Natural Sculptor

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Natural Sculptor was designed to improve the well-being of your skin for a more energized and a natural glow by promoting blood circulation and increase blood flow in the skin.

Natural Sculptor was designed to improve the well-being of your skin for a more energized and a natural glow by promoting blood circulation and increase blood flow in the skin. Our kit is made by 100% natural jade stone providing long lasting benefits for skin and body health. The complete massage therapy you will ever need to enhance your beauty rituals.

  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Reduce puffiness and wrinkles
  • Boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Provides relief from tension headaches when rolled over temples
  • Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elasticity

Pink set, White set, Black set, Green set, Petal set

2304 reviews for Natural Sculptor

  1. Valorie Yoshioka

    So nice! Works very well

  2. Lisa Lira

    Great product for the price. I have never used a Jade roller before, but this one is durable, a good weight and easy to use. If you are looking for a roller, I would recommend.

  3. Martha Smith

    I love my rose quartz roller. I use it each morning and it helps circulation in my face. If you put it in the fridge, the effects are even better because its cool feeling is enhanced. Definitely recommend and watch the videos before use.

  4. Kristy Campbell

    I’m so glad I made this purchase!
    The packaging is really nice and the product itself is high quality and luxurious!
    In in love with it each time I use it!!!
    Very happy 🥰

  5. Denise Cardwell

    Bought it as a birthday gift for my 17 yr old daughter and she loves it! Uses it every night!

  6. Rayna Horton

    If you do not have a jade roller – run do not walk to get one. This makes my face look and feel fabulous.
    Use it with a serum for an extra glow.


  7. Diane Brown

    amazing quality, value & price point

  8. Cleo Williams

    Absolutely love this! Great roller! Perfect price!

  9. April Ogrady

    I wanted to give this a try to see how it will effect skin
    It is to make it smoother, giving more circulation and less wrinkles. I’ve been using this for some time now
    My face does not look puffy, tired or swollen as it has before. My skin is smoother and softer too. It is easy to use. Use it twice a day to get better results. Roll it over your face in smooth fluid movements.
    100% jade. It comes with 2 stones on the roller and one smooth sculpting style stone.

  10. Linda Baldwin

    I use this every night and it feels amazing on my skin. The instructions it comes with really helps when it comes to how to use it and which direction to roll this on your face. Even helps when it comes to using the gua sha. The handle is really comfortable to hold, thought it was going to be awkward but it’s really not. Love how this feels on my face and neck. Almost feels as though I’m giving myself a nice massage. I did push a little too hard when using the gua sha and accidentally bruised myself, so you don’t need as much pressure as I thought I was going to need. What I really love is how it feels over my sinus, especially when my allergies are acting up.

  11. Angelo Wagner

    I can really tell a difference in my face and skin just from using this product! My face is not swollen or puffy anymore. I also can see a difference in my cellulite by using the be guasha.

  12. Christina Small

    Feels great on skin

  13. Melanie Kiser

    Nice Jade roller, Seems high quality and feels nice

  14. Lissette Cantu

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for awhile. The cheap ones seem to be hit or miss, squeaky and fall apart. But this one seems nicely high quality, comes with great packaging. It feels amazing on the skin. It’s NOT squeaky and it seems durable. Can’t wait to put this into my skincare routine.

  15. Ruby Ritz

    Feels nice

  16. Opal McDougall

    Im loving the product i think its great

  17. Elsa Knipe

    It’s amazing. Both ends rolls smoothly. Will buy again.

  18. Patricia Richmond

    I love this roller!! Don’t even need to put it in the fridge because it’s always cold. It feels so, so good applying a bit of pressure and following videos on how to drain the nodes. So relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s made any difference in my skincare routine but frankly I don’t care because it makes me happy using it and feels good. It’s also gorgeous — very pretty pink and rosegold colors! So luxurious and makes me feel like royalty!

  19. Carmen Dale

    I lost my jade roller while traveling so decided to purchase a new one. This set came with the extra guasha massage tool too. I massage my neck with it right after applying my serum. So far it’s been great.

  20. Patricia McFarland

    Absolutely loved it! The color is beautiful and it feels great on my skin. Highly recommend it. Quality is also great.

  21. Maggie Jones

    I’m a skeptic when it comes to trends like this, but I was really wanting to try. I’m so glad I chose this roller. It’s very calming and cooling especially around my under eye area. The flatter Stone is perfect for my forehead and chin. Also I was weirdly surprised by the packaging. It was beautiful. It would make a really fancy feeling gift for a modest price.

  22. Lourdes Williams

    First I saw Gua sha in instagram and decided to try it . I decided to try it the morning and do before after photos . I did my skin care routine then applied moisturizer (oil is better, but I haven’t bought it yet ) and did gentle massage for 10 minutes . After massage I took a picture and didn’t believe it . My face looked so fresh , and wasn’t swollen as usually in the morning . No regrets .

  23. Therese Jones

    Elegantly presented. Feels like a good weight and very pretty to look at, almost too pretty to use, but I will trudge through.

  24. Cristina Kelly

    Super nice packaging! I love the cooling effect and my frown lines feel more relaxed after just one use. Everything is in great solid build and it’s just really pretty.

  25. Jennifer Smith

    I love using my Rose Quartz Roller it feels very refreshing on the skin.

  26. Joanne Jumper

    This is the first time that I used a jade roller I like the concept however my face started to get red and break out a bit I looked online and was told that I was supposed to boil the Jade roller after every use unfortunately that was not in the instructions would be nice for it to be told in the instructions. I finally had to throw the Jade roller away no matter if I cleaned it or put it in the refrigerator I am still breaking out garbage maybe I have to buy a really really expensive one for it to work

  27. Dorothy Hain

    I love this products, i love the small roller side and the large one too. Might buy another set for a friend

  28. Lena Powell

    This product came quickly and was packaged well. The material seems sturdy and so far in the few days it’s been used, it doesn’t squeak and rolls smoothly. I can’t speak to it’s usefulness yet, but my face does feel great after using.

  29. Hattie Seymour

    I love that this is a small company! Love this tool! Made well and works beautifully Love the massage stone – used it on my stiff neck and it was so relaxing!

  30. Kimberly Riddick

    Product as described and well packaged. Not sure yet if it’ll make a difference, but I’m willing to try. Feels great on my puffy eyes after refrigeration. Seems to be sturdy, not cheaply made.

  31. Josephine Meyer

    Looks beautiful, really heavy, but the large jade roller cake cracked on the side – looking for a replacement please

  32. Linda Bodine

    Exactly how I imagined it to be when ordering this product! Also came in a nice box and was wrapped up good. Super excited to try my new rose quartz face roller. I put it in the fridge so tonight When I do my skin care routine before bed I can use the cold jade roller on my face. Glad I picked this seller even though there were lots of others, so I highly recommend when looking for a face roller!

  33. Frances Martin

    Made of nice study material. Cool to the touch but feels great!

  34. Bette Kaiser

    Amazing! It’s affordable and the product is such a good quality!

  35. Carmen Doster

    So cute. Perfect gift!

  36. Pam James

    I absolutely love this product. This is my first ever time buying a facial roller and it’s absolutely beautiful. The pink rose quartz is stunning!!!!

  37. Michelle Evans

    Works really well and is nicely made!

  38. Maria Smith

    Love this product. Give it a try.

  39. Sarah Sy

    Tiktok made me do it .

  40. Patricia Calabrese

    I bought several Jade rollers before, but the metal started to smell bad. However, this one DOESN’T smell at all. In addition, the 2 ends are covered with rubber so it doesn’t make any sounds. It just has the great quality and I really enjoy it.

  41. Denise Bowen

    Love it!! The roller feels like a great quality for a good price, and when used with a moisturizer I feel like it really works the product into my skin. It is also so pretty!

  42. Alice Fuller

    Beautiful product, it’s a pretty pink color, well packaged and works extremely well. I recently heard of jade rolling and I had to try it and I absolutely love it.

  43. Sarita Mullin

    Feel fancy and I love it

  44. Virginia Bryant

    Better than expected! Nice quality feels very relaxing on face

  45. Vanessa Neel

    I love this Jade Roller! It’s very useful and feels so good on my skin! I would definitely recommend!

  46. Carol Payne

    Love this product and it’s cute

  47. Mary Moore

    I’m not sure if this actually does anything but it felt really nice anyways.
    I do think my face appeared less puffy.

    I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

  48. Juanita Sarno

    Great product and so pretty

  49. Brittany Wells

    I love this product! The Gua Sha was a little smaller than expected but the jade roller exceeded expectations! Excellent quality, feels heavy (but not too heavy) and sturdy/durable.. i feel as though it will last me a long time. Very happy with my purchase

  50. Sheila Garcia

    These tools are naturally cooling to use. Be sure to use them before applying your skincare products. I ordered these at midnight and received them at 5pm the same day. Definitely affordable and has good quality.

  51. Glenda Powell

    I love it new for my night skin care routine I would highly recommend it

  52. Rosa Silver

    It’s a really nice roller. I feel that it depuffs my face because the stone feels cool against my skin. I’ve used it before applying my skin care routine and I think this will help with blood circulation, although I’m not sure yet because I’ve only used it a couple of days.

  53. Joseph Black

    I love this product. It’s amazing , really cool, easy to use and good quality

  54. Nancy Miller

    Overall everything I was expecting. Use it almost everyday. Love love loveee it. Well worth it.

  55. Tonia Oliphant

    Shows a difference on your face when you use it correctly! Feels and works better when it’s cold. I love using it in the morning

  56. Lynnette McClain

    Love that it comes with a little card. So thoughtful.

  57. Minnie Alonzo

    Nice presentation, safe boxing, not squeaky. I’m telling you as someone that relies on reviews I had a good impression of this company and product. Good quality.

  58. Kathy Bradley

    The product is absolutely gorgeous and provides directions for use.

  59. Wanda Galvez

    I love rubbing this all over my face its fresh, cool and smooth. I’m hopeful it will smooth out my face. It didn’t come with tips and tricks.

  60. Crystal Hickey

    Beautifully packaged. High quality. Lovely set overall. Highly recommend.

  61. Casimira Merino

    I just purchased 2 of these rose quartz jade rollers. One is for me and the other I got for my mom for Mother’s Day. The shipping was super quick! I was worried it wouldn’t be on time for Mother’s Day. Also looking through many others on here. There was a bunch of other sellers with reviews that ended up with the rollers broken during shipping. Mine came completely intact. They were both packaged very well. The colors are a little different (1 is just a lighter pink with white) than the other which I like so we don’t get our confused and makes them unique. No squeaking and rolls smoothly. Price was great.

  62. Jennifer Wiley

    Wow, I am so amazed with the quality and the packaging. Both seem durable to the touch. Been using it everyday. If you can, store in fridge/ beauty fridge and you will love it.

  63. Milagro Hawkins

    a very pretty blush pink. heavier than I thought but that isn’t a bad thing. there are about one little intent in both of them in the stone but it’s superrrr small.

  64. Raquel Black

    The packaging and product was great. I love my new jade roller and gua sha. I’d definitely buy again.

