Turbo Blackhead Remover

(735 customer reviews)


Achieve a smooth and radiant looking skin with our Turbo Blackhead Remover.

Achieve a smooth and radiant looking skin with our Turbo Blackhead Remover. No more irritating your skin to remove blackheads, our device has vacuum absorption technology for a powerful suction to effectively suck out blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin without hurting your skin.


  • Removes black heads, white heads, and acne without irritating the skin
  • Deep cleans pores
  • Suitable for home and travel use with carrying breeze

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Turbo Blackhead remover
  • 5 Replaceable Suction Head
  • 1 USB Cable



735 reviews for Turbo Blackhead Remover

  1. Martina Greenwood

    This is one amazing Gadget is very powerful and actually works totally love it. The suction is very powerful and I really recommend this to you guys I had others but this is better than all.

  2. Andrea Arnett

    This product is amazing. It has great suction power to remove blackheads. It is very easy to use, and I will recommend this product to friends.

  3. Milena Landis

    This blackhead vacuum is simple to use and removes even the most stubborn blackheads. It has a strong suction. It’s perfect for deep cleaning on your face or other troubled areas. It works amazing for sensitive skin like mine

  4. Mary Piazza

    This comes with 4 different suction heads that are interchangeable. Easy to use and charges with USB. I am impressed with how powerful the suction is. There are 4 power settings to chose from. It also come with a 5 pc set of cleaning tools for your face. Happy facial beauty cleaning

  5. Jaya Broughton

    Lots of head options. A little harsh on sensitive skin but can be adjusted

  6. Maricela Culpepper

    I really hoped this would be the answer to my clogged pore prayers. It came in great packaging with instructions on how to use and clean. It also included some replacement parts, a charger, several nozzles, and some tools that I assume are used to help extract dirt from your pores. The tools did not come with directions so I did not even attempt to use them as they looked like they would do some damage in untrained hands. The device itself looks well made. However, the suction power fell flat. Even on the highest setting it wasn’t strong enough to pull the blackheads to the surface for an easy squeeze. I should have guessed this was to good to be true.

  7. Cristina Donaldson

    I bought this just to try it out because I have pesky blackheads on the corner of my nose that I cannot remove myself. This thing sucked out every last blackhead on my nose!! What an awesome gadget!!

  8. Alycia Chaffin

    I was very surprised by the suction power of this tool, this tool will be a nice addition to my attempt at better skincare management, i felt like it exfoliated and helped rejuvenate my skin. I have sensitive skin and felt it worked well without being too harsh. Shipping was fast and I got to use it right away.

  9. Tess Sands

    I love this blackhead remover/vacuum. I added this into my facials I do on myself. The suction part is pretty cool. It comes with 4 different vacuums and different suction levels. If you have sensitive skin this product is worth a try.

  10. Chasity Sturgill

    My skin has never looked better. I was skeptical of buying this instead of something more expensive but it really is great and does an amazing job with getting the dirt and oil out of my pores.

  11. Gracelyn Laird

    This is a good product. There are a few suction levels which is great depending on your problem areas and if you have sensitive skin. There are four different suction nozzles which are easy to change and it comes with additional tools. It is rechargeable which is a plus and it came charged and ready to use.

  12. Kaylea Jones

    Myself and my teenagers thought this was a cool item. Good value. Looks pretty. Works well. Face felt cleaver after. Now they each want one!

  13. Yulisa Bader

    Love this gadget! Works and looks as described! Love that it comes with different attachments! It also comes with blackhead remover tools! Would recommend!

  14. Amaya Helms

    The best suction power! It’s the most bang for your buck. I get bad blackheads on my nose and it cleared them out instantly. I recommend level 1-2. Anything more and it’s a little too much lol but I’ll leave that up to you! 10/10 recommend.

  15. Lisa Jaimes

    I usually write a review for most of my purchases after using them. So, I have to say that this blackhead remover vacuum absolutely amazing! I use it twice a week and now I use it once a week (because I really can see that there is no blackhead or nothing in my nose). Works perfectly and I think for all skin types because my skin is sensitive and it works!
    In the beginning it was so hard for me because my nose was hurting me a little bit, but now when I see the difference I can say it is worth it. The only thing that I should recommend is taking a shower before using it or wash your face with kind of a hot shower that will work great.
    It’s easy to use, easy to clean.
    I liked it actually.

  16. Shelbi Rojas

    This product shipped quickly and was packaged well. It had several used tools included. It had strong suction power. It was easy to clean. Came charged out of the box.

  17. Julisa Odom

    Easy to use and great value for the price

  18. Yessica Cope

    Honestly was a little hesitant to buy this because bought a few before but we’re like they said this one really does the job it came as described and works really well my daughter loves it I have tried it also love this Nothing but good about it would recommend buying this auctions really good

  19. Khadijah McMillan

    Works as advertised love the product used daily

  20. Candice Ambrose

    It was a little weird to get used to at first because it sometimes gets suctioned in one place so it’s hard to slide but overall good for how cheap it is compared to some of the name brand ones. I recommend especially for people that don’t want to spend $150 on something like this.

  21. Elyse Zimmerman

    I got this product Initially for a friends, but after i heard how much she used and loved it, i had to get one for myself.

  22. Macie Lomeli

    It works perfectly and doesn’t leave an marks and the suction is perfect

  23. Chantal Dozier

    The charge lasts so long. I love how it will get rid of a zit that is just starting, but also it clears out blackheads. This thing is amazing!!!

  24. Alannah Tapia

    Easy to use. Good suction.

  25. Caitlin Storm

    Be careful if you have sensitive skin. If you use it too much in one spot it will leave a red mark. It has been very effective for those pesky chin small blackheads.

  26. Shauna Murillo

    I really enjoy this product. I have pretty stubborn acne and I hate digging in with needles or scrapers and leaving scarring. I like how East and affordable the product.

  27. Coral Lindley

    Awesome works amazing!

  28. Tammy Talbert

    I absolutely love this specially on my husband’s nose who has tons of blackheads .
    10 out 10

  29. Rhiannon Mendoza

    Can I begin by saying: Oh my gosh! This product is the absolute best! My skin is glowing and has never been so clean effortlessly! I was a little skeptical but this is amazing for the face! My face feels fresh and clean! The only thing I recommend is not to use this if you have a date night or whatever… it leaves the face red (from the suction) temporarily but wears off! I have fair skin tone and it took at least one hour to clear. The different probes work great for what they are recommended for! Anyway I 100% recommend this product for anyone who is interested in a plush and clean face!

  30. Raina Bader

    Lo volveria a comprar muy bueno

  31. Christa Farnsworth

    I love the product!!

  32. Trisha Sanderson

    I purchased this product about 2 months ago and then had a major shoulder reconstruction surgery. It was very helpful for dealing with any acne that popped up as I was unable to pop them normally. It also comes with extraction tools that I find very helpful for getting stubborn blackheads out.

  33. Flor Nolen

    when fully charged it has intense suction power and the differed attachments are great! leaves skin feeling soft

  34. Corrina Leonard

    It’s so easy to use and has amazing suction. I used to tear up my face trying to get blackheads out and now it’s easier than ever. And the slimming of the neck works fantastic too. I love the attachments.

  35. Jayde Lu

    it comes with a charger as well! great packaging and easy to use for all skin types!

  36. Ellen Maki

    Product works exactly as described, strong suction, various attachments for different areas of the body, and the extraction tools are very useful. Happy customer here!

  37. Fiona Sanford

    Really like the suction power on this and it’s so oddly satisfying seeing all the gunk come out of your skin

  38. Gissel Zuniga

    Does what it says! Good purchase. My daughter uses it regularly

  39. Raven Heinrich

    My husband and I really like this product
    It really removes all the blackheads and doesn’t scar your skin
    I have really sensitive skin so that was a big plus.
    Would recommend to try this product.

  40. Kaya Falcon

    Great at removing black heads. Also comes with tools that’s help clear pores.

  41. Yasmin Gutierrez

    Great product, exactly what I was looking for

  42. Megan Frederick

    I love my blackhead remover it is powerful and safe to use. Great value for the money. Telling all my friends and family.

  43. Montserrat Scarborough

    Use it for my blackheads and it’s works as well as my wife

  44. Janeth Guenther

    The blackhead remover is great for your pores! Has multiple heads to exfoliate, massage, tighten skin, smooth out fine lines. Has really great suction power! Very easy to use and clean as well!

  45. Eryn Parnell

    Works just like it says

  46. Khadijah Fong

    I am very satisfied with this product

  47. Britany Gardiner

    I suffer from blackheads and clogged pores. Since buying this product my skin is getting clearer and smoother. I highly recommend it and the seller is amazing!!

  48. Autum Cone

    Great Price!!! Sanction power is great and really clears out my pours and removes black heads

  49. Ayanna Webb

    At first I was kinda nervous to use it but when I did use it not only did it work well but the results were awesome

  50. Alayna Masters

    So I was pretty skeptical but I thought for the price I would give it a try. It did not disappoint! I do not have a lot of blackheads but I do have them on the tip of my nose and I have tried everything to remove them; strips, exfoliators, peels… everything and they just don’t get to the tip of my nose. This product does. Remember to use after you have cleaned and steamed your face so your pores are open. It may take more than once but you will see a difference after one use. Also I breakout especially with wearing a mask. This device is great for a large, never going away blemish. If I use this as soon as I see a zit it gets rid of it in more than 1/2 the normal time. Highly recommend this product! Get it! You cannot beat it for the price.

