Sonic Skin Scrubber

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Use our Sonic skin scrubber to cleanse away dirt, remove dead skin, and dissolve extra sebum for a more refreshing and clean looking

Are you still removing blackheads the wrong way? No more squeezing, nose strips, or acne needles to remove them. Use our Sonic skin scrubber to cleanse away dirt, remove dead skin, and dissolve extra sebum for a more refreshing and clean looking
skin. Our device also offers 24k high frequency vibration to increase the permeability of your skin, helping effective absorption of serums. This combined with the increase from the ultrasonic waves helps plump up the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Promotes effective absorption
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances cell’s penetrability

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Sonic Skin Scrubber
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 Flannel bag
  • 1 user manual

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87 reviews for Sonic Skin Scrubber

  1. Skylar Brooks

    I’ve been using this skin scrubber for about a month. I have mature skin, but I’m prone to congestion, especially around my chin. Since using the scrubber, I feel my skin is getting clearer and has less congestion overall. I believe the scrubber has also helped overall softness through exfoliation.

    I feel that although I don’t get much through the “extraction” in terms of actual gunk on the blade, it has helped to clean out my pores and keep them cleaner. On my nose, my sebaceous filaments have been reduced through oil cleansing and other skin care steps, but I feel the scrubber helps keep them as small as possible. My chin is finally starting to clear up and become smoother and clearer, but it’s definitely taking time. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect clear, perfect skin overnight, but I do feel this is helping. I have had fewer breakouts since using this device. I’ll definitely keep using it and hope to see further improvements.

    I mostly bought this for the cleansing/scrubbing, but I have also used the infusion and “pulse” functions. The infusion function is great when you’re wearing a sheet mask or when you’ve put on a ton of serums and oils and want them to absorb. I haven’t yet seen much in terms of results from the pulse, but I’m honestly not really expecting them either. I’ll continue, as I feel it helps with blood flow, which could help my skin’s health overall.

    The instructions for this particular unit are pretty terrible, to be honest. There are some videos and instructions out there for other, similar devices, and you’ll probably get a better idea of how to use it from those. Not only are the instructions in the tiniest font known, they’re also in poorly translated English and seem to be missing some crucial information. The biggest thing missing is a solid explanation or instructions for all four functions. Cleaning and Lift are fine, but the Ion + and Ion – are left for you to figure out. Also, the point about having your fingers on the side bars while using it seem to have gotten buried.

    The unit is easy to use and doesn’t seem to need charging that often.

  2. Mia Adams

    This Product Really Is Excellent!! Completley Impressed with the Results! And the Results Last 2 Days!
    So I did not have to use everyday if I did not have the time.

    The Reason I Need to Explain in Further Detail was the ‘glitchy’ switch. Pressed for 2 to 3 seconds. Would not turn on 1st attempt, 2nd would not, but then lights would be on and then back to off. The unit would turn on the 3rd or 4th attempt. That is Ridiculous. Next the charging required 1.5 hours. So after charging used it, I used 1x for approx 4 minutes-1 minute per 3 of the 4 settings I chose. I Attempted to use the next time and No Charge : (

    The Results Exceeded My Expectations- I Do Like and Respect!! However perhaps a better quality switch/electronics. I would Not Mind Paying Up to $80 for an Improved switch, less charging time, and of course be able to use this Excllent Product : ) for at least 3 to 4x per week for 4 minutes on 1 charge!

    (I Requested a Replacement due to the glitchy switch. Hopefully I can also use the Product 3 to 4x per week on 1 charge).

    Attn: Quality Control
    I Would not mind paying more for an improved switch and less charging time!

  3. Hazel Lewis

    Wow-this gem is easy to use (once you get the hang of the pressure and which side of the ‘shovel’ to use for each stage/treatment)! The pic is FOUL, I KNOW, but as you can see it rrreeaallllyyy gets in there (that’s just from my 👃🥺). I’m an advocate for good skincare and regimens- and couldn’t believe all that was hiding! I do a glyco-lac peel weekly in addition to medical grade skin care, facials, and extractions. This guy here-got in there and with little pressure, eased the gunk from my pores with only warm H2O ( I just kept my face wet-wetting my face as it dried). I’ll definitely use it after a hot shower with my cleanser and (after) a peel to collect way more grime. I also tried it out with my vitamin C and serums (‘shovel’ side up-lightly ‘pats’ the skincare in) and it helped the absorption, therefore allowing me to move thru my skincare routine a lil quicker before applying my makeup! It says to only use 2-3 days a week, which is a bummer, cuz I’m addicted to getting the nastiness outta my pores lol. It is DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY!