  65. Essie Aldrich

    I’m incredibly impressed by the aesthetic and performance of this product. The gua sha shape is perfect and both items perform better than far more expensive ones I’ve tried. Beautiful too.

  66. Terry Jeon

    Very sturdy and durable! It’s definitely worth spending a little more for the quality. I purchased the rose quartz roller and it’s very pretty!

  67. Frances Bradberry

    Its well made and durable, and felt super cooling on my sensitive skin. 10/10 would recommend!

  68. Patricia Hall

    Dont bother spending hundreds of dollars on a product that does the same thing!! Perfect set!

  69. Amelia Card

    Super cute and great quality!

  70. Rebecca Beal

    Love this roller! Pretty and works great.

  71. Bernice Pugh

    Very nice packaging. Quality product. Part of my new routine!

  72. Janet Barbour

    First of all, the pink and gold combination is so cute!!!
    I like how it has two sides so you can use the smaller roller for areas around your eyes. Also There’s this side piece that came with it. It is very handy for my neck and under the chin area!
    Have been using it for about a week! Love it so far!!

  73. Elizabeth Holder

    Such beautiful tools. They came in a secure box and the quality is much higher than expected for the low price! Instructions for use were sent inside the box and also emailed which was a pleasant surprise.

  74. Linda Davis

    This little treasure is amazing. I haven’t been using it long enough to honestly know if it does anything other than feel AMAZING on my face. I took off one star for the “moisturizing” part. I don’t know how this tool could do that. If you’re referring to using this after you apply moisturizer, then it’s still not the tool that’s doing that, it’s your product you’re using.

  75. Margaret Lewis

    Perfect! Only issue is the price keeps going up
    started at 12.99 now 21.99 in six weeks..
    maybe covid shipping is higher…..

  76. Shay Nguyen

    feels really good on the face, noticing difference already

  77. Molly Davis

    Not sure of the effectiveness, will have to wait til later to see, but the product is beautiful, and well made. Thank you.

  78. Carolyn Damiano

    Three words….I LOVE IT!!!!

  79. Whitney Skaggs

    I love this product, I use it every single day!

  80. Desiree Gillespie

    Great item

  81. Giovanna Iglesias

    It’s so relaxing and I can definitely tell my face is less puffy after using. I’ve been using this every day!

    Update: one of the crystals broke on my face about 2 days after I wrote this

  82. Margaret Santos

    I was going to wait a week of using this twice a day before leaving a review but I woke up this morning after only 4 days of using it and I already see the difference. I used to have small indents on my cheeks from old acne scars that only I could really notice but this morning my skin was even and the puffiness that made it so noticeable to me was gone. I use a witch hazel blend on my face before using the roller, & remember to clean it as well or it can get oily from your skin, running water over it does the job!

  83. Ann Wiggins

    It is very good quality and easy to use!!

  84. Polly Flowers

    I was hesitating buying this just bc of the price but it’s actually worth it i love it ! and i’ve actually seen more expensive ones but this one is perfect. it arrived fast

  85. Jessica Christiansen

    Love this item. Packaged nicely and shipping was fast.

  86. Bernadette Elder

    This was an impulse buy, although I’ve always wanted to try one. I always have bags under my eyes, and often my eyes are puffy. I also have a problem with one of my eyes where (I think) there’s something going on with a tear duct, and my eye waters a lot. I had an uncomfortable procedure done on it, but it didn’t help. Ok, long lead-in….
    I really like this product. It feels really good to us, especially around the eyes. I can actually feel it helping with my faulty duct, and when I use it, my eye is less “teary.” I like to refrigerate it. The coolness feels heavenly! I chose the rose quartz, as opposed to jade. I used to study different kinds of crystals and i remember rose quartz is said to promote harmony,, universal love, and inner peace. I like the concept; and, to be honest, I was partial to the pink lol! It comes in a nice little box. The box did have a SKU label on the front, but it was easy to remove.

    I do wish the directions were more detailed, particularly on how to use the gua sha. However, I found more than enough information and tips on YouTube.

    I had looked at a few similar products, but landed on this one because it looked like the best quality for a reasonable price. I’m glad I got it!

  87. Jennifer Trump

    I recently purchased this because I wanted a gua sha tool and heard that rose quartz is less porous than jade. I have been using a jade roller, and since buying this set, I haven’t used it since. The roller itself is very durable and doesn’t glides smoothly. There’s also no squeaking noise from the sound of the metal hitting the roller thanks to the added protection. Can’t beat this!

  88. Aimee Henderson

    This product is exactly as described, the rose quartz feels so nice and fresh on my skin

  89. Amber Jones

    Product is great and customer service goes above and beyond. I thought at first that I didn’t get the board with my order and they reached out to me to fix the issue. It turns out that I just didn’t see the board packaged under the foam in the box, it was there the whole time.

  90. Jenniffer Lilly

    I’m sad I didn’t buy this sooner. I was skeptical at first, but this magical little roller will get rid of puffy under eyes, make your face feel tighter, plumper and rejuvenate you’re entire look! I LOVE mine so much. It’s VERY good quality and so pretty!!

  91. Alice Lee

    I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. It came nicely packed. Makes a great gift. Really
    good quality.

  92. Doris Herring

    Super duper cute!!! I love it !!!

  93. Patsy Garza

    very cute and easy to use

  94. Lyndia Norris

    Such a beautiful roller and package . I’ve only had it for a day but I love it . It’s very nice quality also

  95. Wendy Armstrong

    For the price I pay it exceeds my expectations very good. Gentle on my skin and the best easy to clean.

  96. Lori Frederick

    Very nice and shiny, works well

  97. Angie Kyle

    I’ve only had the product for a couple of days, so it’s too early to see any results. But I gave the product 5 stars because it is as advertised. The color is very pretty; a light blush pink. It rolls smoothly, without noise and feels great on your skin! I can’t wait to see if it improves the look of my skin. But even if it doesn’t, I’ll continue to use it because I like the relaxing benefit it provides from massaging my face 🙂

  98. Doris Solomon

    My sha board piece (not the roller) broke on the second day after 3 uses. I would leave it to chill in the fridge and after using it on my face it snapped it half. Apart from this. The roller is great and I can feel and see a difference after adding this to my regime.

  99. Carol Holman

    I purchased my face roller about two weeks ago and have been using it since. I love it, it’s easy to use, practical, easy to store, very efficient… my face feels and looks so much better. My face is smoother, it feels more moisturized & energized, and my natural glow is much more apparent. I highly recommend purchasing this product 🙂

  100. Dolores Franks

    Good quality product. It doesn’t squeak when I roll it and the rose quartz is so smooth. It’s cold at first and warms up as you use it on your face and neck. It has helped with my puffiness in the mornings and is great for when I use my serums and oils.

  101. Carmen Wortham

    I am obsessed with this whole product. The packaging is amazing and high quality and the roller and gua sha are also high quality and also very sturdy. I have an 11 month old and she’s thrown both on the floor very hard and neither of them broke. As far as helping my skin, they work really well. I use an oil on my face morning and night and they help press the product in and keep my face glowing and moisturized. I also keep mine in the freezer so they are really refreshing to use on my skin. I highly recommend this product especially for the price, I’ll definitely be buying more for gifts.

  102. Carol Sykes

    I was impressed with the packaging and quality for the price. I definitely have no complaints about that! I have not seen any visible changes in my skin since I started using this every morning as part of my skincare routine, but I like how relaxing it feels.

  103. Deborah Vance

    I put this in the freezer & then roll after I do my usual skin care routine. Soooo relaxing ! For me the results show in minutes. Packaging was very nice and this item is well made

  104. Carrie Osuna

    Beautiful, beautiful product. 😱 I just got mine today, and I am already in love with the cooling sensation alone. It’s a little early to tell if it actually helps with fine lines, but as a person who regularly gets tension headaches, this is a miracle! It’s cool to the touch right out of the aesthetically pleasing package, but I definitely recommend putting it in the fridge for 20 mins before you use it. It helps to relieve tension in my jaw and on my temples, and my under eye bags were subdued the first few rolls I tried out under my eyes. Would 100% recommend.

  105. Kathleen Ortega

    Easy to use and such a beautiful product. It was a gift to my mother and she loves me taking care of her skin. I highly recommend it and is also very affordable.

  106. Juanita Aldaco

    Just received my package and I’m so happy with this purchase! Great quality and perfect color pink rose quartz so in love. Can’t wait to put these in my mini fridge!

  107. Caroline Pitts

    I loved the product!

  108. Andrea Baker


  109. Alice Tucker

    These really work! Ive notice a difference in just 3 days. My husband and I love it. The packaging was wonderful!!

  110. Merilyn Ortega

    I love this face roller. It’s great for facial massages and I really appreciate that it has a shorter side for smaller areas. I really liked the packaging and it also came with a small flat massager.

  111. Reva Dillon

    these are such good quality holy s. i’m an esthetician and these work perfectly. they’re beautiful, roll smoothly w no squeak… obsessed. also the gua sha is the perfect size. so heavy duty.

  112. Nicole Bowen

    Cute packaging in a box and packaged well. One of my favorite facial rollers so far.

  113. Karin Kaiser

    Useful, but mine makes a sound when I put weight on it.

  114. Elizabeth Burke

    Good quality product. Does the job. Gentle massage on the face after application of the serum or the cream. Helps with puffiness under the eye. Highly recommend

  115. Tina Smith

    Great product, but the customer service was even better.

  116. Patricia Gilbert

    The packaging was very nice. The roller and gua sha stone was even more impressive. Very nice quality and easy to use. Unfortunately I dropped my gua sha stone and it broke so I have to order another one but the quality is so nice that I don’t mind it.

  117. Lacey Walker

    Great if you have sinus issues

  118. Cora Mitchell

    It’s exactly what I wanted. I ordered 2!

  119. Michelle Woodall

    I really like it! It feels relaxing on my face after washing it and applying my oil I massage my face and it feels so good I feel like it’s good for my migraines as well!! I would recommend ((:

  120. Mary Hansard

    Super great quality for the price. Package was well done, no squeaky sound with the roller. It remained very cold and nice on the skin. Highly recommend it.

  121. Lillian Smith

    very soothing to the skin

  122. Debra George


  123. Colette Zuniga

    Would definitely recommend! And a great deal.

  124. Carole Sisson

    Packaging was cute. I gave this as a gift to my 15 year old daughter and she absolutely loves it, she uses it everyday. It comes with instructions on how to use on your face. Love the color!

  125. Debra Jones

    Obsessed!! The roller is soothing and easy to use and helps with depuffing. Highly recommend!

  126. Tomeka Obryant

    Arrived fast and quality of the product is great! Pleasantly surprised.

  127. Julie Lebron

    Great value!

  128. Veronica Maldonado

    Love it ! Was hesitant but it’s great

  129. Rhonda Christensen

    i really really liked it a lot ,awesome on my face

  130. Joanne Manus

    Wonderful product, and incredibly helpful seller when I had an issue that had to be resolved. Would recommend to anyone looking for a gua sha or roller. Great color and feel. Helped me get out muscle knots I’ve had for years.

  131. Amanda Kelly

    Excelentt product.

