Crystalline X Hair Remover

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Achieve a smooth and natural glow of your skin by using our painless Crystalline X hair removal eraser.

Achieve a smooth and natural glow of your skin by using our painless Crystalline X hair removal eraser. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted body hair for when you are on the go and don’t have time to do the whole routine of shaving. It is the only shave that doesn’t hurt the skin, and compact perfect for traveling purposes.


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1188 reviews for Crystalline X Hair Remover

  1. Linsey Reynoso

    Great product! So easy and convenient to use. Totally recommend!

  2. Kayleen Ly

    It actually works just like in the viral videos. So cool and excited to not have to use razors anymore!!!!! Omg

  3. Gretchen Hughes

    I was actually very surprised and impressed! This works great!
    Nothing sharp and it somehow works! I plan on purchasing a second one to leave in my office too 🙂

  4. Theresa Barger

    It worked and it was easy to use.Nice alternative to shaving and leaves the skin soft!

  5. Savannah Kohn

    After seeing these on social media lately I was a bit skeptical, but this crystal hair removal totally works! I tried on my legs and took less than 5 minutes for smooth legs! So easy! It will be the only way to shave my legs from here on out!

  6. Sydni Griggs

    Love this. Give it a try! Make sure to read the instructions.

  7. Jakayla Alston

    It works and doesn’t cause any itching

  8. Julisa Kelsey

    This is shockingly effective. I’ve seen this product becoming popular and now I see why. It removes hair in seconds, while also making your skin so soft. When the hair eventually did grow back, there was no rash or pain, like I’ve experienced with chemical hair removers or even shaving. Truly a new go-to product for me.

  9. Miriam Pickett

    I used this for my calluses right after a shower and it left me with super soft heels. It works.

  10. Makala Mock

    Product works no complaints. Worth the price paid for it.

  11. Lucero Woodruff

    I was doubting at first it would work, but after trying it am amazed. Really works amazing.

  12. Pauline Woods

    I think it works better when you have longer hair to remove, but it still works you just need to gently rub in a circle and be patient. I like that it doesn’t give razor burn, and feels like it exfoliates really well, on top of makes your legs super soft and smooth! Very easy to use and not painful at all! Probably would not recommend on sensitive skin areas until you’re used to it and how it works best with your skin and hair but overall great!

  13. Marlen DeJesus

    This product is great for when I don’t want to shave/get in the shower. It also exfoliates, which is nice. Best for legs for sure.

  14. Adrian Williams

    I have to admit I was pretty shocked at how smooth my legs turned out. It really does work!
    Saves money for sure!!! Just takes time but definitely worth it ! My legs and arms had no bruises or cuts and my hair is coarse. I’m glad I got it!

    Let me give you some
    tips how to use it cause what you have to do is just to get used to it:
    Don’t rub in circles, do an up and down motion instead.
    Wet the device before use. It works while dry, but it is more painless when wet.
    Using in shower has the best turnout. Do this as your last step. Let your body soak in the warm water before using.
    Once out of the shower, apply lotion(that has NO alcohol in it, like a shea butter) to area of attention. I used coconut oil.

    If you follow those instructions it should work like a charm.

    All in all, it was a nice product that I will continue to use in the future. Excited to see how quickly my hair returns or doesn’t. Will post update after next use.

  15. Anisha Parham

    I was skeptical but it does a great job exfoliating and especially getting rid of those hairs missed while shaving

  16. Hana Stine

    This is hell yes and a wtf! Definitely works 120%

  17. Linsey Avila

    I am a man and I use this for my chest and this works great! I was skeptical at first but this really does work! Less than 5 minutes and I’m ready to go and looking smooth and clean at the beach. Dudes, quick and easy to be smooth!

  18. Kasandra Carl

    This thing is magic! Not sure how it works but it does!

  19. Rosa Richter

    My mom is on hospice and is bedridden she absolutely hates that no one has shaved her legs—I am afraid to use a razor because her skin is so thin—I seen this product and thought hey for the price if it doesn’t work I am not out a lot of money—I first used it on my arms to make sure it wouldn’t hurt, I was shocked that it worked—I then went to my moms room and used it on her and it was fabulous her hair was gone in no time when I was finished I creamed her legs and that was a week ago her legs are still smooth—I could not be happier—also bringing just a little bit of happiness to my dying mom was more than worth it—I will never use a razor again—Takiya B

  20. Gretchen McGee

    Came as described! Takes away unwanted hair with just a little bit of work. Works well for me for on-the-go touch ups between shaving my legs! 👍

  21. Jamila Sellers

    Happy so far with this crystal hair eraser. Easy to use and smooths my legs.

  22. Angeles South

    Super easy to use. Hair is removed easily and leaves the skin incredibly smooth.

  23. Khadijah Adame

    Product does work for most areas with ease and was a decent price.

  24. Liana Burge

    This is a pretty product which is nice to look at when I’m using it. It looks elegant on my bathroom shelf. It really works great on any length of hair and takes the hair right off!

  25. Mia Barnhart

    This product was super easy to use and not only removed my hair but it left my skin smooth. Would definitely recommend!

  26. Samara Bowden

    I really like this product! I am allergic to metal, so a razor leaves my legs with a painful rash. Using the Crystal Hair Eraser as DIRECTED (follow the simple instructions and you will get the results you are looking for. I saw some peoples comments and they were using no water or lotion it’s a must for the magic to happen.) The crystals made my legs softer than a razor ever has! And I had zero razor bumps! As the instructions say DO NOT use on tender areas if you have sensitive skin! Literally follow simple instructions and you will love this hair eraser! Thank you!

  27. Ava Williams

    Takes some time the first time you use it but we’ll worth it

  28. Aileen Fields

    Amazing product! Highly recommended. So easy to use.

  29. Keyanna Katz

    Leaves skin silky smooth

  30. Marla Wimberly

    It does as it says. Pleased with my purchase

  31. Georgia Xiong

    I was a little nervous to try this product as I thought it was going to be really rough, like sandpaper on the skin. However, it is not sharp at all and feels similar to a loofah. It is very quick and removes every last hair while leaving your skin super smooth. Love this product, so glad I tried it!

  32. Kyara Clements

    This product is amazing! Of course I couldn’t wait and tried it on dry skin, even the instructions say to soak your skin first, but even with dry skin, it worked and it is completely painless! It’s perfect for a quick clean up. My teen daughters take forever to shave their legs and use tons of shaving cream and this was a easy and quick clean up to all the stubble on their legs! Also, it’s perfect for on the go! It also works great on soaked skin! Say bye to razors and shaving cream and get this now!

  33. Mona Gibbons

    I absolutely love it!!! I suffer from Grave’s Disease, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which makes shaving with the traditional razor very difficult due to the constant joint pain and weight gain. This thing is AMAZING!! I can use it ANYWHERE….noticing some stubble at work?…No problem! On a plane to the Bahamas and had no time to shave?…No problem!! Leaves my skin smooth and stubble free with no pain or irritation. LOVE IT!!

  34. Makenna Cable

    This is a great tool to have anywhere! I love it so much! It’s so easy to use, it doesn’t irritate the skin and the best part ot no cuts!

  35. Daisha Ortega

    Love this product. Easily removed the hair on my legs. Left them sliky smooth. Very little irritation and I have sensitive skin. Easier and more effective than shaving!

  36. Maddison Chamberlain

    Just got it! Don’t apply too much pressure but works pretty good!! Hair is gone and lasts more than a day of smoothness!

  37. Michele Joe

    Not sure how it works but it does. Nice alternative if I don’t want to use a razor

  38. Sariah Gaither

    I am seriously in love with this thing! It takes a little bit longer to remove the hair but my legs are insanely smooth afterwards, less bumps and no more razor burn. I am going to buy one for my daughter!

  39. Kali Lai

    Tried this on dry skin (haven’t tested it on wet skin yet), and with very little pressure I got hairs off using circular movements. My skin feels super soft after too. Will try it on calluses as well

  40. Rose Powell

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but this crystal is great! Used last week and my legs are still smooth.

  41. Logan Maddox

    This is so easy to use and works for on the go.

  42. Stefani Hatcher

    I recently got this Visagi Crystal Hair Eraser and am very satisfied with it so far. It gives a very close shave comparable to a regular razor but without the need to be careful about cuts. Definitely make sure to take a warm shower before using it so that it takes less time and irritation.

  43. Paula Stull

    I originally purchased this with the expectation that it would be best for exfoliating my legs before a shower/shaving.
    Surprisingly, while using it very gently in a circular motion it removed a majority of my hair on both dry and wet skin. I prefer using it on dry skin.
    It’s easy to use and the directions are clear.
    Definitely worth the money.
    Don’t overuse it or use on sensitive skin.

  44. Clarissa Dukes

    My kids and I love this! It works great!

  45. Britney Pemberton

    No battery and charger needed. Just rub it up and down to remove hair. My skin feels so smooth after using it.

  46. Shea Welsh

    I was hesitant, but this little guy really works! Do start out slowly and gently, work with patience. It’s easy to over do it with our realizing, causing a “burn”. A little rubbing goes a long way. It basically rubs or sands off the hair, so you need to be careful not to irritate your skin. Follow the directions. Use plenty of moisturizer after.
    It says no facial hair. I’ve successfully used it, very carefully, on my face. Just go easy.

  47. Cindy Burnett

    So, I’ll be very honest I was very hesitant about using this product especially viewing some previous reviews. Also because I have very sensitive skin so I did my normal routine when preparing to shave…
    I exfoliated, and I used baby oil in order to soften my hair and hopefully the baby oil will help with any irritation.
    It did!
    If you use baby oil yes you will need to rinse off the product more often than usual but it’s definitely worth it because you get such a smooth shave and ZERO LAZOR BUMPS!!
    I definitely recommend using baby oil while using this product and you also get very smooth moisturized legs afterwards.

  48. Maeve Keys

    I have really coarse, thick, dark hair on my legs and hate to shave, but I love to use self tanners. This solved 2 problems at once. First, it removed all the hair from my mid-thighs, down to my ankles. My hair has also grown back a lot slower. Caution, be gentle in areas with thinner skin, like the back of your legs, and be gentle over bony areas too. I would not use anywhere but your legs. Second, it really exfoliates! I had been using exfoliating mitts and cloths, but this worked so much better! My self tanners went on smooth and lasted a lot longer. Love this crystal hair eraser!

  49. Jocelyne Solomon

    For real this is life changing. How does it even work?! I have no idea but seriously it’s awesome. Used it on dry skin, unshaven legs for multiple days and all the hair is gone in seconds. Even hairs that are kinda growing under the skin. I am writing this review like 2 minutes after my first use because this is some crazy magic stuff.

  50. Dejah Head

    It can cause a little skin rush if your skin is delicate, if you suffer dermatitis you have to use it very carefully. In my case I have dermatitis and I am able to use it but Slowly and don’t pass the device more than twice on the same part.

  51. Ryann Barton

    It works . Loved it

  52. Colby Mazur

    Liked how it exfoliates, not as effective as shaving by any means, but is beneficial is prep for shaving.

  53. Lynette Crenshaw

    I really did not expect this product to work so well. Thinking everyone will be getting one for Christmas.

  54. Lana Fonseca

    When I saw this I honestly thought it would be too good to be true. I looked at a lot of different products that appeared to be the same concept with very mixed reviews. I saw pictures of people with skin that was burned or that claimed it didn’t work at all when I looked at other items, but this one had a lot of stars so I thought it was worth a try, especially since a free return was offered. I don’t even know what to say, except SIMPLY AMAZING. It is like a magic eraser for the hair on my legs. I am a brunette so daily shaving is necessary and I hate it. It’s impossible to find the right razor that shaves close enough but doesn’t nick or cut. Now, In just a few moments, my skin is flawless with this! I don’t even know how the other copycats work, especially when I see those photos of burned skin, but it would be almost impossible to burn or harm your skin with this product if you use it like it directs. So simple and easy, and what a great price. Way cheaper than all those razors! I am going to buy one for all the girls in my family for Christmas (if I can wait that long to share this!)

  55. Jaidyn Shackelford

    This product was easy to use, made my legs feel soft and smooth. It got most of the hair. It works best for me after a warm shower.

  56. Jaelynn Flanders

    I bought this for my three teenage daughters and they love it. Said their legs are so smooth after using. Be careful though, if you rub too hard you will give yourself a brush burn.

  57. Nicolle Carrier

    I had not heard of this type of hair removal until I came across this product and decided to try it, without much hope of it actually working. I was truly amazed that it did remove my leg hair! My daughter is now using one as well, as it does not irritate her skin the way other shavers do. Very easy to use and a great value!

  58. Madyson Cowan

    Product is what is described this is in my opinion for legs only works well tried it in other areas and had no luck. It is worth the price. Does take a little longer than they make it look. But my legs were extremely soft after putting in the time.

  59. Raegan Sell

    I was sceptical on buying this, but so glad I did. Leaves my legs so soft I wish I would have found out about this when I was younger.

  60. Chelsie Gilbert

    Bought this for my husband & he loves it.

  61. Keana Joseph

    Hesitant at first. But ordered anyway due to the online hype.
    Absolutely love the product. Introduced it to my mother and 2 sister in-laws…all 3 ordered one immediately. Happy with the results, easy to use, better than expected.

  62. Mercedes Lucero

    This product is great. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t hurt at all. I have never felt my legs so smooth before. The down side is it’s hard to get in small place. For example my ankle or my knee. So yes I still use a raiser but this is a great item to have if you are on the go and need to freshen up a little, or need something quick and easy.