  4. Grace Scott

    I was suuuuper skeptical of it actually working, but I gave it a shot & had plenty of patience to figure it out. I let it charge for the time recommended & then put it to work. I first opened my pores w/a light warm water rinse & then a hot towel over my face for a min or so. I left my face damp/wet to the touch & then started scraping. I used it in the wrong position at first & didn’t get ANYTHING out but did feel a slight tingle/stinging sensation – nothing painful, just odd.
    I wet my face again & turned around the scraper to where the buttons are facing my skin. This time the product worked like a charm. I applied slight pressure to my nose and HOLY JESUS I could **actually** see the gunk coming out of my pores!!! I didnt think I’d see much since I regularly wash/peel/exfoliate & use masks on my face. I was TOTALLY WRONG!! Even when I’ve used the black strips on my nose I barely see much, but this skin scrubber showed me otherwise. I am a huge fan & 100% recommend this product for absolute DEEP cleaning!
    The product itself is sleek, easily portable & convenient to charge anywhere. The packaging & product is high quality & seems way more expensive than the current $69.99 price tag.
    Do yourself a favor & get this tool – it’s worth it & definitely a bargain for what it does.

    **EDIT**I have been using this product for a few months now & my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s still just as effective & I’m still in love. I recommend it to anyone I know who is looking for something quality to help clean their skin & clear pores.

  5. Scarlett Collins

    I never write reviews but I could not pass this one up. I have been fighting with my skin for years! After my last pregnancy, I started developing cystic acne, my skin was congested with oil, whiteheads, blackheads, you name it. All those years of desperately doing my own extractions, trying every mask, cleanser, device, my skin was left scarred and discolored – I hated the texture of my skin. I impulsively bought this and tried it the day it was delivered (5/23). I was amazed at how well it extracted all the gunk I could and couldn’t see lurking under my skin. I use it every night to cleanse, then apply my serum and moisturizer. I took the first set of photos on 5/27 and still didn’t love how my skin looked under makeup. I could tell it was doing something though so I stuck with it. 3 days later, I woke up in shock! Took the 2nd set of photos wearing the same makeup (but needed much less). I am finally happy with the way my skin looks and posted a selfie without a filter for the first time since I can remember! Just try it!
    (All photos were taken in natural light. Must’ve gotten some cloud cover in the last one. No filters on ANY of them! I’m still in shock!

  6. Penelope Adams

    I don’t typically write reviews but I felt compelled to as the instructions provided on Amazon, the tiny print written instructions that came with the product, and the YouTube videos I watched were contradictory. After doing some research and trying the device with different products and in different orientations, this seems to be the most effective way to use the Sonic Skin Scrubber.

    In order, first to last:

    1. Wash your face with an oil based cleanser first to get rid of sunscreen, makeup, product

    2. Cleansing: tips pointed down towards skin; use with water based cleanser or water

    3. Ion +: tips pointed down towards skin; use with an exfoliating mask or water. I applied an exfoliating mask, let it sit for 5-10 minutes per the mask instructions, then rehydrated it with water and used the Sonic Skin Scrubber. The + is the opposite polarity of dirt/congestion within the pores and thus attracts it out

    4. Ion -: tips pointed up away from skin; use with skincare products or a sheet mask. Apply a sheet mask and let sit for 5-10 minutes per instructions. After removing then use the Sonic Skin Scrubber. Being the same polarity as the products, it repels it and pushes it deeper into the skin for improved absorption (in theory)

    5. Lifting: tips pointed up away from skin; use with an oil so it doesn’t drag/tug on your skin and cause laxity with use

    I’ve just started using this device so I can’t say how effective it is long term, but when I finally used it correctly, I feel like it helped with some of my congestion and my skin felt softer and smoother.

  7. Zoey Murphy

    So.. I actually did not believe this product BUT! I wanted to try it because I feel like pores aren’t really being cleansed like all the time.

    First time use: did not get it right, didn’t get the angle right.

    But I kept using it as introduction showed. Aaaand I can see that my pores show smaller and my tiny bumps on face slowly calmed down my skin tone got better.

