included cable goes perfectly with the 5 watt charger that comes with apple phones (who uses those anyway? Too slow for phones!).

    The heating feature is pretty cool, although, it only gets warm. Not so much otherwise, it’s more of a comfort feature than a tool.

    The five speeds of the sonic brush are cool! Although, I leave it on high. It’s most effective that way. If you have sensitive skin, maybe lowering the speed is better.

    They claim this product is ‘waterproof’.. indeed it is. However, after seeing some reviews of people having their products stop working while sticking it in water.. I don’t do it. A quick rinse is fine, but I try to keep it out of the water. At least the side where it plugs in!

    I gave it 5 stars because the product hasn’t failed and did it’s job, while lasting me the entire week without a charge! I hate buying batteries, and this is the best option at 30 bucks vs others you have to buy batteries for!

  445. Francine Corey

    Wife loves it, long battery, easy charging.

  446. Valerie Cortes

    To be honest with you i wans about to return this brush cause of the high price but i just couldn’t it’s so elegant it gives you that spa experience when using it also clean face very deep

  447. Yvette Rios

    I have used this product for many years with positive skin improvements. Minimize pores and clearer skin. Glad had this.

  448. Julia Martinez

    UPDATE: The new one worked well. It isn’t quite what I expected because when you put the soap on, it doesn’t foam as the manual brush I was using. It seems to work well, however, as it removed make up I thought I had removed.

    It didn’t work. I charged it for hours and it still never turned on. I’m expecting them to send another one and I’ll update if they do.

  449. Kalista Parra

    Great replacement head

  450. Yvette Thompson

    I checked out 4 different silicone cleansing brushes and have ranked them from favorite to least-favorite in the analysis below:

    The winner:
    ASNME Sonic Silicone Face-Cleansing Brush (Round & teal, upgraded model)
    I had a hard time picking a winner between the two ASNME brushes, but in the end, I decided my favorite is the small round teal brush. This one edged out the other ASNME model, because of the brush head itself. The bristles are super soft and there is a pillowy cushion beneath those bristles. This combo makes it the most super-soft and gentle brush I have found yet. The brush head on this particular model is also bigger than the other ASNME model, and of all the others in this comparison. This model also has light therapy and none of the others in this comparison have that feature. Even though the brush head is the biggest of the 4, the overall product size is the smallest and most compact of all of the brushes in this comparison (because it doesn’t have a handle), so it is really portable and great for travel. The magnetic charging function makes connecting so easy. What this model lacks is the cooling feature of the other ASNME model, and it has only two brush speeds. Because there is no handle, it’s a little harder to grip than the others, and it doesn’t come with any kind of drip tray or travel pouch, so those things have to be found and purchased separately.
    Here’s the link for this model:

    2nd place, by just a smidgen:
    ASNME with Summer/Winter feature
    I really like this brush too. I only rated it second because the brush head is a little smaller and it doesn’t have that pillowy cushion beneath it. The bristles are, however, very soft, and it feels nice on the skin. The main reason I like this particular brush is because of the metal plate on the other side. Not only does it have the heating function, just like the other ASNME model, but it also has a cooling function! This cooling function could be a real boon to anyone with under-eye puffiness. I do not have puffy eyes, but my undereye area is really dry, and putting moisturizer under there and going over it with the cooling function feels fabulous! I also like that you can open your pores while putting on serums using heat, and then go back over everything with the cooling function to close up your pores. That’s a really neat feature! This brush comes with a stand to help it drip-dry. I was hoping the stand would be the actual charger, but it isn’t. The charging process is done separately with a cord. It isn’t magnetic like the other ASNME brush, but it’s still easy to connect. The long-handled grip feels nice and secure in my hand. This brush has more options for speed. There are 3 intensity settings, plus one option for a pulsed vibration, and then a final button press takes you to no vibration at all, so you can then just do heat or cold without vibration. I love that no-vibration setting, with the winter option, for under the eyes. What I’m not as thrilled with is the purple color. That’s just a matter of taste, but I wouldn’t want to keep this on my counter, since it clashes with my bathroom. I would have preferred a spa-blue or some neutral color. But that’s a minor thing. This particular brush does not have light therapy. And it’s quite a bit noisier than the other brushes in this comparison.
    Here’s a link for this model:

    3rd Place (this product):
    The best feature of this brush is the slightly more intense vibration on the back side, for massaging. This brush is super quiet (quieter than all of the others) and has more speed options (5). The sonic sensation feels strong. The brush head is very soft, although not as soft as the small ASNME brush. It has a magnetic charger which is super easy to connect. The handle feels comfortable and secure. This brush has a tiny patch of firmer, bigger bristles up at the top, I guess so you could maybe focus on, for instance, a dry patch of skin? The color of this brush differed from the product pic. They show it as a lighter blue color, but it is quite dark actually. I would have preferred light blue. This brush does not have light therapy or heating and cooling. It also does not come with a stand. But if you mostly just want a sonic brush, you don’t care about light therapy or heating and cooling, and you like the idea of the massaging side, this is a very nice brush and it feels great on the skin.

    Least favorite:
    PMD Clean Pro RQ
    The nicest feature of this brush is the rose quartz. It really does feel lovely and cool on the skin (even without having a cooling setting). The heating function is also nice and will stay on for a long period of time. There are several vibration options. The grip feels very secure in the hand and the brush comes with a hard plastic travel pouch. The base is wide and so the brush will stand up on its own for drying. But because of the high price tag on this item, I can’t recommend it. The ASNME brush with the winter/summer feature is just as nice as the PMD brush, at a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but I really disliked the brush head on the PMD unit. It is very firm and not gentle at all. It is not a good option for someone with sensitive skin. I have also read lots of reviews that said they accidentally knocked over the brush and the quartz broke or the quartz just developed cracks for no apparent reason. Please note that at the time of this review, I no longer had this brush in my possession, so I was unable to take a picture with all 4 brushes together. But I included a photo of this brush next to the smaller ASNME brush for size comparison.
    Here’s a link for this model:

    Final thoughts:
    I highly recommend both ASNME brushes. If you don’t care about the cooling function, go with the smaller round teal brush. If you like the idea of the cooling feature and don’t care about the light therapy, go for the long-handled purple brush. Or, you can get both ASNME brushes. I decided to keep both, since I can then have all of the features between the two brushes. The price point on these is low enough that owning both is affordable and still WAY cheaper than buying one PMD brush.

  451. Margaret Kirk

    Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin and I haven’t had any irritation. I get a deep clean everytime. It’s easy to hold and the warm and cold settings are a great addition. I use this morning and night and I have only charged it once since buying. Great battery life.

  452. Calli Mulligan

    This is a very nice face cleaner.

  453. Tammy Bones

    Great on my sensitive skin

  454. Mei Kuiper

    I like this better than my clarisonic as I do not have to change out expensive brush heads. It cleans without being abrasive.

  455. Paula Moore

    I like the product BUT it doesn’t heat or cool down as advertised. Idk if it’s a malfunction or it’s just like that. Can anyone tell me if yours works properly on that matter?

  456. Rylee Pearson

    My face cleaner is my favorite thing! I forget to buy replacements at the store so subscribe and save makes it more convenient for me to remember when to change them out.

  457. Loretta Brown

    The pulsations/vibrating is intense so I suggest the 2 lower settings. I do like the fact that there are 5 pulse settings and the heating setting feels nice. Feels really good on the face and will suit all skin types. Worth the buy.

  458. Laura Khan

    I love it, it is easy to use, soft and easy on the skin, and have heating mode which I love so much.

  459. Shawna Lindgren

    Works well and is very easy

  460. Maya Munoz

    Happy I was able to find a replacement for my Mia

  461. Jane Smalls

    I love this brush, it’s amazing how well it works. It gives you gentle deep cleaning. After using my brush 2 days in a row I noticed that I didn’t have blackheads on my nose. My skin looked refreshed. It’s easy to use and clean. You don’t have to worry about water damage. I would highly recommend anyone to purchase the sonic brush.

  462. Amanda Kennedy

    I absolutely love this! It’s easy to use and clean. It’s a game changer. My skin feels smooth and soft. Great for any age. Highly recommend.

  463. Elaine Cope

    Does a good job.

  464. Audrey Lewis

    Works great and a great price too!