  63. Linsey Dietz

    Im a guy and just been getting tired of the ingrown hairs using clippers..i followed the directions and I can’t believe i didn’t discover something like this at first! Great product and works. And its leaves area smooth

  64. Allyssa Burnette

    I love this, it’s pain free and made my legs so smooth! And I don’t have to continue the expense of razor blades, money well spent!

  65. Devon Suggs

    It’s not always easy for me to Jamaica unless my skin is super wet. Like, still in the shower. But with that, I see such a difference in the smoothness of my skin and I love that! Definitely worth the purchase

  66. Ashli Miles

    I was a little skeptical but have used 3 times. Works awesome. Didn’t get all the hair first Time cause was Afraid of irritation but had none. Highly recommend!!!!

  67. Francis Witt

    I didn’t think it would work. But it really does. I’m glad I bought it. I would definitely recommend purchasing!

  68. Jaquelin Kunkel

    I like how easy this is to use and the fact that it isn’t over $30

  69. Kaylee Kaye

    When used gently this works terrific, just moisturize w/a calming cream following a gentle rub over the skin.

  70. Robyn Patten

    I had back surgery and have had mobility issues for months, so shaving has been impossible. I ordered this crystal as a last ditch effort before I would have to ask someone to help me, but this did the trick. I could sit somewhere comfortable to me (instead of trying to shave in the shower or bath or making a mess elsewhere) and I could do small sections at a time. It exfoliates as it goes, and does not require a lot of effort to do. I’m genuinely glad I decided to get this, it has made a huge difference to my morale and independence post-surgery.

  71. Skyla Dickson

    This removes hair, but ultimately is just an extremely aggressive exfoliating tool. So aggressive that it breaks apart the hair too. Be careful! I used to buy the microdermamitt to get this kind of exfoliation where dead skin literally pills up. I will be using this from now on because it’s faster, easier, and seems more sanitary (a hard, non-porous item vs. a wet fabric mitt). I have KP and this is helping with texture issues!

  72. Logan Soria

    Easy to use, easy clean up. Painless!

  73. Mira Price

    This really works and very glad I made the purchase. Highly recommend using baby oil when using this.

  74. Jolene Arnold

    Great exfoliation and the hair comes right off. It leaves my legs smooth, unirritated and no ingrown hair! Highly recommended!

  75. Arden Eldridge

    I was skeptical at first when I bought this and even tho there was mix reviews, I gave this a try and after using it I was amazed and so was my husband! I tell everyone about it and how easy it is and the results are so good! It’s easy to clean as well. I will definitely keep using this!

  76. Sana Crawford

    I’ve been seeing this product all over online and thought I would give it a try. I hate normal razors due to cutting myself easily. This product I didn’t have to worry about that. Definitely want to make sure your lags are wet before using it. I found it better to go in an up and down movement versus circular.

  77. Natali Mayberry

    I was surprised ar how well it works and how easy it is to use. It leaves my skin soft and shiny. Especially if you have done laser hair removal and need something for touch ups.

  78. Katherine Rowland

    I was skeptical when I first heard about this. But I’m happy I gave it a try! It definitely works. One word of caution…be gentle when using it!

  79. Stephanie Cutler

    It’s great beats shaving and leaves skin smooth.

  80. Tyler Sharp

    This product worked very well on coarse hair. It’s important to follow directions & moisten area prior to use. I gave this as a birthday gift & it was very appreciated!

  81. Alison Marino

    I got this particular one because it was on sale. There was a return policy that was free so I thought I would just give it a go.

    I truly cannot believe that it works but it does. It’s fast, it’s painless and my legs are very smooth now.

    I have to wonder with the people saying they hurt themselves if that were using it like a pumice stone on your feet!? Your just lightly rub it over your hair to remove. I’ve got super sensitive skin and I had no reaction!

  82. Logan Begay

    I like it more as an exfoliator. It dies remove hair without any pain or issues.

  83. Mina Kinder

    Thankful for this product. The other day I had thought I was going to wear pants to a baby shower and last minute changed to a dress. But I had not shaved my legs! I pulled out my crystal eraser and literally shaved my legs with my dress on. A perfect addition to your beauty survival kit.

  84. Taliyah Eller

    I was skeptical but figured for the price I would give it a try. I am beyond amazed. My legs have never been smoother and it got rid of stubble easily. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  85. Kyndall Mcnabb

    I got this for my kid to use VS shaving. I love it. She loves it! It’s gentle on her skin and all she needs is water! Totally worth the buy.

  86. Darlene Naranjo

    It removes the hair and leaves skin exfoliated and smooth. I love the product.

  87. Leigha Pinkerton

    It is easy to use and removes all the hair

  88. Jaylene Marcum

    I bought this for my daughter to use on her legs as she detests razors… but really needs to shave. Her leg hair was pretty long. I was skeptical that it would work but it “worked like a dream” for her. I am thrilled with the results and thrilled that there is something
    that she will use. It does take a bit of time and effort to get results x definitely not as quick as a razor. It also helps to wash the hair eraser as it exfoliates skin as well and does not work as well when it is clogged.

  89. Tayler Banda

    I received this a week ago and finally remembered to try it. It took a little while to figure out the right pressure to use. It’s basically doing a deep exfoliation and removes the hair along with it. It definitely removes hair!

  90. Kaytlyn Holley

    It took me a second to figure it out, but once I did… my legs were so smooth!

  91. Jodi Schubert

    After hearing my friends talk about these I finally decided to try one. I use it in between shaving and it keeps my legs smooth all the time. I never have the stubble or prickly hairs now! I used it on my longer arm hair and it took it all off and made my arms so smooth! Now I know why everyone is using these! So happy I found something to keep my skin smooth all the time.

  92. Thalia Moore

    I totally bought this on a whim, and wow- it actually works! And really well! Fits in the palm of your hand, simple to use, and worlds better than using a razor. I’ve only used it on my legs, and I definitely recommend.

  93. Lori Wooten

    I love my new hair removal option, it’s completely pain free, has a travel size and really affordable price for the durability

  94. Corrina Gandy

    I was worried that it would be painful or pull the hair out. It’s none of those things! Super easy and I’ll be getting more for Christmas gifts.

  95. Malka Shore

    Amazing product! I was skeptical at first but, it works great with absolutely NO pain. My legs and arms and bikini area are so smooth! Works great on coarse and fine hairs. It’s great for sensitive areas with no irritation or bumps after use. I also gave this to my teenage son who used it on his face and neck and it worked great!! I will definitely buy again!

  96. Christine Copeland

    I had my doubts this would work, but gosh darn it! it does! It easily removes hair and dead skin and I could not be happier. The price is perfect and this thing is magic.

  97. Maryjane Marvin

    This is amazing! I did not think it would work and it does wonders! No more cuts just soft skin!

  98. Aliya Cave

    Was very satisfied with product. Works very good. Would recommend to family and friends.

  99. Ivette Mauldin

    Works instantly. Hair must be a semi short length to work.

  100. Kelley Cuellar

    Easy to use – and practical

  101. Harmony Carmichael

    I was so happy and relieved to see this really works. As I use it more I feel like I have to use it less.

  102. Tanner Hahn

    I loved this was very easy to use and worked really well I plan to buy some for my daughters

  103. Essence Hobson

    Super easy fast hair removal and no worrying about razor cuts!

  104. Abril Saavedra

    Took a chance on this product and glad I did-it is amazing and will be buying more to put in stocking for Christmas gifts.

  105. Santana Gantt

    This is awesome and works just like they say it does. When you think it can’t , it really does

  106. Aubree Busby

    Excellent product, easy to use and works smoothly on all skin type.

  107. Yulissa Harris

    A friend of mine turned me on to this hair removing product and I cannot express the ease of use and effectiveness! Quickly and painlessly removes hair on arms and legs in a quick motion. Very pleased.

  108. Breanna Ybarra

    With some many similar products like this with bad reviews, this one has been really good so far. If you have sensitive skin like me here’s a tip: before use apply baby oil, it won’t irritate the skin and it’ll leave your skin as soft as ever as it also exfoliates the skin. You might have to wash the magic eraser a few times as the hair will stick to the eraser but it’s worth the “trouble”. Final thoughts: Really great product, great value, I recommend to anyone trying to get rid of their razor and looking for an awesome result.

  109. Briana Garrett

    Liked cost- lessing regrowth.

  110. Natalee Redman

    Really good hair remover product for my leg. I used it as soon as I got it and it was easy and painless. No more shaving my legs after using this products. Go ahead and try it you won’t be disappointed.

  111. Arden Damico

    I really like this crystal hair remover. It left my skin feeling smooth and shiny. I tend to have dry skin and it helped with exfoliating. I plan on buying more as gifts.

  112. Edna Nowak

    I’m always looking for new ways to remove hair because I hate shaving. This tool is perfect for exfoliation! I also use a hair mitt that’s basically like sanding your legs but I think I like this better. I was debating getting one for awhile so I’m glad I finally did!

  113. Janie Ferry

    This product does exactly what it says it will. It is very affordable and convenient. The overall design is very user friendly and attractive. I will purchase from this company again. Very happy I gave this a try.

  114. Eleanor Urban

    My legs are really sensitive, and as long as I’m gentle, this works great and doesn’t irritate me. Will never shave again!

  115. Jaime Salvador

    Product worked really well. Word of caution head the warning on sensitive areas be gentle.

  116. Riley Parker

    No more knicks and cuts in the shower! This works great on legs! My hair isn’t super coarse there, but planning to try it elsewhere soon! Already recommended to friends!

  117. Eleni Bradford

     I love this beauty tool. It is super easy hair removal. It works really well if you use it correctly. Just don’t press too hard or too roughly so you don’t create a burning sensation. My favorite aspect of this tool is the smmothing and exfoliation! It left my skin super smooth! I used it on my feet and heels and it did an amazing job of softening the skin. I highly recommend it!

  118. Madisyn Shook

    Small hand held device that gets it done. Follow instructions from other reviews to avoid “burn”. Definitely a mush buy if you are in the need.

  119. Sydni Agnew

    I was skeptical but trying to save on water and also make it easier to manage.

    I have POTS and showers are already beast enough. I can sit wherever and get this done.

    I have hEDS and fragile skin. I did note irritation afterwards but NOTHING like shaving bumps or the waxing does. I am sold.

    I look forward to it coming back less and less. Hope it decreases like it has for some others. Happy with it 🙂

  120. Harley Mahoney

    it made my skin so soft!!

  121. Nayely Hutchings

    super product

  122. Cloe Compton

    I like how smooth my legs when I use this product plus it is easy to use. When I used this product, I didn’t get any scars. please wet the product before using it.

  123. Skye Moon

    The item removes hair as described in the description. It’s not as perfect as a razor but you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself. I do find that the best use is on dry skin and that may cause in some people some irritation without use of moisturizer afterward. My main use of this product is in-between shaves with a razor to keep the skin smooth.

  124. Emmalee Ahmad

    I have somewhat sensitive skin, fine blonde hair. Works really well on my legs, I use it dry after a shower and get very smooth results. Takes about the same time as shaving (after I got the hang of how to use it) but I think my legs are smoother.
    It’s harder to use on knees and ankles. I wouldn’t use on smaller areas like armpits. I like that I can use it on callouses on my feet too!

  125. Precious Osorio

    It took a few times to get the hang of it but it works well. It works well on dry skin. Make sure you use coconut oil or Shea butter afterwards.

  126. Devan Estes

    This is easier and quicker than shaving your legs. No nicks and exfoliates your skin in the process.

  127. Octavia Hayden

    I love the Visagi Crystal Hair Eraser! I used to hate shaving. Now, I don’t have to.

  128. Jalyn Mack

    This product is really easy to use, and leaves your skin feeling soft!

  129. Racheal Bellamy

    Easy to use, good value, essential for every woman!

  130. Tasha Culp

    More difficult to use with rough hair. Works best on softer hairs.

  131. Destiney Braxton

    I have sensitive skin and was looking for something other than a razor to “shave” my legs. I came across this and the reviews and thought the price was great, so why not. I am so pleased and impressed. It was gentle on my legs, and not only removed the hair but also provided great exfoliation making my legs smooth and soft. I have already purchased 4 more for stocking stuffers at Christmas! Definitely recommend.

  132. Chanel Wheat

    I really like this hair removal tool. I use it for my arms and legs. It’s a genius item. I wasn’t sure that it would work. But it did! I highly recommend it!
    I will never use a razor again.

  133. Annabella Fulmer

    Great product. Works as described. Leaves Leah’s feeling smooth as silk. With no razor knicks.

  134. Kendall Dunbar

    Important to follow instructions. But works really well and recommend it.

  135. Layla Drummond

    I was hesitant about buying a product like this for a while but you never truly know unless you try it. So I did! And I’m very glad I did because it leaves my skin feeling smooth, it’s easy to use, and easy to clean. I recommend going in circular motions and using a pre “shave” lotion before if you have sensitive skin. Don’t forget to moisturize with lotion after using this product as well! I use it for my legs and arms and I was very pleased with the results.

  136. Melinda Smoot

    This thing ACTUALLY works!!! I hate shaving my legs every other day and creams are so harsh. I was so skeptical at first but tried it and I’m so happy I did. My skin is hairless and very smooth. Now I just got it so not sure how long it’s going to last but for now, it’s amazing!!

  137. Taniya Lemay

    Amazing product. Removes hair painlessly. I am so surprised at how effective it is. I’ve always gotten razor bumps and irritation from shaving. But now my legs are smooth. I use it while I watch tv. Amazing.