  132. Mary Jablonski

    he jade roller is cold and feels good on the skin. When rubbed, if you slip on your skin gently, the muscles of your face relax and your wrinkles seem to be flattened.

  133. Lillie Correia

    I bought it as a gift and she absolutely loves it!

  134. Martha Martell

    Great for early morning use to get rid of puffiness around your eyes

  135. Anita Parker

    Very nice very satisfied indeed nice job packaging too love the product

  136. Margaret Buda

    Really Beutiful, great product, nice presentation.

  137. Martha Kyte

    Great product, well made and looks a lot more expensive.

  138. Lucy Baxter

    Exactly what i wanted but….there was a jagged edge around one of the stones that would nip
    My skin every time i used it. The other side was fine. Sadly my roller somehow broke in half 🙁

  139. Carol Stiles

    I usually don’t write reviews because they just really aren’t worth the time but this is an amazing product and I saw great results when using it! If you don’t like it they have a 100% money back guarantee and other amazing options that you can work with!

  140. Monique Tammaro

    Omg! Could this tool be any better?! I feel so relaxed after using this. AND it came with a bonus Gua sha stone! Which my boyfriend and I LOVE! I definitely will recommend this to friends

  141. Dorothy White

    I love this roller! If you are thinking about purchasing one of these, I highly recommend the rose quartz roller. It came in a nice package, and is exactly what I was looking for. Great buy!

  142. Diana Saltz

    It has not only helped my skin look and feel younger, but it has also helped me when I had a sinus infection. TMI but if you roll under your eyes, away from your nose, it helps clear out all the mucus. Great purchase. I have used it every other day and switch with morning and night.

  143. Rosa Brown

    I have 2 other face massage tools and this one is the best. I really can see the difference after using it.
    I use it mostly for the cheeks and chin with jojoba oil. Don’t roll it too hard especially when you are using it to other body parts. The stones may fall apart from the roller.

  144. Yolanda Franqui

    Everything came in perfect condition thanks to the packaging. No broken pieces, which can happen a lot with fragile stone like this. The rose quartz is actually better than jade for this roller, as the jade ones are often not made with real jade, and are porous. The quartz is always nice and cool to the touch even without refrigerating it. I love using the roller in the morning to reduce puffiness. Works great and I love it!

  145. Katie Taylor

    It came in perfect condition and is as pictured – beautiful stone. I am excited to continue on the skin regimen to see the effect it has.

  146. Jessica Reinhardt

    Gave this set to my mom for Mother’s Day. Nicely packaged with everything included and instructions.

  147. Linda Martin

    Loved it for my face

  148. Evelyn Guzman

    This product is amazing and gorgeous!! it arrived fast and I use it every morning, night and throughout the day it feels super fresh, cold and comfortable to hold and use! I recommend it 🙂

  149. Dorris Leday

    I love this jade roller. It’s dense and amazing quality.

  150. Lillie Anderson


  151. Lorie Walker

    awesome i love it

  152. Tiffany Jones

    So beautiful. Highly recommend this product as it feels amazing on my skin. Really appreciate the touches in the packaging as well

  153. Jennifer Mazza

    I use this every morning and night. I actually keep it in my skin care fridge. I lost my other one so needed to order a new one. This is a must before you do your skin care routine. The quality is great and the light pink color is so cute. Light weight and very easy to use

  154. Catherine Diaz

    Great quality, heavy duty. A beautiful colour and comes in a cute box! I’ll be buying another soon for myself. This one was a belated birthday gift Haha!

  155. Wendy Brock

    This is really cute and I like the packaging as well.

  156. Kimberly Krebs

    Nicely packaged, ready to gift. I love that the roller is non-squeaky! My previous jade roller was so squeaky, it wasn’t relaxing to use at all. Not sure why they call it “jade roller” though, this is pink not green. Rose quartz?

  157. Jessica Shade

    This is a lovely product! It feels so soft and smooth to the touch, it’s a well made product although the roller does seem quite fragile. It must be handled with care because it does seem rather easy to break even if it drops from a short distance to the ground.

  158. Wendy Millan

    This is awesome. Top 10 on my list of purchase. After a night in the fridge the cold jade touches the skin immaculately.

    The Gua Sha is amazing, feels very good. I’ve let my siblings use this and they all bought one, after I forced them to because they used mine so much.

    I’ve incorporated this into my morning routine and would highly recommend this to anyone.

  159. Alejandrina Ng

    product worked sooo good and i love how well it was packaged! def would recommend.

  160. Patsy Williams

    I absolutely love my roller. It is beautiful and works great.

  161. Agnes Morin

    Got this for my wife and she loves it and says she can feel a difference from using it.

  162. Mildred Jones

    I keep my roller in the fridge and use it every morning while I have my coffee. Not kidding! It’s really well made and again every morning! Love 💖

  163. Antoinette Hicks

    LOVE IT. great price, adorable packaging, felt so cooling on my face.

  164. Hattie Hill

    I love it! It’s great!

  165. Donna Maynard

    Packaging was literally the cutest thing.. good product

  166. Carolyn Palumbo

    I love it so much! Great product for great price

  167. Kimberly Lewis

    Looks fine easy you use have only had two days so I don’t know results yet

  168. Teresa Vanzant

    The packaging was so adorable and didn’t have layers of plastic which was nice. This product is great for face slimming and shaping! It doesn’t hurt and it helps push products in my skin.

  169. Deborah Burrows

    Love this product, very beautiful how it came in, the packaging, the feel of it when using it, very smooth, and high quality (it does not make any squeaky noise). There was no instructions on how to use it in the package but when I checked my email, there’s a note from the seller with the instructions. Super thoughtful! Highly recommended.

  170. Debbie Vincent

    Great customer service, great products!

  171. Sabrina Johnson

    Works great, very nice quality, and nice packaging too!

  172. Rebecca Reilly

    I’m so happy I ordered this – this is going to be my everyday tool. Feels great on my skin and I love how it was presented! Love it.

  173. Alexandria Ross

    No squeaking I love it use it twice a day! It’s naturally cool but pop in the fridge and it comes out super cold!

  174. Edna Dietz

    Great product! I love how the rose. I put this in the freezer to get a cooler affect. Works well! Very seamless use!

  175. Paula Egger

    This product is so soothing on your skin. Leaves skin feeling nice. 10/10 would recommend

  176. Susan Aguilar

    I received this and it was not broken as some other reviewers had stated and in fact was packaged nicely. Feels smooth on your skin. Hoping to see good results from using it.

  177. Susan Jones

    Best investment 👌. Feels relaxing across my face. Part of my Self-care regiment.

  178. Tara Long

    Love this!!! Excellent quality and beautiful color. Very well made.

  179. Judy Yutzy

    Very pleased – exactly what is expected

  180. Patricia Hay

    Loveeed the packaging and nice instructions and tips as well! Thank youu!!

  181. Beverly Wright

    I have been using it for a month and I love it. I was afraid that it would not last because of how inexpensive it is but its actually a really good quality it doesn’t squeak or gets stuck as it rolls. I like to keep it in the fridge so it can feel more refreshing when I use it. So far it’s a great tool to massage the face.

  182. Donna Bell

    Wow! I used it and immediately could feel and see a difference. My face and neck feels lighter and relaxed. I use rose toner and I can tell I’ll see more of a difference in my face shape and skin the more I use it. I keep mine and my toner in the fridge. It’s so refreshing in the morning and before bed.

  183. Myrtle Dismuke

    so i love this product it stays cold the entire time. i would update in 2 months when i have my overall good opinion.

  184. Inez Wagner

    Love it. I have only used once. So I can’t comment on how well it holds up. But I looked it.

  185. Suzanne Hudgins

    Great items

  186. Evelyn Moore

    I love this rose quartz roller. You can put it in the freezer and use it on your face so it gives a cooling effect that feels amazing. I use it in the morning so it de-puffs and adds structure to my face. You notice results almost immediately. 10/10 would recommend.

  187. Elizabeth Strum

    This is a great set! I’ve had it now for about 5 months and I love it. The quality is top notch! Feels nice and weighted and very smooth.

  188. Ivonne Longoria

    Great buy

  189. Linda Witman

    I got this because of skin puffiness and this product is soo WORTH IT! As long as you use it daily, you can really see the change on your face.

  190. Linda Flores

    The only reason I’m giving this product 4 stars is because there is a crack/dent on part of the roller. Other than that, it’s beautiful and I love using it as apart of my skin care routine.

  191. Susan O’Donnell

    I never write a review but this is amazing. I saw the improvement soon as i used it. I use it with Hyaluronic serum and my face is much softer and looks more energetic.

  192. Geri Paris

    Absolutely love this product and the packaging makes it easy to use. Always leaves my face feeling so refreshed.

  193. Janina Alleman

    The packaging is very pretty and the roller is beyond amazing 10 out of 10

  194. Jennifer Weibel

    I bought this tool to help massage my face when I have sinus pressure. I also suffer from migraines and tension headaches and I find that using this on different points of my face and neck really helps ease some of the pressure. I keep my in the freezer as I’ve read that massaging ice on your face helps with some thing or the other, so I figured it can’t hurt. If I’m already rolling this on my face, I might as well do it while it’s cold. May just all be placebo, but I thoroughly enjoy this little gadget.

  195. Julia Collins

    For the inexpensive cost I wasn’t sure whether or not the product would feel very high quality (though my aim was to just have something functional) but when I was taking the products out of the box to look at, they felt like expensive pieces. The materials are all very smooth and the roller moves without any hitches and seems to be well attached. I’m quite happy with it.

  196. Yan Lawson

    I keep this in the fridge and use it after my shower – not sure if it actually does anything but it feels SO GOOD! This is great for the pricing because you get that extra stone.

  197. Mabel Fox

    I need this. Exactly what I want.

  198. Daphne Rauch

    excelente producto

  199. Sara Camacho

    Llego antes de lo esperado, ya comence a utilizarlo, estoy muy contenta.

  200. Mary Hinojosa

    There are a lot of beauty tools out there – this gua sha package’s little details stood out. The color of the gua sha and facial roller is beautiful and this roller is not squeaky! Very smooth gliding, and I incorporated the tool into my skincare routine easily! I love making time to gua sha, don’t forget the neck!

  201. Claudette Lipp

    producto con excelentes terminaciones, es realmente la piedra!!!!

  202. Madonna Fitz

    what you see is what you get + nice packaging

  203. Tara Hanneman

    This is so so thing on your face! Gives great directions on how to use it and what it’s for! Super cute and calming! Love it!!

  204. Veronika Bradley

    The gua sha has deep scratches all over the surface. The curve is deep and fits the jaw line. The roller is okay quality. Will be returning.

  205. Nelda Orozco

    I have been using this for a little while now. It is real quartz (i tested it) and it is very smooth. It makes no squeaky sounds like some of the reviewers mentioned. So far it has not fallen apart either. I am very happy with my purchase.