  465. Jolie Olivas

    I so love this brush. I have been dealing with pulling skin all over my face. I tried a regular brush, a rag and even scrubbed until it burned but every time I took a shower and dried off I always had dry skin on my face. Not just a little but a lot that my eye brows also had it. Nothing seem to work. From changing soap to putting a filter on the water to regular brushes to taking showers every other day to every day to trying multiple showers a day. This all started when I got splashed some chemical at work and from then on my face was like that. Well after I tried this the first time it seem like it helped. My face was all red and look like a big rash but It had less flakes. I used it a 2nd day and it was less red and also less flakes on the 3rd day hardly any redish and the flakes seem to be gone. This has took care of my problem and I’m glad it has. Thats why I give it 5 stars. Only thing I would like is for it to not be on a timer every time I turn it on. Kinda a good thing and bad when I want to do my whole face It turns off and I have to turn it back on. I didn’t read the instructions but I don’t care it took care I’d my problem that I had for more then 3 years and tried many things. 5 stars all the way.

  466. Marissa Jasper

    I like the product, when I use the brush it is gentle on my face. I use it every day.

  467. Sarah Streeter

    I have been using an electric spin face brush for a year or so now and thought I loved it. But I recently noticed my nose was always peeling no matter how much moisturizer or lotion I was putting on. And I also had a lot of clogged pores. Even though the bristles were very exfoliating I always had build up in the pores around my nose. Anyway I finally figured maybe the bristles on my old brush were to harsh and were the reason my nose was always flaky so I got this to try something a little more gentle on my skin. Boy am I glad I did! It’s been 3 days and I can already tell this works way better. My skin isn’t nearly as flaky and dry already even after being out in the sun yesterday. And do too it all off most of the pores around my nose are noticeably cleaner. I hardly have to extract buildup the last couple days. This is turned out to be better than I expected.

  468. Geneva Sabol

    My face feels so much better. It really gets into your pores and does a deep cleaning! Especially with the heat activation option. Also love the fact you can use in shower. It’s perfect just what I was looking for.

  469. Nora Reilly

    This is a great little face brush that does the same thing as more expensive cleaning brushes for way less. It’s really easy to clean since it’s rubbery material, it recharges quickly and holds charge for a good long while. I highly recommend this as a first choice for anyone looking for a nice face cleansing brush without wanting to shell out $100+.

  470. Margie Trevino

    Love this facial cleansing brush. So inexpensive compared to other silicone brushes, and it’s worth it.

  471. Kelly Cloutier

    Does exactly what it says it does. Charging it is a breeze with the magnetic charger, but besides that it’s a great cleansing brush. After 2 days of use I noticed my skin looks much more supple and it got rid of some impurities I had. Not rough on the skin at all either! Just buy it it’s worth every penny.

  472. Amanda Mueller

    Does what it claims. Easy to use.

  473. Bettye Jones

    I love this little gadget! Perfect for any skin type!!

  474. Mayra Batres

    I bought 2

    Absolutely love it. The heat setting is nice because a wet face can get cold face fast when you’re sudsing up. It cleans really well. I usually have white heads on my nose and I can feel them, with the cleaning brush , my nose is super soft and smoooooooth

    This cleaning brush really helped my acne, along with bioderma face wash to help my skin barrier.

    I bought 2 so I could have one at home and one at my boyfriends place.

  475. Cindy Hoover

    Cleans skin well

  476. George Tavares

    My skin loves this so much. I have adult acne.
    Ive noticed visible improvement in the appearance of pimples and blackheads. It’s part of my nightly routine. I use with Effaclar medicated gel cleanser from LaRoche-Posay. Then wipe with clearasil for stubborn acne control pads. Then moisturize with cetaphil moisturizing cream for very dry sensitive skin.

  477. Jackelyn Quinonez

    This does a nice, easy job of facial cleansing. It doesn’t give me the “scrubbed” feeling I was hoping for.

  478. Pauline Bost

    I really love this Sonic Facial Cleaning brush. It is by far, the best I have ever used. Just to see how much this does a deep clean, I washed my face with a washcloth using soap and water. My face looked clean, and it appeared that all the makeup was gone. However, I put some cleanser on the brush and used it on my face immediately after using the washcloth. Then, I took a clean cloth and wiped my face off after using the sonic brush – the sonic brush managed to clean deeply and got ALL the makeup off my skin! I couldn’t believe how much makeup was still left in my pores after using a washcloth. I am a believer! Plus, you cannot beat the price. The bristles are soft and do not irritate my skin at all. The battery life has been great as well.