  51. Alayna McElroy

    Works exactly as intended and exceeded my expectations, especially considering the price. The packaging is very sturdy and works great as a way to store the device when not in use. The included instructions were clear and concise, although this type of device does indeed have a bit of a learning curve. Better to start on a low power and get a feel for the motion you need to maintain to avoid any potential bruising. For the price, this device serves its purpose at a tremendous value. Definitely recommend.

  52. Raelyn Bridges

    I expected it to not work, surprise. I had to turn the power down. It is extremely effective at removing blackheads and does not irritate your skin in the process. I would recommend this product. Shipping was on time and fast.

  53. Janette Patrick

    I genuinely love and appreciate this product it helped me get a clear nose. It has made the way I remove my black heads super easy. It comes in a little box full of really good stuff.

  54. Sabrina Zamora

    Súper fácil de usar, tienen 5 modalidades de uso. El poder de succión es muy bueno, pero no debes pasártelo muchas veces en la misma Zona.

  55. Kori Stark

    This product is ok it helps with cleaning pores but it takes a lot to remove blackheads but overall it’s ok

  56. Kiara Reedy

    This really sucks all my blackheads off and you can see the gunk through the head! 10/10 Reccomend!!

  57. Viridiana Thacker

    This is very easy to use and useful in my routine!

  58. Luz Hannah

    this thing works awesome cleaned out all my blackheads

  59. Delia Comer

    The product is super nice working very well

  60. Lacey Gillette

    I used it to remove blackheads

  61. Tehya Yee

    works so well!

  62. Cecilia Madison

    Works really good

  63. Dayanara Reyna

    Took my blackheads out so good! It has definitely become a part of my skincare routine left my nose feeling smooth.

  64. Xochitl Dennison

    Obviously don’t leave it in one place for to long and if you have sensitive skin dont use the higher settings, but otherwise it worked great. I love how clean my face, and the price was fair for how well it works! I definitely recommend it the price is affordable and it works perfectly, the battery life is amazing. One charge will last you almost a week, and when you meed to charge it dosent take long at all.

  65. Sydnee Whittington

    Good product for the money spent

  66. Aryanna Harwood

    Steam your face first.
    Start off low til you get to know how it feels.
    Its exactly what I was hoping for.

  67. Yolanda Murillo

    Works great and easy to clean!

  68. Lainey Hough

    Worked great and easy to use!

  69. Maddison Whipple

    This works really well. It leaves my face feeling clean and fresh after working outside. The lower settings work really well and the battery lasts a while.

  70. Savanna Oakley

    I have a very greasy nose and after the first time I used this my nose felt more much better.

  71. Kalynn Hunter

    Does just what it should makes your face feel so clean!

  72. Annelise Demers

    Making it perfect for a gift, product comes in a nice yet sturdy packaging.
    This blackhead remover works great on clogged pores thanks to its great suction power, providing deep skin cleansing effortlessly with its 5 different suction levels.
    Included in the box are the blackhead vacuum, 3 different-size nozzles for pore suction depending on the area to be treated, an upgraded microcrystalline probe to remove dead skin, instructions on product use and care, plus a set of tools to help clean pores (it would be good if guidance on their use was also provided for those who do not know how to use them).
    This little thing works magic on your skin, you will be amazed by the results, I really recommend it.

  73. Angelica McCann

    I love this product. I have used it weekly since i bought it and my skin is glowing. I was surprised at how much dirt is on your face and in your pores. It cleans up very nicely. I don’t have blackheads or anything but from the dirt and gunk removal some it’s worth it. My facial hair is even growing in some trouble spots that previously had the pores filled with dirt and gunk.

  74. Jillian McLain

    It works great.

  75. Ivy Molina

    I’ve seen these devices on skin cleansing and pimple popping videos so I was intrigued. My face isn’t riddled with acne but I do get the occasional ingrown hair once a season.

    The suction of this device is surprisingly strong; so strong that if you have delicate skin, you could slightly hickie yourself.

    The multiple attachments are great and I used the smallest to pull out an ingrown hair and pus with ease.

    I recommend this easily!

  76. Tyla Wimberly

    very nice

  77. Ashly Parker

    I like that the suction power is strong enough to get out black heads and white heads. Your face feels clean after. I am so happy i have this product and i recommend everyone should have this for their skin care.

  78. Carli Menendez

    Easy to use,

  79. Annabel Durbin

    Didnt received the item due to my package being stolen…
    But I would of loved to use it
    It looks like it could of worked for me

  80. Kalista Adcock

    The suction power on this thing is great.It doesnt work for pimples under the skin but works good for on the surface pimples. It can hurt a bit but its worth it. It gets all the junk out. After using this i out acne patch on my face to finish the job if there is anything left. It is a little red at first but it goes away. I recomnded this product!

  81. Janiya Cline

    Easy to use and great for my face

  82. Brittani Neeley

    I love it !!

  83. Acacia Sanderson

    It’s clean my face nicely

  84. Joslyn Bravo

    I have a professional perform this service as part of my facial services every two months. This tool has been helpful for me to use in between services, it is easy to use and easy to clean. I do recommend testing a small area with different power settings before using on entire sections of the face.

  85. Melinda Altman

    This is a solid product that provides you with tools that can help you clean the suction nozzle, in addition to being used on your face.

  86. Antonia Walls

    I love the power it has. I have ordered a different brand and it did not do that great of a job. Love this one!

  87. Gloria Salinas

    Suction power is pretty great! Easy to use once you get the hang of it. And easy to clean! Definitely like this!

  88. Marjorie Briggs

    The device is very good. I do not have anything bad to say. It was for my girlfriend.

  89. Charlene Morley

    I’m happy with this product. The only thing to watch out for is suctining for too long…you may get a tiny round hickey in that spot if you’re not careful.

  90. Jean Bliss

    Great product will recommend to everyone there. Does work well to bring black heads to the surface.

  91. Nancy Gannon

    This product has quite a bit of suction. Used on laugh lines. Works ok on pores.

  92. Ashlin Eggleston

    Both my husband and I really love this for cleaning facial pores. It actually works and the suction is powerful for getting those pores clean.

  93. Johanna Dye

    The product worked great and was easy to use.

  94. Lucille Milam

    This product works good. The suction is really strong. highly recommended

  95. Mckenzie Magana

    I was amazed at how well this worked. I don’t have many blackheads, but what I did have were removed so quickly. I used it for blackheads in my husbands ear and it pulled them out instantly! Highly recommend!! The suction is really strong so I suggest following the directions and don’t stay on one spot for too long. Move it slowly. Also, make sure your pores are open so after a hot shower it works the best!

  96. Kenia Pryor

    Quick delivery and it came already charged and ready to use! Easy to adjust suction and clean out. Very happy with this great purchase.

  97. Leona Wendt

    Surprised at how good it works. Good suction power and easy to use. Recommend.

  98. Luz Mathis

    Really good product 100% recommend

  99. Sydnee Kincaid

    This product has very durable suction power. I’ve had it for 6months and it still works like new. It is also very easy to clean. It has additional tools that are very easy to use

  100. Averi Loera

    I use the product twice a week and enjoy how easy it is to use.

  101. Madalyn Rush

    This product works great on the face. Fast & very affective for a great price

  102. Roxanne Rea

    THis product is easy to use it worried me since I have sensitive skin – you just have to monitor how much you use since the suction is powerful

  103. Evelin Torrez

    This product does exactly what it is supposed to. It cleared my daughter’s face up. Just be careful not to suction too hard, will leave a bruise on the face.

  104. Winter Koehn

    Its my first time using a pore vacuum and it really gets the job done. Im really happy with this product.

  105. Holly Moseley

    I used this product to help clear blackheads on my forehead and nose area. The tools that came with it are really great also as a compliment to the product.

  106. Maya Ramos

    Just what I needed to remove blackheads!

  107. Jessalyn Lyle

    I was so excited to use this right away. Great design and I love that its rechargeable. The suction is great! Very pleasantly surprised! Would recommend!

  108. Alena Botello

    Suction more powerful than I thought it would be but works well

  109. Janna Duckworth

    We got this for my husband and it works great. It’s not painful but has good suction. Thank you!

  110. Nautica Keating

    This is a great product and it’s super simple to use, and it’s awesome for when you’re trying to clear up your skin. I also love the extra little tools they sent with it, those were really helpful!

  111. Francisca Pope

    I like this product. My face feels softer, my acne has gone down.

  112. Gisselle Parham

    This product is Amazing! Had a deep embedded blackhead that just wouldn’t budge. Purchased this product and it got it out on the first try! The suction power is strong but not painful. I couldn’t believe how quick and painless this was. I wish I would have purchased a year ago when the blackhead first came embedded. So happy I have now in case it decides to come back!

  113. Shana Phan

    The blackhead vacuum works very well…
    I am so happy that I purchased this because now I have no more blackheads

  114. Brissa Biddle

    Amazing product for price. But you HAVE to do the before care routine for it to be the most effective.

  115. Mya Michael

    Did what it said it would do my husband actually likes it so much he tells everyone lol

  116. Marian Seals

    Works as it should… Also comes with hand tools (not shown)

  117. Mckayla Mixon

    Would really recommend it’s easy to use and clean

  118. Monet Hills

    This little gadget works great! Thanks:)

  119. Ariella Cardona

    No more acne!

  120. Estefania Lockhart

    The suction power is no joke but it can be a little intense at first. It is very easy to clean and does help remove dead skin and clean our pores pretty well.

  121. Cailey Nye

    Product came quickly and has a good suction. Works well.

  122. Krista Rosenthal

    I love the blackhead remover because it has great suction, and it cleans my pores, especially around my nose. I wash my face and steam before using the product, and I find it helpful before using the poor cleaner.