    My routine now is that I remove my makeup and cleanse my face then I will use the scrub.. my skin gets little red ..but as soon as I’m done I will do the face mud pack. When I wash, the redness on my skin is gone. I’ve been taking care of my skin so much better than before since the pandemic. Now, whenever I see my friends they said my skin looks fabulous. I love this product.

  8. Scarlett Lewis

    I’ve had this product for a couple of months now so I’ve had a chance to play around with it a bit and really get to know the ins and outs. I only use it once a week because I do feel like it is pretty powerful and does have the ability to hurt your skin if you use it too often. I use it every Sunday night after my evening shower or sometimes if I don’t take a shower, I’ll use my facial steamer and do it after that. I’ve been blessed with pretty good skin but no matter what I do, I always have blackheads on my nose and I’ve always have the hardest time getting rid of them. I also get blackheads on my chin as well but I find that this product can’t get them out like it can on my nose.

    Steaming your face, or holding a hot wash cloth on the area before you do this I think is one of the keys to success. It softens things up. Another thing you want to do is keep the area wet. I use a spray bottle, it makes it very easy to keep your skin damp so the paddle glides over your skin. For me at least, I have found that if you pull your skin tight, and if you use the side of the paddle instead of the end, I get better results. Don’t overwork the area and it may take you a couple of times to get the right pressure. I find that it is very effective at clearing out the pores on my nose, at least for a week until I have to do it again. Your mileage may vary.

    As someone else mentioned, the frequency of the vibrations did bother my cat so please do this away from your pets or close the bathroom door so they aren’t nearby when you are using the scrubber.

    The only thing I didn’t like about it was if you leave it on for too long, it shuts off which is really annoying when I’m in the middle of scrubbing. I’m not sure why that happens but the unit never feels hot so I don’t think it’s an overheating thing. OH, and I never received the little rubber sleeves, but it’s not the end of the world.

  9. Aurora Reed

    If you don’t like this, it’s broken or you don’t know how to use it. I had no instructions. I’ve figured it out.

    1. Charge it until no lights blink.
    2. Use the metal. It comes with 2 silicone covers I haven’t used yet. Experiment with those. Maybe use those first if you’re reticent about the metal.
    3. Wet your face with water or use a thin layer of product. If you want to remove gunk, press the power button for a few seconds until the lights come on. Be sure the plastic cap is off.
    4. Click the power button until you get to your setting. I use ion+ to remove whiteheads and gunk. Only use ion- of you want product like serum to sink in your skin. The Cleaning setting just helps bump up your cleansing power.
    5. Keep the metal scraper moving. Don’t keep going over the same spot. Scrape or massage in depending upon what you’re doing. You can use the silicone tips, the brush side, to clean and the wavy side to massage product in. I’ve yet to do this.
    6. You’re going to see water spray and maybe feel a slight metallic sensation. It’s normal.
    7. When done, clean the metal blade with soap and hot water. Don’t submerge the unit. Let it dry. Don’t take it into the shower.
    8. Treat your skin afterwards with product as you desire if you’re cleansing or cleaning pores.
    9. Don’t overuse this. In between treatments, I use The Ordinary’s glycolic acid toner.
    10. I’m 57 with dry skin but larger nose pores that tend to collect junk. My skin is sensitive.

    Update: I finally got around to using the attachments with my serum (Merit Great Skin which is fantastic for dry skin and no they’re not paying me to say this). It really helps drive home the benefits and the absorption factor is better. Buy this but don’t over use it or use it aggressively. You will have problems if you don’t follow instructions or you overdo it.

  10. Hazel Nelson

    This little gadget is the best thing I have ever purchased for my skin – hands down. I wanted to wait about a month before reviewing because I wanted to give it a fair shot as far as results go. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw results on the very first use! I had enlarged pores and I do struggle with having an oily skin type. I was noticing that I was getting little white heads on my nose and very fine lines were beginning to creep in. I could not believe the junk I was able to get out of my face with this product. It was disgustingly amazing. My pores are smaller and tighter. My whiteheads – GONE. I have such a nice healthy glow now, and my favorite thing about this tool is the lift feature. I am definitely seeing an improvement with my fine lines and the overall firmness of my skin. I use the ion technology about 2-3 times a week (positive to clean my pores out and negative to apply my face cream for maximum absorption), and I use the lift feature about 4-5 times a week. I love it so much I bought one for my mom for her birthday! Best money I’ve ever spent investing in myself.