  479. Adelle Etienne

    It’s just….ok. The vibrations pattern of it gives me a headache and I’ve used ones far better.

  480. Natalie Brown

    I love it 🥰

  481. Averi Cardona

    It’s real deal and works great and durable

  482. Valerie Harrison

    Love this. Gentle and opens y pores. Skin feels so clean afterwards

  483. Patricia Bourke

    I really like this product. I tend to scrub too hard if I wash my face with my hands, or too gentle. Easy to use, and I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone and my pores are less clogged. An excellent alternative to the $200+ cleansing brushes that do the same exact thing.

  484. Misty Haywood

    I was so sad when I could find my original face cleaning tool again but was happy to find this one. So far it’s working great. I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful with what I use.

  485. Carolyn Moore

    You really can’t beat this for the price. I used the clairsonic mia for years, but was always a bit grossed out by the brush situation…. that issue is non existent with this cleaner. I feel like it cleans better and is more sanitary. I absolutely adore it!

  486. Danielle Neese

    It comes with charger and it’s super cute!

  487. Angela Moss

    Easy to use , gentle and super quiet. Love it!

  488. Kimberly Lytle

    Love this product

  489. Sabrina Rangel

    I love it. I got it since April of this year 202. I chargered it the same day i received it. And it has held up pretty well i havent Even chargered it yet. I use it every night. It’s easy to clean. Cleanse My face well. My face feels great and i have less breakouts

  490. Wanda Gray

    Made my skin smooth. Is not harsh on your face

  491. Heather Keller

    This is a fabulous product! Don’t hesitate—just buy it!!

  492. Tamara Gilbert

    The design is chic and convenient to use. Don’t need to follow the common trend or particular brands for facial cleansing brush, the techniques are all the same.

  493. Jessica Jones

    I will never use any other cleansing brush again! My best friend told me about it and I’m so glad she did! I Highly, highly recommend this item!

  494. Angela Moss

    This sonic cleaning brush is easy to hold and a fun color. I love that you can adjust the settings of how low to high you want the vibrations. It’s waterproof and easy to charge. I noticed that my skin was glowing even more and smooth. My redness and pores diminished. I also use other products which makes a difference but I know this brush is part of it.

  495. Tiffany Reynolds

    I’ve been using this for a few months, and I have had no issues. I love that I don’t have to pay to replace the brush or anything since it is silicone. Cleaning it is super easy, and it lasts about a month before you have to charge it back up. The little light on it blinks when it’s time for it to charge again. I overall like it and will continue to use it

  496. Jennifer Baca

    I like that it feels like a face massage. It brings more blood to my facial skin amd gives me a healthier look. Saw results after a few days of use

  497. Judy Harrell

    I haven’t used this product just yet but I’ve heard many great things about this product. Excited to use as it looks soft and durable.

  498. Addie Ko

    Overall this was the best tool ever to clean my face. Gently cleans without irritating the skin. Unfortunately it stopped working and I didn’t even have it for 6 months.

  499. Cherrie Lien

    I heard about a similar product and thought I’d try this one as a lower priced alternative. I thought it might help after using it for some time, but was surprised that the very first time that I tried it my face was so smooth and clean feeling. It was amazing! I kept touching my face, it felt so good. I’d highly recommend it!

  500. Margaret Roberts

    Don’t usually write product reviews but this product is worth it!
    Nice and gentle deep clean. Just wet face, apply cleanser to bristles, adjust to desired settings, and ta-da!
    Definitely recommend. Will update if I ever have any issues!

  501. Mary Towns

    Absolutely wonderful. Leaves my shin feeling smooth 🙌

  502. Norma Nordstrom

    I’m a man and use this on my face, seems more like a vibrator though.

  503. Bonnie Michalski

    Works great. My face has never felt so fresh. I am the envy of anyone with a dirty face. Just ask my mom.

  504. Mary Pacheco

    This products has really helped my face with blemishes and exfoliating while still being soft. It feels so much cleaner than washing my face normally.

  505. Ruth Stancil

    Works great definitely worth the price, cleans pores and great for oily skin type without drying it out

  506. Lisa Emerson

    I myself don’t use this but my wife and daugther uses it every night after washing their face. Their feedback is that it’s much better than just using hand and feel more refreshed on using it. Based on their feedback I recommend it for purchase!