  123. Thea Bowen

    I Was Very Pleased when I Received My Product:) It really did Extract the Black Heads and love the Different Vaccuum settings!
    The Price Is Reasonable especially what It Can Do, Very Happy with It:)


  124. Kamryn Mortensen

    The power of the suction is really strong, the first time I used it I had to adjust to the suction.

  125. Isabella Cordero

    Very great tool! Also come with all the other tools for pimple popping which was a plus! Great suction power!

  126. Kyara Quick

    great product works well and easy on skin. noticed a difference within a few days of using the product.

  127. Carson Ortega

    Amazing product would recommend to anyone

  128. Christina Casey

    Works as described and came fast!

  129. Vera Danner

    Don’t hold it in one place to long. Follow instruction and it works great.

  130. Marilyn Creamer

    I love this blackhead pore vacuum it really does remove all the black heads from your face. A big plus was it comes with tools for your black heads or pimples. It’s has improved my skin by doing it 3 times a week . It definitely is a big plus to someone face routine.

  131. Delia Ridenour

    I’ve been using this for about a month now..and almost all my black-heads have disappeared..and i has alot of them believe me….JUST BUY THIS…YOU WONT REGRET IT

  132. Miracle Lloyd

    I like this item a lot I’ve noticed a difference already of the three times I’ve used it I love it so much!!

  133. Karlee Maciel

    Love how it deep cleans your pores and seeing all the stuff it cleans off.

  134. Alessandra Rosa

    Suction power is strong easy to use and easy to clean highly recommend this product.

  135. Corina Schreiber

    The battery last a long time! And it works really well!

  136. Stacie Barbee

    Very affordable and works so well, left my face very smooth

  137. Giselle Anderson

    It is a good product. I recommend it

  138. Colette Hobson

    It really gets all that nasty sweat, oil, and dirt out of your pours. Extremely easy to clean and use. Great suction power and multiple settings for people with sensitive skin.

  139. Daisha Baltazar

    Very easy to use very easy to clean works great

  140. Ciana Linder

    This is great for black heads

  141. Kia Delagarza

    I like this product it works it does take the black heads off & pimples . It cleans up my face . It’s really a good product . Very easy to use.

  142. Lexus Weathers

    I absolutely love these this is actually the second time I’ve bought one because my sister wanted my other one and so I just bought another! And still love it!

  143. Rubi Beal

    Worked great to help clear up my pores!

  144. Delia Crowder

    Works very well. Don’t leave suction in the same spot for too long as said in the instructions, but it works great.

  145. Naomi Long

    I’m obsessed with this thing. It’s so easy to use and it really does work. 10/10 recommend

  146. Jeniffer Burger

    Love this product. Works very well and easy to use. Great size for travel.

  147. Asha Thorne

    Very easy to use! Great suction and easy to clean!!

  148. Phoebe Martell

    Wow! I can’t believe how well this product worked. I was taken back by the amount of dirt it took off my face. Highly recommended.

  149. Heidi Mazur

    Works as intended. Great price, great suction. Instructions were provided with the package. Lightweight and simple to use. I absolutely would recommend this

  150. Jodi Killian

    I’m impressed in this product, the suction was good and the tools that came with it

  151. Danyelle Leon

    I enjoyed the product overall.

  152. Rhianna Good

    YouTube the product 1st and let me just say I’m glad I got this thing! Definitely take a hot shower before use and the suction power is a BEAST!!! level 1 on my nose and higher on other parts of my face… Would post a video but Ewwwwwww don’t Wana upset your stomach 😅😅🤭 it really pulls the mess out your pores.

  153. Allie Harman

    Surprisingly good suction, works best after steaming.

  154. Laci Eads

    Easy to use when switching the different tips and easy to clean. Good suction!

  155. Sidney Valerio

    I can’t complain.

  156. Samira Knott

    This product does exactly what it says it does. It works very well and I highly recommend it.

  157. Holly Talbert

    I bought this for my 14 year old son, who has blackheads, on his nose. You definitely need to have a hot shower or steam your face to open up the pores before using this took. It ultimately does what we need it to do and it is easy to use.

  158. Allison Redden

    Works so well!

  159. Gladys McQueen

    Great product.

  160. Annemarie Hidalgo

    I purchased this product for my teen son. My son had a few whiteheads that he wanted to have removed. After doing some research I can upon this item and immediately ordered it. This product worked immediately. I highly recommend it.

  161. Joy Norman

    The suction is great! Be careful on the more sensitive areas of your face but it’s a great little tool to add to the arsenal! Gets out the oil buildup well!

  162. Myranda Brandenburg

    Very easy to use, I like the fact that the box is not flimsy so I can store underneath my sink without worrying about it getting damaged. And the instructions are pretty clear on how to use.

  163. Charlize Trinh

    This product is great value to money and eliminates the blackhead and whitehead in one use only. Suction power is cherry on the cake

  164. Jaidyn Naranjo

    The suction power was so powerful that I accidentaly ripped off my skin, but I also had left it there for too long at maximum power lol. Works like a charm and brings more tools! Not complaining, careful when using it, if you do buy it!

  165. Luz Haggerty

    I like how it suctions the acne & oil out of your skin

  166. Alessandra Grogan

    This worked great! The suction was waaaay strong and even hurt where I had to turn it down. It did it’s job and removed the black heads and dead skin. Works better if you use it after shower

  167. Vanessa Mejia

    Product is easy to use and seems to be a good value for money so far.

  168. Amaris Levine

    It seems like it wouldn’t be very powerful but it really is. I use this every other day after a shower and I feel it’s minimizing my pores. My face is looking better over time. I do have several pimples but I think it’s due to bringing the gunk up and not getting it all out. Overall I’m happy with the item.

  169. Harley Mackey

    I love it, easy to use sucks out blackheads. I recommend it

  170. Angeles Cook

    This works exactly as described!

  171. Martina Noonan

    This product is amazing, great suction and battery longitivity!

  172. Alayna Crider

    I find this handheld black head beauty vaccum suction device really helpful and painless in getting nasty gunk out of my pores and can start to see a diffrence in nose black heads which ive had for years and nothing else works. All I can say is give it a try this is honest review not due to a chance to win gift card first I was scepticle but after trying after a steamy shower cleaning my face before moisturizing I found this tool helpful and the suction is great

  173. Laney Anglin

    Be careful when you first use this. I ended up having a hickey on my chin. 😂 However, It works great!! Worth the money!

  174. Jacey Agnew

    This item did exactly what it claims to. Sucks blackheads. Great for those hard-to-reach places.

  175. Rita Huerta

    It was very easy to use and the suction was powerful. However, you can only apply it on a certain area for 3-5 seconds because of the suction power. So, it wasn’t able to get rid of the blackheads completely.

  176. Hattie Traylor

    Muy fácil de usar, hay que pasarse un trabajo húmedo y tibio antes de usar para que se abalnden los poros y sea más efectivo

  177. Edna Waters

    Wish the directions were more details. Super powerful suction. Used level 1 at first but nothing happened. Send time use level 2 and could see all the gunk that was suctioned out. Be careful if you have sensitive skin/bruise easily. Also not the best around your nose (loses suction).

  178. Rosalie Becker

    It is easy to use the suction is good, not as strong as I would like it but still good. For the money it was a very good buy. My son uses it for his face and it have worked for him I would recommend this to anyone

  179. Tasia Kuhn

    I have such a hard time getting my 12 year old to take care of his skin. Not only does this work, but he likes using it (the grosser the better, right?). It not only helps with pimple removal but also dry, flaky skin.

  180. Whitney Foley

    I loves this product because it is so easy to use and there is no wait time. I get out of the shower and use it on my nose. Even my teenage son has asked to use it. Great product

  181. Toni Rivera

    This product is amazing , left my sensitive skin with no bruising unlike other brands. And got all of my stubborn blackheads

  182. Barbara Knox

    Ended up giving it to a close friend who needed it more then I did

  183. Constance Alicea

    It is very easy to use and easy to clean

  184. Tiera Marx

    The suction power is really good. Be careful because it does leave red marks. I use it for my small black and white heads. I love it!

  185. Lucinda Cramer

    I use this every week . I don’t often get acne but when they do randomly pop up , I use this & they’re literally gone the next day . I love this thing . I started using it even on my boyfriend . After I clean it of course ! I recommend buying this !!!

  186. Angel Denton

    I really liked this product. I was so insecure About my black heads and this product removed them all easy to remove easy to clean and fast charging. Totally recommend definitely will be ordering more related products soon.

  187. Stephany Israel

    Has really good suction doesn’t hurt and actually pulls the gunk out of your skin! Leaves your face feeling wonderful!

  188. Cailey Sell

    Easy to clean

  189. Destini Mace

    The picture looks disgusting- but wanted to share, because this thing really does work.

    I have been using this once a week for over 2 years. I agree with other reviewers that lowest suction was more than enough, but over time I have found that I can set it higher and higher.

    A few tips that may help – I find that if I wet my face and add a small dab of soap, the device slides over my skin more easily and is less likely to leave a ‘hickie-like’ red spot. I also try to use it after a shower, so my pores are more open. I try to slide it over my nose and T-Zone, careful to not go over the same area more than once.

    I wish I had taken before and after pics – the difference in the size of my pores is drastic – so much tinier now.

    My face is red and inflamed for about ten minutes, so I plan accordingly.

    Good luck and I hope this works for you!