  206. Betty Bingham

    I’ve seen people use these and thought “what’s the point?” so I held off on buying one for years. This one came across my feed at a very affordable price and had great reviews, so I ordered it. So glad I did! I love putting it in the fridge and then rolling it across my face while watching tv. It feels so good! My husband loves rubbing the larger stone alone his the back of his head and neck and says it really feels good and relieves tension. So glad I bought one, and would really recommend this one since it’s high quality and a really good deal!

  207. Patsy Sullivan

    Really beautiful !
    Works great
    But I dropped it on my carpet a broke really easily…..
    Very sensitive item

  208. Dorothy Fordham

    i LOVE this product! definitely a new staple in my skin care routine. it feels like authentic jade and is built well (doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy). i pop it in the freezer before use and it feels like a spa in my own home. the fact that it has a gua sha tool is amazing! i learned about them after i made my purchase and i was so pleased that it included both. it is also by a family owned business which is that much better. i’ve recommended to friends and it is definitely a great purchase!

  209. Juanita Mauro

    The jade roller is easy to usr on my skin. It glides over my face effortlessly with my skincare. The dize and shape arr perfect for getting under my eyes and around my face to roll. The roller keeps cool when I take it out of my mini fridge to roll over my face.

  210. Frances Scott

    Super good quality
    It doesn’t feel cheap
    It’s not squeaky at all
    Let’s see how the rose gold hardware holds up
    The rose quartz crystal is super pretty with lots of sheen.

  211. Crystal Allain

    The roller is super cute and functional. It’s easy to roll your face, and I definitely feel my skin tighten the day after. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an affordable quality roller.

  212. Janet Smith

    It is perfect to use for depuffing in the morning! There are no annoying squeaks when rolling and both the guasha and roller are weighted!!

  213. Anita Vasquez

    nice packaging. roller feels well built.

  214. Vicki Carroll

    It looks and works just as pictured! I have had it for over a month now and have had no trouble with it breaking or fracturing. Beautiful packaging and seems to be made of high quality materials.

  215. Theresa Buckmaster

    Works well and stays cool but it has a weird squeeze when I push down too hard. If I don’t push down, it’s fine

  216. Melissa Tedesco

    I received my jade roller a couple of days ago I since then I haven’t stopped using it. I loved it!!.

  217. Mary Lamont

    Gorgeous color and material, very well made, rolls nicely, cool to touch, and packaged pretty. Would buy again!

  218. Kristine May

    LOVE the gua sha, it is amazing and really reduces my puffiness. I leave the roller in the fridge and use it in the morning, it is so refreshing and seems to reduce my redness. The price is perfect and I absolutely recommend this product!

  219. Colleen Hunt

    My daughter really likes using it.

  220. Lindsey Toth

    Love it!

  221. Judith Persinger

    Interesting product, haven’t used it long enough to write much. Hopefully it works.

  222. Susan Allen

    Packaging is super cute, and the jade roller is even cuter! I love the little appreciation note that they included as well! I had to leave a review. I rubbed it on my face for about a minute and it felt so good. I’m not sure what the other little jade piece is though.

  223. Laraine Barbosa

    Super nice to use on your face especially if you put it in the fridge. Look up tutorials on how to use it. Mine broke in my luggage when I flew, but it’s well made.

  224. Melanie Davies

    This is a Very beautiful product.💜 & very good quality. Has a lot of weight to it, the packaging was great!!! I’m in love w/ it so much already. Thank you very much. Would definitely buy as a gift or for myself again.

  225. Ruth Slusser

    I love them. So beautiful!

  226. Rose Talamantes

    Great gift. I assumed the box was bigger but Works great for messaging the face.

  227. Jacqueline Carpenter

    It’s pretty and will see just use it everytime I get a chance. Add vitamin e.

  228. Julie Carlson

    They roll smoothly. Feel nice on the skin. Lovely packaging and came with a reiki stone. It’s probably woo but the massage is nice.

  229. Jan Pierce

    It’s amazing how it is work

  230. Nancy Thomas

    This felt amazing on my face and neck.
    The Porcelain was smooth and cool.
    Felt silky.
    Glad I chose to pay a few bucks more for this one. Good Quality.

  231. Dionne Cash

    I love this facial roller set! I told all my girlfriends about it!

  232. Marie Warne

    The product is what it looked in the website. I am very happy with it.

  233. Eunice Shockey

    Try to be careful that it won’t break other than that it’s relaxing

  234. Ann Mayfield

    I didn’t think I was going to like this jade roller set quite as much as I do. I like it SO much I have already shared two more sets with friends, and I ‘m getting ready to purchase more to gift to friends and family members. The Gua Sha tool is my favorite and helps with lymphatic drainage. I NEVER knew that facial massage would be so relaxing and beneficial to my health. Thank you for sharing this very inexpensive and beautiful product with me. XOXO

  235. Zoe Thompson


  236. Marilyn Hsu

    I don’t believe all in the scientific / spiritual stuff behind this product BUT I bought this because I thought it would feel really nice. It totally does. I use these in the morning to massage the sleepy / groggy feeling away from my face 🙂

  237. Brenda Clear

    Beautiful and affordable! I love supporting family-owned businesses. Make sure to buy!! The color is gorgeous in person 🥰

  238. Felecia Funderburk

    Would definitely recommend. For the price I was really surprised at how nice of a product it was! Beautiful packaging, directions and rose quartz quality. The roller feels amazing and moisturizing. Bonus is the gua sha. I have severe psoriatic arthritis and I use it on my arms and legs when I’m in a severe flare up for pain relief. It really helps me.

  239. Thelma Diaz

    I use this every Thursday afternoon when I cry so hard I go into shock. works really well.

  240. Gertrude Butts

    The roller is great. Its smooth and relaxing . The smaller side is useful to massage small areas. However the Gua sha shows thin layer of chipping on top layer. As we use only sides of Guasha it felt smooth may be just a cosmetic issue. But overall great for the price.

  241. Melanie Edwards

    I love love love this item. I’ve been wanting a jade roller for some time now and was a little nervous in making sure I purchased a quality product. Definitely, great quality!

  242. Judith Cyr

    Buena calidad

  243. Karen Cameron

    Good quality love to use this with my moisturizer highly recommend

  244. Annette Mary

    It feels like a wonderful facial, after every time I wash my face and put moisturizer. This is highly recommended 😀

  245. Elizabeth Lee

    It comes in a box that keeps it cool and feels wonderful on your skin. Feels great and definitely made my skin feel prepped for skincare. Plus, it came with a little note that made me smile!

  246. Karina Skidmore

    This is my second purchase because I drop And broke the first one. I love the quality and the fact that it’s quiet.

  247. Amber Pfaff

    I love it!! So beautiful

  248. Tamica Person

    Very happy with my purchase! It’s so cute and very cool to the touch! Would recommend!

  249. Rita Knudson

    I love how cool/cold the Roller and Gua Sha are. It really soothes the skin and detoxifies the face. Removes puffiness and gets the blood circulation going. The only suggestion I would make is add in a “How To” for those that are unaware of the ways to use both items. Other than that I give this item 5 stars.

  250. Linda Major

    Beautiful! Feels very sturdy. Happy with my purchase

  251. Faye Branam

    First time trying the roller and love it!

  252. Jane Shirk

    I really like to use this on my cheeks and forehead when I have headaches, especially after keeping it in the fridge!

  253. Noriko Tillman

    The presentation of your product was beautiful. I have just started using same, but so far I am highly satisfied.

  254. Carol Schreck

    Todo bien

  255. Sharon Kass

    I use this after I wash my face, use toner and a light serum/lotion. This helps the serum further penetrate the skin and hit target areas. Even without refrigeration it’s cooling at first touch. I imagine you could put this in the fridge and get even more cooling effects. It’s a great addition to your self-care routine. Comes in a nice box package with inserts that may not be intended for everyday use. I just lightly spritz with alcohol and return to the box. You could also use soap. It’s not necessary to press in hard. There are plenty of videos to guide you in using a Gua Sha set.

  256. Adeline Marte

    So relaxing when put in freezer! I love it

  257. Vivian Williams

    Great quality, and love the way it feels. I am seeing results quickly! The added skin tool is a kind added bonus and very useful!

  258. Brenda Mullins

    I have been using this twice a day since I got it. I keep them in the freezer and use them with a high quality oil by Maya Chia (Super couple serum, highly recommend) this just feels so amazing. It’s such a nice thing I can do for myself, and it will de puff if you do it the right way! Watch some YouTube videos by TheMoments, she’s great and has some informative videos using the jade roller and Gua sha.

  259. Valerie Smith

    I got this for a friend as a gift and she loves it. It’s a good gift idea if you’re looking for something for someone that’s hard to buy for.

  260. Bobbie Dattilo

    Very sturdy, doesn’t squeak.

  261. Denise Concannon

    I’m in love with this roller. Looks adorable on my tray & works wonders on my face. It’s soft and soothing to use.

  262. Jean Meister

    Arrived quick. Perfect way to pamper myself.

  263. Carol Diaz

    Both pieces feel great on my skin.

    I kind of wish a travel bag was included since I go away a lot and would like to use something more compact than the box it came in.

  264. Ana Toon

    I’ve had a previous Face Roller and it was very squeaky, and felt bumpy. I was pleasantly surprised with this product as it is smooth with no noise so you can actually relax. I love the quality of the roller and the color is gorgeous! Highly recommend!

  265. Karen Young

    I began using it when I developed a form of facial palsy. It felt so cool and relaxing that I continue to use it even after the condition has passed. It is particularly effective for soothing tense muscles in the forehead.

  266. Natalie Dye

    I was a bit suspicious about the quality before receiving it in the mail since the price is so low, but it’s great! Anyone should pamper themselves and get one!

  267. Judith Anderson

    Beautiful feels like quality, no squeaking. Honestly, I haven’t consistently use it but that’s not the product’s fault.

  268. Bennie Lor

    Nice packaging, good quality. Did I use it for moisturizing and does it make me feel good- yes. Did it disappear all my wrinkles- no! It’s a good product, no issues about it. Not sure how long will it take to start showing impact

  269. Hollis Reilly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I use it every night and I’ve started to see a huge difference in the smoothness of my skin! This is a must have for your skincare routine!

  270. Connie Coleman

    Love this so much. The package came a bit damaged but other than that it is great quality. It naturally cooling and immediately de-puffed my face. Also has a great price point. I’d say it’s worth the buy

  271. Kate Place

    I bought this to massage my temples. Not its intended purpose but it works great. Its good quality and sturdy.

  272. Irene Morel

    I don’t know if there is any real therapeutic value to these, but the relaxing feeling I get when using them definitely makes them worthwhile. The coolness is very welcome on puffy eyes.

  273. Mary Brannen

    Nice packaging😊 works good

  274. Janice Jackson

    I have given three of these as gifts on different occasions, and everyone raves about it. It is nicely presented , and protected in the box. Just love them. More purchased for Christmas gifts

  275. Judy Lawson

    Très satisfaite de mon achat! Une compagnie familiale à encourager. J’adore la beauté du produit autant que son efficacité. Un must à avoir.

  276. Anita Williams

    Very good quality product

  277. Sue Rice

    It comes with the roller and face lifter. The product is nice and sturdy and is cooling It feel great on the skin and works well. Good kit

  278. Frances Korn

    Great, I love it I recommended 👍🏻

  279. Florida Jose

    Wonderful and over time the complexion becomes more younger.

