True Glow Gua Sha

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Our electric True Glow Gua Sha is a face sculpting tool that enhances your beauty by promoting blood circulation which lifts and firms your skin.

Our electric True Glow Gua Sha, the ultimate face sculpting tool designed to elevate your beauty routine. Unveil radiant, lifted, and firm skin with the perfect blend of advanced technology and traditional beauty wisdom.

  •  Promotes firmness and elasticity
  •  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Facial massage to promote blood circulation
  •  Improves dull skin and shrinks pores

What’s in the box:

  • True Glow Gua Sha
  • USB charging cord

Pink, White

78 reviews for True Glow Gua Sha

  1. Kiya Thorn

    I’m so delighted I found this! The tool is well made and super enjoyable to use. I came across this exact same tool by a different brand at Nordstrom, but it costs $85!! ProSculpt was 1/4 the cost and I’m telling you, they are virtually identical. I also have the Radiance Roller from Visagi that is an amazing dupe for the Nurse Jamie uplift roller. Thank you Visagi!

  2. Jewel Groff

    I love Visagi’s beauty tools so when I saw that they added the Gua Sha I couldn’t wait to try it! This product is amazing! I love how there are so many functions, LED light, heat and vibration. It has really brightened up my skin and is so relaxing to use. Especially in these stressful times. Highly Recommend!!!

  3. Ciera Norton

    First use and im already loving it..heard this is a great dupe for other expensive has diferent settings with heat or no heat i dobt realy like it wit heat but my husbad loves it with the heat. Although i did like using the heat with vibration on my stomach to soothe cramps and it was soothing..So i like the diferent settings i love the vivration really relaxes me..and customer service is amazing!!!!! Cant wait to see what else they come out with!

  4. Annette Brock

    I use a ton of gua sha tools and this is my new fave – with the infra red, heat and vibration and great shape to use all over the face… it is amazing and feels like it is more effective than my regular tools. Holds a charge for a very long time as well. Highly recomennd!!

  5. Ann Knapp

    It feels nice while you are using it

  6. Asia Rapp

    I bought it to help with bad TMJ/TMD pain. The vibration, heat and red light has really helped. I can yawn without too much pain now.

  7. Mia Pimentel

    This device is one of my favorite purchases! The vibrations are soothing and the heat feels just right. Would use often after applying oil and moisturizer to my face and neck.

  8. Aaliyah Mathews

    This is one of my favorite tools to use during my pm skincare routine! It’s soo comforting and has been helping me sculpt my face! I like to use it to depuff on the those days when my face looks bloated as it helps to increase blood circulation!

  9. America Hatcher

    Easy to use, soft to my face also is enough warm to face. After you use skin care you this item very nice and feel good

  10. Ambria Booker

    This is what I was looking for! The warmth is the nicest part about this product. There are some reviews that say it wasn’t warm enough, but I think it depends how sensitive you are to heat (especially around the face) and if you have it on the correct red light and vibration setting. There are four settings total which include no vibration with heat. Easy to use and plan on buying another as a gift.

  11. Rebekah Dickens

    TMJ pain has decreased incredibly. It really helps!

  12. Cristal Suarez

    It’s nice but have moved on to the Bear large.

  13. Olga Wilks

    Oh my goodness I love this little thing so much I want to buy one for all of my friends. It’s just the right amount of heat and a pretty soft vibration. I’m using it to help my face and neck heal 10 days after a procedure and it’s already making a difference after just two days in helping to reduce swelling. Cell stimulation and lymph drainage are always good. I highly recommend this lovely gadget. At this price, even if I have to replace it periodically I’ll be happy to. It’s becoming a part of my normal routine.

  14. Georgina Forrester

    I bought this product at the suggestion of my daughter. She has one, and has been using it daily for about a month. Absolutely loves it and says “It’s the best thing to ever happen to her skin”. I’ve been waiting on my facial products to arrive so I can give it a try. Can’t wait !!!

  15. Ruby Poole

    gets nice and warm and I am able to give myself a really great face massage. great value for the price. I highly recommend!!

  16. Christiana Andrew

    Feels really good on your skin, and I feel like my skin is more glowing. I’ve also gotten compliments about that.

  17. Tania Payne


  18. Robyn Littlejohn

    I saw @silvergirlmx doing an insta story with this guasha, and i was intrigued. The price point was acceptable, so I bought this. I love what it does for me! I tend to swell around my upper eyelids, lines are beginning to form around my mouth, skin is beginning to show laxity around my cheeks, and this guasha is really helpful with upping the firmness of my skin and getting rid of the fluid retention around the eyes. I am really happy with this item!

  19. Princess Hare

    I love this tool. Three days of use at night during my skincare routine and I notice a difference. I suffer from water retention around my face and use gua sha for lymphatic drainage. This will not apply the pressure usually given by jade Gua Sha but the vibration makes up for it. The heat is really pleasant and does not get too hot. It great for drainage I noticed a big reduction in fluid retention. Overall its a good tool for the price.