  190. Martina Adams

    Very easy to use no experience needed

  191. Caitlynn Oswald

    At first I was worried about the suction being too strong and leaving red places on my face. After using it awhile you learn how to manipulate it. It works well. Easy to clean. It u a longer cord

  192. Aracely Harkins

    it is amazing. removed most blackheads and whiteheads. is a great overall product and really helps clean my face.

  193. Eryn Lindberg

    Love it

  194. Tianna Gold

    Very easy to use for first timers. Easy to clean. Battery lasts longer than I expected. I had gotten one for me and one for my friend. We both are happy with results.

  195. Kaliyah Binder

    It’s very easy to use and very easy to clean!! Also the suction power was way better than I expected!!

  196. Pearl Barron

    We love the pore vacuum. This is the second one we have bought. We have one in each shower.

  197. Ali Connor

    easy too use kinda sucks a lil hard but overall please 🙂

  198. Alexcia Shultz

    Works great in removing excess oils and blackheads!

  199. Serenity Mercado

    Easy to use. Had fun with it.

  200. Kerri Lund

    Easy to use easy to clean

  201. Jordan Garay

    It was easy to use. It’s travel friendly.

  202. Stefanie Wolfe

    I like to use this after the shower to clean out my pores. Before using this my pores on my nose were large and I had lots of black heads. I’ve noticed a big improvement since using this product.

  203. Katelin Temple

    Very happy with it except battery life isn’t what was expected. Does help it is rehargable. A plus would be having a little backlight on it so it could shine on area you are working on to see better

  204. Terra Cardona

    This is so easy to use. The first time I used it, the suction head was filled with gunk that I didn’t even know was in my skin. This is truly AMAZING!!

  205. Erica Toth

    This product works really good and has a nice suction to it.. it also includes a little tool kit to help wit pimples.. its worth the price definitely!!

  206. Micah Dunbar

    This works great and it’s so easy to use! I love it

  207. Caylin Beckwith

    Easy to use and easy to clean

  208. Danielle Mcmillian

    Came on time, works great

  209. Gissell Chau

    Great product, easy to use!

  210. Bridgette Villanueva

    Amazing product. Works great

  211. Carrington Noe

    Very easy to use

  212. Allyssa Schmitz

    It good

  213. Veronica Bates

    Easy to use to remove from pores

  214. Amya Moreau

    I was skeptical about this product but ended up loving it i recommend it 100% no damage and easy to use.

  215. Emerson Wingate

    Be sure to use this product with your face being steamed or after it is moisturized. The suction is very powerful but make sure you do not leave it in one spot for too long because it will create marks on your face. It is great for acne and any blackheads but be sure not to use this machine too often, maybe 2 times a week. Great product!

  216. Marisa Robledo

    This product was very helpful. I was skeptical if it would work for me. But, it worked very well. I would recommend this product. I use it a few times a week after cleaning my face. My skin looks better.

  217. Analisa Walter

    This thing has some serious suction power! I accidentally did too much suction and it left a hickey on my chin! 😂 So just be careful of that. I see the best results on my nose and my chin.

  218. Alannah Yee

    This is a replacement of another model I had for a few years. This is far superior and even cheaper! Highly recommended!

  219. Donna Hines

    I was amazed at the ability in this gadget to clean pores. Don’t use the high suction it is strong lol

  220. Adamaris Currier

    This product was easy to use and got my blackhead heads out.

  221. Lizette Bower

    Good and easy to use

  222. Cassie Alarcon

    Good suction for blackheads!

  223. Hailey Swift

    the blackhead remover vaccuum is the best thing ever! Ive seen this on tv, and at first i thought it was gross, seeing all that comes out of you face! Once you use it, You never want to be without one.The suction power is amazing. This machine really does what it says. Cleans out your pores, and helps gets rid of all the gunk on your face, and all at your speed, it has 5 speeds. After using this product, your face feels clean,and amazing! would recommend to anyone!

  224. Tristen Meyer

    I ordered this to reduce and prevent blackheads and it’s really helping. It works best after a hot shower. It is easy to clean with water. The variable suction is great so it is gentle on my face. I recommended one to my brother as well.

  225. Miranda Martens

    I was a skeptic that it would work. After one use I was a believer. This little machine cleans your pores. The amount of oil and zit stuff was disgusting but satisfying. I highly recommend this product

  226. Karah Waugh

    Extremely easy to use and set up. Works very well. Would recommend.

  227. Julie Ibarra

    Great at home tool, fabulous price.

  228. Katelynn Worley

    great product works well!

  229. Amaya Koch

    Works well

  230. Rocio Grogan

    I love ❤ this device it works wonderfully!!!

  231. Haven McGrath

    This product came with everything required, it works amazing, no issues! the charger works, super easy to clean, and my face has clesrned up very quick already and i’ve had it for 2 weeks.

  232. Katheryn Barrera

    This works just as well as a $100 one from a different brand I previously owned that broke. Good value good product

  233. Brittani Lavoie

    The suction is good and isn’t to harsh on your skin. Multiple attachments makes it easy for certain skin types

  234. Michael Avila

    The suction works very well it really sucks the pores out of my face. I love it

  235. Nikki Kidwell

    This product is very powerful and does clean pores very well, I recommend starting off with the lightest suction just to be safe and then go up as needed. I give it a five out of five because the higher suction really helps get the more stubborn pores, it is a great product.

  236. Erykah Simpkins

    I was skeptical at first but it works well has good suction don’t keep it on 1 place for too long I just go back and forthright over a few times

  237. Adilene Deutsch

    I like using this product. It help with my white heads and my black heads on my nose. I recommend getting this product.

  238. Katharine Palacios

    It is very easy to use. You can adjust the power according to preference. My skin feels so clean and smooth already!

  239. Zoey Napier

    Purchased this for my teenage son. It was easy for him to use and seems to be helping his complexion!

  240. Mya Kopp

    The suction power is awesome it really got rid of my blackheads thank you

  241. Maren Winkler

    This is a real suction for those stubborn blemishes and it comes with tools!!!

  242. Sylvia Yarbrough

    Great suction, works for what I was needing

  243. Linda Ortega

    Easy to use and to clean

  244. Jacy Burgess

    Esta muy buena

  245. Rocio Mendenhall

    this was amazing

  246. Leann Mann

    I liked everything

  247. Camille Gay

    It is very powerful.

  248. Shakayla Mangum

    I tried other blackhead remover and that wasn’t as good as this one it helps remove all blackheads and make my skin smother I also own a beauty salon and I’m using this product for customer as well and they are always satisfied

  249. Alondra Irvine

    This product was overall amazing! It had really good suction. I mainly used it for my nose and chin areas for blackheads. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that have hard blackheads to remove!

  250. Kierra Toney

    I’ve never used one of these before but highly recommended! Easy to use and easy to clean (I use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and rub on the inside of the detachable nozzle). It does help extract pesky blackheads on my nose…not all of them but most. A great tool to add to my skincare arsenal.

  251. Akira Gerard

    This product was very easy to figure out and stays charged for A long time when using on teenagers I would advise you to use the lower settings can hurt if held in one place to long

  252. Arely Oh

    I’ve been wanting to try a product like this for a while, I’m glad I tried this one out. It has great suction and very easy to clean.

  253. Annie Fabian

    Very nice price and does exactly what I wanted it to do. I work in a very dirty environment building trucks helps keep black heads down

  254. Melissa Faulkner

    The product is made out of very durable material. The suction is better than I expected it to be. I highly recommend.

  255. Dayna Stone

    It is a very nice product and it works perfectly, a really good purchase

  256. Linda Hogan

    The suction is really strong actually removes the yucky things from my face

  257. Makenzie Mortensen

    make sure you don’t put it on full speed to suction out.

  258. Kristyn Sparks

    It is the best thing I have tried.

  259. Brook Plunkett

    Easy to clean, does work well.

  260. Savanna Wakefield

    Product is very easy to use.

  261. Azaria Cochrane

    This definitely works and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean! Excellent product.

  262. Tianna Zeller

    It does everything it says it will do.

  263. Lesli Farris

    I like how easy the product is too use. Also the cleaning process of it is easy.

  264. Taryn Godinez

    It works. And to be honest, though the areas you vacuumed will be red, it’s much gentle than using your hands. And the redness just wears off few seconds later. Great for fast clean of your pores and I can get a lot of gooey things out of my pores. Fresh and clean now.

  265. Armani Hamel

    I can’t believe how well this works for a great price. I was so happy when I opened it and saw all the different suction heads that come with it plus all the extra tools that come with it I am so in love with this and would recommend it to anyone

  266. Kaytlin Arreola

    I especially liked the ease of operation.
    The device is actually being used to removed samples from a scientific sample holder.
    The samples are hard to remove otherwise, since they sit recessed below the surface and do not just fall out, they require a bit of suction to get them removed.

  267. Nadine Arsenault

    I have purchased these before and haven’t been pleased. I decided to get this one as there was a sale on it and I’m so glad I did. Great suction, easy to clean, and I use it everyday. Buy it!

  268. Akira Shell

    This is a great and easy product to use. It’s quick and doesn’t leave any scarring. The different size add-on’s are great for any size blackhead. I would definitely recommend to my friends.

  269. Kiera McPherson

    this is a great product for lesser acne, it sadly doesn’t work on everything, but when it works, it’s excellent! comes with a few AMAZING extra tools too that are amazing quality!

  270. Haily Paige

    Product is perfect and works greatly for all my kids and the stubborn blackheads on their noses. I especially like the little tools that come along with it. Definitely recommend!

  271. Ciarra Kerr

    I love this product so much
    My husband needed something to clean out the pores of his nose and it is beyond amazing ‘ best purchase ever

  272. Winter Lauer

    I weld for a living and this product cleans my face that soap and scrubs just won’t get my black heads out like I want.