  507. Mia Benton

    this product makes my skin smooth I love you

  508. Rosalie Benner

    I’ve been really impressed by this facial scrubber. It works well in the shower and, night washing at the sink. My skin feels so clean after using and, I have sensitive skin. No irritation, easy to clean, long charge and just overall a great value!

  509. Gilda Oney

    How soft skin feels

  510. Harriet Houlihan

    You must get it. I have been using non-electric face washing brush, but it is only cleaning the surface of my face. After using only once of this machine, I can feel my face is very clean, and it is observing cream very fast.
    I have been using this machine for a week (twice a day) follow with mask and cream. My screan has improve a lot.
    Highly recommended!

  511. Isabel Shouse

    Others have complained that it’s not 100% waterproof, I’m just careful to not getting submerged. It gets the dead skin off without scrubbing super hard. Will purchase again in the future

  512. Patricia Clark

    It does good deep cleaning I have sensitive skin. It works great on that

  513. Stella Peterson

    I’ve gone back & forth on buying an “expensive” brand but I tried a new face wash one time & had bumps all over my face. It dried my face out too. Figured I try this product with my normal wash & it was cleared up in three uses!! Highly recommended!

  514. Lauren Baker

    Very good product! Easy to clean… it makes sense!

  515. Sharon Cuellar

    Compact, easy to use, and does a good job of cleansing the skin

  516. Alma Asbury

    I was not sure what to expect, but since my Clarisonic flat out died after many years I was in need of a replacement, so I decided to give it a try. I am really glad I did because my skin is pretty happy with it! The brush heads are a bit more harsh, so you have to be careful with pressure and amount of time in each zone, but once you get a hang of it, it works really well and helps keep my skin clean, clear and exfoliated. I use it once a day with good results, with my other wash using just my hands and cleanser. The light on the charger goes back to red even if it was fully green and you remove the brush for a few seconds and put it down again. This worried me at first that I had a bum battery, and I thought about returning it immediately after the first 18-hour charge because I thought the battery had a discharge problem. I decided to test it out though and see how long it would last with 1-2 daily uses. I am glad I did, because I have been using it 4 weeks and still have not needed to recharge the battery. Also, the 10-second timer per zone is not enough for me, so I tend to go through 1-2 cycles (usually 1.5) each time I use it so that I feel that I have enough time on each part of my face and along my jawline. Since I make sure to use little pressure and to move if I feel any irritation, it works well for what I want it to do. I have noticed clearer skin and cleaner pores. Definitely worth a try if you like brush heads that do the vibration thing rather than rotation, especially for the price. So far, so good.

  517. Mavis Brack

    Loving this so far, heating mode is wonderful

  518. Yvonne Keitt

    I initially bought this for cleansing. I liked the idea of it being all one unit made of silicone and not needed replacement brushes. However, this doesn’t measure up to my Michael Todd Beauty soniclear brush. It is actually pretty weak. It doesn’t cleanse as well as my MT brush. However, I found an alternate use- massaging my serums in! It does that way better than my fingertips! And it’s super easy to clean the serums off the silicone bristles.

  519. Maria Cannady

    Love this one easy to use soft on your skin works great

  520. Hazel Frame

    I just love this. Thank you .

  521. Alanna Raney

    stays charged a long time, cleans really well

  522. Laura Frazee

    During my pregnancy my skin has been broken out no matter what products I used. I started using this with my products and I notice a difference and my skin is clearer and glowing. I get so many compliments from my coworkers and there customers on my skin.

  523. Angela Jackson

    What I dislike is that it doesn’t come with a protective case for like storage for sanitizing reasons how am I supposed to keep it from bacteria growing on it when not in use
    I used this for my face on a daily based

  524. Sharon Holman

    I loved it! I have one that cost over 300 dollars and this matches up SO well!

  525. Niya Vickery

    I have purchased this before on and this one is a little hard to take on and off. Fast shipping…

  526. Bobbie Ferraro

    Absolutely love this facial cleanser. I have previously owed a Clarsonic and Clarsonic Mia but did not like the brushes; difficult to clean and costly to replace. Since this brush is silicone, no need to replace and cleaning is easy. Cleanses well without tugging the skin.