  11. Zoey Nelson

    **DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional or an esthetician it’s just what I’ve tried out from experience – Please do your own research and ask for professional help on your own personal needs.**

    I’ve noticed I’ve been having either hormonal or cystic acne so I watched some videos on YouTube and I’m very impressed with this product. It cleans my face better than having to pick it out with a small white head tool. When I got it I left it to charge for a long time, it’s super easy to use.

    RECOMMENDATION: Use it with ALOE GEL which I purchased separately because it’s better than using water. You can use water if you want to though. The scrubber will slide on my skin making it easier to clean because of the gel and it doesn’t dry out fast like water does.

    YOUTUBE: Since it’s ultrasonic I chose the aloe gel recommended by, Michelle Rother who made a video “Esthetician shares favorite facial tools” you should check out the video since she goes in depth. I would share pictures but I’ve only used it twice so far – a month apart and haven’t seen any results yet because I’ve been working so much.

    PREP: You could also purchase a facial steamer and steam your face for around ten minutes or after a long shower

    IMPORTANT: It is also imperative you clean your skin the best you can after using it because all that gunk coming out of your pores will spread all over the surface of your face to cause more acne so splash your face with cold water after washing and use a toner and moisturizer. I didn’t have toner in the beginning or a good face wash so after using it the first time I had small little break outs the next day after (gross I know but I had to learn through experience) Also best to clean it with alcohol after.

    Noise – I have no issues with the noise, it’s not completely noise-less you still hear the vibration from it but if you have an issue with pets not liking it you can always just go to the bathroom alone, play something on your phone, and close the door.

    How often to use: I saw a review from an esthetician who said not to use it every day because it might cause irritation/discoloration. I’m not really sure on this subject but I’ve used it only twice a month apart because I’ve been working a lot

    I hope this helped.

  12. Layla Butler

    I wasn’t expecting miracles with this device, but my expectations have been met. Right away I noticed that my skin felt smoother after use. I like the cleansing setting for a little bit of extraction and the lifting feature for helping my serums and lotions soak in deeper. I’ve discovered that if I use a chemical exfoliant (I’ve been using The Ordinary chemical peel) in the morning and follow up with this device on the same evening I do manage to remove some gunky stuff from my pores. I’m eager to see what happens with repeated use, especially when there comes a time when I’m not masking so much as my chin seems to congested when I mask for a lot of hours a day. For now I’ll be using this a couple of times a week until a new trend comes along.

    Updating after a few months of use: this thing makes a difference. It makes my skin smoother and seems to extract some gross stuff with it. I am using it about twice a week. I’ve had about a three week hiatus recently and even after one use I’m seeing some improvement. If you’re on the fence, I say give it a try.

  13. Luna Hall

    This can be a good tool to add to a skin cleaning routine.
    I need to point out two things. The sounds it makes when turned on can potentially cause hearing damage, or even tinnitus. It is a subtle pain that you feel in your eardrum, but it is there nonetheless. I believe this is inherent to this type of device, while it may be good for the skin, it isn’t good for one’s hearing.
    Second, the spatula itself is curved metal, and the edges can be harsh against the skin, so when gliding, I use it at a flat angle so it doesn’t dig in.
    I spray water on my face and add an oil or moisturizer to make sure the metal glides, and I only use the device when it is turned off.
    The device works and was unopened, and customer service is responsive. I still have the device and will incorporate it sporadically. Everything about it is straightforward.

    Use at your own discretion.

  14. Everly Powell

    So I read a million reviews before I bought this. Some people claim it works like magic, while others are really disappointed. I think I know why.

    When you use this, it does “scrape off” the top layer of oil and gunk from your face, and probably some dead skin cells. It’s basically an exfoliating device. If your blackheads are very superficial, this will make them look less prominent, mainly because blackheads are oxidized sebum, and this does scrape off top layered sebum.

    However if your blackheads are embedded more deeply into your skin, I don’t think this will do very much else than scraping off the oils on the top of your skin. I use it once to twice a week, and I combine it with a BHA after, that can go deeper into the skin and cleanse what is left after I scrape it.

    It does scrape away a lot of superficial gunk; and if I’ve used this after cleansing away my makeup, I’ve seen that it picks up makeup-residue on the spatula even when my face appeared to be super clean.

    It’s also possible to remove some blackheads using the spatula with light pressure, and giving a light squeeze on the skin next to it. Be careful with this though, because you might apply too much pressure and harm your skin in doing so.