  280. Kristal Tatum

    Beautiful packaging and great product

  281. Pamela Lyons

    If you are looking for a super cute jade roller, this is the one. I absolutely love this! I did so
    much research on which jade roller to buy and glad I went with this one. It comes with instructions and with little practice you get the hang of it. I always put it in the freezer for 10 mins before applying and it feels so relaxing. It also works for puffs eyes. Would definitely recommend it!

  282. Diamond Meyer

    Simply perfect! Good quality, deserves all the points.

  283. Elaine Villarreal

    Happy to have this as part of my daily skincare routine.

  284. Eileen Delgadillo

    Absolutely love this and will be ordering one more for my purse and thinking of purchasing for Christmas gifts. Amazing quality with healing properties!

  285. Florence Raper

    Well made, nice looking product. Flawless stones, well-balanced, roll evenly. Feels sturdy yet very pretty. Can’t imagine paying upward of $100 for another brand when this set is so lovely. Protective packaging in gift box was a bonus. Too soon to speak to the effects of using the product, but I’m glad I bought it!

  286. Shanna Cameron

    Love this product!!

  287. Patricia Manley

    I love this ! And the package is nice. Maybe try including instruction on how to clean it. I googled it and it said not wash directly with water instead you can use a cloth with cool water and a little bit of dawn. Or alcohol pads do the job

  288. Robin Cuyler

    I like the quality of this product. I chose the rose quartz stone. It rolls smoothly across my face. I use it in the evening to relax and stimulate circulation before bed time. So far so good!

  289. Aaron Lessard

    So pretty .. and feels so good on skin. The customer service is great and an instruction was found within the package as well as through an email. Love this product.
    Tip: keep it in the fridge as well for a super cooling effect.

  290. Judy Peters


  291. Marie Wentworth

    If you’re debating purchasing, don’t wait any longer! Seriously the best money I’ve spent on a facial product in a long time. I store mine in the freezer and use it after a hot shower or after removing a face mask. It feels so lovely- it’s refreshing and rejuvenating all in the same lil package! My only complaint is that the instructions are a little unclear if you are unfamiliar with Gua Sha and it’s practices. I noticed that some reviews mentioned breakage but inspected my product for any imperfections… none found!

  292. Esther Hix

    I love this product, that I bought two sets for my mom and myself. It is really soft, smooth and thick to be used on the face.
    I bought another one from Ysrisny which is $6 less but it is really bad, rough message tool. This one instead is really really good! I love it.

  293. Virginia Richards

    This is an additional to the one star review I gave on this product. I received a customer reply letter from, Jade roller, Visagi and ,which explained where to find the Gua Sha piece of jade that I in error thought was missing.
    The product is as stated, and is easy to use, and really does relax the face and neck. I thank the Visagi and customer service for replying to my first review. I feel that this product is a 5 star item and makes a wonderful gift.

  294. Kimberly Smith

    Amazing jade roller and gau sha. I purchased this for my Mother and I. We love it.

  295. Rosalie Gonzalez

    First time trying out a rose quartz roller and I am completely happy with this purchase! Quality seems great, no complaints so far!

  296. Lila Tesch

    I never review anything this early, but I bought this roller 2 days ago and I HAD to write a review. So I honestly didn’t think this will work much besides massaging the face but I was so wrong! I had botox’ed the frown lines between my eyebrows, and I’m young so I go almost every year and not sooner. Between the botox sessions as the material loses its grip, the lines between brows become a bit loose again and it’s as if you’re naturally half-frowning. I started using the roller 2 nights ago, just sitting by the TV and enjoying its cold feeling against my skin for about 15-20 mins on and off, and naturally I used it on my frown line as well. I was so shocked when I suddenly noticed that the remnants of the botox lines were GONE!!! I kept looking in the mirror and even asked my mom and sister, and they both said it’s gone too! All it took was 20 mins of rolling for 2 nights and I’m even thinking of not going for another botox session anymore! This is so worth it! It feels nice and it ACTUALLY WORKED even though I really didn’t think it would! Great buy!!

  297. Peggy Pica

    Looks very nice! Not squeaky either.

  298. Angela Otter

    Me encanto este articulo. He visto resultados y provoca usarlo por su bella presentancion.

  299. Lauren Wells

    I love how it makes my face feel. Especially how it’s cold to the tough under my eyes .

  300. Betty Swann

    I’m so happy with my purchase! Good quality and the packaging is nice too!

  301. William Rozar

    Nice but no directions on using Gus sha.

  302. Jasmine Solomon

    Nice packaging and it is surely working. It’s a little tricky with Gua sha.. but the roller is awesome.

  303. Vera Williams

    I love this product. Works perfectly and makes me feel refreshed

  304. Victoria Davenport

    I was pleasantly surprised with this product. The roller and gua sha are a beautiful shade of pink and came in simplistically chic box. It made me wish I did an unboxing video lol. I’m always looking for ways to moisturize my skin and I’m completely satisfied with this product. I also love that I can use the gua sha to help relieve tension between the shoulder blades. This product is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to prioritize skin care in your life for a great price. I absolutely plan to give this gift to my sisters this year!

  305. Robin Francisco

    I used this product while watching gua sha videos on youtube – i chill the item in an ice bath and then clean with an alcohol pad. Next I add a facial oil all over my face and begin using the stone flat against my face. Instant depuffing and a more lifted appearance!

  306. Margaret Tipton

    I love my new roller! It rolls easily and smoothly as well as the heart rock. I’ve found no issues with mine, it works great!

  307. Juanita Montgomery

    I haven’t tried the jade roller, as I really bought this for the Gua Sha tool, and on a hot summer California night this is exactly what my face needs. It’s cold because it’s made of real stone, and perfectly smooth. I don’t know if this will have any long term benefits but I love facial massage and that’s exactly what this does for me.

  308. Henry Danforth

    even if this doesn’t offer any sort of beauty benefit, it feels hella good rolling across my face! i put these in the fridge for a nice cooling massage in the morning! again, not sure how much this is actually working yet, but it feels great!

  309. Elizabeth Clark

    The roller broke so easily. The guash app seams to get more clear than it was.
    I do not believe it is quartz

  310. Suzette McFadden

    This is a well made roller, not flimsy at all and It’s going to last a long time.
    I like that there is an instruction booklet as well for us beginners.

  311. Danielle Luis

    Amazing!!! Can’t stop rolling!

  312. Tina Lange

    Great roller for skin! I’ve waited for several months to make a review and I can say it’s a good product.

  313. Don Benjamin

    This roller is EXTREMELY high quality. The price is unbelievable. The packaging was impressive. I’m am very happy with this purchase. No squeaking or anything.

  314. Catherine Taylor

    Great QUALITY product, very happy with the product and purchase. Wish I purchase this so much sooner as I am LOVING using it.

  315. Lindsay Shaver

    I have just gotten the roller, packaging is very nice. I have to learn how to use it but it had great reviews, that’s what pulled me in.

  316. Marianne Patnode

    I just received the product two days ago, so it is too soon to provide an in-depth rating. The packaging was very protective and the product appears to be in good shape. The product has to do with creating a more radiant and smoother skin … that won’t be known for several weeks.

    I do have one complaint which I also have with other providers … and it irks me. Instructions have grammar and/or spelling errors. This is unprofessional … if a company cannot do the research to create a well written, proofread instruction sheet I wonder what else is wrong that I cannot easily observe.

  317. Jean Azevedo

    i don’t usually leave reviews but the second i got this product out of its packaging and tried it, i was speechless. it feel amazing on the skin and it’s super smooth. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

  318. Selena Salmon

    They are well made and beautiful. I have using them for a week and can tell that they help skincare products absorb better and make my skin smoother. Strongly recommend

  319. Lucy Baldwin

    Pretty and very high quality

  320. Amy Smith

    Love this. Bought it for my mom and she is a fan

  321. Miranda Halstead

    The quality of the roller feels above others that I’ve tried. The stone is nice and heavy and feels cool and good on the skin. The roller also rolls smoothly and its nice that there are two sides so the smaller side can get smaller areas. It came nicely packed with a quality box (that I am keeping to use for storage). Overall, great product so far!

  322. Toni Wilkins

    Can’t imagine day without this roller! I massage my face and chin every night before I go to bed! Honestly! This is the best purchase

  323. Joan Reyes

    Love the product replaced a similar product that recently fell apart. This roller looks more sturdy & the box for storage is actually very nice.

  324. Grace Baird

    Super Pretty!!! A Must Have!

  325. Betty Goins

    Simplemente…Me encanta!!!
    Mi cara más relajada, natural. Cero tensión.

  326. Claire Thompson

    Came exactly as described and delivery was quick! I love it!

  327. Hazel James

    I’ve used it about 5 times so far. The two pieces came without scratches or chips on the sides that will roll on your face. Really happy about this.

  328. Jacqueline Mullen

    The packaging is great and the colour is same as in the picture. Arrived in three days. Easy to use, high absorbency.

  329. Wendy Young

    Works great. I can feel all the stuff from my lymph nodes being drained while using this product. Great purchase and oh so pretty too.

  330. Ann Reddin

    I like its beautiful package, it arrived perfect at home.

  331. Helen Cole

    The packaging is really nice and the roller doesn’t squeak, everything functions well. The package says “Jade roller” but it’s clearly rose quartz inside. However, real jade/quartz would stay cool for much longer than this does. After about 30 seconds of it on my face, it feels warm, so I don’t think it is authentic. I don’t see them claiming it to be authentic in the description but I think they should still mention it because it seems misleading.
    I’ve been using it for a month and it feels good to massage but again it does not stay cool for long. Durable so far.

  332. Jennifer Tillery

    Really love this jade facial roller. Sturdy, relaxing and simply makes my skin feel softer. I use it with all natural stem cell-vitamin serum and feel soft and moisturized. I should have given star, but my first order was lost. shipped me a replacement immediately- next day! Try it! You’ll love it!

  333. Adina Whitehead

    Absolutely love these. The jade roller is so pretty and heavy. Pretty nice quality.

  334. Norma Carson

    Very nice quality and feels substantial.

  335. Courtney Graybill

    Excited to use it. Beautiful package

  336. Jane Newquist

    This roller and gua sha are such high quality! I use them every night and they are amazing. Highly recommend

  337. Ellen Malone

    I love it!!! I’ve been using it everyday since I’ve purchased. I have noticed a significant difference when I use the gua Sha in the morning it really helps with rebuffing my face. I use the roller when applying my serums and I just love!! I did see some YouTube videos to help me better use the gua Sha and the roller and I Highly recommend doing that. Great purchase.

  338. Jeanne Shaffer

    Love the product! And great customer service

  339. Brenda Miles

    I get addicted to this tool

  340. Maureen Wilson


  341. Mary Zielinski

    Beautiful set. I took off stars because both items arrived with what looks like dirt in the grooves that won’t come out.
    Customer service was excellent. Sent another set the next day after I contacted them, and it’s perfect.