  138. Theresa Starnes

    This product is exactly what I was looking for! I highly recommend this seller.

  139. Elisabeth Chew

    I really like it. No more razor burn

  140. Tyla Meyer

    Perfect for last minute hair removal needs. First time I used it I think I rubbed a little too hard, there was some minor irritation, but it went away after applying a good lotion.

  141. Akira Gaddis

    My daughter used it couple of times and likes it. Should hold good for long use, looks nice and sleek too.

  142. Shyann Alfonso

    Love this hair eraser! It works super well and I feel it’s totally worth it!

  143. Triniti Watters

    Does exactly what it says it does!

  144. Jaylynn Craven

    Product was delivered fast and in perfect shape. I was unsure about trying one of these but I ended up loving it. It not only removes hair but also dead skin. I completely recommend

  145. Keeley Purcell

    Says use every 2 to 3 weeks but hair grew back in about a week it may just take a few times still learning

  146. Jaclyn Schreiber

    When removed hairs by this the next regrowth of the hairs will come after 15 days.So by this you will get more validity when compared to razors,hair removal creams etc..
    Please don’t use on sensitive parts of skin that is
    The layer of the skin which is more softer compared to hands and legs

  147. Mckayla Sauer

    Loved it! It’s super sleek and easy to wash. Though it does sting your skin a bit, with a little moisturizer my skin feels super soft with all hair gone!

  148. Amie Darling

    This product is so easy to use, effective, and a great value. No more razor cuts or bumps for me!

  149. Emily Minter

    It works! No nice or cuts- my legs are super smooth!

  150. Cristal Benitez

    This item is a must have for your beauty regimen. It doesn’t work as well at removing hair as I would like, however it is perfect to remove calluses and dead skin. It works best after a shower when your skin has been soaked. You can also put lotion or oil on instead. It is very gentle in removing calluses and blisters. Absolutely recommend!

  151. Marlene Wegner

    I was super skeptical but I’m so sick of shaving my legs so I went ahead and got it. It actually works! My legs are super smooth now, it removed all the hair and a ton of dead skin. Just make sure you wipe it down when you’re done and use lotion afterwards.

  152. Yaritza Roush

    Spend the little bit of money and Thank Me later!! I was tired of trying to find a reliable electric shaver for those lazy days and here this thing was, unbeknownst to me! I immediately chucked my razors and donated my electric shaver. I’m Done!!

  153. Katerina Grabowski

    Works so quickly and leaves no razor burn!! Hairs wash off so easy with just running water!

  154. Phoebe Free

    It’s so easy to use working so good very happy with this purchase

  155. Dasia Tracy

    I like the packaging and it was easy and convenient to use.

  156. Stella Penny

    3 month update; I have a love hate relationship with this thing. Sometimes it’s smooth and painless and leaves my legs so soft. Other times it leaves my legs destroyed, shaving of the top of goose bumps (only way I can think to describe). I thought all was well today, but the light burning and single drop of blood after drying off from the shower says otherwise. I see a photo of so eone using it on their face with 5 stars, yikes don’t get this for your face!

    Now I know what strawberry skin is… Maybe I over did it on my first try, second go at it went much better. Customer service has been great though and my friend LOVES her crystal eraser. With the really responsive customer service it’s worth a try.

  157. Rhiannon Dyson

    I used this for my legs & it did a good job without using my razor. This will work if you want a quick job on your legs!

  158. Cristal Jorgensen

    The hair remover came in a cute bag and the best thing about it is that it is easy to use and doesn’t hurt or stick to your skin.

  159. Krysten McIntosh

    Overall, a good product, and easy to use.

  160. Kaliyah Denney

    Edit – Customer Service from company is very helpful and cared about my satisfaction. They emailed right away with questions on how to fix my issue. Very nice and caring. Would buy from again.

    Does the job, but inner thighs aren’t easy to do since more fat there. Burned legs up bad. I don’t see any wounds, but can feel legs are irritated even after calming lotion. Directions aren’t clear which direction to rub, so that may be why. Won’t ever use again. May return.

  161. Kathleen Skinner

    I am a very real person, and this is a very real review. I didn’t get anything for free or any kind of promotion.

    How in the world does this thing do it??? I am quite in disbelief. I just received it tonight, and I even told my daughter “let’s see what this thing actually does” in a joking manner since I wasn’t expecting it to work. My legs are sooooo smooth. Somehow, it completely obliterates the hair.

    Tip: the key (I think) is to not go at it with a heavy hand. I’ve read some reviews that say these types of products left their skin raw. I sort of glided it in a circular motion ever so gently over my legs. Really cool gadget. Very impressed so far.

  162. Tatyanna Medrano

    It works, it’s hard to get all the hair, there may be bendy places it can’t get properly due to its shape but I suppose it basically files off dead skin and your hair. I found it works best making circular motions.

  163. Ellen McMillan

    I was skeptical at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy. Be careful you aren’t too aggressive, or your skin may have a reaction. I have sensitive skin and the first time I used it my skin was very red. I figured out how to use it correctly and my skin has never been smoother!

  164. Adela VanHorn

    This product is a great deal for the price!! It really does work as advertised, you will not be disappointed, you will love it!!! I do!

  165. Mira Harding

    You can easily remove your hair 🙂

  166. Leona Araujo

    I’m pleasantly surprised & now converted!

  167. Gissell Haywood

    The Crystal hair eraser really works! I saw it on tik tok and decided to try! It worked for my husband, my daughter and myself! Very pleased with my purchase!

  168. Joann Simon

    good little tool, removes hair for smooth hairless skin

  169. Marie Mathews

    Wow! It’s amazing and no more razor cuts and bumps. So far so good. One improvement though, is to provide a smoothing crème post shave . This would this shaver perfect! Otherwise, this is amazing. I’m so glad I tried it.

  170. Simran Rust

    It does remove hair and smooth skin. Just be careful not to scrub too hard or it will feel like a rug burn. I like the product so far.

  171. Sidney Thao

    I just received this product, so I’ve only used it once, but WOWZERS, it really made my legs soft!! It took the stubble/hair off easily, (though it took a little maneuvering in the bumpy places like knees, and ankles…) and it gently exfoliated my legs at the same time, making them very soft. I used it on wet legs, and I followed up with oil on my legs to moisturize afterwards.

    I decided to try 1 armpit (and shave the other armpit to compare) but I do regret that! My armpit burns like fire! 🙁 Maybe that’s just too sensitive of an area for this device.

    Anyway – as for my legs, I’m reeeeeally happy so far!!

  172. Betty Knott

    I tried this method of hair removal before but this is not harsh on your skin as other ones I have tried. It is easy to use and I have some issues with my hands due to arthritis but I can still manage to use this. Recommend!

  173. Chantal Marroquin

    I have loved using this to remove my leg hair! Easiest way EVER. I also think it has helped me have less dry skin too! I absolutely love how quickly and easy it is to remove the hair. I will buy again!

  174. Brooklyn Calabrese

    Where has this been all my life? I didn’t really expect it to work all that well but boy was I wrong. Removes all the hair on my legs easily and rinses clean.

  175. Heather Gillette

    This works better than I thought, I also used it on my face but very easily to clear off dead skin. It also takes off hair very easily worth buying

  176. Jayda Cardoza

    I had my doubts while ordering but after using the product, I’m happy I made the right choice. So giving it 5* for now.

  177. Gillian Moore

    It doesn’t cut or irritate the skin. Would recommend for thinner hair, as it works faster than on coarser hair. Its small and discrete!

  178. Harley Holtz

    I’m so impressed. I can’t believe more people don’t use this thing.

  179. Tionne Wirth

    loved it and the delivery

  180. Sheridan Greenlee

    Omgosh i didn’t really think it works work as well as it was advertised, but it really does!! I literally wiped the hair of my legs just testing it out!! What?!? If you are looking for something easy, painless, quick, clean- this is it. My only tip- don’t go in too hard. But isn’t that always the case? Just got my daughter one, and am spreading the word! Great product!

  181. Jaila Cummins

    Literally love this thing. I usually keep it in my car, just in case I miss a spot or am running late for something and need it. Works great. Keeps my legs feeling exfoliated and smooth! Make sure to rinse off after each use to keep the same smooth feeling on your area of use!

  182. Loren McIntyre

    It did not work on my hair, did a better job as a foot scrub. Customer service extremely kind and very helpful

  183. Jazlynn Maloney

    Wow, I didn’t expect this to actually work! Not only did it remove nearly all the hair on my lower legs, it exfoliated them and left them so smooth! Highly recommend.

  184. Hailie Bartels

    This cut up and burned my legs and burned my armpits for a good couple of days!!! Very painful!!! Had to use bacitracin for the pain. I threw it away. Waste of money. 👎

    UPDATE: Even though this product did not work for me. It might work for others! Jenny at Visagi gave me a gift card for what I went through! The customer service was amazing and she was very considerate and resourceful. The company is working on making this product better too. I definitely recommend trying it out cause even though it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work out for anyone else. If I could give 10 stars for their service, I totally would! Thank you Jenny ☺️

  185. Maribel Correa

    Use everywhere and very convenient

  186. Tasia Cummings

    It’s good product. It’s easy easy carry while traveling .

  187. Macey Brink

    Easy and painless

  188. Bridgett Kang

    Super easy to use and works very well. Best to use it after a hot shower and rinse it often to keep it at its best.

  189. Pauline Andre

    I was hesitant to buy this, but as someone who has strawberry legs every time she shaves I decided it was worth a shot. It’s easy to use, gets all your dead skin off, and leaves me with less noticeable strawberry legs. 10/10 product

  190. Jayde Cox

    I am so surprised! I didn’t think this would work, but it really does!

  191. Lizette Carrasco

    This product was wonderful. Worked great at removing hair even on sensitive areas like knees!

  192. Leilani Reichert

    Keeps the legs very soft and gentle on sensitive skin!

  193. Denise Mull

    First I had little doubt to place the order but thought will try it once. But, surprisingly it works very well. I tried both on dry skin and also wet skin and it works on both types. Easy to use and easy to carry. I am very grateful to have buy this product.

  194. Pilar Flowers

    Excellent when used for legs…it left my legs feel so smooth, and I didn’t need to use it again for a week and a half, but this product should have a medical warning on it…DO NOT use for armpits. It took a week and a half for my skin to heal, it was very raw and painful.

  195. Hana Bertrand

    I have been looking for a better hair removal because I hate shaving. This is quick and leaves your legs smooth and soft! I notice if you use it too often, you can get a rash or “burn” so be cautious of that. I love it and so happy I bought it!

  196. Myia Bader

    I was very curious on whether this would work and wow am I surprised! It is so easy to use and leaves my legs feeling much smoother than shaving does. I cannot wait to keep using this product.

  197. Hunter Peyton

    I truly did not have any hope that this would actually work but it did! It removes the hair from my legs very easily. I love this thing!

  198. Jasmine Simonson

    I bought these for myself and my daughter to use. So far, so good. It helps gently exfoliate the skin and makes your legs feel extra smooth.

  199. Lisa Ewing

    This is amazing! I can use it on the go. I get the smoothest legs and arms that I’ve ever had. I find if I just go over my legs every few days before my hair gets too long or thick, it doesn’t take me very long at all. I use light pressure.

  200. Giana Wright

    I loved this product the moment I started using it. My arms and legs feel super smooth. The hair on my arms went away immediately. The longer hair on my legs took a bit of persuasion, but eventually they did come off. I’m super glad I don’t have to use a razor anymore.

  201. Danielle Machado

    My legs have never looked or felt this amazing. It feels so smooth and it doesn’t matter how much hair you have! I tried it out on my boyfriends leg to know what potential it had!! 100% recommend

  202. Shanice Navarrete

    I saw these floating around Tik Tok and decided to try it out. Product works great! I use it with warm water after soaking for a few minutes. This will replace my razor.

  203. Darlene Baumann

    Got this on a whim to try and was surprised how well it works. Used on ‘stubble’ but left with very smooth skin.

  204. Aliana Chamberlin

    Love the ease and simplicity of this product – and how smooth my skin feels!

  205. Amani Luna

    Easy to hold and use and not hard on the skin

  206. Shannon Longoria

    Don’t use it to much, actually follow the instructions 😂

  207. Haylee Culpepper

    My skin is very sensitive, I’ve used in my legs and arms and had no problem. I used after I showered and I didn’t feel any pain, it exfoliates and get rid of the hair at the same time. My skin feels very soft now. It exceeded my expectations. If you do the right way you won’t likely have any problems either. It is worth it to give a go if you have sensitive or/and is allergic to razor like me.

  208. Mikaela Mauldin

    I loved how much more easier it was to shave! A couple of spots I had to apply a little pressure. But in all. It did great!! Definitely recommend this for a gift or for self! Easy to clean as well as reusable!!

  209. Melany Mcalister

    I didn’t think this would be that great but I am beyond shocked. My legs are so smooth and it’s beyond easy to use. Love it!

  210. Jackeline Phillips

    It works really well! I was so surprised. I loved it so much my nanny bought the same one.

  211. Latavia Runyon

    works exactly how it is described. I use it daily!

  212. Jayla Register

    I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading other reviews; but this removed the hair on my legs quickly and easily, and left them feeling smooth. I started gently and increased pressure until it started removing the hair. No discomfort or burn. It worked so well that I just ordered another one as a stocking stuffer for one of my kids.

  213. Ciarra Hirsch

    I got sucked in by seeing an add on Pinterest and decided to look for one on , this one seemed to have the best reviews and for good reason. It works! And is awesome for the last minute touch up. Just done use on your armpits!! Way too sensitive there!!