    Before I got a separate vibrating silicone brush for my face, I used this on cleansing mode with the silicone attachment to cleanse my t-zone. The other functions don’t really seem to do anything.

  15. Aria Sanders

    I had this saved on my wishlist for months contemplating whether or not I should get it. I’m glad I finally decided to get it, this thing is awesome!

    I mainly use this to remove all the whiteheads on my nose, and oh my god does this thing really work! This thing really helps clean out your pores!

    I typically steam my face before using it, only because my whiteheads can be a bit stubborn sometimes. However, this machine still does an amazing job even when I don’t steam my face.

    My husband also loves using this tool, it leaves our noses feeling smooth. We definitely recommend.

  16. Ellie Brooks

    This skin scrubber is just what I was looking for. It lifts up the clog in my pores on my nose and chin, for some reason I’ve started getting that large pore effect on my chin( little white heads) and didn’t feel like using my nails or a facial exfoliator because both are too harsh, but something that would give like a squeeze/scrape effect. This does just that! I wet my face(steam) to open up the pores, then I turn this device on( it has multiple settings) the very first setting works well as it continuously vibrates in a way that causes my pores to extract the oil that’s filled in them out. They just pop out like little oily strings lol.. gross I know, but it works! Also I use clay mask that sometimes lodges in my pores after they have opened for cleaning, and the black clay just sits in my tiny pores on my nose making it look like blackheads, this tool is also forcibly gentle in removing those with a gentle swipe upward or across the nose( your nose may turn red momentarily) but clears in minutes with a baby smooth face now. This tool works great hand in hand with your normal routine and exfoliating process. I use oy once or twice a week, depends on if I’m using my clay mask or have worked out and accumulated a sweaty face. Satisfied and recommend

  17. Nora Powell

    I hoped this product would help with clogged pores I’m suddenly getting on my cheeks. It doesn’t really help that. BUT, it does a great job of getting the gunk out of my nose pores so I don’t get blackheads, and the exfoliation has helped my skin stay clearer overall. A full month without a breakout?! That hasn’t happened to me in 30 years until now. I’ll definitely keep using this product just for that benefit.

  18. Aria Turner

    I enjoy the light vibration of the product when in cleansing mode. Make sure you splash your face and keep your face wet throughout the process. The instructions were easy to read but I did Google a video to ensure I was using correctly. Definitely recommended for the ease of use and I saw a difference around my nose within a couple of uses.

  19. Lily Turner

    Had never tried something like this before, but man is it cool. It is so fast that water just disintegrates on it the second it touches the blade. Not sure how to use the little rubber covers for it, as the sonic vibrations aren’t felt through them, but using the blade sonication is great. I’ve done it with toner and facial cleanser and my face feels clean. It is a sleek little tool that looks and feels high quality.
    One note: make sure to close your eyes if the tool is anywhere near them, as it will mist your eyes with whatever liquid is on your face!

  20. Maya Carter

    It’s mostly good for blackheads on my opinion. It’s light weight, and works for sure! Just recommend using a light amount of aloe on your skin so that your skin stays wet. Definitely not something to use dry! I also would say do a smalllll area at a time. Cover your nose in a light layer of aloe, do that section. Then cover your chin with aloe and do that section. Scraping it across your entire face all at one time won’t work as well. Wash your face for sure before hand and then your face WILL get red when you are done using this of course. It’s a scraper practically. But the redness goes away, I do it at night 1-2x a week or less and by morning my face and pores look amazing. Moisturize after using it!

  21. Scarlett Price

    This product should ideally be used with a cold gel pore opener, however it’s a pain to find, especially at a decent price. There seems to be some guck coming off, however I’m still not sure if it’s just dead skin or actual pore impurities. Either way better than picking your skin youeself.

  22. Scarlett Powell

    This product is a great value! I’ve compared this one to similar items and the quality of the material and functions are a step above the rest. Some others ones cost more but the material is flimsy and can’t even get the job done. With this one I’ve had no trouble with it and can tell it is built with higher quality materials at a fair price! I’ll definitely be buying when ever I’m in need and I’m comfortable sharing it with all my friends and family.