  20. Aubrie Sadler

    I love this so much I just add a little serum to the areas that I’m doing and it’s great love the slight vibrations and low heat❤️

  21. Haily Campbell

    I bought this to get my serums to absorb better since it heats up and the vibration and red light takes this guasha tool to optimal level for the face. I’ve seen my products works better because I use this. If you have a tense neck, back, chest or upper shoulders this little guy does the trick especially used with a cbd cream or oil. Netflix and guasha.

  22. Marlee Hendrickson

    I loved this little tools, it relaxed my skin and revitalized.

  23. Kameron Cullen

    I’ve been watching Gua Sha tools for a while. I love this device. Gua Sha but elevated with heat and vibration. It’s too soon to know any facial improvement but it feels great!

  24. Aubree Huynh

    I like the feel of the product. It gets warm and feels good against the skin

  25. Susana Ryan

    I like the massage features with led lights combo and the vibration is very quiet compared to other massaging devices I owned. The heat could be little less intense. I find it a bit too hot to touch so I didn’t use it on my face but the heat can be used on the sore areas on your body. I think my face is more sensitive to heat. They also have great customer service!

  26. Diana Loy

    Me gusto mucho fácil de usar y muy efectivo me encanta

  27. Kirstin Odell

    Instantly see results in both my partner and I. His redness is gone while my face is plumper, more so than when using a tradition Gua Sha tool. Very excited to add this product to my collection!

  28. Aysha Brant

    Loving this but have to charge every other day. Would like better battery life.

  29. Graciela Marion

    I saw some people saying it isn’t hot enough… it was pretty hot to me. I really love it. You can feel the vibration but it isn’t super strong I agree. My kids like when I use it on them too. I did use it for a headache on my temples and back of my neck and my headache went away.

  30. Sage Gallegos

    Best purchase I’ve made this year! I use it every night before bed and can see and feel the difference in the morning. I love it!!

  31. Monique Manuel

    Excelente producto

  32. Kaci Dennis

    Feels amazing on the skin. Glides smoothly, and definitely helps my nightly moisturizing routine

  33. Shauna Sears

    Muy buen producto para masaje facial

  34. Kaylyn Colby

    This is so relaxing. The heat is perfect, the vibration ain’t potent but feels soothing in combination with the heat. Not heavy, not cheap looking, good price point for what it does.
    I found out about it thanks to Laura Rae in YouTube, I trust the OG’s with skincare and Anti-Aging tips.
    I owned a NuFace, mom life did not agree with it. I only it once, it was okay, but after finding out I needed a specific product to glide it on my face otherwise get shocked along with the mom life with a toddler, and! theres a learning curve I had little to no time so I gave it away. I follow Laura Rae YouTube and she recommended this device and it replaced my NuFace. Surely they both work and work differently but wanting to make a devices aid addition to my routine, this is it.

  35. Paige Rouse

    I am a firm believer in good skin care. This little device consolidates the benefits of red light therapy, muscle stimulation and heat all in one little device! So glad I made this purchase! It has now become my nightly ritual!

  36. Lorena Mcallister

    Me encanto se pone caliente y si sirve

  37. Mackenzie Graf

    Overall good face massager. The heat is a great function. My face is on the smaller side, so I love how the size of the metal is exactly what my cheeks are. fits perfectly. battery could be better. It’s great too that it comes with suggestions on how to use it and the benefits of face massaging. would recommend!

  38. Shyla Hickey

    Got it to tighten skin. So impressed by the immediate results and how great it made me feel overall. It also got rid of my headaches, puffiness, tension and TMJ. I had to share w/my mom and sisters too.

  39. Gisselle Pearson


  40. Cynthia Yarbrough

    Seems to help with serums absorbing, and the light heating, with sinus pressure, and headaches.
    Great purchase!

  41. Peyton Moon

    Not bad learning. And it’s neat

  42. Leandra Partridge

    I love the product, it’s fast it’s relaxing and idt shapes the face wlilth continues se.

  43. Kristine Etheridge

    Es una buena inversión para tu cuidado de piel en mi rostro cuando aplico mis serums faciales la utilizó y e visto un gran cambio

  44. Elaina Wahl

    I bought this for my mom for Mother’s day and she loves it. It comes with 4 settings, it heats up and vibrates. She puts her cream on and starts massaging her face with it, her face looks a lot smoother after she uses this.

  45. Paulina Handy

    This massaging tool is so light, easy to charge and use.
    I used my favorite serum and do this for about 5-10minutes!

  46. Maia Aguirre

    This product did NOT disappoint. I absolutely LOVE it! If you are someone (like myself) who gets a lot of tension in the eyebrows, brow pain, or sinus congestion this is great! I use a little bit of face oil with this tool almost every night and I can really tell the difference!! I wish it was not plastic, it feels like it needs more weight in my opinion, but definitely worth the splurge!!

  47. Daniella Brantley

    I don’t use it consistently enough to see results – but it’s easy to use and it seems to be good for the skin.

  48. Celine Colson

    It works . And my skin feels soft and removes water gain in the face .