  273. Journey Alves

    Could definitely be easier to clean! The heads for it get smaller and it’s hard to really get in there

  274. Belen Petty

    Super easy to use and suction power was great. Different heads allowed for easy use for beginners.

  275. Lainey Ezell

    Great product for the price. Easy to use and clean. Love the tools that come with it.

  276. Lexie Cagle

    Really easy to use love the color 💓

  277. Justine Trejo

    I liked it allot it’s a awesome product

  278. Janette Hite

    Súper lo recomiendo

  279. Reese Zook


  280. Shaniya Howard

    Love this facial tool for cleaning out pores. VERY easy to use and seeing what came out of my face the first time I used it made me realize I needed this more than I thought! Cleaning was pretty easy too. Recommend!

  281. Megan Bivens

    This works great! I absolutely love it!

  282. Estefany Holman

    It is super easy to figure out and use! It has many different suction settings and different heads. I love it!

  283. Danielle McCrary

    I like that you turn up the speed to how you want it, I use it for my blackhead

  284. Ivanna Stock

    Was skeptical about it at first till I tried it out and it does actually remove all of your black heads, I have a very oily nose and take care of it daily now with this remover! Worth it.

  285. Annalee Orellana

    I have oily skin along with blackheads, but this blackhead remover does the job.
    It has powerful suction, and it cleans blackheads from the skin very well. Once my job calls me back I will
    buy again

  286. Nichole Battle

    This tool is very effective, leaving my skin feeling so fresh and clean! The additional attachments are great, easy to clean and use! One of the best tools I have for my skin!

  287. Tatum Prater

    Very easy to use love the exfoliating suction cup very much needed and so easy to use gets the job done and makes popping pimples and cleaning your face something to look forward to

  288. Nancy Buckner

    Absolutely love this suction is extremely powerful definitely start on lowest setting unlike I did but that was my fault I should of read instructions more thoroughly! other then that it’s amazing!

  289. Kyara Goodwin

    The suction is amazing. It really cleans out my face. My husband’s face was always filled with blackheads. This product makes keeping his face look good easy.

  290. Ivonne Beattie

    My niece is 13 and loves mine, so I bought her her own!!!! She loves that it came with all of the tools for extraction too!!!!

  291. Aleah Starnes

    This product is amazing, makes me not need a black mask honestly. Very easy to clean. Works best on level 3.

  292. Cathy Youngblood

    Took me two tries to fully understand it but it’s really simple and the suction works wonders

  293. Elisa Earl

    This product works very well. I would highly recommend, and you cannot go wrong with the price.

  294. Delaney Jack

    Love the suction & power. Super Easy to use & clean face

  295. Edith Heim

    Love the suction power, would recommend this product to anyone.

  296. Elaine Wilkinson

    The pore sucker helped with my pimples and black heads

  297. Doris Peek

    I recommend wetting your face before using !

  298. Carolina McHugh

    Very easy to use and works great!

  299. Zara Gantt

    I didn’t dislike anything about this product

  300. Yazmin Jacobs

    I like it. it”a perfect one

  301. Darcy Kirk

    Works like it says

  302. Amiyah Barksdale

    Love it!!

  303. Breonna McCloskey

    It is super easy to use. It has a button where you can adjust the suction power. if you want to clean it, i recommend getting a q-tip and put some cleaner on there!

  304. Kellie Aaron

    its very easy to use and all of the little things that come with it is supper cool!

  305. Keana Herbert

    This is absolutely amazing 10/10 recommend

  306. Dana Delagarza

    I was surprised with thu suction because I didn’t expect it to work so well. I love this blackhead remover.

  307. Stephanie Johnston

    I gave the product a try, wasn’t too bad. It’s just when it socks out enough of the head, I’m not sure how to really clean out the blood it also picks up since the unit itself can’t get wet except for the caps. Replacing those tiny filters is a bit tricky. The free metal pieces are nice, but I have no clue how to use them. Tweezers part helped to replace filter. Not recommended for those with shaky hands.

  308. Olivia Razo

    Easy to use a very powerful tool take precaution when using

  309. Danika Pierre

    This tool is perfect for clogged pores and for teenage skin as well as “middle-aged” woman’s skin! This tool has just the right amount of section to get the job done ,but not be unpleasant. well worth the price and much cheaper than many others I’ve come across .

  310. Serena Kilgore

    It came fully charged and I tried it right away. I use it 2-3 times a week and it’s still going strong.

    The battery lasts quite a while, I haven’t had to charge it yet. It has everything I need for maintenance.

    I recommend this product.

  311. Ingrid Maher

    I used to go to get my acnes out in Vietnam at a private salon. They used the bamboo pipes, heated them on fire and applied on my face. This device can work exactly like those, but for myself only.

  312. Alma Hart

    I have a very Dirty job that causes me to break into from clogged dirty pores. The blackhead remover helps pull the dirt out of my pores so I can keep pimples and blackheads under control.

  313. Lauryn Knudsen

    I usually get dry around the nose and when I do my makeup you can see the textures but this completely smoothes my skin out

  314. Kaili Sigler

    I love this pore vacuum! I picked one of the lower priced options and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it works.

  315. Belen Calabrese

    I love this my skin has never looked so good I totally recommend this especially if you’re having a lot of blackheads.

  316. Summer Yost

    Its really easy to use, it cleans up your face nicely and the suction tickles but works well on your face.

  317. Jacquelyn Burr

    it truly works! my boyfriends nose has so many blackheads and this sucked all that gunk out of them.

  318. Reece Le

    The suction is great, I can not believe how well this helps with pimples and black heads…

  319. Anastacia Slack

    I liked every thing about it, it had more suction than I expected.

  320. Tanya Engel

    Product was amazing and the suction actually does work and removes oils.

  321. Keely Outlaw

    Has high suction rate. Cleans pores well. It’s easy to use.

  322. Laila Youngblood

    Comes with a lot of stuff and works great

  323. Marie Fink

    Does exactly what it’s suppose to do.

  324. Marlene Ponder

    Works amazing absolutely love using it!

  325. Julia Hightower

    This product is awesome and works great!

  326. Carolyn Means

    Works great, would highly recommend.

  327. Gissel Lentz

    It’s easy to use

  328. Ruth Terry

    Very good product

  329. Reanna Griswold

    The product worked alright. It did not get the area as clean as we would have liked though

  330. Haily Traylor

    To be honest I really liked that the product was really good for the price. And it works very well and the charge last a while

  331. Kellie Lau

    It has good suction and really takes care of the blackheads! Would highly recommend!

  332. Alicia Pease

    Definitely does the job. If I’ve got a nice collection 😶😲 of blackheads on ur face this will suck them right out. My face feels sooo much smoother and I have my rosey cheeks back. Plus while working on ur blackheads ur also helping those fine lines on ur face go away as well so it’s definitely a win win since I myself just turned 40 and the last thing I want to see in the mirror is ageing fine lines!

  333. Norma Raney

    This was fairly easy to use, but definitely pay attention to the 3 second time limit on an area. It works fairly well, but better on areas that are more mature. It is also not easily used on areas that aren’t flat like your nose. Cleaning isn’t as easy as I would like, but overall a good product.

  334. Deanna Jerome

    This product made cleaning my face a speed process and a deeper cleanse for at home options.

  335. Amy Person

    This product is amazing at pulling out the blackheads i get on my nose! it works on other spots like my forehead and my chin but doesn’t work as well for areas like cheeks.. still worth the money!

  336. Tatyana Streeter

    Easy to use, but don’t leave it on one area for very long or you will have a hickey on your face.

  337. Katheryn Zielinski

    Works great and suction power is great easy to use.

  338. Clare Donohue

    This product works great and is very efficient.

  339. Julie Gruber

    I liked how easy it was to use.

  340. Kalyn Canfield

    Works extremely well. I highly recommend this product.

  341. Calista Lentz

    Removes blackheads like a charm.

  342. Corinne Herrington

    Works great! Recommend!

  343. Karah Dent

    If you are looking for a pore vacuum I would recommend this one. It is easy to use and does well cleaning out your pores.

  344. Georgina Hanlon

    Liked this product
    Very easy to use

  345. Lily Brink

    The price was good compared to blackhead cleaning strips and didn’t help me, this blackhead pore cleaner really does the work and it’s really easy to use. Battery life was great, I was able to clean my face without running out of battery twice. Price is cheap for its value.

  346. Lilliana Staton

    I like that I can get the hard to get spots out of the way and that it is easy to use and easy to store.

  347. Catalina Beal

    Great product. It socks out every thing. I love it. Just make sure you clean the face with warm water so pores open.

  348. Ambria Regalado

    Bought it for my teen daughters who love to do their skin care routine. Works great and they are loving it! Highly recommend

  349. Alyson Connell

    It is easy to use, it is a good product and it can be kept clean and it is also safe

  350. Jacey Camacho

    This product is amazing!! Really helped clear my skin very easy to use !!:) easy to clean as well

  351. Bonnie Lemon

    I was extremely satisfied with the product, easy to use application, and immediate shipping speed.

  352. Perla Urbina

    Este producto me ha ayudado demasiado con la limpieza de mi rostro

  353. Rochelle Amaro

    It removed my white heads from my nose from the comfort of my own house

  354. Macie Whitson

    I like all the tools it comes with and it works great on blackheads and small bumps. Suction is good and will leave a bruise if used in same spot to much so be careful. I like it and would purchase again.