  23. Stella King

    Pretty cool and sleek design. Comes pre-charged. Vibration is comfortable but once the covers are on, it doesn’t feel like much. Not sure if it’s doing much but feels like a nice facial

  24. Riley Wood

    Ordered this off a Buzzfeed list since I’ve had issues with whiteheads and blemishes in the past and manual tools weren’t cutting it. I used it a couple times, but nothing committed and left it on the shelf. I finally picked it back up about two weeks ago and wish I had been using this tool every day. The effects are most noticeable after about a week, but my pores are smaller, I have less acne overall, and my face is tighter, brighter and finally what I could call glowing. Use after a shower for extra delicious ick factor when all the gunk just falls out of your pores.

  25. Aurora Mitchell

    Updated review: The seller really impressed me as they responded immediately and issued a refund.
    I went ahead and reordered the item. Any seller that responds l8ke this deserves a second chance. 🙂

    I ordered this in April but did not open it until yesterday. I’m packing for a move upstate. I was looking forward to using it but imagine my surprise when I attempted to charge the unit. No light indicator turned on. Still, left it for 6 hours. Won’t turn on. I tried a different plug, still doesn’t charge. I’m so disappointed and angry that I didn’t open the package immediately so I could send it back for replacement. Now I’m out the money and a worthless broken product.

  26. Ellie Green

    I was skeptical but it’s working. My pores are cleaner and considerably smaller. I’m impressed.

  27. Aaliyah Stewart

    This product is really good & useful. only problem with mine is that unfortunately i didn’t recieve the silicone sleeves or usb charger so i had to buy a seperate charger from the store & i still haven’t been able to experience using the sleeves, but so far it’s a great product either way!

  28. Lily Mitchell

    It works! Gets all my blackheads out. It does leave your face red after but worth it!

  29. Ellie Foster

    I use it on my face and it is as expected I love it would definitely recommend it and it was well packaged, haven’t used it on anyone other than myself so, this is just my opinion on it and I love it it removes dead skin cells makes my skin tome look even when I use it, very easy to use and it holds charge. It was worth buying

  30. Savannah Cooper

    The product stop working about four weeks after the return ended. I was legitimately upset and wrote a review detailing that I didn’t think it worked well and then it stopped working immediately.

    The seller read that review and reached out to me directly to offer me a refund. I didn’t even ask for one!!

    I will be re-ordering to try this again in case the item itself was faulty, not the entire product line.

    And I feel very confident ordering again because the customer service was so incredible.

    Will upgrade to five stars if the one that I re-order works well! Four stars for such amazing customer service.

  31. Aubrey Foster

    Facil de usar y de manejar, limpia los poros pero no a profundidad. Se puede usar con el limpiador a base de agua para una mayor limpieza de los poros. Y tambien se puede usar para ayudar a que penetre mas a profundidad las cremas y serums. Lo uso una vez por semana

  32. Penelope Howard

    Pues la verdad a que me ha encantado muy fácil de usar.

  33. Audrey Sanders

    So, I am going thru this awful phase of summertime skin (sweat, chlorine, salt, sunscreen, makeup, etc). So at the moment, this 41F has the skin of a 15 y/o boy. I bought this bc of a Buzzfeed article. Holy crap! It’s amazing! I no longer need to break skin or pop zits/blackheads/whiteheads. Push the corner of the spatula on or around your blemish, add little pressure and this thing vibrates them out and I can use the spatula to scrap away the rest. It also has all of the little “explosions” from the vibrations on the end as you are working, which is so satisfying. I am exaggerating when I say “explosions”…I have not had a single incident of broken skin since I bought this thing. Spend the $$, it’s so worth it!!

  34. Paisley Murphy

    I like that it helps cleanse and exfoliate skin. Great beginner product

  35. Skylar Perry

    Bought this tool for my daughter. She loves it

  36. Scarlett Martinez

    I have not used any other product of this type so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it seems to work pretty well to me. There are always visible results when using it on my forehead, and even some on my nose. The only complaint I have is the instructions. It tells a bit about the product but it doesn’t actually tell you the best use for the modes. I had no idea what the difference was between ion + ion -, cleansing and lifting. I had to look online in other places for what these actions actually mean. Its a small gripe because the product is good but it loses a star for it, because I feel like a product should tell me how to use it. Aside from how to turn it on and charge it.

  37. Adeline Price

    Love it, but if you have sensitive skin, please be careful This is strong for sensitive skin you have to know how to use that.