  214. Kelli Briseno

    I was skeptical at first but I was surprised by how well this actually works. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth. No razor burn or irritation. I have used it wet and dry. I find I prefer to use it in the shower.

  215. Kelsie Findley

    Love not using a razor or spending $$

  216. Santana Branson

    This works really well when applied to dry skin. It leaves my legs feeling soft and smooth. I even bought another one to remove my husband’s back hair.

  217. Alice Ritchie

    Use to remove leg hair. Easy and painless.

  218. Noelle Heck

    Ok so a few notes- hopefully this helps! With a little trial and error, I’ve figured this thing out.

    1. If you’re using it for hair, make sure your skin is dry! You only want it wet if you’re using it on your feet to remove calluses (I have something else I use for that, not this).

    2. It works best on stubble- once it gets too long, it doesn’t really work so it’s good for maintenance.

    3. Don’t press too hard! It really doesn’t take much pressure at all to do the job. If you press too hard you can get chaffing or burns.

    4. Make sure you rinse it off in between. If you’re using it and it stops working, it’s likely full so you’ll need to rinse it and make sure it’s complete dry before using it again. I use a soft bristle brush and warm water to clear out skin and hair debris. Make sure not to use any soaps that have oil or lotion in it.

    So this little thing works great if used appropriately! Enjoy!

  219. Ashely Fiore

    Feels good in hand. Doesn’t make shave bumps

  220. Jaya Mathews

    I like it, i just did a spit test and it worked!

  221. Rosalie Troutman

    I saw this on an ad on Facebook. I was like, yeah right. I thought it would rip my hairs out. Nope! This thing really works. And left my legs smoother than anything I’ve used before! Totally shocked. I tried it on my armpit, but I’m a fatty so it didn’t go as planned. LOL.. Anyways, it really works and it’s easy to use. Pleasantly surprised.

  222. Janelle Skinner

    Ok so so far I have tried it on my arm and it worked amazingly!! No irritation whatsoever and I’m a redhead that has very sensitive skin! Most of the hairs are gone and my skin is so soft!! Arm hairs were about 1/4 long and course for reference. Tomorrow I’ll try it on my legs!

  223. Naomi Jett

    Very easy, esthetic looking, and easily cleaned. I recommend this very strongly and the company has wonderful communication and speed in filling orders.

  224. Adrianna Bohannon

    The product actually works. It was like magic, gave instant smoothness! I love it!

  225. Cassie Covington

    I was skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised! It’s really like very fine sand paper really. Definitely use after the shower or bath- because you are basically exfoliating your skin at the same time. It’s a bit hard to get around the ankle bone and knee, but it works great elsewhere. I liked how smooth my legs felt afterward. I’ll definitely keep using this.

  226. Fernanda Fultz

    it does remove hair well but takes 3 times as long as just shaving. For it to actually work you need to move it around in circles and see which way tugs at the hair and gently pull it that way. It does not hurt AT ALL. The hair does grow back a lot slower so although it takes longer than shaving the results last longer.

  227. Alexys Ellington

    I was happily surprised with my results, although it took a minute to kinda find a rhythm and pressure that worked for my skin/leghair. Do kind of wish the instructions had been a little bit more detailed. Looking forward to using it for traveling!

  228. Magali Barrow

    Love the simplicity and the finished skin that I get after I use it!!!!

  229. Ginger Meador

    I’m disabled and this hair eraser has made my legs so smooth and hair free without the hassle of shaving! I don’t have to bend or move in ways I did before. I give this a 5 star all around. The regrowth has slowed which is amazing. I would recommend to anyone!!! I took it slow on my underarms and followed all the directions, they are super smooth.

  230. Keri Mota

    I like this tool, but it made my legs itch. Maybe my legs are too dry. It does remove the hair, and it’s convenient, but the skin on my legs continued to itch even after I applied lotion.

  231. Estefania McKinnon

    I was skeptical about trying this product because I didn’t believe it could possibly work, but I randomly decided to buy it just to see. I tried it on my legs the other day and it actually worked! It was a little time consuming to remove all the hair, but that might be because I hadn’t shaved my legs in a while before trying it. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure when using it, just gently press down and go in circular motions over your skin until the hair is gone. My legs are super smooth and I’m love with this crystal hair remover!

  232. Tonya Loveless

    I was skeptical, but this actually works! No water or anything – just smooth legs without any razor cuts. I’m never going back to expensive razors again! Highly recommend.

  233. Cindy Ireland

    Leaves my legs silky smooth after just a few minutes when using on stubble. Love it

  234. Jolie Evans

    It really works!

  235. Serina Small

    I’ve been looking for a tool that removes hair with a method besides shaving and doesn’t require a big time commitment. This nifty tool does the job! I will say to make sure you follow the directions. Legs should be wet or freshly out of the shower. If they’re super dry then you’ll end up with burning pain. This removed the hair and made my legs soft to the touch. Happy with purchase!

  236. Paula Mireles

    I am so impressed with this product! Not only did it remove my leg hair but the dead skin came off in enormous amounts! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it looked as if I had flour on my legs there was so much dead skin that was exfoliated. My legs were soft and smooth long after I used it, I cannot wait to use this regularly and see if there is a difference in the dryness of my skin in the future. I live in a very dry climate so I’m always struggling with dead/dry skin especially on my legs. I cannot applaud this product enough!

  237. Patience Corcoran

    I got this almost a week ago and it really works! Really easy to use. I use this like 4 times a week but its fast, no mess and my skin never got irritated and I have sensitive skin! Its a wonderful product! This is a Christmas stuffer for sure!

  238. Taliyah Mosley

    I read many reviews and decided to take the plunge. It really works! It is pain free, no razor knicks, and for me it lasts as long as shaving, but is a much more convenient method of hair removal! Great, and surprising product!

  239. Jaylen Weiss

    It works very well, don’t have to use much pressure at all. Legs feel so smooth.

  240. Anai Griggs

    I have pcos so I have a lot of hair and thick hair. I’ve tried every product I can find to make removal as quick and easy and painless as possible. So of course I had to try this. I wasn’t expecting much but I’m truly amazed. This thing actually works. And I can’t figure out how. It’s not anywhere near as abrasive as I expected it to be. I was only going to do a small test patch to make sure I didn’t end up with raw skin but I was so surprised that it was working that I kept going. When I stopped, I had a few tender patches and was prepared for the worst but the next day the tenderness was gone and the areas weren’t even pink. I even used it on my chin that had two spots that anything I use to remove hair irritates. Those were sore when I was done but the next day, they were fine and there is no damage at all. This thing doesn’t work as fast as a razor but I love that I can use it anywhere. Don’t need water. I have a hanni razor that I love but you have to have warm water to rinse the shave pillow off when the razor gets full of it. This thing works easiest on flat larger areas. Areas like around the knee take longer. But it does work! I’ve used it on really long hair and 2 day growth. It works on both. I gave it 5 stars for easy to clean but it hasn’t needed cleaning and I’ve use it a lot the 3 days I’ve had it. I really don’t know how it works because it doesn’t leave hair everywhere. I suppose it’s getting scattered well. It’s not eating the hair so it has to be going someplace. Ha! I read that it exfoliates and I suppose it does a little but I have one of those mitts for the shower that takes off TONS of dead skin. This barely produces any dust at all. So I wouldn’t recommend it if you are wanting a good exfoliater. My skin is very soft after I use it though.

  241. Danica Winslow

    I didn’t expect this to work, but I actually really love it. Easy to use. It didn’t hurt initially but it does kind of take off a layer of skin which was quite sensitive for a few days. I like the convenience of it – no water needed, easy for touch ups.

  242. Sandy Lankford

    Did good on removing my hair from my legs definitely would use again

  243. Yasmine Brooks

    Painless, easy to use, really works. I just rub my legs in a circular motion while I’m reading or watching a movie. Isn’t Instant but better than shaving in the shower

  244. Sky Priest

    This product is just as described. I love to use it on larger arms like my legs and arms.

  245. Makenzi Isom

    Easy to use. Love it! Definitely glad I bought it

  246. Amani Wall

    I bought this with some skepticism, but I figured for the price I couldn’t really go wrong. I was very excited to try it out, but I waited until after I had showered and dried off as the instructions suggest. I was very surprised by how effective it is, in some areas I did need to go over the area a few times to remove the hair. As a fair warning, and as I have seen some reviewers state, my skin did seem to appear a bit rashy after using however I simply used a good moisturizer and by the following morning all redness and discomfort had disappeared! I used this at night so it wasn’t even 12hours before the rash like appearance was gone. I have only used it one time, and that was a week ago. I have still not had to use again as the hair is still not grown back. Typically when shaving I need to shave several times a week.

  247. Blake Snowden

    I was targeted by an advert for said product by a much more expensive brand and scoured for a less expensive version and settled on this listing. As dramatic as it may sound this has been life changing! I used three times so far and now I can’t imagine being without it. Shaving now takes just a few minutes and thanks to the exfoliation it provides skin is the smoothest its ever been. I use it on dry skin and then just rinse it and let it air dry and then shower. Just use body lotion after showering as skin will be dry due to the exfoliation. No more razor bumps and cuts! Buying others as backups for travel for sure!

  248. Paula Childress

    This has really helped with exfoliating my legs. It hasn’t got rid of all the hair, but exfoliating, help softening, and helping with the redness my legs has it’s helped quite a bit.

  249. Daniella Schulz

    I hate shaving. This thing works sooo good. I immediately tried it out following delivery. My legs feel silky smooth. Very impressed. So easy to use with great results.

  250. Charisma Mchenry

    This product is easy to use and painless. No more nicks and bleeding from shaving! I recommend this to anyone who is tired of dull and expensive razors!

  251. Ada Cho

    Perfect product. So smooth and very easy to use. I ordered it in pink, so cute.

  252. Laurel Hatton

    Great for my pre teen daughter to use since she isn’t ready for razors. Thank you!

  253. Rylie Dickey

    I keep seeing these on TikTok and thought I’d try. It actually does work…

  254. Citlalli McLean

    This product works great and makes legs very soft.

  255. Cailey Littlejohn

    Pleasantly surprised that it really works!

  256. Elizabeth Berrios

    Super easy to use and quick!

  257. Christa Sizemore

    It literally removed my hair off my leg with no pain I even tested it out on my boyfriends legs and they work and the hair takes FOREVER to grow back I have no strawberry legs or anything I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!!

  258. Diane Zhang

    I’ve dealt with issues of having coarse legs and strawberry skin because I have very dry skin. I’ve used all sorts of exfoliates and lotions, but nothing worked as well as when I tried this fascinating tool! Instantly, my legs felt smoother than ever. I didn’t necessarily use this to take off hair on my legs, but I did notice that it worked somewhat for that too. Be careful that you don’t over exfoliate one section too long because I accidentally did that once and my skin had a reaction. Be gentle and use sparingly and you’ll see results!

  259. Caroline Steward

    I bought this after seeing it advertised on Facebook. I figured it was worth a try as I struggle with shaving – I’m a big woman and have arthritis and it is just a tough job in the bath.

    This product works so well and doesn’t need to be done in the bath – and it worked on places like upper lip and chin and arms too. I will never shave again!

    Buy it. For you, for your family, for your friends.

  260. Tionna Ruth

    I saw so many good reviews and had high hopes but this exceeded my expectations. Simple to use. Did a good job (I need more practice with it to be even better). Had a small amount of “razor burn” but that was due to user error and FAR less than I’d have had with a razor or even with Nair. I have already recommended it to my bestie!

  261. Kaylah Kearney

    Absolutely amazing!! You can get a clean and smooth skin without any pain . I use this twice a week for the past 3 weeks . Never had to shave or wax . Love this product . Bought one for my mother in- law too

  262. Yamile Houston

    This was my first time using a crystal hair remover and I honestly didn’t think it would work! I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use and how smooth my legs feel after using.

  263. Aylin Bolen

    I love this crystal hair eraser. It is fast, easy, and leaves my skin incredibly smooth! I leave one in my gym bag and another in my car for quick touch ups. 5 stars!

  264. Areli Sims

    Great affordable product! Takes a few minutes to get the hang of using the tool efficiently but skin was soft and smooth after use. Make sure to use a circular motion!

  265. Deanna Tyler

    Love the product, easy to use and do the job well. Ill recommend it!

  266. Elsie Tobin

    A bit of a learning curve to figure out how to do it, but once you get it, it works great!

  267. Wendy Quintana

    Great little product that works as advertised. Very versatile, easy and safe to use. Nice alternative to traditional razor blades.

  268. Janelle Waggoner

    I was skeptical but it really works!!

  269. Gabriel Johns

    I love this thing! It does take a few times of use to really get the hang of how to use it properly, but once you do… you will literally have the smoothest and softest skin with NO HAIR! I also noticed that my hair took a little longer to grow back Vs. using a razor. Wet the crystal eraser with warm water, use A little baby oil and circular motions with medium pressure and then it’s bye bye hair and dryness … hello soft skin!

  270. Yulissa Casper

    Several girls I know and trust were recommending this product so I figured I would give it a try. I was very impressed. Going around my knees were a little harder but overall it was so easy and quick. My skin felt SO soft and stayed feeling soft and the hair took longer to grow back than with just a razor. I have shared this product with my friends bc I was so impressed.

  271. Jessi Vargas

    I used this on my legs and it took the hair off just as advertised. I would suggest doing it after showering and then use generous lotion afterwords to avoid itching. So easy to use and leaves skin soft.