  342. Tristan Smith

    Me encantó muy buen producto

  343. Lillie Stoner

    This product worked really well and was a great addition to my skin care routine, I would definitely recommend

  344. Glenda Phinney

    The Gua Sha was not in the box but I contacted the company and the issue was resolved quickly.

  345. Flo Fairchild

    Love this tool fo my face. It feels so good. Recommend to everyone who loves to take care of your face and who loves massage

  346. Jessica Spooner

    Gorgeous 2 piece set. Exactly as expected and worksw great.

  347. Sandi Bailey

    It’s so good

  348. Joyce Lee

    One piece was chipped when I received..but other then that I enjoy using it

  349. Alexandra Matthews

    This product is perfect for me. Pretty and functional. It feels wonderful on my face and I use it when I wake up every morning. Highly recommend.

  350. Sarah Clark

    so far so good!

  351. Diana Nelson

    Good quality and the price was no bad.. Is stone 🙂 I was afraid is was going to be plastic .. but thankfully it wasn’t .. I put it in the fridge for a cool sensation when I use it in my face is relaxing ..

  352. Amanda Fulton

    Happy with this product.

  353. Nellie Edwards

    Excellent product

  354. Estelle Williams

    Love the packaging..feels good on my skin

  355. Lois Howerton

    I Love this set! I had no idea how much I would love it! Great quality! Great packaging! So relaxing!! I had no idea what I was missing. I would buy again for gifts. A great buy!!

  356. Karen Creech

    Nice and sturdy. Perfect if you want to try gua sha without spending $100

  357. Mary Lunn

    Cute jade roller and Gua Sha, nice packaging and looks high quality!
    I will update my review after I use them.

  358. Sarah Knecht

    Beautiful product! Feels lovely on my skin!

  359. Karen Rounds

    Pretty high quality. It’s nice that it comes with both the roller and Gua sha. I just started using it and can already see a difference.

  360. Jodi Sanders

    Amazing! Super cute and works perfect! Have been using it for a month now and absolutely a fan of this product!

  361. Ana Horton

    Product was packaged nicely and very appealing. Got this for a friend and she loved it!

  362. Beverly Propp

    Nice quality nice stones good buy.

  363. Patricia Parise

    These are really nice quality stones. The Gua sha is good but the roller is amazing! The roller has a nice weight to it, a beautiful pink hue, and stays cool even after rolling my entire face! Package arrived damaged- but I blame . I also bought one for a gift and wish it wasn’t all dented but oh well. The only thing I wish this had was a little pouch for the stones so I didn’t have to keep them in the box.

  364. Leena Lewis

    Really nice packaging, the roller is so smooth and doesn’t make any creaky sounds. It honestly feels amazing on the skin! Would definitely repurchase.

  365. Shawn Borton

    The first minutes out of the box, the roller fell on the floor and the handle section broke in half. That’s on me for clumsiness. And I was able to immediately glue it back together with epoxy and it works fine. But be warned, you gotta treat these tools like they’re made of crystal because they are.

    These tools are relaxing to use. My face does feel like it’s had a nice gentle massage when I’m done. I can’t call it miraculous or like it’s turned back the years, but it’s soothing. And soothing is something we all need a bit of right now.

  366. Eva Laine

    I love how it feels on my skin and how it leaves my skin feeling smooth

  367. Effie Whittington

    I previously had a jade roller. It broke after a year and it squeaked while using it from day one. I used it and it was effective, the difference between my old one and this one is the quality and the amount of time it stays cool. I personally recommend anyone over 40 have one in their arsenal of anti ageing skin care. The roller itself is study and glides smoothly. It stay cooler longer than my previous one and it has the added benefit of the gua sha. This was new for me but found it really useful around the jaw line. I often wake up in the morning with a puffy face. After a shower, I use this and am amazed at how quickly it gets rid of the puffy look. If you don’t believe me, try doing one side of your face first and you will see the difference immediately. Do yourself a favor and watch some you tube tutorials on how to use them. It makes a difference on the result. HAPPY ROLLING!

  368. Angelina Delacruz

    I like it, but it doesn’t stay as cold as long as I wish it could.

  369. Patricia Warner

    I’ve only been using it for the last 3 days but it’s so relaxing and beneficial. I can already tell a difference in my skin and for the price this is so worth it. I love the packing because it’s in such a cut magnetic box and come with instructions for the more beneficial way to use the product!

  370. Terri Ramirez

    Very attractively made product. The stone roller is a pretty shade of pink quartz, and the trim is a pretty tone of rose gold. The gua sha stone is the same shade of pink quartz but seems awkward to use, so personally I have no intention of trying it. Both come in an attractive box that is perfect for gifting. I refrigerate the stone roller before use and use it primarily around my eye area. It is very soothing to use cold, and I suppose is de-stressing and provides a level of comfort. However, after several weeks of use, I do not see any improvement in my wrinkles nor puffiness around eye area. I will continue to use the roller simply because I love the way it feels rolling it cool against my skin. It has an excellent price point, and I do not think the more expensive, branded rollers will provide any additional benefit. I recommend this product if you want to try a quartz roller because it’s good quality, and you won’t have wasted a lot of money if you don’t see a personal cosmetic benefit. I will continue to use my roller simply because it is soothing.

  371. Michelle Campbell

    Kind of surprised at the quality, better than I thought it would be! Love the rose quartz, very pretty. Both tools work really well.

  372. Florence Bailey

    It comes in nice packaging and was ok until ai used it the 3rd time… accidentally dropped, about just 2-3 feet high and it split into 2.. I didn’t know it can break that easily…. but still ok..

  373. Maria Small

    I had never tried a jade roller prior to this and I am really glad I picked this one up. It is so nice and soothing on the skin, and the gua sha stone is lovely for easing tension in my shoulders. The roller itself stays relatively cool in the cold/winter months even without putting it in the fridge, and my skin feels a lot more loose and tension free after using it in the mornings. I would highly recommend it.

  374. Sherri Williams

    As described, not flimsy at all like some comments. The stone does stay nice and cool too.

  375. Cora Romine

    This product is better then i expected. It feels amazing on the skin and helps serums and moisturizers seep into the skin. The packing was great and very secure. I can see it overall improving my skin 10/10 recommend

  376. Cheryl Means

    I really enjoy the way this product feels on my face and I do think my undereyes are less puffy and dark from using it

  377. Laura Monaco

    I was very surprised as to how soothing these items felt on my face. I love the coolness of the jade as well as the sensation of the messaging effect on my skin.

    Would definitely recommend!

  378. Ginger Jefferies

    I didn’t know what to expect. I got this as a tool for facial exercises I started doing. Love the cooling feel of the stone and notice a difference in my skin after each use.

  379. Jodie Wickman

    Very nice quality. Packing was cute. Roller works very smoothly

  380. Stephanie Cruz

    works good if you put in freezer before use

  381. Sheila Murley

    This roller is good for massage legs and arms for better circulation for the head and feet sole, it can be use for the face but it not going to smooth a 70 year little lines. I am very happy with your product it look sturdy and pretty and help with my headaches.

  382. June Hecker

    Love this roller and guasha! Use it everyday and it’s so relaxing. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin tone as well! Highly recommend.

  383. Aisha Cortez

    Gorgeous!! Got it out of the box and tried it and loved it! It’s soothing and I can really feel it tightening the skin!

  384. Joeann Wilkins

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift so I can’t speak to the actual use but the product came packaged nicely in a magnetic box with adequate foam. Taking the roller out it functions very nicely with no squeaking or catching, I’m sure it will be very smooth on the face. Much nicer than some of the other rollers I was looking at in store and it came with the other stone as well.

  385. Mara Marshall

    I honestly have no idea how to use this, but it feels good. So I’m giving it a thumbs up.

  386. Ellen Wink

    The roller is beautiful. Very easy to hold & very smooth. Great quality. Despite it being packaged securely the roller was broken. I contacted the seller & provided a picture. They promptly replied & refunded me. I have another one being sent to me. I look forward to using it. I see the great benefits of the roller. Great customer service as well.

  387. Brenda Ohalloran

    Came in a very nice package and in great condition. Love it !

  388. Natalie Renn

    Beautiful color and very nice quality!

  389. Sue Gabel

    The packaging is very nice and protective. I really love the set except one of the rollers on one side is flat so it is a little weird luckily the large roller is completely round.

  390. Dorothy Bennett

    Initially received only the roller, I did not get the guasha massager in the box.
    Editing my review-
    I wrote back to them and they were sweet enough to send the full set the same day. Exceptional service and loved the roller.

  391. Rose Ranieri

    I use this daily now as my face and body routine and love it. It comes in a nice box to keep the items when not in use

  392. Soo Thomas

    Great product and great use for what I need works well and good quality for the price point

  393. Dianne Hagopian

    I had purchased a Jade Roller from another brand, and the top popped off one day. You could sell it was sloppily superglued on. It also squeezed when you were using it. I saw this set and was excited because a) Rose Quartz is one of my favorite crystals and b) you get the gua sha tool as well. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the box, the packaging is really beautiful and high-end looking. The roller is nice quality, it feels sturdy, and it doesn’t squeak when you use it. I enjoy the smaller roller end for my eye area. It does help moisturizer and serums spread on better and soak in faster. The gua sha tool is also great. I can tell it’s good quality and wont snap in half. I have been using it on the knots in my neck actually, giving myself a massage and putting pressure on the knots. It’s also good for depuffing your face and getting that build up of fluid to drain. This is really great for the money! I recommend.

  394. Jamie Lopez

    Packaging was better than expected it was very nice. The roller glides very well. Perfect self care package or gift

  395. Lisa Eckhoff

    Love this set bought for my daughters birthday in March 2021 loved the flash deal price. I purchased another set different brand for me and it came with 1 year warranty which yours did not. It’s ok though she will love it.

  396. Sarah Wheeler

    sturdy, love the packaging, love it great price, super fast shipping

  397. Roberta Chandler

    A very smooth roller and very pretty. The gua sha board had a little chip in it, but it’s so small I didn’t even notice for a few uses. I love putting both in the fridge for 10 min before use, the coolness feels amazing.

  398. Rebecca Thomas

    I really love this simple little tool. It’s very easy to get used to how do use it effectively. I have A recurring issue with stiff neck and the wide side feels great rolled with pressure up-and-down on the sides. The jade is cool at first and is wonderful applied around the eyes and forehead. As it warms it is very relaxing on the throat, décolletage and jawline. This can be enhanced or prolonged using ice or microwave packs to rest it on. The flat tool is a very good deep tissue massager, I use it warm with lotion and it’s heaven in the arch of the foot. The box and packaging is nice if gift giving, with cleanly removable labels. This was a few dollars more than some on offer but I’m very glad I chose this one. I like it so much that when I saw a similar one at a local store in a more “masculine” green jade and half the price I grabbed it for my Husband. Well, it looks the same but it squeaks when rolling and seems rougher. That doesn’t bother him, so great score, and when using my smooth rolling silent pink one now, I feel like I’ve treated myself to a little luxury.

  399. Doris Harris

    I love how this product feels cold and feels so relaxing to use.

  400. Janice Bowlin

    Perfect. Works great.