  355. Daisha Rush

    I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one of these. This was a great price and the product worked great!!! Great suction and loved the different attachments provided for areas like around my nose where I needed a small attachment.

  356. Cassandra Holly

    This product works, I bought it to remove some stubborn blackheads. The suction is very strong, be careful not to stay in one spot for too long otherwise it will leave marks. Overall I’m happy with my purchase!

  357. Zainab McKnight

    I have really bad pores on my nose, didn’t think I could find anything affordable to help! I love this product.

  358. Liza Hutchinson

    Great product, as described works fantastic removing blackheads heads n shrinks pore size

  359. Triniti Roark

    It would have been perfect if it had a smaller mouthpiece!

  360. Keeley Arteaga

    Great product! Well worth the money 🤗

  361. Sally Lancaster

    Fast shipping! Love this product! Works great!

  362. Cynthia Hayes

    Great product to help with facial care

  363. Salena Santamaria

    Product works great!

  364. Lilia Dixon

    Excellent product….

  365. Trista Lance

    Made skin feel great.

  366. Nathalie Mcmillen

    Works very well, especially around the nose!

  367. Joanna Vaughn

    I expected a cheaply made product without a lot of suction, but it was well made and the suction power is great. There are suction settings from 1-5 that you can use to increase suction power if needed, but we found the #3 setting works well for us. It also came with different attachments AND extra little filters. Which came in handy because I pulled off the attachment too hard the first time, and the rubber filter went flying. I’m glad I bought this for my teenage son. I secretly used it myself a few times.

  368. Daijah Garrison

    My daughter gets wild blackheads but hates anything that envolves pushing down on her skin so I got her this. She likes it and it does the job well

  369. Ericka Gagne

    I love it I’m very happy with my purchase. It is good for on the go and is easy to charge. Its not hard to set up but make sure to read the instructions so you know what everything is for. A tip would be not to rub it in the same spot constantly because it will bruise the area and leave a scar.

  370. Rocio Cornwell

    The suction power was 9 out of 10 it was extremely easy to use which my sister loved that because she’s not good with electronic stuff but overall she loved it was great gift, she really needed it I bought at the last minute but it got here right on time

  371. Joyce Upchurch

    Works good for black head removal and attachments were good sizes, I used it multiple times and the suction of it was good on my skin don’t leave in one area of the skin too long. Best pore suction I’ve bought so far!

  372. Rylie Merchant

    This is a very easy to use device. The different sized attachments make it “customizable” for your areas you need to treat. Its pretty simple to keep clean and sterilize for the next use.

  373. Rayne Corley

    This device was in pristine condition and arrived on time. Unfortunately, the voltage in the outlets was not compatible with this device. The company owners fixed this issue quickly.

  374. Valeria Judd

    This Vacuum works awesome. It removes black head. The suction power is strong and had different setting. Love it!!!

  375. Breanne Scales

    My daughter uses it to help clear the blackheads. She says it works perfectly.

  376. Bobbie Parks

    I love that it comes with different heads to choose from

  377. Nora Ahrens

    An amazing pore cleanser. Easy to use. Great price too.

  378. Tonya Earley

    Easy to use

  379. Jaelyn Pfeifer

    I love it

  380. Yareli Montez

    This works amazing

  381. Raven Paulsen

    get all the stuff out my pimples and it helps on the nose the best which I was hoping I jus love this product you can use it without the instructions

  382. Paige Staley

    I love it! This is so much better than the blackhead remover that I purchased out of the store. It works wonderfully! It is almost here!

  383. Jennie Clough

    I really like how powerful this pore vacuum is! It also came with additional tools to assist with removing dirt and oil.

  384. Terra Connell

    Very fancy and affordable product for a facial at home. It has all the tools.

  385. Maya Polk

    Good suction.
    Battery status and difficult to see, but that’s not real important.

  386. Brittney Kaur

    Great product! Works as described!

  387. Lori Arsenault

    Very strong and powerful

  388. Nadia Leblanc

    Works good.

  389. Gemma Crum

    Very good

  390. Mikaila Knott


  391. Aisha McGregor

    I really like this item. It works better than I thought. Your face will feel so refreshing . You will live this.

  392. Isabel Pool

    I also got for my daughter as she has oily skin and breakouts she looks great

  393. Shantel Finch

    I purchased this for my daughter and so far, no complaints!

  394. Katharine Couch

    I was surprised for the price that this pore vacuum had this amount of power and suction.
    I really like that there is different levels of suction. This also includes different suction heads. Totally worth the purchase and I have already recommended to my teenage cousin that struggles with blackheads on his nose!
    5 Stars hands down!

  395. Shakayla Tong

    This works great especially on the corners of your nose

  396. Abigail Richey

    Love my product

  397. Madyson Pinkerton

    I Love This Machine It Actually Has More Suction Power Than I Thought. & All The Different Tips Are Great To Get Around Your Nose & Stuff. It’s Just Amazing!!

  398. Brionna Briseno

    It is very convenient. The suction power is amazing! Have not had any trouble using this product. Would definitely recommend!

  399. Arely Bills

    Good suction with the correct preparation of the skin. Easy to use. Very easy to clean. I recommend it

  400. Breana Schott

    Gets all the blackheads off of face and nose!

  401. Kassie Boyles

    I was very skeptical I didn’t think these things worked with the suction on this Is great you do have to be careful not to give yourself face hickeys though lol but it really pulls everything out of your pores

  402. Alaysia Aiello

    This tool sucked out all of my blackheads!

  403. Caleigh Strand

    if you’re using it on 5 or “high” be careful because it leaves a little hickey which isn’t bad and leaves after 1-3 days but a great product!

  404. Jordan Stringer

    100% recommended it’s really works
    My skin is more cleaner that ever!

  405. Stacey Eads

    Really works well suctioning everything on your face.

  406. Kierstin Whitley

    East to use. Comes with extraction tools.

  407. Sanjana Mcwhorter

    I like the suction power. It’s very nice to use and makes my skin feel soft after.

  408. Tanisha Robbins

    Am so happy i bought this very good product

  409. Hanah Weatherford

    All items present

  410. Luz McElroy

    Super happy with this product! Helps so much don’t feel the need to have to go get a facial.

  411. Alyssa McGill

    I liked the variety within the product. Allowing the customer to choose what speed, and force/shape to use. Overall I loved the product, painless and reliable

  412. Haven Dowd

    I have been looking for something like this product for a while. Thankfully I found this tool to help with blackhead on my nose. It is very effective and strong. It definitely sucks all the blackheads from my skin. I totally recommend this product and for the price it’s worth it!

  413. Catherine Serna

    I loved that it worked like a charm, it’s amazing, the only disadvantage would be the bruising after, but it explains it in the instructions. I bought it for my boyfriend for his acne and it’s just amazing! Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

  414. Ayla Camp

    This product came as described and functioned properly as expected. The suction power was excellent. It is easy to use, just turn on and apply in the area/pores you want to clean.

  415. Tracey Autry

    Love this item and additional tool set. Very helpful for preadolescent boys

  416. Cindy Alexander

    This product does wonders!

  417. Keyla Brinson

    I purchased this to use in between facials to help with my oily skin. It REALLY works – so much that it’s kind of gross! You can see all of the oil that it gets out. There are many different sizes of suction cups to use to get in specific areas around your noes, etc. Be careful not to let it hover over any area for too long or you will get a small bruise (my own fault). It’s easy to clean with a Q-tip and soap. If you have oily skin I recommend this at-home device!

  418. Holly Tejeda

    This is a great product for cleaning out your pores. The product come with a number of tools for cleaning .

  419. Addie Lange

    I did not expect the product to work so well! The tip options also enhance the experience. Use very often and have suggested it to friends.

  420. Gianna Washburn

    It has helped control my acne problem with such a deep clean that it provides.

  421. Celia Larue

    So I have had blackheads on my nose for the longest time and I could never find anything to get rid of them, this product has helped me out so much, it truly does work. It’s best to use after a hot shower.

  422. Bree Anaya

    really useful and i like the fact the it comes with different utensils for different cases of the blackheads you have lol

  423. Karina Dominguez

    This sucks really nose… might have to use a lower setting on sensitive areas like forehead or you will have suction marks… this is really good for sure. The tools that come with it are really good too

  424. Giana Regan

    Use the lowest setting starting out! helped a lot with my blackheads

  425. Chynna Mesa

    I love the way it works

  426. Deasia Collier

    good product and quality.

  427. Melanie Mora

    It worked for me I have black heads and white and let me tell you it got the job done! Do keep in mind if u over do it it will bruise you for a day I only recommend for noise because it does leave u red or bruise for a day or less but after that u look good

  428. Brissa Smiley

    Overall this is a great deal for what you get. The device itself once charged, lasts a really long time. I find it works best when my face is slightly wet. I’m still experimenting with the different attachments that came with it. Also came with a set of tools which I’m glad I didn’t have to buy separately.

  429. Tasha McCullough

    Easy to use and suction power great to remove black heads

  430. Ayleen Murillo

    Don’t leave it on too long otherwise it works goodr

  431. Brookelyn Poirier

    I have had a few of different brands of these and they always end up breaking or the suction being way to strong that it leaves red streaks on my face. This one is gentle but man, it cleans every pore, it’s shocking how much gunk comes off your face, this thing is a must!!!

  432. Ayana Nagy

    It removes black heads really easy and pain free, wont leave read marks or irritate sking, very great product.

  433. Virginia Charlton

    Easy to use different suction settings. Works great. Never used one before.

  434. Monica Bonner

    We got this to try out and enjoy it so far

  435. Scarlett Vidal

    I am surprised by how effective it is. Definitely recommend!