  272. Paris Block

    I use this just for my arms and it’s really easy and quick to use. Left my arms very soft and smooth for 2 to 3 weeks.

  273. Dulce Hurd

    It does what it’s meant to do and since I have issues with my dexterity I appreciate that it’s hold.

  274. Anastasia Sandlin

    This works a lot better than I was expecting. Very easy to use and leaves nice soft, smooth legs.

  275. Oriana Reichert

    It works well and exfoliates well, but make sure to be gentle if you have sensitive skin.

  276. Keegan Nesbitt

    I love this little thing. I use it mostly on my lower legs and my chin. I have some very course chin hair that has been a new friend the last few years. I was just plucking them, but I would feel that stubble before it was long enough to grab with the tweezers. That drove me crazy. This little thing makes it smooth and I can use it multiple times a day if I need to. Did I mention that i HATE that stubble feeling….even if nobody else knows it’s there. I also use on my lower legs and it works great. It exfoliates too! It doesn’t work as well on the back of my knees or my upper legs thought, so I still shave there, but I don’t have to shave there as often as the bottom of my legs so I really like having this. I do wonder how long it will work. Seems like it will “dull” over time. But so far, so good!

  277. Sonja Argueta

    I was skeptical, but it actually works! I tried it with both dry skin and wet skin and it worked well each time. I found it neat to move it in a circular motion on my legs. But it works by just moving up and down too. I like that it’s small and easy to hold. Also will be great for traveling.

  278. Lizet Satterfield

    I was skeptical about the product at first but I saw one of the reviews that it works so I bought the product. And as expected, it works and I was very satisfied.

  279. Jesse Vazquez

    I was pretty skeptical at first until I tried it. It took a few passes to realize how it worked best for me but after I figured it out it works wonders!

  280. Kristen Renteria

    Very easy to rub on hair. Removes hair with ease and without pain. It basically rubs hair off with a circular motion. I love it so far!

  281. Flor Olsen

    Easy and safe tool I love it! It really helps if you’re in a rush and need to get a quick shave in!

  282. Kendyl Corbin

    Works better after a warm bath. Dramatic difference with regrowth even, being thinner and softer. I love this product!

  283. Natali Graff

    Great alt to shaving with a razor. Takes a little more time but great alt.

  284. Aliana Porter

    Makes shaving so simple! No more cuts!

  285. Jaylyn Albers

    I was skeptical at first, but wanted to try the product as shaving with a razor creates red bumps.
    A few swirls with this and the hair is gone! No mess, no pain and no red bumps!

  286. Adamaris Mayfield

    This is an amazing product it totally works it’s totally worth it you can always wash it and we use it it’s really reusable I don’t know for how long but you can keep on using it over and over again. It works for all over your body not just your legs. Honestly your can be hairless in less than 5mins. The only downside is the rough surface is where you rub it on your body the rubbing is kinda hard because if you got more hair on your body then you have to rub a little harder and I think that sucks could leave you skin red. Other than that it’s amazing I love it I even brought another one to see which ones better.

  287. Reece Seay

    For the price, you can’t beat it, and it looks just like the photos. I decided to push the envelope and try it on my underarms and bikini area even though it says not to use it in sensitive spots and … well they were right. Just use it on your legs. I used it in the tub, which makes it easy to wash off. Don’t push too hard, especially not at first. I got excited seeing the hair come off and went to town on my arms and scraped them up. It says use every two weeks, I use once a week on the weekends when I have extra time. It’s nice because during the week, I’m usually rushed in the shower and always miss stuff and it does take a while for the hair to grow back.

  288. Alivia Quiroz

    I completed laser hair removal a few months ago but still have some slight peach fuzz on my legs. This product worked perfect for what I needed it to do! My legs are smooth and very soft!! Also works on heel calluses!!!

  289. Kaley Inman

    This worked super well and my legs were very soft after using. Also would be great for on the go in your purse/car for when you may notice little spots you missed with any hair removal method. Will be repurchasing.

  290. Chandler Aldridge

    I purchased this after reading several reviews. It’s easy to use and works pretty good. It’s a little hard to do areas like the knees and elbows. Also, MAKE SURE TO USE Moisturizer afterwards.

  291. Melisa Welker

    This was easy to use & I’m impressed w/ the results. My skin feels great, the hair is growing back & is much softer than it is when I shave w/ a razor.

  292. Alora Rand

    I like that it can be used on the spot, in a hurry and on the go with no mess too! Definitely a good tool to have in the arsenal!

  293. Corrine Corey

    I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this is to use and how well it works. My legs are smoother than ever!

  294. Rayne Mallory

    This shockingly works really well! I wasn’t expecting much but it works really well and now it is my go to!

  295. Ebony Moreland

    Super easy to use! And much smoother than a razor! My skin also feels more moisturized and longer time between shaves.

  296. Bryn Cosby

    I really like this hair remover, just be careful to not drop it on hard surfaces!

  297. Lucero Masterson

    Love this product. Compact and works great

  298. Marjorie Wray

    Se ofreció como regalo y mi esposa le facino, más por el tema ecológico, a Dios a las cuchillas.

  299. Carlie Lira

    This product arrived on time and was easy to use. You just rub in a circular motion on the skin and it exfoliates and removes hair pain free.

  300. Karolina Kimmel

    It actually works. I found it best to use on dry skin versus any moisture. It exfoliates too and leaves my legs super smooth

  301. Tasia Hartley

    Works great when you’re in a hurry! Love it!

  302. Ciarra Fanning

    I don’t usually do reviews but….this is a game changer!!
    I have PCOS, fellow cysters follow along here.
    I have tried so many things to rid myself of growing a beard that could challenge any flannel wearing, winter wood chopping woodsman’s! Obviously to say it’s humiliating would be an understatement. Forgoing laser (which isn’t permanent) or electrolysis (which is expensive and time consuming), I settled on using a product called smooth away. It’s done the job for many years but then I stumbled upon this little number and…WOW! I know the instructions say not to use it on your face but after years of trying so many other things (you guys know what we’ve done to our faces to try to get rid of the hair), I did it anyway and I’m SO glad I did. This took just a few minutes to feel clean, hair free skin!! Probably the smoothest skin I’ve had in years. I had no irritation. I didn’t have to use a razor at all. It was quick and easy. I don’t know how this works but I’m never going back to the other product and I am buying 2 more of these! I highly recommend.

  303. Quinn Newcomb

    I’ll have to try to upload a video that shows how fast and effective this is. I LOVE this thing! I never shaved or waxed my arms before, but of course as soon as I took this out of the package, I tried it on some leg stubble and then on my arm hair out of curiosity. That was 2 weeks ago and I think I’m converted to having hairless arms now. On full-length arm hair, it took a little while to remove, but it’s super quick to remove stubble for touch ups every ~4 days or so. I have a lot of arm hair for a girl, so that could be why it took a few more circular light “scrubs” than I was expecting. Oh, and I didn’t like using it while wet. I use it while dry and on dry skin and haven’t had issues, but I overdid it when I tried it wet and left my skin raw. Oops. Learning curve. I highly recommend this, especially for arms!!

  304. Alecia Meeks

    Love this new device! I’ve always used razors in the past, but will be using this from now on! My skin is so smooth. It took a minute to figure out how to use it, but IT WORKS! Bonus: great exfoliation.

  305. Brionna Grayson

    i got this knowing it was a dupe from the Hairo Brand. little did i know this would change my life! I have course hair and this product has got my legs smoother than ever before! BUY BUY BUY

  306. Infant McNeil

    I truly thought this whole product was a scam, but I was proven wrong. It is not painful; however, you should follow the directions implicitly. I started on my arms and there is no hair regrowth after a week!

  307. Nikole Cone

    Used it on my legs, not only did it exfoliate my skin but it also removed the hair as advertised. I’m lazy and hate shaving my legs so I’ll definitely be using this from now on.

  308. Gretchen Ebert

    Absolutely best hair remover… But there are a few tricks. I used to use a similar product, but it was very poorly made. It had a plastic handle and used sandpaper to remove the hair. One of those “Seen on TV” things that no longer exist, but I liked the concept very much. When I saw this I knew I had to give it a shot.
    Tip #1… Use on dry legs, and don’t pull the skin taught. It may seem backwards, but keeping your legs relaxed and using a soft circular motion makes all the difference.
    I also tried it on my chin using very very circular motions, so we’ll see how that goes.
    All and all this is an excellent product. 👍

  309. Keanna Manzo

    If you need to shave quickly, this works great! Love it!

  310. Sally Ransom

    I bought this item thinking that it was another of those products that everyone hears is great, but when you get it, it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. I was pleasantly surprised that this is not the case with this product. I have had this for a little over 2 weeks now, and have not used a razor on my legs since. It’s amazing.

  311. Mikayla Kern

    I’m fascinated. At first, I thought it was going to hurt my skin or hurt while using it but NOT AT ALL. It gets rid of your hairs and doubles as an exfoliator. I decided to use it on my face, and it did so well and within 3 days I saw how the dead skin came off. It’s just amazing.

  312. Giana Dayton

    This product has left my skin feeling so incredibly soft! Have a good lotion to apply afterwards and make sure not to use it in one spot for too long. After the learning curve though, this thing is amazing!

  313. Sahara Ferrara

    I hate shaving, this was surprisingly easy to use, definitely follow the instructions for easier use. Best for legs, alright for armpits, not for sensitive areas

  314. Louise Luke

    Where has this been since I started shaving (nicking my legs). Even at my age worth every penny.

  315. Callie Pedraza

    I was very surprised when this came and actually worked! Very useful. Will be getting more for gifts.

  316. Treasure Sell

    This worked great and removed all the hair! I was shocked! Great product!

  317. Andrea Winchester

    Works just like it says. Very happy with it!

  318. Noor Monahan

    This actually worked! No pain.

  319. Alissa Craft

    I have never written an review and I buy a ton from . I saw this pop up on TikTok and I am a sucker so I bought it. I normally use the Venus Breeze razors that cost a small fortune. The first time I used this, I think I applied a little too much pressure. There was dry skin flying everywhere and my legs were super smooth, but next day my legs were a little sore, almost like a sunburn feeling. The directions say use one a week or ever other week. That simply won’t work for me bc my hair grows back fast. This device is no different than a razor. It buffs off hair at the skin surface, not the root. I have been using it every day and applying very gentle pressure in circular motions. I use this sitting in bed with a towel and it takes about a minute per leg. I think it is superior to a razor bc razors are expensive ( this apparently lasts 5 years), it exfoliates, and it is fast. I apply cerave cream when I am done. I keep reading articles and reviews that this doesn’t work and it’s a scam but I completely disagree. I am always shocked when I buy something that actually works so I wanted to give my honest review!

  320. Kenya Whitley

    I saw this or something similar on FB so I decided to buy one on to try it out, not really expecting it to work very well. But it actually does work. I have now ordered a few more to give my girlfriends at Christmas. What I love most about it is that you can use it dry, spur of the moment. It doesn’t require a long prep process like shaving or using a cream. I won’t be using it on my upper lip or anything because it is mildly abrasive and the skin on my face is too sensitive, but it works just fine on my legs and even the hair on top of my toes. (Hey, we’ve all got it, right? Let’s not pretend like we don’t all have toe hair.)

  321. Alyssia Harlan

    I have learned to us some kind of soap (a small amount) I tried it in dry skin and it rubbed my skin raw, but then I used soap and I have had amazing results! I love this product and will continue to use it!

  322. Gladys Deluca

    Easy to use. I still prefer to shave my legs, but this product works great when you don’t have time, you’re in a rush and want to get a quick “shave.”.

  323. Triniti Hardman

    This has changed my grooming game! So easy to use and yet so effective at removing hair all while providing an exfoliating experience for your body.

  324. Annalisa Maher

    So simple to use, and leaves skin so silky smooth

  325. Norma Dill

    I am amazed how well this works. I have used it on my legs my arms…even my face. It’s so easy to clean comes in a little pouch great for travel I highly recommend this product! I think it would be a great stocking stuffer to!

  326. Kaela Brunner

    Simple and effective. This is very simple to use and I use it on my arms with a good result. As other people have stated you don’t want to press too hard. Just keep going and gentle circular motions and the hair will be gone and you will have some slight exfoliation.

  327. Amaiya Stearns

    Wow, uh this does work, let me start by saying it exfoliated everything off me, I didn’t even realize my skin had so many dead layers…..

    I found that personally this works best if you regularly rinse the tool, ( it’s a glass surface aka extremely refined sandpaper so it collects your sdead skin cells)

    that means your the area should also be damp/ish Small circles worked to remove hair, um I have finer/light hair on my thighs and up. My lower legs worked easily(but still needed some moisture in areas to get everything.

    I did make the mistake of being fascinated by what was being removed and overly exfoliated(my fault). It’s recommended use is once every 2-3 weeks. And to take a warm soak/shower beforehand. I agree with both those directions after having not done them…

    I will reorder this, but be more cautious of how I use it. I am curios to see if my hair ends up thining over time from the the friction.

    I did find this also took longer for me the first 2 times I used this then the recommended time, but I found that worth it seeing how smooth my legs came out in the end.

  328. Jamie Victor

    I was very sceptical to buy this product. I thought I would be another hoax. But trust me it works! It does what it says it will do. But how do you do that?

    1. Wax or shave your legs/hands and leave one or two weeks for the hair to grow a little outside the skin (not sure if it works on fully brown hair as I have not tried)
    2. Wash your legs/hands and apply body wash or soap
    3. Scrub the crystal slowly on section by section. Do not use your force. You ll end up with rashes. Takes time but worth it.
    4. Once all sections are covered, wash your legs/hands and immediately apply moisturiser as the skin has just been exfoliated and if left dry it will cause zits and rashes

    Painless and efficient! Happy erasing!