  401. Kim Burns

    This product is beautiful and seemed to be of high quality as soon as I opened the box. Great price and would 100% recommend.

  402. Crystal Williams

    Gorgeous packaging, but the stone is a bit dirty/stained. Wash it before you use it.

  403. Brianna Sullivan

    I gave as a gift….my niece loves it. She sent me a picture of the packaging….very nice. She loves the way it feels when to applies her serums and face creams and highly recommended.

  404. Ruth Delaney

    This is a well made sturdy product. Looks gorgeous and came with a small, helpful brochure on how to use. Would make a great gift.

  405. Cheryl Correa

    – Ordered on Dec. 11, arrived on Dec. 18.

    – a nice gift for lady
    The pink color with the rose gold holder is so pretty. They use real Jade, not plastic material. I like the box too. It’s a very awesome gift for lady.

    – some scrab
    It has some small scrab at the guasha, and the two rollers. But I try it on my face, cannot feel them. So it’s okay for me.

    – after sale service is very nice
    Before I ordered it, I checked the one star review. Some customers noted that their rollers broken, or they got some scrab too. The seller replied each complaint. That’s why I decided to buy.
    They also sent me the instructions through email before it arrived.

  406. Eloise Fish

    Girlfriend loved it , comes in a nice box

  407. Roxanne Brothers

    I love these so much! So soothing, love putting mine in the freezer to keep it cold. Has been so therapeutic at night with some essential oils while doing my evening skin care!

  408. Ann Jordan

    One of the best things ever I got from lol, I following the transitional Chinese gua sha message tutorial and it helps me, I love it! It’s cute pink, so no reasons for me don’t like it!

  409. Veronica Mills

    The packaging was just as advertised and the jade was cool to the touch. Beautiful handwork! Can’t wait to use!

  410. Anne Hylton

    Got for my mom. The quality is amazing, beautiful item. I then got one for myself. Luv

  411. Erin Barbee

    Nice box to keep it stored in when not using. Beautiful set!

  412. Mary Power

    good product

  413. Ellie Whitfield

    This was a great value for the price. Makes my skin feel so nice afterwards.

  414. Rosalie Lucas

    C’était un cadeau qui a été grandement apprécié. Belle présentation et bel article, même si le quartz rose était plutôt blanc.

  415. Novella Jones

    I purchased this as a gift. Its a beautiful pink in person, and the recipient loved it.

  416. Carol Zimmerman

    I love the Gua Sha tool. It feels so good. I’m not sure if it does anything but my face feels good after I finish. My favorite is to use it cold
    I have tried the roller. It rolls fine but I don’t feel it does much
    Came packaged so nicely

  417. Janet Adams

    Exactly what I ordered and expected!

  418. Donna Henderson

    Exactly as described. Happy with my purchase.

  419. Maxine Blizzard

    This product is amazing my wife love it! Fast shipping, packaging was in a perfect condition!

  420. Cynthia Nagel

    I absolutely love this product. I use it everyday religiously.

  421. Denise Perry

    Does exactly what I wanted it to do. I love this !

  422. Jessica Jones

    This product came in super nice packaging and is a wonderful product that works very well for moisturizing!

  423. Jeanne Lambert

    Put it in the fridge for an amazing experience when applying serum. It feels so good!

  424. Donna James

    Gift for my wife, she likes it and I have seen her use it frequently.

  425. Victoria Michaels

    Exactly what I anticipated. Beautiful color. Seems good quality.

  426. Wendy Copeland

     Love this! Such pretty packaging and the jade roller doesn’t squeak. Buy it!

  427. Marla Barker

    Granddaughter like it.

  428. Pamela Kavanaugh

    Very smooth and soothing.

  429. Shelly Schuler

    Works and feels amazing

  430. Jennifer Nealy

    Loved it

  431. Sondra Harlow

    the packaging is cute and the quality is great too, the roller doesn’t make annoying noises and the guasha tool is sooo good and sturdy

  432. Dawn Gustafson

    Just received it, but it seems calming and comfortable.

  433. Hattie Holmes

    Amazing! I bought this for my sister for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! The packaging was beautiful and it all arrived in the mail in a timely manner.

  434. Cindy Grand

    I love how cool this feels on my skin. It doesn’t hurt but I feel its effectiveness immediately. A great addition to my beauty routine. Love it!

  435. Melinda Smith

    Learning to use it as I am having a facelift and they recommend a roller. I liked instruction sheet seller sent

  436. Dianne Welty

    Honestly so good! This product really allows me to debloat my face through lymphatic drainage

  437. Rose Sanders


  438. Ruby Sikes

    The rose quarts is very pretty and was packaged well.

  439. Gloria Moua

    makes my face feel so good, my forehead lines look better already!

  440. Martha Visser

    My packaging came today and I am very amazed of the benefits this product can do! I wasn’t aware of it until I heard the benefits and wanted to give it a try plus the good reviews helped too. I tried the jade roller for 15 min or so on one side since I have puffy eyer like baggy eyes because I work swing shift and I immediately started seeing results. I asked my husband for feedback and he was amazed how in just a few minutes giving myself a massage help to minimize my baggy eyes and no more puffy eyes😊 thank you for this and will continue to do this massage on my face and have more positive results 👍❤️

  441. Carol Segal

    I’ll admit that this was a “spur of the moment” and probably unnecessary purchase for me at the time. However, now that I have it, I use it everyday and can’t imagine my skin care routine without it. It really does help reduce puffiness in my face under eyes. I use the rose quartz a lot more than the jade roller but still think it’s worth the purchase if you have been interested in trying one of these!

  442. Debra Simpson

    Super easy to use. Came with instructions – easy to follow and excellent value 🙂

  443. Madeline Salter

    Daughter enjoys it

  444. Grace Hughes

    I love this roller. I have heard so much about these, but never realized how amazing they are. So glad I got one.

  445. Wilma Breedlove

    I love the way this feels on my face. Very relaxing. Improving puffiness around eyes.

  446. Barbara Sanders

    usefull for my face and neck, feels really good

  447. Laurel Singer

    Feels so soothing

  448. Kimberly Smith

    I absolutely love this product! I moisturize my skin everyday and night, now I find it hard to stop myself from using this product to blend in my other skin products! Should buy.

  449. Cheryl Washington

    Amazing quality, especially for the price.

  450. Kimberly Burton

    I paid $13.60 after tax on a lightening deal. I love rose quartz and this is really pretty. I had a jade roller but it didn’t have the additional scraper which I really wanted. It works really nice with rolling moisturizer across my face but it is cold.

  451. Bessie Tseng

    I love freezing the guasha stone and using it in the mornings with a facial oil! My facorite

  452. Mary Humes

    The packaging is beautiful so is the product itself. It looks a lot more expensive than it is. I love the way the roller feels on my face. Haven’t had time to comment on the effects of the product since only had it one day but it really feels good and calming. I believe it will perform as expected.

  453. Johnnie Daniels

    I love this. I do lymphatic facial massages! If you don’t know what that is, search it up! It will change your life! Definitely buy this!

  454. Carol Guidry

    Item is AMAZING !

  455. Bonnie Wood

    I did not see results yet as I just received it yesterday, but it is so relaxing. good quality

  456. Judy Mitchell

    This is Really good but keep safe place if is fall on floor easy brok .

  457. Margaret Salgado

    I must say, handled the packing process ROUGH. But the company is truly an honorable and respectable company. They immediately sent me a new box after THEY emailed me as a follow up to the sale. YES they reached out to me first!! I gifted both boxes to a best friend and mother in law. They both (separately) said it was so pretty and fancy!!! I will be buying again! Totally worth it and really beautiful products!! Thank you for your off the charts amazing customer service!!!

  458. Micah Dotson

    It’s a lot sturdier than I thought it would be. Seriously relaxing and useful, a dream if you put it a few minutes in the fridge before using it. And the packaging is beautiful, perfect for a gift!

  459. Leola Carlson

    The quality is impressive than I expected by this price range. And the package is also very nice as well. Love it!

  460. Tommy Roberson

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister. She loves it so much, and now I want one!

  461. Marcia Krauss

    I sent this for one of the gift to my sister. She said, she love it.

  462. Jennifer Seibert

    Very high quality and pleasant to use.

  463. Theresa Owens

    Love it . Thank you

  464. Colleen Jones

    It came with scratches but it’s very good.

  465. Jacquelyn Roberts

    Wow! Amazing quality and the fact that you get two very on-trend and otherwise expensive products for such a small price is amazing! Feels very high quality and not cheaply made at all. Would highly recommend if you’re in the market to try these beauty tools!

  466. Francine Alvarez

    Very good quality

  467. Kathryn Groves

    Such a nice product, feels so nice on my face :). Would recommend

  468. Sara Armstrong

    My friend uses these things but I honestly didn’t believe this stuff worked. I bought it to give it a shot and it’s absolutely amazing! I use a face mask and I put this in the fridge mean while. Once I remove the face mask I use the roller and it feel so great and soothing on the skin. I feel like my face feels lighter after using this. I usually have red puffy skin so this product definitely makes me feel relieved. I definitely recommend. I still have to try to use it every day to see if it helps me with my bags.

  469. Tamara Mraz

    wife happy with it

  470. Joan Phillips

    I love making my face smooth

  471. Pamela Sadler

    Very nice love this product! It’s nice a heavy and is a rly nice marble!

  472. Jo Lugo

    Muy linda

  473. Mary Robinson

    The roller is very smooth, so it doesn’t squeak or tug at your skin as it claims

  474. Sandra Conner

    Packaging was good and reliable. The product looks exactly like on the picture, fells very nice on skin. The roller is what you are looking for for your skin care routine, and much cheaper than from “big names” stores.

  475. Lauren Taylor

    I love this set! Arrived beautifully packaged and in tact.
    I can honestly say it works well smoothing out the appearance of the skin and provides a nice massage.
    I’m happy with my purchase

  476. Alicia Ross

    Purchased this out of curiosity…bottom line, did not get disappointed!!! Really soothes your skin and eliminated puffiness under the eyes!!! Good product!!!

  477. Anne Stouffer

    This feels great on my freshly cleaned skin…especially when I put it in the fridge for 30 minutes

  478. Marissa Blanton

    i love it 💕

  479. Gladys Isom

    I bought this for a gift and the recipient really liked it.

  480. Ladonna Hawk

    This product is awesome! Very relaxing and soothing for my face.

  481. Kathy Stokes

    Perfecto para lo que lo necesito

  482. Irene Johnson

    Stocking stuffer for my daughter, she loves it!

  483. Betty Nieto

    I was anticipating the arrival of this product and was delighted upon receiving it, I used it immediately and was
    amazed at what I saw after using it for two days, my sagging eyelid vanished and couldn’t believe what happened, my eyes was what it looked like ten years ago big and beautiful.
    Love this product.

  484. Tanya Rubin

    It feels so good!! I use it every night and it’s not plastic! I love how cold it feels in the beginning. Really easy to use comes with a mini instructions and packaging is simple and cute

  485. Francine Oneal

    These were packaged nicely and made for a pretty and useful gift.