  49. Kimberlee Lange

    Bought it as a gift for my friend. She likes it when she opened it up. Everyone at the dinner party wanted to see it up close and asked questions. So, mission accomplished! Interesting and useful gift for GFs

  50. Sunny Fonseca

    Small and easy to use. Love the heat and massage together. Works great on sore muscles.

  51. Gretchen Burnham

    Great but great product. State charged.

  52. Heidy Orellana

    its easy to use I pulled up a video off youtube and used it every night for a while until I was comfortable

  53. Betsy Smith

    Works great yet i think i prefer regular gua sha roller set

  54. Tyra Davenport

    Very lightweight and easy to use. As with all of these type of products it takes awhile to see the results, but since I started using it, it seems to make my face feel a little “rosier”.

  55. Nikki McCurdy

    Purchased this to help break up scar tissue around a scar. Using a little oil, I thought the vibration and light could also assist in the process. So far so good.

  56. Jaylyn Lipscomb

    I feel like I can tell the difference after using it. I use the heat/vibration setting and follow the routine that came included in the box. It’s a relaxing experience that makes me feel like I’m doing something positive for my skin.

  57. Rivka Demarco

    I have noticed a change in my face after 2 weeks of use daily! The heat feels amazing too! Would be great for facials!

  58. Maeve Mckenzie

    Beauty routine!

  59. Rebeca Dickey

    Not your regular Gua Shua, this steps up the game for me. There’s 4 options from this and I find it superb to have Red light, vibration & heat included all at once while I’m massaging my face during my skin care. Great for depuff and blood circulation. Only con is that I have to recharge it quite a few times but no worry, it charges quickly enough. Highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about starting to use face massage tools. 🙂

  60. Ruby Gough

    This Gua sha was amazing and helped tone my skin!

  61. Joelle Sosa

    Amazing! So relaxing to massage your face at night, and after a few weeks my skin tone is evened out, and skin so much softer.

  62. Justina Goble

    Growing I am super conscious of my looks. As part of that culture where we are constantly aware of our physical attributes, we always find ourselves looking for something that would make us look better than we want to believe. So in line with that, I’d like to share this one with the community.

  63. Juliana Schroeder

    Love everything about it.

  64. Lexie McClelland

    This is GLORIOUS for anyone suffering from TMJ. The heat mechanism is so nice and relaxing paired with the vibrations.

    I get horrible cramps in my jaw especially while under stress. This tool helps to relax those muscles and relieve my pain. I haven’t used it regularly to know if if helps with skin elasticity but for the purpose I got it for, absolutely five stars!

  65. Kylah Whelan

    Es muy fácil de usar, es muy cómodo en la cara y en la piel, me gustó mucho

  66. Gwyneth McClain

    nice design. It works well too. The place where the merchants need to improve is that when the battery is running out, it is best to have a reminder in advance!

  67. Jayleen Mansfield

    I love it!!! Been using it for 1 month now and can tell a huge difference! I even get ID now!!

  68. Yajaira Burr

    The different modes /settings it has is super easy to use! Love the little pamphlet it comes with to show you how to use it in certain areas of your face! Worth the buy! Saw results after my first use!!

  69. Mckenzie Carlin

    This is a great tool to use at the end of your skin routine with a little oil. Warm or cold I love to use it. Reduces puffiness in the morning!

  70. Lacey Slattery

    I feels nice. I just have to charge it every other day

  71. Anne Dowd

    Great product. I have seen a difference over the weeks! Would buy again

  72. Darlene Gerber

    I love this!! It works so well and it has warm temperature you can use while using this gua sha! One of the best gua sha I ever used! Totally worth the price and I will be using this daily!! I LOVE IT ALREADY!!

  73. Lindsey Tejeda

    I recently had a significant surgery and was advised to massage with heat to help after scar healed. I use this little machine (not using the red light feature) for that purpose. It is working beautifully and feels good. I am very pleased with the warm, smooth metal gliding over sensitive skin. It does not weight much which means I am able to use it for longer periods of time before I get tired. Working out good for me.

  74. Arleth Galvez

    I love this tool! It is so relaxing and soothing. It’s so cheaper than getting a facial at a spa and you are able to get the benefits of doing it as often as you want. I feel like I have seen some positive results even though I have only been using it for a short time.

    After sharing my thoughts on this with my daughter, she asked me to order one for her. I would endorse this product to anyone that you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin.

  75. Abbie Lloyd

    Overall, I find it very relaxing as the battery life is impressive, it heats up nicely, the vibration and lights function well, and I appreciate its ergonomic shape, which makes it easy to handle.

  76. Delia Dubose

    Easy to use and see results immediately!

  77. Shawna Taggart

    I love using it on the redlight/vibrate/heat setting for facial massage. Helps me relax my TMJ as well. I was worried the material of it would be uncomfortable on my face but its not. It glides nice and smooth over my face after I apply my face products.

  78. Aracely Causey

    Ive had for five months and like the shape and heating element most. I’m not sure the red light is authentic. Can feel face tighten after use. It’s cheaper than the solo-wave or Laduora but otherwise can’t compare effects. I use a dual head manual derm roller to drain my lymph nodes instead of this gua sha in the mornings.

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