  329. Rhianna Hartmann

    While this product did not work for me (sensitive skin), their customer service and was quick, friendly, and easy to work with.

  330. Mikala Hu

    I bought this for my daughter because we both have the “strawberry legs” issue where, after shaving, our skin is still rough and bumpy. I couldn’t be happier with the ease and efficacy of this product. I plan to get one for all the ladies in my family!

  331. Justina Fortune

    Happily surprised this thing actually works. I have fine hair and can do both legs in 5 mins. I imagine that it wouldn’t be as convenient for people with thick hair. I used very little pressure and had no trouble at all.

  332. Xochitl Swafford

    This product worked great for me, I was really amazed. I seldom shave because my leg hair grows in all different directions so this was much easier for me to use than shaving. I would only recommend using on your legs.

  333. Olivia Peterman

    I’ve only used mine once, but I was impressed. Feels nice in your hand, gets the job done and left my legs feeling smooth like butter. My only tip would be not to rub too rough.

  334. Julissa Mota

    Perfect for arms and legs! Worked amazing and super convenient!

  335. Citlalli Hatfield

    I never leave reviews, but I had to! Where has this been my whole life?? So much easier than shaving. Not painful like waxing. I haven’t been using it long enough to see the hair shrink in size, but am hopeful that the other reviews are right on that! Do it! Buy it!

  336. Shae Blake

    Really easy to use and removes hair with ease. You’re not supposed to, but I tried it on my face and it worked great there too. No problems with irritation, just make sure you wet it first and use a light touch :).

  337. Jeanette Hinds

    I don’t know how it works but it does! Makes my legs smooth without shaving!!

  338. Ayleen Dupree

    Works on feet and hand before applying tape. Works great

  339. Tanner Pickens

    Easy to use and works well. Easy to clean and besides removing the hair you get a great exfoliation too.

  340. Kirstyn Schoen

    I saw something like this on FB for like $40 and although the reviews on FB looked good, I couldn’t justify $40. I found this one and used it as soon as I got it. It works! It works best on more coarse hair as opposed to fine. The hair grows the same as it does when you shave, but this is sooo much easier for me. No cuts! Don’t rub it on your clothes tho, cuz it will shred them.

  341. Britany Rushing

    I don’t have much hair on my legs so I don’t shave very often. This tool is so easy for me to use and I don’t have to jump in the shower just to shave my legs.

  342. Kristian Burrell

    This was such a great invention!!!

  343. Elsie Thrasher

    Makes the skin softer along with removing hair.

  344. Heaven Childs

    Moisturize ! That’s the best advice I can give you. This thing works amazing but If you have somewhat sensitive skin (I have keratosis Pilaris), I moisturize after. And make sure my skin does. It dry out throughout the day. I live in a very warm climate so I’m constantly moisturizing anyway so it’s no bother to me for the added benefit of this product !

  345. Kayli Goss

    This product is great for if you forget to shave in the shower, or miss spots (we all know that the knee/ankle areas can be hard to get). It is completely painfree & exfoliates, as well! Love it!

  346. Makenzi Fleck

    I was actually very skeptical, but it actually works!

  347. Adelaide Paulsen

    Great product

  348. Rosemary Blake

    This thing is MAGIC! Not only did it remove all of the hair but it also exfoliated & made me feel so nice & smooth! Only thing is I feel like after one use that it has already become a little too dull. Like how am I supposed to know when to replace it ? Idk. But it’s cool!

  349. Dulce Rankin

    I love it 🥰

  350. Jazmyn Mullis

    Helps with strawberry legs.

  351. Aleena Devore

    I was very skeptical at first but thought it doesn’t cost a lot so I’d try it out. I was pleasantly surprised! It is so easy to use! There is no dealing with razor burn from a razor or dealing with shaving cream. You simply do as instructed and move it over the area that you would like to remove the hair in a circular motion and voila… the hair is gone and your skin is super smooth.

  352. Doris Holcomb

    My legs are super prone to ingrown hairs, and shaving multiple times in a week irritates the skin, so I was looking for an alternative. This product is awesome! It exfoliates as it removes the hair and is all around awesome. Plus there’s no shaving cream or having to get in the tub or shower if you don’t want too. It is possible to over exfoliate, so use cautiously the first time!

  353. Makenna McGregor

    This is a very good exfoliator. I don’t have very think hair so I’m not sure how it will work for that but it definitely left my arms and legs feeling extremely soft. I definitely used it carefully because I could tell that being too aggressive would not be a good idea.

  354. Kelsey Prado

    Works great on my legs. Removes stubble and exfoliates. Be very careful not to go over the area too much as it will rub off quite a bit of skin if you’re not careful. Would not recommend for face or bikini area.

  355. Evelin McCormick

    Purchased this as a I’ll believe it when I try it andddddd it works. It really works! I hate shaving because I always cut myself. Im so excited that I won’t being cutting myself anymore!

  356. Adela Otto

    So I didn’t think this thing would really work. But, it does. Works best when wet. Worked well on legs. Showed my boyfriend it worked on his hand hair. Lol. Tried it on his head… worked… but too much work to get any results with that. But yeah. Super pleased with the removal of my leg hair.

  357. Eliza McElroy

    I used this for my arms and legs. I love this because it was painless and left my legs and arms smooth.

  358. Gina Flores

    I am not one for writing reviews. No they didn’t pay me for saying this. TRUE HONEST review. I was so skeptical of this project. I couldn’t believe my eyes it actually WORKS! Some spots took me longer to remove the hair. Sometimes I don’t have time to shave my legs in the shower. I’m going to use it as my nightly routine.

  359. Ayanna Butler

    I got this item for my daughter who was wanting to try t shave her legs for the first time, but I was still a little unsure about her using her razor. It was very simple for her to use and worked great! Her legs were very smooth afterward. We are now both using it!!!!! Would highly recommend

  360. Reanna Blanton

    This is the best product I’ve ever used for shaving my legs. Totally exfoliates, gets the hair off, smooth as silk after, never have ingrown hairs or bumps. No cuts or pain. My rough skin around my knees and thighs is smoothed. I absolutely love it!!!

  361. Valencia Knott

    Product was everything I hoped for! Love how easy it is and how smooth my legs are after using! Definitely worth every penny.

  362. Jailene Mora

    Very easy to use on the go. Be care ful not to run to fast will create friction burn but awesome product takes dead skin off leaves legs feel super smooth.

  363. Jessenia Brink

    I wanted to try a different hair remover for my legs other than a razer. I do not like dipilatory creams because of the chemicals. This remover actually works!!! I followed the directions, not using on dry skin, and my hair came off! And it stayed smoother longer than with a razer!!! I am very happy about this!!

  364. Mayra Wilder

    My legs are so smooth now! A little harder to use around the knee, but my legs were so smooth after using! My shave also lasted way longer. I’ve only used it once so far, but loved the results! The only thing I think they could improve on is the grip. The shiny material so slippery and I dropped it about 12 times in the shower. Going to add some grip strips or something to it

  365. Lilia Russ

    Men always complain who painful hair removal is, this time they were willing to try… they even tried to figure out how it works…. Smooth easy and painless. Perfect

  366. Alysia Dickinson

    It made my legs so smooth and I can travel with it I have recommended it to my whole family. Everyone has ordered one.

  367. Eva McCurdy

    It works well just remember to use light touch, rinse or shower after than moisturizer

  368. Leah Montalvo

    When “rub” hair removal first came out, I jumped onboard. It was that pink sand paper looking thing on TV non stop that didn’t work at all! Years later and this product comes out, so ofc I am skeptical. After debating for a few days, I finally ordered it. I hadnt shaved in … well a long time 🤣 this is easily took off all the hair within minutes! The hair also stayed off much longer!

  369. Shawna Bellamy

    I was skeptical about the Crystal hair eraser. But it really works! Besides, it left my skin smooth. I used 5 days ago and my legs are still with a silky texture. I’m super happy with it! Glad I decided to give it a try.

  370. Rhiannon Parsons

    This product is amazing! Easy to use and really works! It does say to wet the skin but I felt it didn’t work unless it was dry. Then put lotion in after and it’s great! Very easy to use for a new shaver as well.:)

  371. Leigha McKnight

    Its so good product . I like it lot. Easy to use and soft ur skin.

  372. Libby Whitmore

    It works like magic. Bought some for my daughters too!

  373. Eleni Arnold

    It takes off all dead skin and hair!

  374. Dayna Saylor

    This is an amazing product! You never know what you’ll get with products that promise this or that, but this is a product that works. It’s definitely easy to use. I got it as a gift for my sister-in-law and my mom and I will be ordering several! Works on hair (even on your face!), works on FEET, I can’t wait to get mine! Plus, the cost is SO cheap! Cheaper than nice razors and works way better! No sharp objects if you have toddlers. If you’re debating, just order it! You will be happy you did!

  375. Kalli Nunes

    Let me start by saying I have sensitive skin, so it didn’t fair well for me. At the same time it works and works pretty well. Better on spots that aren’t necessarily too curved or angled. It’s a 2 for 1 deal. It’s good for exfoliating skin on the feet and other body parts as well as hair removal. I won’t use it to remove hair again but I will definitely use it on my feet. If your skin can handle it I would recommend it. Just be mindful it may lead to ingrown hairs so be sure to treat your skin adequately after and during any hair growth periods.

  376. Lilia Welsh

    I’ve been looking for a product like this to come out for a very long time. I’ve been wondering why no one’s developed an effective product using this material, as I discovered a few years or so ago that it’s the only thing that works. I discovered the Ecotools recycled glass pumice stone (I use on wet skin of course) for the same purpose, and it unlike other pumice stones or leg buffing products, was the only thing that actually removed the hair and smoothed without damaging my skin or being forced to apply excessive pressure. Finally, thank you!!!!! Love it!!! And love that I now have a dry alternative that’s truly effective!

  377. Kaitlynn Sturgeon

    please dont try this with long hair unless you want to feel a burning pain. this product works great with shorter hair or maintaining a clean shaven look. its painless and fast, i like to put on a podcast or long video while using this to pass the time. really happy with it 🙂

  378. Marina Villa

    I was surprised, but this actually works!

  379. Reese Patten

    Great product! Leaves ash on your skin after but it’s better than getting razor bumps/ cuts. Doesn’t hurt at all and you don’t need any shaving cream or lotion

  380. Susan Maldonado

    Love this little hair remover. It works great and leaves my legs smooth for days. Be cautious using it anywhere else, as it might make your skin a little sensitive, as the instructions included also recommends it as well. It’s really nice not needing shave cream and no cuts!

  381. Catalina Romero

    Loved this thing. I absolutely hate shaving so after seeing a bunch of adds. I finally gave in and tried it. Was alittle worried about it hurting but I had no pain whatsoever. I’ve used it twice now and it worked beautifully both times.

  382. Ariella Vue

    Bought the crystal hair eraser to try as an alternative to shaving my legs. It worked. I had extra smooth legs in a few minutes! Would recommend.

  383. Kelsie Henriquez

    this has made shaving super easy and saves me a lot on razors!!

  384. Adriana Grover

    obsessed with this, will never be shaving my
    legs again!

  385. Notnamed Cox

    This crystal hair removal works fast. Just lotion up skin real good when finished using

  386. Sarai Eckert

    Returned item. Will probably work very well for others, but not for me, since my skin is so sensitive, from Chemo.

  387. Cassie Easter

    Great for traveling or on the go! Love this product! Make sure to use lotion or some type of moisturizer following use.

  388. Shivani Mcalister

    Works as advertised

  389. Lacie Busby

    It works

  390. Mira Meadows

    You need to used lotion after used!

  391. Destany Pickett

    I bought this to exfoliate my legs because they seemed to be bumpy and aggravated when I’d wax or epilate them. This has definitely helped. When I use it my legs initially feel smooth but very shortly after they are prickly, which is fine since I didn’t buy it for hair removal. I don’t push hard and rub it all over my lower legs. They may sting slightly afterward, but I haven’t experienced a lot of irritation or unpleasantness. My legs are smoother when I use it in conjunction with my normal hair removal routine. I’m a fan!

  392. Kiara Hill

    This tool is very easy to use and effective. The results don’t last very long but I think you’re supposed to use it every 2 weeks.

  393. Tanner Agee

    I love it. It is easy to use, for traveling and also easy to clean.

  394. Lucero Velez

    Easy to use, does what it’s supposed to!

  395. Paige Le

    Love this hair eraser! Painless and easy to use!

  396. Zainab Cannon

    Me encanto y muy fácil de usar

  397. Bayley Sowell

    I wasn’t really skeptical at all as this product has many reviews all saying the same thing. But I was seriously impressed by this. Did give me a bit of a razor burn like feeling in a couple spots, but maybe I just rubbed on those spots a bit too much. So much easier than shaving.

  398. Esther Medeiros

    Easy to use and great value

  399. Krista Luciano

    I have premature ovarian failure so I have symptoms of menopause. This really helps even with my fine thin straight blonde hairs! IT’s effective but be sure to moisturize after and used best in the shower. I have a very bad dented ankle scar making shaving hard. This gets right in over the scar tissue. I also don’t have to worry about cuts most important! Highly recommend.

  400. Georgia Keene

    Perfect for leg hair and peach fuzz on other parts of body. Skin can be sensitive afterwards. Don’t sweat/workout immediately after. I learned this the hard way and got a rash, but it was just irritation and was gone the next day.