  486. Rebecca Rodriguez

    The jade roller popped out and lost the little plastic parts and I couldn’t put it together again.. luckily for me the exchange was very easy and I had a replacement in two days. I haven’t had an issue with it since.

  487. Laquita Woods

    I absolutely love my roller !! I did. Not expect to receive a product with such great quality for the price I paid. I am literally obsessed with how great it works.

  488. Judy Estrada

    Great if you know how to use them. I like to keep my roller in the freezer

  489. Debra Mitchell

    Product is just like the photo. Real good quality definitely does not feel cheap. I’ve been wanting this for a while and I’m glad I finally got one!

  490. Amy Yorke

    such good quality makes my skin feel good

  491. Nancy Gregory

    The packaging looks really great but I just have an issue with the roller itself. There are little cracks on the roller as you can see on the photos. Overall, it’s good as long as the cracks won’t hurt my face.

  492. Betty Sotelo

    I know the stones are supposed to be cold if it is real these are definitely real. I haven’t even had to put mine into the freezer. After I use it not even five minutes later the stone is cold again. Very nice. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now no issues. Built sturdy. So far so good.

  493. Diane Brumfield

    Love it it’s High quality, looks real stone is Cold . Like it . Recommended.

  494. Lydia Birnbaum

    Xmas gift for gdaughter. Good gift

  495. Kendra Williams

    I am literally in love with this. It’s so nice and cool on the face! It seems solidly built, and is really pretty 😀

  496. Mattie Larson

    The package was very beautiful and very organized! As well the products inside were well protected so that it wouldn’t break or get damage as it was being shipped . The Quality of the product is great for its price and the material is very beautiful ! <3

  497. Ruby Rouillard

    Beautiful product, and a excellent addition to my skin care routine

  498. Rose Spence

    Llegó más rápido de lo esperado, exactamente como la descripción.

  499. Bernice Brown


  500. Nora Thomas

    Wife loved it

  501. Brittany Salmon

    Use for beauty! Works great ! Thanks!

  502. Mary Johnson

    probably the best

  503. Karen Constantine

    It moisturizer my face Amazingly

  504. Hannah Benson

    This product exceeded all expectations. We love it. Thank you. Definitely love when it is placed in the refrigerator for several minutes.

  505. Kari White

    Very nice quality stone set. Was shipped with decent padding in box to keep from breakage.

  506. Amanda Etheridge

    Very cooling, helps undereye bags and facial sagging around the mouthline. Skin looks smoother and firmer.

  507. Sandra Hust

    I am very happy with the jade quality and how it feels on my skin! Highly recommended!

  508. Melissa Johnson

    Packaging is cool. It does what it’s suppose to do I guess. My face feels alright after using it. It’s very easy to use.

  509. Coletta Swain

    Loved videos that showed how to use. Feels wonderful very relaxing. Face creams just melt into your skin.

  510. Brandy Ford

    Super cute tools to use for my face and neck. Feels really nice on my face and does help with the bit of swelling around my eyes.

  511. Martha Obrien

    Mu face mostly

  512. Lisa Torres

    This Jade roll is amazing. I love it. Packaging was good but the first one I got was cracked but seller so fast to excuse and it’s very nice.

  513. Faye Figueroa

    Very satisfied

  514. Ernestina Granderson

    Love this product. Great price and it really enhanced my skincare routine. Better quality than the branded options I’ve tried. Definitely would recommend.

  515. Lois Kim

    If you’re looking for a face massage this is great to assist. Looks exactly as pictured.

  516. Imogene Thompson

    Love this jade roller. Sturdy and stays cold after freezing!

  517. Lorraine Broadway

    No more tense face for me. Very relaxing for face.

  518. Roxie Quinn

    I love tham

  519. Alicia Bacon

    Well packaged jade roller and gua sha. Come with instructions. Feels cool at first touch but not cold. I use both with a slip agent (toner and/or serum) and they work great. Easy to keep clean.

  520. Gloria Ginther

    Well I don’t think it’s Jade I think it’s rose quartz but good product.

  521. Debbie McCary

    When I saw this in person I was thinking the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s a beautiful baby pink, nice a smooth. Cool to the touch, I was even impressed by the box it came in.

  522. Colleen Reinhart

    I’ve been using the jade roller every day and I love how smooth and cold it gets! I’ve felt like my face has less inflammation and the serums I use are better absorbed with the roller. I have less puffiness under my eyes and under my jaw is more streamlined. Love it!

  523. Amy Samons

    I got this for my sister for Christmas and it arrived on time with nice packaging. My only complaint is that there was a barcode sticker on the decorative box, which was annoying to remove. But the product is great! I definitely recommend this product 🙂

  524. Andrea Nicholls

    I really like this product — I keep it in the refrigerator and the coolness adds an even more relaxing effect! I absolutely love it!

  525. Cecila Smith

    The packaging is great and both tools came without any chips. Great for the price!!

  526. Katherine Comeau

    Lo compre y llego en perfectas condiciones

  527. April Clayton

    I’m obsessed 😍

  528. Nancy Gibson

    This arrived quickly. I’ve only been using for a few days so far. My skin already feels better. It was a great price for two tools.

  529. Martha Adams

    Super high quality for the price; worth every penny! My face has never been better!

  530. Joanne Searles

    Loved it! Came in a very nice package. Product looks & works great. I am so pleased eith it. Too good for the price.
    I would highly recommend.

  531. Rebecca Price

    every night i give myself a little spa night with this. i’ve noticed my “anxiety lines” (little indents starting above my eyebrows) have gone away with consistent use. i accidentally gave myself a small bruise rubbing my temples after a migraine as well but that’s user error lol

  532. Mary Pine

    Very pretty and pretty easy to use, but did come a little cracked. It is still usable though.

  533. Jenna Williamson

    Highly recommend! I use it daily

  534. Michelle Ortega

    Super produit mieux que montré

  535. Shauna Anderson

    This has been an amazing addition to my skincare routine. I use it every morning after applying my vitamin C serum and have noticed a huge difference. It helps penetrate the serum into my skin and my skin is glowing. It also drastically decreased the puffiness in my face.

  536. Heather Holden

    Every night I use this product, it helps relax my face/neck so much that I get the best nights sleep. So glad I purchased!

  537. Geneva Hopper

    Love it, it make me happy

  538. Brenda Hart

    Nicer than ones I’ve seen in stores.

  539. Janet Woolbright

    My gal really enjoyed this small yet effective roller. Equal amounts of mascara and makeup are distributed over your face with equal layering. Easy to store and clean… A must have………..

  540. Sally Baer

    Product is amazing (sturdy,cute,durable, nice packaging) but didn’t come with instructions on how to use so I had to google. Didn’t like that part.

  541. Susan Meeks

    The packaging was “cute”, clean and professional looking. Have used the product a few times and looking forward to using it.

  542. Gladys Adams

    Good quality and feels good on the face

  543. Kathleen Holden

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  544. Constance Potter

    it’s amazing , i use it everyday!

  545. Jody Wood

    It was exactly as described. Packaging is very nice. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it.

  546. Jenna Cieslak

    It was broken:((((( and Inwas excited to use it.

    GOOD NEWS, They returned me a fixed one the next day. Thank You!

  547. Heather Hawkins

    great product! helps with face bloating

  548. Joy Helzer

    Love love love…exactly as shown and very durable definitely not cheap.

  549. Migdalia Leonard

    Very cooling and helps me with facial swelling in the morning. Put it in the fridge for a longer cooling sensation.

  550. Rosalinda Diggs

    Exactly as advertised. I’ve been using it every night!

  551. Juanita Bascom

    Returned due to product breaking on second use.
    Return policy was wonderful and fast!
    Using it in the morning and evening consistently I can tell a difference! So relaxing as well

  552. Lisa McKinney

    SUPER Cute! Idk why the review asks about moisturizer but I’m excited to use this!!

  553. Tisha Davis

    Very nicely packaged and appears to be of good quality. It seems like it is very durable. Would make a nice gift.

  554. Kristen Smith

    this is the best thing for your skin i totally recomend it

  555. Shirley Smith

    A+++ great product

  556. Kristi Ellis

    Much better quality then I was expecting for how inexpensive it was. Has a bit of weight to it too!

  557. Sheila McBurney

    Easy to use! Love the Gua Sha stone.

  558. Jane Kellam

    Life changing for my face!!!

  559. Ashley Jenkins

    Honestly this is THE most delicious item I have ever purchased for myself!
    Just feels so soothing on the face, literally melts the stress from my temples! Feels really nice in the hand too! And the rose quartz heart that accompanies this roller is an absolute gem … just 2 seconds on the temp and bam 💥 what unexpected relief of tension!
    Also, I purchased a vitaminC face serum and I use my roller to gently massage the serum in!
    I am 59 and gently aged … in as little as a couple of days, I noticed a lovely difference in my skin. Tighter, softer smoother! 😳
    Also, I had a small issue and I spoke with the seller about it and I had a new one within a couple of days!! I just cannot say enough about this item.

    This will be my 2021 Christmas gift for all my dear friends🎈
    I highly recommend this item.

  560. Glenna Murray

    I love this product. You must include this as part of your daily face cleaning and moisturizing regimen. I use the roller after I apply my toner and vitamin c treatment. I use the gua sha to apply my moisturizer and massage my face and jaw and hairline. I have been using this for almost 3 weeks and have minimal acne outbreak. You must use it morning and night to help penetrate serums and moisturizers.

  561. Ana Oneal

    Some people say it is plastic… I first thought so because of the way it is glistening – until I just stepped on it and broke the roller in half lol. It feels nice when you hold it, and perfect to massage your neck. I kinda fixed it with tape… Hopefully it does the job haha.

  562. Crystal Reyes

    This is my first time using something like this. Feels good on the skin. Not sure that it will work but I’m hoping it will!

  563. Ginger Kitchen

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  564. Wanda Ring

    Highly recommend the roller and Gua Sha! At first I was skeptical because there’s so many to choose from and different types of rollers. This one is perfect!
    I am a first time user of both the roller and Gua Sha and it was really easy to use. The material of both seem high quality and is very pretty. The packaging was also a pleasant surprise because it was in a beautiful case with snug packaging materials. After I used both after watching some demo videos, I 100% felt a difference in my face. More so with the Gua Sha than the roller. I left both in the packaging it came in and store in my refrigerator in a plastic bag. It feels amazing chilled. I love it and am excited to keep using this in my skincare routine.

  565. Ella James

    Love this! The guasha and jade roller are nice heavy quality. I received it fast with no problems. I have been recommending it to my friends already. Great buy ☺️

  566. Patricia McClelland

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  567. Denice Chen

    There is no miracle aging solution for under $20. I’m not looking for results just relaxation.

  568. Michelle Swartz

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  569. Sara Rodriguz

    Looks amazing
    Feels amazing
    Color is amazing
    The pink one came with a big Gus Shua stone and I’m used to the smaller ones.
    This package has exceeded my expectations !!

  570. Vicki Smith

    This came beautifully packaged and contained a marble heart shaped stone with it.

    I love it and would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a facial roller.

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  572. Lindy Campbell

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