  436. Pilar Coley

    Works great and it came with extra cleaning tools

  437. Kasey Zaragoza

    Tiene diferentes niveles de succión

  438. Sophie Patten

    i love it! ive been using it for a while now and it works great. ive had no problems at all !

  439. Erin Kunkel

    As a dude I do often forget my face and especially my nose I haven’t touched in years 😅 however, I decided to give these suction devices a try cuz I wasn’t gonna use those painful needles to extract blackheads. Be warned that you do need to use this device at least two or three times before seeing great results. The first time I used it, it actually removed a good chunk or grease from my face and I made sure to carefully follow the instructions. Some comments say it caused redness that’s because they would keep the suction in one place. You need to make sure you use a hot towel or steamer in your face and never allow the suction tip to remain in the same spot more than 3-5 seconds. You’ll be fine since you’ll have minor redness that will go away fast. Im glad I gave it a try.

  440. Tyana Glaser

    I’ve been using it for the past two months and really enjoy it. Just know that the suction power can get VERY HIGH. Start with a low suction as you learn how to use it and do not hover over one area for more than a second or two.

  441. Demetria Stein

    I think this product is excellent, ease of use and it really work. I will say you need to be very care full with this product with large blackheads, it can make the situation worse.

  442. Aurora Kern

    I love how easy it was to use, i bought a different one from a different brand, it was not nearly as good as this one. the suction is great too!!

  443. Ashtyn Mason

    Actually a great product that does what it’s supposed to do. Efficient and effective in cleaning your pores and definitely worth the buy

  444. Alysha Anthony

    Good Product for a good Price. I am happy with the Results.

  445. Lori Sears

    Blackhead vacuum is very powerful and effective. Thank you so much

  446. Cherokee Lopez

    This product is easy to use and gets the job done.

  447. Yazmine Foster

    It Works! my daughter and i love it so far!!

  448. Nikole Swain

    Suction is good works good to get the zits out

  449. Sonya Melvin

    Excellent product, well built, works extrenely well

  450. Sydney Stoltzfus

    Very good Cleans out the pours very good

  451. Tori Moses

    Easy to use and does the job

  452. Mckenna Goebel

    Pretty simple. Easy to use.

  453. Devon Dutton

    Perfect 😍

  454. Mercedez Penn

    The suction has 4 levels it’s pretty easy to use n clean , comes with a charger 2 different type of heads

  455. Katlyn Ely

    I really love product amazing

  456. Kristi Cook

    Fast shipment and very happy with the product. Works very well. Would recommend 🙂

  457. Drew Paulsen

    This a great tool that doesn’t cost as much as others that are the same quality. I love it and use 2x a week. The only thing is that there were no specific cleaning instructions for the suction pieces that I had seen. It just made it difficult not knowing the proper way to clean the device. I would totally recommend this product. It’s a little addicting even!

  458. Adrianne Long

    This works WONDERS…. It suction all your blackheads out… It goes us to level 5 it is very powerful tool so if you have sensitive skin use a lower level …very easy to clean it… This product is Amazing and is very affordable works way better than I would have imagined

  459. Johnna Smart

    I love how it’s easy to get in between my piercings and actually suctions out my pores. Can only use it once a wk or I’ll get too dry but at least my pores are finally clean.

  460. Lauryn Larkin

    The suction is really good which makes me worry if it’s damaging my skin. Either way it’s easy to use and comes with extraction tools as well!

  461. Erica Lennon

    Amazing product! Various suction strengths. My facials have improved so much more since I’ve started using this facial pore vacuum.

  462. Emery Killian

    Easy to clean up I gave it to my boyfriend he loves it I would definitely buy it again

  463. Serenity Munson

    I really love this product! It’s efficient and helps keep my skin looking better! Would definitely recommend.

  464. Dania Lindsay

    I expected this to work but I was surprised at the suction power! Works great!

  465. Brooke Couture

    Excelente súper potente fácil de usar

  466. Dejah Power

    Love it!

  467. Jada Gross

    Había pobrado muchos y ninguno como este es genial

  468. Whitney Hawes

    I just received and used my Blackhead Remover every other day and the quality is truly as stated. I really like how it actually has a cool-modern look to it instead of looking like I got it from the pharmacy. The power level of suction is amazing, which is good because I did need that level of power on some areas. I’d highly recommend the Blackhead Remover over competitors.

  469. Juana Liang

    First time using a blackhead vacuum, I must say I love it, nose is clear! The suction power is pretty strong. If you have sensitive skin, your skin may be a little red after.

  470. Lilly McLaughlin

    Great product that does exactly what it describes! I’ve used a lot of product and this is the first one that helps with cleaning and minimizing my pores!

  471. Cassidy Lemons

    I’ve never used one before so it took some time to learn how to use it. Now that I know it’s works great and does what it says!

  472. Mackenna Cosby

    Going too slow at high suction will leave red marks. Finding right speed and suction pulls all that nasty stuff caught in pores!

  473. Marisela Kellogg

    Works really good, good at getting all the dirt out and good at declogging my pores. The suction is really strong awesome product

  474. Chaya Daly

    I use this product as a licensed esthetician as a means of deep pore cleaning and it works great!

  475. Tracey Tice

    Used for my son to help draw out black heads around his nose, worked great

  476. Tatiyana Lea

    Everything was packed nicely and very fast shipping. Item worked great!

  477. Sarahi Ahmad

    The suction is great and easy to use, highly recommended

  478. Livia Freitas

    Perfect for getting black heads! I was very impressed!!

  479. Brianne Ahrens

    This is a must buy!!!!!!!

  480. Sheyla Pickens

    I love the product.

  481. Kalynn Rector

    I bought this blackhead remover suction cup instrument to clean my blackheads and while it does do that what I really like about this product is the suction cups can give such circulation to my face. I use a lower setting and suction my face and I’ve seen a dramatic difference in wrinkles. My face looks fuller and brighter. I put a serum on suction my face then do a sheet facial after. It can bruise your face if you do this on too high of a setting but honestly adding this to your skin routine has helped me! I’m 37 and had way to much sun when I was younger for reference!

  482. Breann Gore

    The pore vacuum is effective for cleaning out clogged pores and for satisfying blackhead/pimple pops. The suction is quite powerful so make sure not to keep it sucking the same spot for too long on the highest setting. Other than that, my girlfriend and I frequently enjoy using this product.

  483. Brylee Kraft

    I love this product! The suction is great, it cleans my face the way I want it! I did not know how bad I needed this until I used it for the first time and saw all the gunk! I definitely recommend this!

  484. Cheryl Hancock

    I mostly bought this product cause my mom kept nagging about taking care of my face and, saw this a great way to take care of it.

  485. Anisha Goldberg

    I purchased this for my teen daughter. She enjoys how easy it is to use and how well it works.

  486. Allissa McKinney

    Very pleased with this product. Works well. Having teenager it helps clean his skin of black head and pimps.

  487. Meaghan Ennis

    It’s worth to buy, the suction power, easy to use and easy to clean

  488. Tina Tracy

    Vary powerful

  489. Rose Pickens


  490. Miracle Sorensen


  491. Tasia Christian

    I bought 2 of these for my teenage boys. Despite routine facial scrubbing, they were still accumulating blackheads. After several weeks of use, their blackheads are no longer an issue. Now with weekly maintenance, they are able to keep their skin clean and healthy. One trick is to apply a warm towel over the face for about 5 minutes prior to use. It opens the pores and the moist surface allows for better suction.

  492. Marianna Garza

    The look is simple but it does work, a friend recommended this product to me and I decided to try it with my mom and it has an impressive suction power so I am careful to choose the level, which I liked the most is that it brings extra tools to make a more complete facial cleansing

  493. Diane Egan

    All the metal tools it came with were really helpful and those along with the suction power emptied my pores completely. All the parts are interchangeable and very easy to clean which is nice.

  494. Alexys Iverson

    Easy to use, and gives you four different suction types. Its fairly easy to clean! I use q-tips. This product has a very strong vaccum power. I highly recommend it help clear your pores.

  495. Dallas Davis

    Cleaning is a pain but worth it

  496. Tianna Blaylock

    Works good

  497. Celina Eason

    Face feels clean

  498. Amara Rhoades

    Kind of hard to clean but overall great suction. Be careful with not holding it on one spot or you’ll give yourself a mark on your face!!

  499. Gabriela Campbell

    Definitely great for hard to reach ares like your back!

  500. Paige Muhammad

    Easy to use

  501. Baby Dias

    Worked very well

  502. Nyah Perry

    Works like advertised

  503. Aria Flowers

    Works as advertised

  504. Maureen Ferraro

    It was easy to use in general. Great buy.

  505. Siera Adler

    Got rid of my blackheads in one use

  506. Shawna Mosley

    This product has powerful suction and is easy ro use. I love how easy it is to clean and the different heads it comes with. I used a face steamer before using it which is not required but makes this product work a whole lot better. As a standalone for acne removal it works well.

  507. Lydia Pickard

    So easy to use and works very well!! 10/10 recommend!

  508. Mae Faulkner

    The suction is a little strong, yet comfortable.

  509. Trisha Prater

    Good for black heads

  510. Abigail Keeney

    My niece loves it. She says it does a great job getting the blackheads. How easy it is to clean. Can’t say enough about it.

  511. Elisabeth Elias

    I use this for blackheads and it works perfect! I recommend this product. It’s safe and easy to use.

  512. Darian Turley

    Try not to go over the same spot a lot otherwise you will get a hicky😁😁😁

  513. Paola Estes

    This surprised me in how well it worked. Some stubborn blackheads were immediately removed.