  401. Mykala Handy

    Kind of works, also takes forever and feels like sandpaper. I do think the hair it removes takes longer to grow back than hair removed from shaving. They do sometimes offer incentives for five star reviews, so be wary of that.

  402. Jacquelin Keel

    Absolutely love it! I will not be going back to razors for my arms or legs ever!!

  403. Valery Mays

    Love that this product is painless and quick. Use it while watching TV.

  404. Marlena Volk

    I was skeptical about this product but after purchasing one of them, I promptly ordered 2 more so I could have a back-up one and I could gift one to my mother.

    This leaves my skin silky smooth as it seems to exfoliate whilst it removed the hair and stubble from outgrowth. Great for use on both my face and bikini area (another reason it’s nice to have more than one). I highly recommend this product for smooth skin and easy hair removal.

  405. Lilliana Newby

    So excited to finally get it that I tried immediately on my legs, and WOW it worked! I have not been waxing my leg for months and I really have grown hair bit this product solved my dilemma. I wash my legs prior and use lotion after as instructed and now I have smooth skin. Will reorder a different color, I had pink, and will have my friends try..

  406. Odalys Irvine

    Great product and much easier for my wallet fe to use other than a razor. The razor was causing irritation on her legs so I bought her this to shave with. We already have seen improvements. Leaves her skin smooth and soft. It’s perfect for traveling. Very easy to use.

  407. Rayna Wesley

    I’ve been using an epilator for years, but was noticing more ingrown hairs the past couple of years. I decided to give this crystal eraser a try. It works! I’ve been using it for about a month now. It’s simple & easy to use, and no more ingrown hairs!

  408. Adelaide Hussain

    I hate prickly legs. This is great no ingrown hair no strawberry legs. I use it about every other day no rashes. Faster then shaving. Just always use lotion after especially in dry winter weather.

  409. Aaliyah Britton

    I’ve been using this for only a few weeks and it’s already made a difference! I’m not even shaving anymore and I had to shave literally every two days. Now my legs are smooth and awesome!

  410. Karla Beasley

    This product made my legs super smooth! It worked best for me personally on dry legs with lots of moisturizing afterwards. It left my legs so much smoother than traditional shaving.

  411. Baylie Willett

    This thing works like magic. It exfoliates AND gets rid of the hair with no pain at all. No need to push hard. Bought a second for my daughter.

  412. Jaylene Bates

    It really works. I will buy an extra for my travel bag. Everyone I know is getting one for Christmas!

  413. Kira Hoff

    Absolutely love this product for my arms and legs

  414. Bella Gantt

    Easy to use and good for sensitive skin.

  415. Santana Bruner

    Really easy and effective

  416. Laura Culbertson

    Easy to use!

  417. Julissa Benavides

    Works great

  418. Kaylea Henriquez

    So I was hopeful after seeing some of the videos, but I’m always hesitant. It was definitely effective!

    Pros: so easy! No razor/shaving cream, needing to balance in shower. Or having to wait ages to see if an laser product works. One item, easy to store/travel with. Have clean prepped skin and just rub and watch it go away. You do need to lotion after since it’s exfoliating.

    Cons: Wish I could do more often lol but that’s bc I loved it so much. Would def listen to instructions if giving it a week rest between uses. It is exfoliating your skin so just like with your face you would t want to rub it too often or you’ll weaken the skin.

    My experience: I hadn’t shaved my legs in a while, so was ready to test it’s limits, my leg hair was easily 1/4+ in long and my hair is medium-fine…. The hair was coming down right off. Was doing circular motions, not too hard as the instructions mentioned. Had a lot of dead skin come off as well and my legs were so nice and soft and ready for lotion after. Legs felt great. My hair is growing back a little slower and is softer the. What it would be if I shaved. Def want to keep trying and see if this can help prevent my ingrowns.

  419. Chelsie Shelton

    This hair eraser really works, I saw an ad on Facebook for a more expensive one and figured I’d check before purchasing and I’m glad I did. This one is alot more affordable and works, I’d imagine the same. You have to go over it in different directions and more than once but once you get the hang of it it’s actually pretty cool, I use this then follow with my laser hair removal device and my leg hairs are growing more sparse and thin. Even though this is advertised as exfoliating and hair removal I recommend you exfoliate with a scrub first if you’re prone to razor bumps because like traditional razors when I didn’t exfoliate first with this I got that dreadful irritation.

  420. Ashlee Spicer

    It’s great for do a quick “sand down” lol I like this item for emergency use and I did not have any irritation after I used it.

  421. Jacinda Ayers

    I bought this after seeing videos and reviews, thought it was worth a try! I was not expecting much tbh. My leg/arm hair is very blonde so permanent hair removal is not ever going to work; I’m also tired of cuts on my bones parts so I really have nothing to loose! I followed the directions and tried it out after a warm shower and WOW! It totally worked! I’m not sure what this is made of, almost like a very, very fine grit sandpaper (not in a painful way). My legs got a great exfoliation and are silky smooth. Will tell my friends and continue to use! No more cuts – hooray!

  422. Kylie Mangum

    This works great! I am very impressed. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try and sure enough the hair was removed! I also did not have any strawberry legs, or cuts from a razor. I’ve only used it twice so I’m hoping to get a lot of uses out of it. I’ve recommended it to a few people. I’d 100% recommend buying.

  423. Alice Lund

    Really works left my legs feeling smooth and it was painless to use and easy to clean just rinse with water . Love it will gift this to my girlfriends

  424. Kaylie Maher

    I love how smooth this makes my skin feel. It doesn’t stop hair from growing. If you follow the easy directions, you will really like it. Great idea for trips!

  425. Keila Heck

    Loved it! Super quick and easy to use. I’ve been looking for a quick hair removing product that is simple to use, and this is it!!!

  426. Ruth Finnegan

    Removes thin hair and dead skin pretty well. Just make sure to rub gently to avoid irritation.

  427. Clara Thai

    Easy to use, can take it on the go it’s safe no blades

  428. Sarah Falcon

    I used on my legs and absolutely love it! So much nicer than shaving!

  429. Ariel Greenlee

    It is easy to use and exfoliates as removing hair.

  430. Kerrigan Epstein

    Love this product it actually works!

  431. Elisa Goode

    I have always had problems with my skin and shaving my legs has given me what seems like permanent strawberry skin. With just the first use, my skin felt softer and highly exfoliated! I absolutely am grateful for this product. I feel motivated to keep my legs soft and hair free even through these cold winter months! I highly recommend!

  432. Jaime Cheung

    This is perfect in my camper when my legs get a little hairy! A quick touch up and I am ready to go! I needed this in my life for a long time! Love it!

  433. Cheyenne Hedrick

    This little thing really works! It is great for on the go and will definitely be handy for travel and in the summer for “dry” shaving! I think they are going in everyone’s Christmas stockings this year!

  434. Arely Trout

    I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is but it works! I’m still shocked

  435. Kenna Sheldon

    Works well to remove body hair and leaves skin feeling nice and smooth.

  436. Kasandra Drury

    Be gentle. Follow directions. All goes well! Works well!

  437. Terra Roush

    but can burn behind the knees

  438. Nancy Stoltzfus

    Easy and works Great

  439. Shayna Bowers

    Awesome product really works!

  440. Jamia Covey

    Great for on the go

  441. Annika Fortner

    Customer service promptly reached out to me about my dissatisfaction. They were super kind and helpful. It ended up being a positive experience overall for me.

    I used this product on one leg and a traditional razor on the other to test what I actually preferred more. This took 4x as long to get all the hair off and left my skin feeling rubbed raw/red once all was said and done. On the flip side, my leg hair grew back much slower on the leg that I used it on. Ultimately, my time is more important to me so I am opting to use the traditional razor. This now just sits in a drawer. It was worth trying but a waste of my money in the long term. Would not recommend-

  442. Ambria Lozano

    It’s perfect for getting rid of strawberry legs. No water or soap necessary, just rub it on the area you want to be hair free and it leaves the skin super nice and smooth with no irritation. 🙂 I’m really very happy with it!

  443. Hanna Ramon

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product worked to remove hair from my legs! it was also able to exfoliate them, leaving them quite soft.

  444. Allyssa Zimmerman

    This is so easy to use and leaves no trace of stubble!!! Must apply lotion afterward, but I love it!! Bought a second one for my daughter!!

  445. Aysha Marr

    It took a couple try’s to figure out how to use it, but once I did it’s amazing. Silky smooth legs!!!

  446. Jana Purvis

    This product is good to get those fine hairs. She mostly uses them for her legs. No issues so far.

  447. Jaliyah Saavedra

    Cool product, my wife was skeptical at first, but loves it now.

  448. Arely Penny

    I think this is a magic crystal. I don’t know how it works but it does. You just rub and your hair is gone. Totally painless AND exfoliates your skin. I’m going to buy these for all my girlfriends for Christmas. Highly recommend.

  449. Tierney Patterson

    Worked perfect for me and left me feeling so soft. Definitely took longer than shaving but I can do it on my living room floor watching tv so it was worth it 🙂

  450. Chastity Layton

    Designed well, great colors! Worked on fine hair, however, my hair is rather course.

  451. Chynna Field

    It’s a great product that actually works!

  452. Fiona Harter

    This was really easy to use and works well on hair that has grown in up to about 1/4 inch in length. Anything longer and it does not remove hair as well. It also is hard to use around the knee and other boney areas. It did leave my skin feeling a bit dry, and I cannot moisturize immediately after removal because of skin sensitivities, so I was a bit itchy until I was able to moisturize.

  453. Citlalli Carrillo

    Such an easy painless product. I was skeptical but after using it a few times, it’s honestly awesome. Even for someone with a forest as soon as it’s taken off it’s super easy.

  454. Imani Swafford

    I despise shaving. I never get a close shave and always have stubble. Tried this on a whim and was pleasantly surprised how well it works. I use it in the shower – does take a little longer until you get the hang of it. Leaves my legs smooth but you MUST put lotion on skin after you used it. I have had no issues with irritation because I moisturize immediately after. I only have used it on my legs but have been happy with the purchase and will not go back to shaving. Also easy to clean and packs for travel.

  455. Raquel Robb

    I recommend using it once a day or once every other day. You’ll have the urge to really get in there on your legs and exfoliate all at once but I ended up giving myself a bit of essentially razor burn that way. Just use it gently once a day or every other day and let it do its thing! Depending on your leg shape, you may be like me and it wont work on your knees or ankles but that’s ok

  456. Nikita Dell

    I purchased for my pre-teen daughter to shave her legs. She’s always afraid she will cut herself with a regular razor. This was the perfect solution!

  457. Madelyn Hoover

    I love how quick it is to use this. Definitely takes the hair off.

  458. Trisha Burris

    I was surprised how well it actually worked!

  459. Madeleine Cherry

    It really does work!

  460. Zoie Francois

    This product worked great for removing hair on my legs, but was rough on the skin and seemed to cause irritation to the skin itself. Didn’t have much luck for my underarms and found shaving much more efficient and better results.

  461. Shamya Rasmussen

    Actually really love this hair eraser and have used it most every other day in the shower. I have had issues with super dry and itchy skin on my thigh area of my legs and I’m not sure why it’s only in one particular area. It’s been uncomfortable and ugly as well. Well I used this eraser in that area mostly to remove the dry skin not really caring about the hair and it worked amazingly well! This area which has been so awful for many years is now smooth and soft and itcy’s are gone! I am so glad I made this purchase thinking out of the box and it worked for me. By the way it does remarkably remove hair as well.

  462. Zahra Held

    I saw the hair eraser via Instagram ad and honestly thought it was a scam. I came to to see if I could find it and lo and behold, it was here (probably not the same brand). I took a chance and ordered one. I was ready for it to do nothing, but to my shock, IT WORKED! It was so easy to use and barely took any rubbing to “erase” the hairs! I immediately ordered a few more to give as gifts!

    It’s perfect to keep in the car for those days you forget to shave, hahaha!

  463. Mercy Rowell

    I bought this because I real hate shaving. I was very skeptical but I am delighted to say it actual works. I only used it once so far. No pain and it removed all the hair from my legs.

  464. Robyn Serna

    It is small and easy to use. Removed the hair and left skin soft.

  465. Adela Fredrickson

    Just started using product. It’s definitely a learning curve but beats shaving!!

  466. Martha Shuman

    Device came as described.

  467. Magaly McCormick

    Easy to use.

  468. Lizeth Trejo

    Super easy to use! Buy it!

  469. Savana Nicholas

    Works great! I might not switch from my regular razor, but I love it for my daughter who is just starting to shave.. no worries about cutting herself!

  470. Lizette Wenzel

    This is awesome for not having to shave in the shower, especially for lazy people like me. I did have some sensitivity to this after the first use.

  471. Tatyana Sells

    This product is simple but amazing
    It took leg hair off easily and simply with just a light rubbing motion.
    Easy to use
    Nothing to not like

  472. Mikaila Trinh

    I was very hesitant on this but it really works and makes your legs super smooth!!

  473. Catrina Solis

    Great product for the price

  474. Kalli Showalter

    Works just as described.

  475. Arleth Mcmillen

    Takes a while to use but exfoliates your skin very nicely. Dead skin also comes off

  476. Casey Garnett

    I don’t understand the comments that says it “doesn’t works”? It literally works! Only used on legs and they were stubbles I was nervous at first thinking I would have to grow out leg hair to use .. but NOPE! And talk about SOFT!!! Leaves my leggies super smooth! It says only to use every 2-3 weeks which ima look more into cuz that means I’ll have to shave in between them. But can’t beat this !