  38. Nevaeh Barnes

    given as a gift reported as being very good at working with your face

  39. Skylar Ward

    Nice face steam and it’ll help remove most black heads & dead skin

  40. Bella Richardson

    I am still new to the deep cleaning of facial skin, it does takes out oil specially the t-zone. However, it is not a deep deep cleaning I feel within few days I need to use it again

  41. Leah Hughes

    Good product

  42. Aaliyah Clark

    Im happy to have but I wouldn’t buy again. this product idk

  43. Stella Hall

    I get a lot and I mean a lot of black heads on my nose. I used to hate squeezing them out because it would make my eyes all teary and my nose so swollen and red. I would have to make sure I stayed in my house for a good 24 to 48 hours before the swallowing would go down. forget about those Nose strips, they never did anything for me. using this product has change to my life. I know that might sound a little dramatic but I am not kidding. I can use this to remove my Black heads right before an event without worrying about my nose being swollen. I just hate that I waited till I was 30 years old to try this product. The only thing I would recommend is practice a few times before you feel comfortable doing it before an event. The second time I used it. I don’t know what I did wrong but I ripped my skin and I got left with a huge ugly scab for a good week. It was only that 1 time. I absolutely love this product.

  44. Paisley Wood

    The product works really well. My face has been smooth and clean. There was no information on how to use the product or what the different modes meant.

  45. Riley Turner

    My face has never felt so clean. I have sensitive skin would definitely recommend starting off once a week because it is a strong tool

  46. Aria Thompson

    I had to deduct one star due to the very limited instructions on how to use it. It would be helpful if there were instructions stating that you need to press the on/off button for a longer duration to turn it on. Before I figured it out, I thought it wasn’t working.

  47. Aurora Turner

    Love this device for deep cleaning and product penetration! I use it for my facials and have another one for myself. It’s a pretty color and works awesome. Super happy with this purchase!

  48. Hazel Turner

    It is a good quality item, but doesn’t really seem to do much. I have watched several videos on use, but it doesn’t seem to clear out pores like I expected.

  49. Ellie James

    This definitely gets the dirt out of your pores. I use it 2-3 times a week and the black heads on my nose are practically gone! It does make a high pitched noise that is annoying but worth it for the soft and clean skin.

  50. Aurora Scott

    I saw a review in a fashion magazine and thought I’d try it. My blackhead came out and it left my skin feeling clean. Just make sure to follow directions in box. Might buy one as a gift

  51. Lily White

    It significantly reduced the blackheads on my nose during deep cleaning setting. I haven’t noticed any changes from lifting mode but it’s fun to use. I do not use the cleaning mode with the replaceable silicone covers. This does not have any suction mode.

  52. Nora Walker

    I do like the face scraper. I do feel a smoother texture on my face after using it!

  53. Addison White

    If you are a person suffering from black heads ; than this is the perfect facial hand device.

  54. Hailey Martinez

    I bought this in 2020, it’s still working and my skin has improved drastically. I use this once a week. I make sure to loosen up my pores first DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS ON DRY SKIN! It’s so satisfying to see all the gunk con out. This is one facial tool I can’t live without!

  55. Peyton Morris

    I was not sure about the product but works great. I used it 2-3 times and already see the difference. My skim really feels smooth. It it easy to use and clean. So far it is working well.

  56. Leah Turner

    This does pretty well to clear my pores. Make sure to use a medium like water or soap

  57. Lily Martinez

    Easy to use, not too harsh

  58. Gabriella Brooks

    Quality product for a very affordable price. It’s sleek and not cumbersome to hold or handle. I like the 4 diffent modes and it’s working out very well for my clients. Suction poweris not applicable for this tool.

  59. Zoe Mitchell

    It’s been over a month and haven’t had a complain. This device really does work on getting impurities out.

  60. Madelyn Scott

    Video Player is loading.

  61. Serenity Bennett

    I just love this little guy my face feels nice and smooth and helps with my puffiness! I definitely recommend this easy to use and can take it anywhere!! It’s also a perfect stocking stuffer!

  62. Ellie Baker


  63. Emma Johnson

    The first one I received can not power on.The seller replace the new one right away.The second one I received work great and it’s a decent quality.It removes all my blackheads and whiteheads really well.No need to use nose strips anymore.Worth every penny.

  64. Aria Murphy

    The galvanic current in this helps with extractions along with minimizing pore size! Make sure you watch a video on proper use before using!