  514. Kayleen Rodriguez

    It removes all the dirt from your pores easily , great battery life

  515. Ashlie Franklin

    Love it!
    100% Recommended

  516. Jordan Quinlan

    Love it!!!!!

  517. Maeve Batson

    When used on high, the skin is pulled up into the cap. Now that is suction. I used it on ingrown hairs, blackheads and to remove tiny splinters from my wife’s hand. Highly recommend this product.

  518. Greta Pike

    Me gustó su fuerza aunque te deja la cara toda marcada pero si funciona lo que promete.

  519. Meredith Anthony

    This product is compact, with multiple tips. It is easy to clean, I highly recommend.

  520. Robyn Barr

    I liked that it worked well and got the job done.

  521. Alicia Polanco

    It works with hard to reach areas!

  522. Kassandra Canady

    It’s trash

  523. Presley Douglas

    Works really great for getting blackheads especially the ones on the face. So much better getting blackheads then my fingers or anything else I ever used, including face masks.

  524. Daija Clary

    Suction was super good

  525. Jazmyne Salisbury

    I was surprised by how much suction the tool really had.

  526. Adrienne Glasgow

    Helps to clean up after you squeeze off blackheads

  527. Kailey Clifton

    It was very easy to use and very easy to clean! Great product and affordable!

  528. Mahogany Sharma

    I’ve tried a few of these and was worried about using this product but it was better than any of the brand name or off brand ones on . It’s a great suction and with the different heads I hit all of the pores no matter how intense the acne might be

  529. Reece Livingston

    This product has helped with reducing my blackheads so much! It works so well and it’s easy to use and I love having the option to use the different suction tops! A must have in your skin care routine!

  530. Breeanna Jacobsen

    Great product and easy to use! Only reason for return is because my aunt gifted me same product haha.

  531. Marianne Frantz

    No issues here this thing is fantastic

  532. Shea Merrick

    Very great suction and very easy to use and also comes with facial tools !

  533. Estrella Graves

    It is a great little tool for removing Blackheads on your nose!! Very inexpensive compared to other brands and works about the same! Not sure about other areas of the face, as I can not use it in my face due to facial sensitivities. Wish they had a description for the little tools they give you.

  534. Laney Whiting

    Very nice product! Works very well on my pores and takes the bad things out of my skin.

  535. Alison Mancini

    Highly recommend buying this. I was kind of skeptical at first but I noticed a big difference from the first time I used it. I’d suggest starting with the lower settings then going up since it does leave some redness if you leave it at one spot for too long but other than that it’s amazing. 10/10

  536. Zara Lujan

    I’ve always had bigger than normal pores plus a high oil production, leading to constant blackheads and a fear of anyone looking at my face too closely. This thing is awesome! I probably use it about once a week and I feel so much better about my skin health

  537. Destinie Begay

    I have oily skin and this really took the oil and white heads off my face , must buy !!!.

  538. Caylin Etheridge

    Really easy to use, has multiple levels of suction power. It’s easy to store and easy to pack!

  539. Gemma Arenas

    Decent service for the price you have to pay. Suction isn’t bad. Just have to use it on a certain area for a while

  540. Samira English

    This pore vacuum is easy to use and has great suction! The controls are simple to understand, it is easy to charge, long battery life and simple to use the variety of suction heads. My skin feels great after each weekly use. Cleaning the tiny sponge filter is tricky and could be easily lost. I use tweezers to remove or put back in place.

  541. Madyson McManus

    Everything was easy to use and the cleaning wasn’t hard at all

  542. Kate Wicks

    At least for me, the suction alone did not remove my comedo. I do not know how I managed it, but between picking at the now dearly departed comedo with the tools in this kit and using the suction, the comedo fell off in a few days in a non-scarring scab. I got lucky. I think using the suction tool for comedones is probably more preventative than therapeutic, but that is just my opinion. Just please be careful, the suction is powerful. The vendor warns of this. My skin was sore and reddened from the suction, but luckily no bruising.

  543. Teagan Helms

    I think this is a great product. I wish the suction was stronger though. I gave it to my granddaughter and she loves it. The suction is perfect for her!

  544. Leann Sherwood

    I used this on my sons face. He is at the age where his face breaking out often.

  545. Mariana Shah

    Battery last several sessions and charges fast also easy to clean

  546. Aileen House

    Very much like the professional facials I pay way more for.

  547. Kaiya Miranda

    Easy to use and cleans very well the black heads from my nose. Been using it a lot since I got it.

  548. Cali Madrid

    My son order this item and love it!

  549. Abbie Bauman

    Muy buen producto

  550. Aiyana Altamirano

    It works great and easy to use

  551. Amirah Mackay

    Very easy to use and effective. I was a bit skeptical at first when my friend recommended this item and company but I love it! I will be adding this into my weekly skincare routine!

  552. Jaiden Whitten

    Works good. Surprised how much it really works

  553. Joanna Dahl

    Great for suctioning out those rdy to pop pimples that i dont want my teenager fingering.

  554. Jacquelyn Allan

    This product is fantastic

  555. Marilyn Judge

    This device may beat the blackhead removal procedure I get in the spa. No joke. The suction is so powerful that I couldn’t use it on my nose at a level 5. A level 2 was more than sufficient. If you want a GREAT at home treatment for blackheads, I HIGHLY recommend it. Getting a second one just because! Love it.

  556. Yajaira Herbert

    Highly recommend love the adjustable tips. Also makes a great gift. Very satisfied

  557. Klarissa Allen

    Performs well, follow the instructions because it will give you a hickey if left in one place to long. Wish I had this years ago for zits.

  558. Cori Stephenson

    The different heads help get in all the cracks it is a little hard to move across the face tell you have some practice and works best after the shower. Not waterproof.

  559. Juanita Blum

    Buena calidad y muy eficiente.

  560. Raelynn Condon

    Give it a try it’s not a bad product at all

  561. Joana Darden

    I like that it works my daughter uses it all the time

  562. Shyanne Ricci

    Great product. Doesn’t seem to get blackheads as easy as the discription says. Wonderful for whiteheads.

  563. Aylin Curry

    I had those pesky blackheads on my chin and this product took care of it ! I love it

  564. Monique Crow

    Good for Face cleansing

  565. Irma Hudgins

    Works pretty well

  566. Yoselin Kimball

    I bought this for my granddaughter

  567. Sheyla Moseley

    This item works so good! Bought it for my son who is in sports and get lots of clogged pores and blackheads but ended up using it for myself more. Highly recommend!

  568. Meagan Liang

    Excelente inversión

  569. Citlalli Caraballo

    Easy to use, very efficient. It’s best to steam your face before using it.

  570. Tionna Pugh

    I’ve used a couple of pore vacuums and this is the best!! This things sucks like crazy! It sucks onto the skin so tight you have to watch you don’t irritate the skin because it’s too strong! My pores look awesome!!

  571. Tia Brock

    I’ve had a problem with blackheads and this product really does what it says! The process is not painful at all and is very effective. Highly recommend buying!

  572. Siera Mims

    Such an amazing product works perfectly!

  573. Jessie Streeter

    Battery life is pretty good as well. Me and my daughter love implementing this into our skin care routine.

  574. Christen Moser

    Super east to use. Easy to over do it too lol. The only place I truly struggle to use it on is the bridge of my nose. But have figured out a few angles to make it work.

  575. Dana Horan

    It was easy to us.

  576. Marisela Masterson

    Very easy to use and easy to clean and maintain.

  577. Kylah Dinh

    Never knew something like this existed. Great invention…

  578. Winter Preston

    This pore vacuum is awesome, great powerful suction, low noise, and easy clean up! Be careful with the angle and pressure used it can mark you up slightly.

  579. Bryana Traylor

    I love it!!! Would definitely recommend this product to everyone!!

  580. Madeline Delatorre

    Easy to use and works well!

  581. Phoenix Selby

    Does exactly what it states – this tool has powerful suction to pull out blackheads from pores.

    Worked great on my nose, which has the worst clogged pores. Definitely use caution when using this on thinner/more sensitive skin – I tried it on the area between my lower lip and chin, and wound up with a light bruise for a few days.

  582. Christa Lomeli

    Fácil de usar

  583. Hayley Pacheco

    Pretty awesome to add to your facial cleaning routine. Careful with suction if you have sensitive skin! 10/10

  584. Ann Garnett

    I like it. For the price it does a good job.

  585. Baylie Glynn

    It’s easy to use and to clean

  586. Darlene Mullin

    Great on pulling out white heads, but black heads are more stubborn 🤔
    Overall (‘ I LIKE ‘)

  587. Ginger Ryder

    I liked that it was so powerful I did not like cleaning it

  588. Alisha Chappell

    I love how clean my skin feels after I use this.

  589. Caylee Bowie

    Helped me clean out the clogged pores on my nose that were driving me insane. Works well!

  590. Kameryn Pike

    I feel like the suction was not strong enough. But it was a good product.

  591. Chandler Heard

    Works great, effective, easy to use, and keeps a charge for a long time.

  592. Camryn McHugh

    I would buy this 10xs if needed. It’s amazing

  593. Jessica Close

    Worth your money, excellent product

  594. Izabella Duvall

    The suction was very powerful, I had to make sure not to keep on to long. because the suction was so powerful.

  595. Peyton Nall

    I really like this blackhead remover because I can feel it working after I clean my face. I really like how it is really easy to use.

  596. Paulina Barney

    Definitely recommend it it’s a good product I love it my self I use it every once 2 weeks and it works 😭😭 🙏🏻