  477. Makaila Carey

    This little egg did an incredible job with ease. Don’t have to go nuts. Rub gently. I have one area on my leg that was always bumpy. No more. It’s smooth. Love this magic tool. By razors.

  478. Tionne Frye

    Works just like it says. Exfoliates and removes hair. I’ll have to get another one because my 13 year old stole mine. 🙂

  479. Tatum Schofield

    Smoothest shave I’ve ever had. Exfoliated as it went too.

  480. Marie Worthington

    Works well, but probably best for not very thick hair. It does take some time but you aren’t stuck in the shower and it isn’t painful, so a good option

  481. Abigayle Dubois

    I bought this as a gift for my daughter. It seems well made and I am hopeful that it will work the way it is described to. Shipping was fast!

  482. Anabelle Noyes

    Love this product! It really works! Added bonus: leaves your legs feeling smooth and soft! Great for gift giving!

  483. Genevieve Aiken

    This product is so good i dont have to shave no more and i dont have to stress over buying a new razor every month

  484. Katia Hernandez

    Love this. Works even with sensitive skin. Would recommend testing all small area first to see how your skin reacts.

  485. Corrine DeJesus

    Small and easy to travel with. Stores nicely in a drawer. Works amazing! Don’t have to use the razor anymore!

  486. Katrina Crouse

    Very pleased with how well this works that I bought them for everyone on my list!

  487. Ivette Paulsen

    This product works amazing!!! I’m so thankful I came across it

  488. Jailyn Reich

    This crystal hair eraser was very easy to use. It took about 3 minutes to do the bottom half of each leg for me. I didn’t have to do it in the shower which was very nice. To clean it, I just ran it under hot water. I’ve attached two photos showing my leg the first day I used it and the amount of regrowth by the tenth day. On the first day my legs were a little bit red, but that went away after a few hours. I would definitely recommend this product!

  489. Elena Foss

    This product worked quite well. It was better than expected at removing my leg hairs!

  490. Destinee Rudolph

    Great value for stocking stuffers. Easy to use

  491. Caroline Harris

    Loved how easy to use and gentle

  492. Judy Bouchard

    Worked surprising well!

  493. Macey Zimmerman

    Was a little skeptical if it will really work, but I was surprised on how well this product removed hair on my legs, and it’s easier to use than a shaver blade and more hygienic!

  494. Krysten Graff

    I just HAD to write a review. This really works!!! Usually these things are gimmicky, but this is actually super useful! I tried it on my arm first and it totally removed the hair quickly, easily and no pain at all. Then I tried it on my face and that was so amazing! No more peach fuzz or stray hairs! This works without water, soap, cream, razor or electricity. No recharging. I think you could have one in you desk at work, your gym bag, your car… everywhere and never get caught out with any kind of stubble again!!! Yay!!!

  495. Phoenix Stringer

    I was skeptical, but this gadget definitely works as described for an alternative to razors! I had success on forearms, lower legs and about halfway up thighs. Hair on curvier parts did not remove as easily. However, in general this gadget is great to use when razors or water isn’t available. I’m impressed.

  496. Ella Parkinson

    I’ve always had razor burn when I used regular razors and even tried electric. This works great for people who have problems shaving. It gets skin smooth without stubble left. Great investment

  497. Gisel McKinney

    easy to use and works fast; best if used with water. Can cause razor burn if not used with water

  498. Riana Dykes

    Works as a charm, but do not over do it and it might scrape the layer off ur skin

  499. Sarai Bergstrom

    Leaves your skin very smooth! Easy to use

  500. Sydney Ragan

    Works great. Easy to use. Fast shipping.

  501. Lela Busch

    Product is simple and easy to use.

  502. Marian Mallory

    I saw a review for a similar, much more expensive product on social media. I love this one! First of all, it’s my favorite color. Second of all, did you ever put on a dress or shorts to realize that you missed a spot shaving, or just weren’t as freshly shaven as you thought? This is the perfect product. I even ordered a 2nd one to leave in my car for emergencies. After rubbing around for a few seconds, your skin is as soft as a freshly shaven body.

  503. Tamya Torrez

    Really cool product for any lady with whom wants to maintain hair growth on legs or arms. It will take off short hair as it is growing back. It won’t take off long hair, so the user can use it after they shave. It literally fine sand(exfoliates) so my girl uses skin oil or beauty cream afterward. Tough to use around the knees and not highly recommended to use near the bikini area, as it can cause a rash for sensitive skin(not in the product description). From what I’ve heard so far, it is a fairly easy way to maintain hair growth.

  504. Catrina Quinonez


  505. Amiah Morin

    I got this product recently and used the tutorial on how to use. I think it will take practice because I definitely had some skin redness and tenderness in the beginning. Lesson learned – go light on the pressure. I’m excited to keep using this because after a week post use, my skin is still fairly smooth and not many hairs! I will say it probably took the same amount of time as it would be to shave but seems like it lasts much longer. It’ll be nice not to shave so often!!

  506. Yazmin Martin

    I bought the product based on the reviews by other users and found it very helpful to get rid of unwanted hair on my arms and legs. A gentle pressure and circular motion helps.

  507. Mary Saenz

    It was smooth when using it. Didn’t leave any scratches on my legs or make them feel itchy. My legs were nicely smooth after use and didn’t have any bumps.

  508. Jackeline Morrissey

    Leaves silky skin. I use it between shaving for a smooth feel…or on its own. Easy to use.

  509. Sasha Lindsay

    Good for oily skin. Easy to use. Moisturise right away.

  510. Ella Daigle

    When I first saw this product, I was very sceptical. I thought that even if it doesn’t work, I can always return it and anyways it was not expensive.
    But, believe it or not, it is an awesome product. I use Braun epilator and I totally love it. But this is so comfortable to use and so painless. If you need it, please give it a go!!

  511. Jackeline Vidal

    This product worked well, it left my skin very smooth.

  512. Valeria Barrientos

    This is super easy to use and works just like it says.

  513. Hannah Campbell

    This is a good product. Works well. When using it you have to make sure to use lotion because it’s just like dry shaving. You get razor burn without lotion. You definitely NEED lotion.

  514. Paulina Dillon

    Such a weird little product! It really does work. I have only used it on dry skin but it was very effective. I did find that my legs were a little sensitive in spots where I must have rubbed too much, but that’s my bad.

    I also recommend that if you’re going to do this on dry skin that you keep a wet makeup eraser or something similar next to you. You’ll need to wipe off the exfoliating part frequently since it gets a lot of skin on it.

  515. Scarlett McIntosh

    I can’t believe this actually works! However, do not underestimate how harsh it is on your skin. When I just saw it I doubted it and I rubbed my legs and chin really hard with it, ended up with cuts. When I used it again I rubbed much softer and my legs have never been smoother and my strawberry skin is gradually going away!

  516. Akira McKinney

    I used it very gently to remove rough patches after shaving or any stubbly areas on my legs. It made it baby soft and smooth without any irritation. Just make sure you use gently. Great product!

  517. Savana Winslow

    It works so good and does not leave you itchy like a razor does. My husband and my daughters use it all the time!

  518. Keyla Lawless

    need to rub a few times, but also exfoliates.

  519. Susannah Hoyle

    Used it on my underarms carefully and love the result

  520. Rhiannon Cormier

    es suave , util y facil de transportar

  521. Joseline Mueller

    Super easy to use and convenient

  522. Edith Concepcion

    This was a perfect gift and arrived quickly and without any issues. It looks as expected and is easy to hold. Super satisfied!

  523. Kyla Zaragoza

    I used it following the directions in the reviews from users. My legs were smoother from dead cells being removed and the stubble was less. I think it will have to come with me when I travel to minimize shaving. Note how often it says to use and adhere to that so you don’t damage your skin.

  524. Destiny Kirkpatrick

    Great product. Easy to use, don’t have to use shaving cream. Don’t have to shave as much. Can use wet or dry and does the job. No complaints.

  525. Brenda Campos

    I bought this not expecting the world, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s quick, easy to use, and a great alternative to having a bulky razor around while traveling.

  526. Symone Close

    I love this its so much easier to use in the shower than a razor and my legs feel so soft and dont look dry like when i shave.

  527. Aubrie Wagoner

    Very excited about this product! Great quality and a great new company to order from!

  528. Magaly Cervantes

    It’s small so it fits in any bag

  529. Jayleen Stull

    good product

  530. Citlalli McGuire

    This product works great

  531. Jayna Wiley

    After reading several reviews for similar products, I was skeptical, but went ahead and purchased it in the gold color. It works easily, and gave my legs a nice exfoliation while removing the hair. Took a little practice to figure out how much pressure to apply. Would recommend.

  532. Lola Carrera

    I bought this for My Daughter as a Christmas Present as I am not ready for her to use a razor yet. But I went ahead and tested it on myself and I am very surprised that it actually worked. We will see how it works on her after Christmas.

  533. Dajah Irby

    this is easy to use convenient and one of the best purchases I’ve made for a long time

  534. Elsie Lanham

    It works exactly the way it intends! I love the east quick way to shave my legs 🙂

  535. Nia Peterman

    This is awesome! My legs feel exfoliated and smooth after use.

  536. Lindsey Willard

    Works great! Easy to use. Skin feels so soft afterwards.

  537. Britany Lightfoot

    Loved this product. Will order again!!

  538. Blanca Rau

    I absolutely love this product! I DESPISE shaving….not only does this product allow me to quickly and easily remove hair in a painless way but it also leaves my skin exfoliated, softer and healthier! My only regret is I wish I had found it sooner.

  539. Robin Whalen

    I received it in an reasonable time and I love it. I will buy it again if needed

  540. Tiffani McClanahan

    Use on damp skin after showering. It is a great for exfoliating.

  541. Candice Xu


  542. Marguerite Stuart

    Super easy to use, comfortable to hold – no irritation. Highly recommend

  543. Selene Buford

    I really didn’t know what to expect, but this little tool works great. Legs are smooth and I am shocked by how well it works. I’ll never use razors again!

  544. Briza Anaya

    It was extremely easy and very gentle to use for my daughter. I’ve already suggested this product to many friends.

  545. Ashley Nunn

    The product is a handy size and easy to travel with. It takes a little scrubbing to get the hair to come off, but it exfoliates while removing the hair, so you end up with smooth and hairless skin afterwards!

  546. Cielo Oakley

    This hair eraser really does work great! I take a shower and then use it right after I dry off. Super smooth and easy to use. I moisturize right after and my skin feels great!

  547. Margaret Holbrook

    This very easy to use and really takes no time at all!! Will be purchasing another for my travel bag!

  548. Mollie Cotton

    I love this product! Use it in my arms and it leaves them so smooth!

  549. Estrella Luong

    Great little tool, sits ok in Hand. Followed some instructions i read about using after shower, when skin is damp. I was astonished how many dead skin cells came off. You have to be patient, though. Go in circular motion and do NOT use too much pressure – just let the tool do the work. First time it took me about 5 minutes per entire leg. I did go a little crazy around the side of me knee because i got excited at the exfoliation level, and afterwards had a few little cuts from rubbing too hard, but that was my own fault for not using properly (using too much pressure and constantly going over same spot). There were a few hairs that were stubborn, but majority exfoliated right off and the best thing is what other reviewers mentioned: it lasts a long time!!! I don’t know if it’s because the hair grows back much thinner or what, but IT WORKS! Besides, my legs were baby-boom smooth from the exfoliating effect. Definitely a must is to lotion area treated after using this, so don’t forget to.
    In short:
    1) use on damp skin, eg after towel dried after shower
    2) use circular motion with no pressure
    3) apply lotion afterwards

  550. Shelly Houser

    I saw this on Tik Tok and decided to give it a try. Thanks am very impressed with it. It works best on flatter surfaces (like legs) than I found that it did on under arms. My legs were smooth and it lasted longer than shaving. Highly recommend

  551. Anahi Wheatley

    I love how small and compact it is and it actually works!! I will be using rhis product more often

  552. Clare Chapa

    It’s simple and works amazing!! I was doubtful but am truly pleased.

  553. Abrianna Weinberg

    Little bit of a learning curve, I have myself a “rug burn” in a couple spots near my knee, it did work where I could get good contact. It doesn’t do well where their is bone (knee cap, shins). I need to keep trying it so I can get the hang of it.

  554. Aiyana Waters

    I got a targeted ad for something pretty much exactly like this on Facebook and decided to look for it on . The company selling it with its attractive looking website and marketing is selling these for 40 bucks! Ordered this one for much less to try and i love it! Great price, the purple on is really pretty looking! Does the job great just do be careful and test an area before you go at it of you have sensitive skin. My skin was fine but i also didn’t press hard or go over same area too many times.

  555. Lola Fierro

    I used this hair eraser on my legs and I was pleasantly surprised . It removed all the hair off my legs and left them feeling smooth. Its easy to use and its easy to pack away for trave. I would definitely buy this again.

  556. Chloe Read

    It works great! It is so much easier for me to sit in a chair, then trying to stand in the shower to shave my legs. This removed all the hair and did not bother my skin at all. I love using it

  557. Sunny Jefferson

    Bought this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. This miracle product takes off all the hair on your arms and legs. Anywhere else too. Her skin was so soft it felt like I was touching a baby. I highly recommend.

  558. Tiana Tarver

    I haven’t used it very much yet, but seems to work decent. This will be great if it can replace my shaver… need a bit more time to seeing that is possible though.

  559. Justine Hills

    Very convenient, could use helpful hints to make the process easier

  560. Vivian Venegas