  527. Kara Woodard

    Makes my skin very smooth after use. Would repurchase

  528. Kendyl Pappas

    I was concerned about the compatibility. Snapped right on without any issues, 5 second install. Very happy

  529. Laci Beers

    Thank you for designing this Clarisonic replacement brush head. I thought I had no solutions, until this. It clicked in place on my existing Clarisonic PRO, and I’m able to use with new brush heads. Yay!

  530. Dajah Chau

    Love this for cleaning my face in the shower.

  531. Paulina Bills

    Good price. Soft brush. Times each zone on your face. Two brushes. Charges easily snd fast.

  532. Tina Berkley

    I had a Clarisonic for years and got tired of paying for brushes. Bought a foreo but it held water (I kept it on a ledge OUTSIDE the shower). Tried this one and I really like it so far. Great job of cleaning. Self contained (doesn’t hold water). I even like the heat setting. I didn’t think it would be noticeable in a hot shower but it is. Very pleased so far.

  533. Vivian Comer

    I bought the brush 7 months ago. I literally use this brush at least once a day, everyday, and just now had to charge it for the first time. I use the brush for my face but also in the shower on my hips where I tend to get blackheads, so the waterproof claim is legit. Go ahead and bless yourself.

  534. Stephanie Culpepper

    I immediately saw the difference in my skin! It felt so clean and helped with breaking out! I would definitely recommend!

  535. Deborah Murphy

    I use it daily and my skin loves it. Not too rough and if you have sensitive skin it will not cause irritation.

  536. Kathleen Scott

    The product is great all over except that my package doesn’t comes with the charging chord. It doesn’t effect the good rating I gave to this product. It is highly recommended but please send me the missing charging chord. Battery is out and can’t use it anymore without it.
    I hope this won’t be an issue.

  537. Hazel Frame

    Best exfoliator I’ve used, hands down. Very Good for delicate skin, easy to clean and the battery lasts forever so long as you don’t use it religiously, which you shouldn’t.

  538. Brandy Mecham

    I just probably wouldn’t leave this on your counter if company is coming over

  539. Loretta Brown

    I could not figure out how o turn the darn thing on. I am one of those stubborn people that refuse to read the instructions at first though lol.
    I love this product. My skin feels so soft and clean. Would recommend to anyone-

  540. Cynthia Holquin

    Really nice buy. I love the vibrations. Very easy to use and pretty blue color. The magnetic charge chord is cool and the charge lasts a very long time. The brush is soft and not aggressive like regular face brushes. My face does feel clean after.

  541. Liza Anderson

    Great for the price!

  542. Jennie Booker

    This product leaves the skin feeling amazing

  543. Eleanor Sheppard

    Great brush, the color is darker than the picture. Charge last long enough; it’s not a complaint, but it would have been great if it has a timer.

  544. Kaye Harris

    Couldn’t attest to its “deep cleaning” ability since the bristles are very weak. Probably wouldn’t irritate anyone’s skin, though. I’d buy it again.

  545. Jennifer Denton

    The thing is awesome, it works not only the face but down below too.

  546. Brittany Lazo

    Just needed the charger.

  547. Wanda Woody

    Been using this for two weeks and already seen an improvement in my skin. feels great to use and leaves skin super exfoliated and fresh without any irritation. side note, the “heat” feature doesn’t seem to work but i’m fine w that.

  548. Jennifer Quintanilla

    It’s light weight and super easy to use. My face feels much softer after the 2nd cleanse (after using the brush) and it appears to be brighter. I will need to get my mom one for Christmas!

  549. Valentina Harris

    First impression: So far I like it more than the foreo because is not complicated to hold not messy great price few levels of vibration cute yellow color longer bristles than foreo which I like more.

    I will update durability.

  550. Anna Rivera

    This device holds a charge for a long time.

  551. Raquel Caldwell

    Struggled with stubborn chin acne. Used good products but always seemed like it was not enough. Decided to buy a brush. At first I though it did nothing because it is so soft. Wrong. It stopped the break outs and I have been noticing my pores shrinking. Definitely a tool I have been missing. Got one for my teen because I was so impressed. Just be sure to moisturize afterwards and don’t scrub in on place too long because it can leave you red. Anyways, I am very happy.

  552. Norma Nordstrom

    It is very easy to use and feels good!

  553. Kim Hayes

    Not sure if it really exfoliate skins, but helps face wash lather and cleans face.

  554. Ashley Arredondo

    Great product for price.