  65. Luna Bailey

    I have always seen these and wanted to try one. I was not disappointed. I was shocked at how well it cleaned my skin and helped with my moisturizer. I love the lifiting massage option also. Referred a friend to purchase as well.

  66. Aria Mitchell

    Llegó como esperaba, buena calidad

  67. Addison Foster

    Cleans my pores

  68. Claire Cook

    This is fantastic for deep cleansing the pores. Pops out clogged areas with ease and without causing redness or trauma to the skin vs using your fingers.

  69. Zoe Perez

    This tool is great for cleaning, and removing dirt buildup on your skin. My blackheads have decreased in only two uses. I like how it evenly aids in spreading my serums post cleaning.

  70. Evelyn Taylor

    try not to be so rough on your skin maybe i just don’t know how to use it but i felt like it didn’t really do much

  71. Lucy Scott

    This product works great on my skin , the only issue I had was the color I received. I reached out about it and got great customer service and fixed the issue!

  72. Violet Collins

    Does the trip, sucks them all up together! Love using this tool. It’s oddly satisfying to complete sections of my face.

  73. Hazel Edwards

    Me encantó ! Limpia los puntos negros y deja la piel suave. Lo uso en mi negocio y al cliente le encanta

  74. Mila Roberts

    This thing is so cool. I thought it was all hype, a new trendy tool, but no this is so cool and works so well!

  75. Olivia Smith

    As long as you don’t get over zealous it works perfectly. If you’re not careful it’ll cause peeling skin, but that’s easily avoided with proper usage. My only complaint is while the noise is very minimal to human ears, it seems to really bother my cats. One of them refuses to be in the room when it’s on, and the rest wake up and look really annoyed/uncomfortable when it’s turned on. Make sure if You’re using it to use it away from pets to avoid scaring them. Otherwise it’s a great product. I’ve even dropped it in the tub a few times and it still works.

  76. Riley Lewis

    I love this tool! I am so glad to have it in my repertoire. It melts away the blackheads, and I highly recommend it!

  77. Amelia Wilson

    I did a lot of research on extraction tools and almost spent 10x more on a more expensive brand but I’m so happy I did a little research and found this tool after finding out this is the one my skin aesthetician uses for her facials. It definitely works and I’ve already noticed my pores look smaller and less noticeable. I’m so happy I decided to order this! Make sure your face is clean and wet (immediately after hot shower) or facial steaming. The only thing I will say is that it kind of digs into your face at certain angles vs. alternative brand that it’s more rounded at the metal.

  78. Harper Moore

    It’s just a described great for scrubbing

  79. Isabella Davis

    My own mini spa at home! I cannot compare this to a professional skin cleaning service, but it definitely helps me to remove the build up of dirt in my pores helping me to reduce the effect of “strawberry nose”.
    In the past I tried the mini skin vacuum, but I like this better because it is way more gentle on the skin.

  80. Grace Jackson

    Bought on the recommendation of my aesthetician! I use it all of the time and it makes my skin glow. I love the deep clean features!

  81. Ava Williams

    I had very low expectations. Super low. I was just hoping it wouldn’t make my skin worse. Why did I bother with it then? I’ll try anything once.
    If the awful noise wasn’t an issue, I’d use this thing a lot. It’s helpful in deep cleaning pores, it feels great, but that buzzing is just horrible. I wouldn’t suggest using it more than a couple times a week, and certainly for no longer than the time recommended in the instructions.
    After being gone for a week on vacation, I was very excited to come home and use it again – it felt like it cleaned all of the travel grime from my face. I love it.

  82. Abigail Anderson

    You have to use is slowly and apply pressure. It stays on for 5 min which is totally fine, just turn it back on. Your skin must be hydrated the whole time. I just keep applying warm water as it dries.

  83. Layla Anderson

    I really like the product!

  84. Ella Thomas

    Me encantó el producto. No tenía conocimiento de que se utilize con toner, contornos y otros productos. Además, debes cargarlo durante 5 horas antes de su uso.

  85. Chloe Harris

    Very good equipment.

  86. Sophia Brown

    I’ve been using this cleaning spatula and I’m loving it. I like the cleaning mode, the ion+ for loosen up the dirt on my pores and also the ion- for my face to absorb the serums.
    I couldn’t remember how to use all settings so I just kept the instructions close for when I need them.

  87. Mia Miller

    Didn’t come charged. Once I charged it worked great to get black heads out!

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